Dumb Jocks Ch. 01

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This was uploaded to my other account a while back. I’ve edited it since and added a lot more chapters. I will try to upload them once a week.

Enjoy, don’t take it too seriously and leave a comment below


I’m a nerd. Well, I wouldn’t call myself one, because honestly, I’m not that smart, but ever since I enrolled at Midwest Southeastern College, nerd is all that I seemed to be called.

While I suppose I was the most academically gifted person at the college, that really wasn’t an achievement. Midwest Southeastern wasn’t anyone’s first, second, or fifth choice to study. The reason I enrolled was simply because I didn’t think that I was going to graduate from high school, so I didn’t bother applying for any colleges.

Surprisingly, my results weren’t too bad, and I had three colleges give me offers. I chose Midwest Southeastern, as they gave me a full tuition scholarship if I became a tutor to struggling members of the football team.

When I first arrived at the college in late September, I went to introduce myself to the football team, naively thinking that I could bond with the players. I was very wrong. When the muscled jocks got tired of yelling nerd, loser and other more insulting remarks, I was ignored.

The day after, I headed to the Dean’s office where I was allowed to look over the footballers’ grades with the intention that I would help the ones most likely to fail. Now I know that you can get smart footballers, but it’s far more likely that they are a bit dim. However, the ones who attended Midwest Southeastern were a special breed of dumb.

It quickly became apparent that the college had taken anyone with even the slightest hint of footballing talent, irrespective of what their grades were. The fact that the players were likely to fail their course wasn’t an issue for Midwest Southeastern. All they wanted was a decent football team to gain some easy publicity.

Once I gathered that I wasn’t actually needed, I had a great time. Not only was I getting close to a free ride, but I also wasn’t expected to do anything for it. Joining the college’s film club as well as the computer club, I made a couple of friends and began to enjoy myself and then five months later, my life changed.

In late November, the college football league passed a bill, meaning every player had to pass an English and math test by the end of January. Each player was allowed three attempts to pass the test, but if they failed, they were unable to play for the rest of the academic year.

Immediately, I was called to work with the team. When I looked over the test, I was amazed at how easy it was. A sixth-grader could have done it but these men, despite being at least eight years older, were struggling.

The team were all forced to attend a lesson with me, where I would go over the paper. Ten minutes in, I gave up. The cat calling had turned into paper throwing. There was no way that I could get them to listen. These men had an air of confidence that they would sail through, much like they had coasted through life. After all, it was easy being a jock.

On the first Saturday of January, the team filed into the hall to do their test. I had never seen an angrier looking bunch of men in my life. Twenty minutes into the two-hour-long time limit and all of them had left, high-fiving and laughing. It only took an hour for all the tests to be marked. Eight players had failed, and this was when I met Rocky.

He was a muscle-bound linebacker. Standing just over six feet tall, he had muscles on muscles. His thick blonde hair was cut short on the back and sides framing his strong chiseled face, and his piercing blue eyes would have made my legs tremble if it wasn’t for the fact that he constantly insulted me.

“You need to teach me, nerd. I’m fucking awesome at English, it’s this math bullshit that makes no sense. If I need to add something up, I’ll use my phone! I don’t need to fucking learn how to do it, for fuck’s sake.”

We were sitting in a study room in the campus library the day after the exam. If anyone had looked in, they would have laughed at the sight of us. Though I was only a couple of inches shorter than Rocky, he was easily twice my size. Sitting next to each other like we were, we looked every inch like the jock and nerd stereotypes.

“Totally…” I began, then stopped when I realized just how sad I sounded, “but we need to get this done, otherwise you can’t play football.”

“I just don’t understand why. It’s fucking pointless!” Rocky whined, “I know you like shit like this, adding and whatever, but I actually have important stuff to do, like training!”

“You think I want to do this!” I muttered under my breath, before speaking louder, ” look you need to pass to play so you’ve got to learn shit like this.”

The next test was in a week, which didn’t really give me much time to get the idiot knowledgeable enough to pass a test, even one where the hardest question was X + 9 = 16.


Over the next couple of days, we settled into a routine. Each day, after bursa escort Rocky finished his morning workout, he sauntered into the study room, still drinking a protein shake. After a quick barrage of insults, he sat down and, over the next hour, I tried to teach him basic math and English. As soon as the hour was up, he was gone and off to his next training session.

