Earl and Mom Ch. 04

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This story picks up right after Early came for the 2nd time in front of his mom.

In this story, Earl’s mom, Kate, drops a hint that people do pay for sex and that she might be involved with such activities. At least in her past.

This part contains:

-References to peeing.

-A mom smelling and tasting her own panties in front of her son.

-A son smelling and testing his mom’s panties as she watches him jack off.


“Ah honey, can I have my panties back now?” She said with a laugh.

I take them out of my mouth and look at them. They are now soaking from me adding all the saliva I had to them.

“Are you sure you want these back?” I asked her with a smile holding them up showing the new wider wet spot.

“Honey! They’re wetter now than before I gave them to you.” she giggled. “But yes, please toss them back to me.”

I toss them back to her as she wants and she catches them in the air.

“Don’t you want a new pair mom?” I asked her as I was hoping that she would give those to me as a keepsake.

“And miss out having 18-year-old man saliva coated panties?” she said to me jokingly. She then bends over a bit and puts the back on. As pulls them up she cringes for a second as the saliva wetted cloth touches the outside of her pussy. “Feels a bit like putting on a wet swimming suit.”

“Sounds kinky,” I told her with a smile as I bend over to find my underwear.

“Oh, I forgot, you like wet underwear don’t you?” she said and winked at me.

“Ha, no I don’t,” I said and lied.

“Are you sure honey?” she asked with an evil grin. “Here, give me your underwear.”

At the time I was getting ready to put them back on, but instead, tossed them to her.

“Remember that category that made you blush honey? She asks.

I blushed right away knowing what she is talking about the peeing category.

She takes my underwear and looks back up at me.

“Do you want me to pee on these honey?” she said and smiled back at me as she positioned them under her skirt. “Then you could wear them all day and feel naughty.”

“I ah,” I said not knowing what to say. OMG, she might pee on them right there in front of me. I might even catch a glimpse of her pussy while she was peeing. I open my mouth only to be cut off.

“Too late honey,” she said as she gave me a sad look. She then takes my underwear from beneath her skirt, turns them so the inside part is out and starts to mop up my cum that was on the table.

“If you want something, you’re a lot more likely to get it if you’re man enough to ask for it,” she said as my underwear became saturated with my own cum. “Now that you’ve had some fun this morning and learned a few things about pussy, let’s wrap this up this morning with a lesson. Here,” she handed back my underwear all coated with my sperm.

“Wear these all day.” she told me and winked as she handed them to me.

I took them in my hand. They were heavier than normal. I looked at them. They had my seed most everywhere. There were more wet spots than dry spots and the part that was going to touch my cock and balls was 100% wet. I looked back up at her and nodded okay.

As I pulled them up my legs, I felt my own cold wetness against my leg. This is going to be gross. This is going to be sexy I thought. This was going to be a constant reminder of what just happened. As I pulled them up to my cock and balls, they both made contact with the now cold cum that gave me a bit of a shiver. My mom saw this and smiled.

“There, have fun walking around and sitting in that all day.” she said.

I smile at her with a mother knows best smile, put on my walking shorts, and depart to start the rest of the day.

After the first few minutes of sitting in my car driving, the wet feeling goes away a bit, only to return as I make movements.

After an hour or so, I started to feel a bit of an itch starting all around the wet sticky area between my balls and my legs.

As I went to pee, I’m hit with my own very fragrant aroma. And then I remembered my mom’s aroma. Not very strong at all but oh so sexy. I feel my dick starting to get hard. OK stop! No way was I going to jack off in the men’s urinal.

I walked back to my desk and looked at my phone. I had a text from my mom.


MOM: How does that underwear feel honey? 😉

EARL: A bit itchy and they smell like I came in them.

EARL: How do yours feel?

MOM: Mine are good honey, thank you.

EARL: I’m feeling guilty about this morning. 🙁

MOM: Honey, it’s ok. Please don’t feel guilty.

EARL: Thank you for showing my your panties. I should have just smelled them and gave them back to you.

MOM: Honey, if you would have done just that, then what would you have done?

EARL: idk, I guess go to work.

MOM: Oh honey. You would have made some excuse on why you needed to go to your room and you would have jacked off thinking about the smell you had just bursa otele gelen eskort discovered.

EARL: mom!