Each day he wore the same things, a cut-off tank top and loose baggy shorts. His bulging muscles would be glistening from his workout, and I had to constantly stop myself from staring too long. He was my ultimate wet dream, but I didn’t want him to know that. All of his insults were nerd related. I hated to think what he would do and say to me if he found out I was gay.

It was a Thursday morning, and I was looking forward to the John Wick marathon I had organized with a couple of friends that weekend. I was reading a grade school textbook in preparation for the upcoming lesson when the study room door smashed open and Rocky rolled in.

“Fuck!” He grumbled, dumping his bag on the table.

Knowing that asking what was wrong would only annoy him, I kept silent.

“Fucking run out of my protein shake! If I don’t have it, then I’ll be fucking shit in training! Coach is already on my ass about defense… I don’t need this shit!”

Though I could still hear him complaining, when he mentioned his ass, that was all I could think about. Just from the covert peeks I had risked, I knew his large muscular ass was magnificent, and I found myself wondering just how it would look in his football pants.

Maybe it was my dick thinking for me, or maybe I was thinking about my aching dick, but what I said next changed everything.

“You know, they say cum has lots of protein in it!”

Rocky still hadn’t sat down and loomed over me.

“How much?” he asked, intrigued.

“What?” I replied, confused.

“How much protein is there in cum?” he said slowly, as if I was the thick one.

“Um, a couple of grams.” I guessed.

Of course, I had no idea. It was something I had read years ago. I didn’t even know if it was true, but it had stuck with me ever since.

“You reckon it’s more than fifteen grams?”

Before I could stop myself, I let out a smart-ass reply, “sure, if you have enough of it.”

He looked thoughtful for a while before his eyes lit up.

“I’ll be back in a sec,”

“Um, remember, you can’t leave the room. Not after last time…”

On the very first day of studying, Rocky, fed up with math and me, had left the room and returned to the gym. A librarian had seen and reported him to the dean and coach.

“Fine… I’ll have to do it here,” he sighed before looking at me, “turn the fuck away, nerd!”

I had been looking at him as he put his fingers in his shorts and began to pull them down. Hastily, I turned away and soon after, I heard the telltale sounds of him jerking off.

It had never crossed my mind that hearing a man masturbate would be as hot as it was. I heard him spit on his hand several times before continuing to beat off. Soon his breath got shorter and shorter, until finally, with a loud clenched groan, he came.

“How much protein is here, then? For fuck’s sake, nerd, you can turn around!”

I looked back to see Rocky with his softening cock still out and his hand full of cum.

Despite the surreal sight, I was instantly trying to work out how to take advantage of the situation. Ignoring how good he looked in his post-orgasm glow, I pretended to inspect his offering. There really wasn’t much there, and judging from his face, he was ashamed of how little he had produced.

“I mean, swallow it and tell me if you feel full,” I said as casually as I could.

Rocky paused, and I saw the cum swirl in his palm before he lifted his hand and lapped it up. Fortunately, he had his eyes closed as he drank it down, so he didn’t see me rearrange my erection.

Satisfied he had it all, he licked his lips.

“I don’t feel that energized,” he said slowly, “but I do feel something…”

“Ah, that must mean you need more cum!” I cut in, sensing an idea forming, “you reckon you can go again? You know, to get more protein.”

Looking at me, Rocky, almost shamefully, shook his head before his eyes lit up.

“Wait a second nerd. I don’t have to drink my cum to get protein, do I?”

“Well, technically no,” I answered, trying to hide my glee.

“In that case, you need to give me yours!”


“Look nerd, just give me what I want, then I won’t have to beat you up!” he threatened, flexing his fist.

It was getting harder to hide my delight at how easily he had fallen for my trick. I couldn’t quite believe my luck in finding a jock so dumb and I started to wonder just how far I could push it.

“Rocky, I’m really sorry but I can’t…” I began before stopping wanting to make what I said next appear to have meaning, “what I mean is, I can’t touch my penis because of my religion.”

“Oh!” He paused, and altıparmak escort the silence grew to the point where I was about to break the tension when finally, he spoke again.

“Can I do it to you?”

He wasn’t looking at me when he asked the question and, lucky for me, he wasn’t. As, at that moment, I had a wide grin on my face.

“Err, well, my religion sees the hands as dirty, so that won’t work either…” I replied in my best sad voice.

I could see his mind working to figure out what to do next. It was clear there was no stopping his desire for protein and to him, cum was his only option.

“Close your eyes,” he snapped after he came to a decision.

Eagerly, I did what he asked. My mind raced with what was going to happen, but I forced my eyes to stay shut. I felt him push my chair back and then, seconds later, his large yet surprisingly soft fingers gripped my trousers and tugged them down.

“Damn,” I heard him whisper when my cock sprung free.

My senses felt on fire. I could feel his warm breath tickling my skin. There was a slight pause before I felt my pulsing head push against his soft cheek. I gasped and instantly he pulled back.

Fighting to keep my eyes shut just in case he was looking, I felt him move closer and again I hit his face. This time, I growled in frustration. I was desperate for his mouth, but each time we came into contact my cock slapped against his smooth skin.

After two more failures, I had enough and looked down to see that, like me, he had his eyes closed. I almost laughed at how absurd it was. Clearly, he didn’t want to look at what he was about to do.

Though for me, the sight of this muscular Adonis on his knees with my cock only centimeters away was nearly enough to make me cum.

Gripping my shaft, I aimed it at his barely open mouth and waited for him to push forward again.

“Fuck!” I cried as at last his warm mouth engulfed my cock.

Looking down, I had to bite my bottom lip hard to stop cumming there and then. The sight of my prick splitting apart the dark pink lips of the popular, handsome jock was orgasm inducing and despite my best efforts, my balls were churning for release.

“Ahhhh, no!” I whimpered.

Though he was only bathing my spongy tip, it was too much, and I wanted so much more. Deciding to go for broke, I gripped his head and drove forward until I was pressing against his throat.

Rocky’s blue eyes shot open and stared at me with surprise. He could have easily thrown me off, but he didn’t and with a loud cry of pleasure, I erupted into the star linebacker’s mouth.

“Fuckkkk yes!!!” I moaned and my eyesight blurred as load after load blasted from my prick.

My body jerked wildly, yet Rocky didn’t move, allowing me to flood his mouth with thick, creamy spunk.

When I finally came down, I slumped into my seat and gasped for breath. It took several seconds for my vision to come back, but when it did, I looked at the muscular man, who was still kneeling in front of me. He was licking his lips and swallowing, wanting to make sure that he had got everything.

It still took a minute for my body to recover and another couple more for my mind to come back to reality and when it did, Rocky still hadn’t spoken. He was now sitting and pretending to read one of the math books.

Feeling nervous, I stood to pull up my pants, and then sat back down.

“So if you turn the equation around, then you can find out what the value of X is…”

The rest of the lesson passed quickly and as the clock struck eleven, he quickly left. leaving me alone in the room with empty balls and the memories of his pink lips wrapped around my cock.


That night, I had to jerk off in my friend’s toilet while we were in the middle of a Warhammer battle and then once again when I got into my bed. Despite trying to think of anything, my mind kept on replaying what had happened in the study room and each time my prick responded.

After another orgasm, I began to wonder what would happen tomorrow, but tiredness overcame me and I fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, I made my way to the library and sat in the study room waiting for Rocky. I watched as the clock slowly turned to ten. Seconds later, the door opened and the man who had dominated my dreams came in.

“Hey, Rocky. How’s things?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

He grunted in reply. Taking that as he didn’t want to talk, I pulled out the textbook and began going through some English questions with him.

For the next forty minutes, Rocky barely said anything as I went through some questions with him. I was about to wrap up the session early when the footballer eventually opened up.

“So… coach said I did well in training yesterday… Um, you think it’s related to the protein?” he said hesitantly, as if expecting me to laugh at him.

When he finished speaking, relief washed over me. I had started to fear that his silence could mean bad news for me, but his nervous, görükle escort almost inquisitive question told me that I could try for round two, so feeling devious, I turned my bullshit meter up to eleven.

“Oh definitely, as you know, there’s lots of types of protein. Muscle repairing, muscle building, energy replenishing, and the protein you had yesterday had all three.”

Rocky looked at me with something like awe on his face.

“You really think so?”

“Well, how did you feel at practice?”