MOM: Am I right?

EARL: no comment…

MOM: If you had it to do over again, would you have just ran off to your room?

EARL: yes.

MOM: why?

EARL: idk, I guess to avoid this guilt

MOM: So, you would feel less guilty running off to hide while you jacked off than just own it in front of me?

EARL: I guess.

MOM: Honey, I am really proud of you for being able to do that in front of me.

EARL: You’re just saying that

MOM: No honey, I really mean it. You are really a sexy young man. And very healthy. Do you know how many guys take drugs to get their cock just half as hard as yours?

EARL: idk.

MOM: And honey, you had two huge loads. I mean, you could have fathered an army of little Earl’s this morning with your offerings.

EARL: Ha. I guess those panties really turned me on.

MOM: And I didn’t even mention those yet. A lot of guys don’t really like pussy. Sure, they will stick their dick in it and talk a big game on how much they like it, but when it comes time to really experience it, they tend to stay away from it.

MOM: I can tell you with 100% confidence, women love it when a man makes them feel like their pussy is desired.

EARL: so, you kinda of liked what I did?

MOM: Honey, I think any woman would have liked to see her panties “appreciated” like that.

MOM: Some woman would even pay for that honey.


MOM: Did you want to do that again some time honey? I’m asking because I think it’s important that you get to a point where you don’t feel guilty about it.

EARL: Could we do it when you get home tonight? 🙂

MOM: You don’t waste any time, do you?

EARL: I’ve been thinking about them all morning. Granted I feel a bit guilty, but still, I can’t focus on anything else.

MOM: Oh honey! You do sound like you are in need. My poor baby.

EARL: Could you come home over lunch?

MOM: Down tiger 😉 No honey, I have to go see a client. But I should be home around 6.

EARL: 6pm it is.

MOM: Tell you what, since I’m such a good mom, how about you have dinner ready for us when I get there. Then after, we can check out my panties again? 🙂

EARL: Deal!

EARL: One last question

MOM: Anything honey.

EARL: Where you really going to pee on my underwear this morning.

MOM: Ha, I was just teasing at the time. I remember you blush every time I say anything related to pee, so I was just playing. And then when you hesitated, I took away the offer to see if it would fluster you.

EARL: LOL. You are such a tease!

MOM: 😉

EARL: What would you have done if I would have said yes?

MOM: hmmm. Well honey, I guess I would have peed on them for you.

EARL: Really?

MOM: Yes honey, not before you get all turned on, I have to get back to work. TTYL 😉

Later that day around 6:15PM.

“Hi, mom!” I said with a voice full of accomplishment. “I made dinner.”

My mom looks into the kitchen and sees the pizza box sitting in the middle of the kitchen island.

“I see you did honey,” she said. “I didn’t know you knew your way around the kitchen so well.”

She puts down her bag and gives me a hug.

“Let me go change into something else honey,” she said. “I’ll be right down.”

I watch her go up the stairs. Wondering how those panties are doing now having been next to her pussy all day long. The thought of it making my penis leap with anticipation.

She comes back a few moments later dressed in a red sundress that came down just above her knees. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was not wearing any shoes.

“You look nice!” I said a little too eagerly. Then I felt a bit guilty for still having on the same clothes I had on this morning.

“Thank you, honey,” she said as she headed to the wine rack. She finds a bottle of red wine that she pulls out to open.

“Would you like to try some wine, honey?” She asked me.

“Sure, I guess,” I tell her. She has never asked me if I wanted wine before. Wow, what a day of firsts.

She brings over the bottle and two glasses. She pours us both a glass and then hands me mine.

“This is my first official glass of wine,” I said with a smile.

“Well then,” she said. “Here’s to firsts. First official glass of wine, first smell of a woman’s panties, first taste of a woman’s panties and the first time cumming in front of a woman.” She then extends her glass to mine. Our glasses collide, and then we both drink. The wine is dark and red and tastes a bit like vinegar. How can people pay so much to drink this stuff? Yuck.

“What do you think of the wine, honey?” She asks.

“Ah, I want to like it,” I tell her with a smile trying not to hurt her feelings.

“Oh honey, if you don’t like bursa eve gelen escort bayan it, you don’t have to put it in your mouth,” she said with a wink. “It not like you’re being paid to drink it.”