“Stronger. Faster. I mean, each time I breathed, I could taste your cum, and it pumped me up for the next play!” he said enthusiastically.

I smiled understandingly while inside my head, I was celebrating wildly. This dumb jock was ready to suck me off again, I thought, and already I was imagining him on his knees. Just the thought of it made my cock hard.

“In that case, do you need to jerk off in here?” I asked.

“Actually, I already came before coming here… Can I have yours again?” He said anxiously.

Without answering, I stood and pulled down my trousers, releasing my hard cock. I saw him gulp, and seeing that he was looking doubtful, I took control. Moving his chair to face me, I gently gripped his hair and pulled it back.

Looking up at me with those clear blue eyes, I smiled comfortingly at him.

“Now open wide.”

Submissively, he opened his mouth, and I took the invitation. Driving forward, I sighed as my prick was bathed in warm wetness.

“Now, suck!” I commanded.

Though he gave me a pissed-off look, he obeyed and began sucking the throbbing head of my cock.

“Yessss! That’s it,” I groaned.

I don’t know whether it was because he was dumb or if he was just competitive, but all Rocky did was suck as hard as he possibly could. It felt like my dick was in a vacuum. My eyes fluttered, and I tightened my grip of his blonde hair

“Oh yes, you like my protein?” I teased.

Rocky looked up at me with confusion and rather than have him stop to ask me what I was talking about, I pushed in further. Sighing happily, I pulled back out and gradually began to fuck his mouth.

“Fuck, that’s it… get that protein!”

With his bright blue eyes staring at me, I began to increase my pace as I used his mouth. Despite my climaxes yesterday, the sight of him willingly blow me was beginning to get too much, forcing me to push him away. I had other plans.

“Now, take my balls in your mouth.”

“What?!” He spluttered indignantly.

“The warmer the cum, the more protein!” I lied smoothly.

Though he briefly looked confused by my flawed logic, with my cock bobbing in front of his face, his gaze was drawn to it and slowly hypnotized him. Dropping my hand, I gripped my balls and lifted them up.

Pressing my large ballsack against his lips, Rocky instinctively opened to take them in.

“Damn…” I hissed.

The warmth was incredible and, like a good slut, he quickly began to use his tongue to swirl around each ball before licking the sensitive skin between them.

“Ahhh,” I stuttered and my body tensed.

I was cumming, but I couldn’t speak. The pleasure was just too intense.

Tapping his head, Rocky looked up just in time for my first load to splatter on his face. Quickly, he forced my cock into his mouth and drank the remaining jets of cum that erupted out.

“What the hell, nerd!” He yelled when he had finally got all of the cum and pulled away to look at me with a thunderous expression.

“Sorry Rocky…” I began sheepishly, though when I saw his strong face coated with my cum, I had another idea.

“Wait a second, just stay down there. The cum… I mean the protein is still okay to eat,” I said, then, using my finger to collect up my spunk, I pushed it into his mouth.

Surprisingly, he didn’t protest and dutifully he sucked my finger clean. Pulling it free, he kept his mouth open as if he was waiting for me to feed him. My cock twitched at the sight and I began to clean my cum from his handsome face before presenting it to him to lick off.

Glancing at the time, I saw we only had a minute left of our hour.

“Shit, you better get to practice…” I started to say, and then another idea came to me, “actually what time is your match tomorrow?”

“Three. Like it always is. Haven’t you been watching your own team?!” He replied threateningly.

“Of course, it’s just that it’s a special holiday for my religion tomorrow and I thought the time might have changed,” I answered quickly.

“Special holiday?”

“Um, yeah, you see, my religion sees tomorrow as a super-strong day for us. We feel more powerful…” I explained lamely, hoping he wouldn’t question how stupid it sounded.

“So you feel more powerful, which means that your cum will be more powerful, right?” Rocky said thoughtfully.

“Yeah!” I nodded enthusiastically.

“Awesome! Come to the stadium tomorrow and wait for me in the disabled toilets at two-thirty,” he said with a triumphant look on his face that only minutes ago had my cum on it.

I managed not to celebrate, but my balls tingled in expectation as he left the room.

I couldn’t believe what he had just said. Not only was he going to suck me off again, but he was going to do it before a game. He was going to be tackling opponents with a belly full of my spunk.

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