We exchange small talk as we finish the pizza. By the time we got to the last piece of pizza, I discovered that the 2nd glass of wine was much better than the first.

“So honey, do you still have them on?” she asked me with a smile.

“Still have on what?” I ask her pretty much knowing what she is talking about.

“Don’t play dumb silly,” she said with half a laugh. “Your underwear from this morning.”

“Oh,” I say with a smile and a bit of a blush. “Yes, I do.”

“You wore that wet pair all day?” she asked with a serious school teacher look. “I’m impressed, but I think I need proof. Let me see them.”

Oh wow, she was asking me to show her my underwear. With the conversation directed back to a sensual topic, I feel my dick start to get hard all over again.

“Do you want me to show you right here, right now?” I ask moving my hands to unbutton my walking shorts one and only button.

“Yes honey, show me right here and right now.” she said with an evil smile.

“Oh, I see,” I said trying not to blush and not to giggle.

I unbutton my shorts and let them fall to the ground. This leaves me right in front of my mom with a tight pair of briefs and a very hard cock trying to poke out from the top. But the proof she was searching for was not all that easy to find.

“Those don’t look all that wet honey?” she said with a playful, skeptically voice “Are you sure you didn’t wash them off today?

“Ha!” I said in protest.

“Take them off and hand them to me,” she commanded me. “I want to see them for myself.”

Oh my, she means business. I like it! And after already taking them off in front of her this morning, doing it again now seems very easy. Also, the wine is probably making this seem all very okay. So I pull them down without a second thought and toss them to her. My cock is pointing up at about a 45-degree angle. She catches my underwear and starts to look at them closely.

“Oh honey, they are still wet here and there,” she said as she convinced herself that I was telling the truth. “You poor thing. I didn’t think they would still be like this. Are you okay?”

“Ha ha, yes mom, I’m okay,” I told her.

“Well, by the looks of it, your cock seems to be happy about something.” she said and looked at my hard on.

She gets up and walks over to the wine cabinet to get a 2nd bottle. As she walks over there I watch her ass move in her dress.

“Are you still wearing your pair?” I asked her.

“I am indeed,” she says as she uncorks the bottle. “Would you like to see them?” she looked up at me and smiled.

“Yes, please!” I responded quickly.

“They are pretty powerful honey,” she said with a giggle. “Can you smell them from over there?”

“Ha ha, no mom, I can’t,” I tell her. She pulls her dress up a bit and reaches for her panties. She is standing behind the kitchen island so I really can’t see anything. She bends over a bit to slide her panties down under her drew. And when she stands back up, she has her panties in hand.

“Oh my, that feels so good to take these wet things off honey,” she tells me. She then looked at her panties in her hand and quickly looked back at me.

“Oh honey, these are the real deal now,” she told me with a nervous smile. “Let’s go sit in the family room.”

“What do you mean by the read deal?” I asked her as I follow her into the family room watching her ass move again in her sun dress. Thinking that only the dress is now between her pussy and me. And with every step I take, I see my cock bounce a bit up and down.

“Sit in that chair honey,” she says and motions to a chair facing an identical chair with an ottoman in between them. I take a seat and feel the cold leather on my ass and the backs of my legs. She hands me my empty glass of wine and fills it again with the bottle she carried with her. As she pours, she is also holding the bottom of wine with her panties in the same hand. I can tell now just how wet they are. Oh wow, I can not wait for those. I try my best to smell from there. And wow, I think I just might be able to.

“Oh, you trying to smell them now?” she said with a smile.

“Ah, trying to,” I say and almost blush.

She sits back in her chair directly in front of mine with her legs together. We are probably now more than 3 feet apart. She then takes the panties and brings them up to her nose for a smell.

“Oh honey!” she said with some alarm in her voice. “These are way too strong. Let me tone them down a bit.” She then took the wettest part of her panties and put them in her mouth and started slowing sucking on them. She looked at me and gave me a wink. My cock almost exploded right then and there. My mom was sucking the pussy juice out of her panties bayan eskort bursa right in front of me.

“Mom!” I said loudly and half giggling not believing what I was seeing. “No fair!”

She stopped sucking and took them out of her mouth. She smiled at me and smelled them. It was as if she was seeing if she had toned them down enough to share with me.

“So, how are they?” I asked her inquisitively hoping for a real answer and just an, oh they’re okay.

She then took another deep and long smell savoring it a bit and looked back at me.

“As far as pussy goes, I would say I have a powerful healthy aroma,” she said. “A bit over the top right now, but not all that offensive. I think I would give me a 9 out of 10 on that one. As far as taste goes,” she paused for a second and placed them in her mouth again for another sampling. After taking them out of her mouth, she looked back up at me.

I hang on every word and move my hand to my cock.

“Really pretty good if I do say so.” she smiled with a sincere sense of pride. “I really think I have a nice mix of feminine, salty, musky, sweet, slippery and naughty all rolled up into something that even a straight girl would like to taste. A taste that is enjoyable, that you can always want. A taste that is good, yet never quite satisfying. Something like, if you’re lucky enough to get a little, then you want a lot. If you get a lot, you still want more. So with all that, I give me a 10 out of 10 on taste.”

I started moving my hand up and down my cock. I know I could cum in a heartbeat if I wanted to, but I want’ed to hold back and wait to see where all this was going.

“Wow!” I told her as those are the only words that come to me.

“Did you know that some guy offered to pay me $200 once for a worn pair?” she said.

“200 dollars!” I said. “For a pair of your worn panties?”

“Yep,” she said will a proud smile.

“I’ll give you $250 for them right now!” I tell her.

“Silly!” she said with a giggle. “You can have these for free.”

And with that, she tosses them to me. I reach out and catch them with the hand not already on my cock. I can feel their dampness instantly. Was it from her sucking on them or from her pussy? Maybe both? I could not wait to find out. I hold them up and look at them.

“So these are worth $200?” I asked her.

“Well, it sounds like $250 honey.” She corrected me. “But it’s really whatever the market will bare.”

I bring them to my nose and smell and wow! They are very powerful. Pungent in the best way pungent can be. They are alive with the smell of pussy radiating in all directions. I’m in love with these panties and the smell of my mom’s pussy. I start to stroke my cock harder.

“So what did you tell that guy?” I asked her and then breathed more of her scent as I closed my eyes.

“What would you have told him if you were me honey?” she asked me softly.

“I would have taken his $200 and set up some type of deal where he would get one pair every week for $500 a month,” I said in a semi-business tone. Or at least as much of a tone that I could handle being so close to cumming.

“Excellent answer!” she said in a tone full of pride. “And not a bad idea.”

I giggle a bit. This was such an odd feeling giggling while being so close to cumming. I bring her panties to my mouth and start to nibble on them. I can taste her. This morning I thought I might be able to. But these, there was no doubt left. She was marvelous. This was incredible. I had my mom’s pussy juice in my mouth. All over my tongue. It was the best thing I had every put in my mouth.

“You’re 10 out of 10 review is a bit, understated,” I said as I placed her panties back in my mouth.

“I’m glad you like them honey.” she said.

I was so close to cumming, but I was trying to hold off. I know I could release my grip and it would prolong, but for some reason, I just could not let go.

“So, what did you tell that guy?” I ask trying to keep my cum from exploding out.

“Oh honey, this might shock you a bit,” she told me. “But I told him no thank you.”

“You turned down $200 for a pair of your panties,” I asked not thinking her story would end so anticlimactically.

“More of a negotiation honey,” she said watching me jack off. “I countered by telling him for $500, I would sit on his face until he came.”

“What!” I cried out. “You did what! You sat on some guys face until he came? That’s, that’s, horrible.” My cock might have just got harder than before. As horrible as it was, it turned me on. She looked at me with half a smile not knowing if I was really mad, hurt or just playing.

“Thats, thats, thats, hot!” I cried out as I came.

“Honey!” I heard her say.

I spent the next 15 seconds shooting cum from my cock like a roman candle. One hand stroking up and down and the other holding her panties next to my nose and mouth. My cum shot all over. Some on my chest. Some straight up and back down on my cock and rapidly moving hand. Some on the ottoman and some on the carpet below. As my climax slowed and my hand stopped moving, I just sit and catch my breath. After a few moments, I opened my eyes and looked at my mom. She was still looking at me. I’m guessing her gaze never left me as I must have put on a pretty good cum eruption show.

…to be continued…

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