Drugstore Girl

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Chloe worked at the drug store on the corner, selling painkillers to the happy geriatrics that lived in the home nearby. She wasn’t perfect, at least by her own standards. Her hips were a little too round, her tummy pooched out like Buddhas’, and her thick, stocky legs were designed for running across vast Scottish moors, hurdling sheep and the like. She always wore her hair down and preferred jeans to any other bodily cover. She also drank coffee, smoked Camels and read lots of books.

Loren knew these things. He made it his hobby to know things about her. Talk about a serious crush. He worked as a pizza delivery driver, and on some days off he’d stop by the drug store to buy a Coke and just stare at the vision behind the counter, twirling her hair and reading her dirty indie novels.

He’d engaged her in casual conversation from time to time, but her manager kept her busy at work, and he didn’t have the balls to ask her out. He’d just sit and watch her round behind as she stooped to dust the low shelves of cheap drugstore knick-knacks, absorbing every imperfect detail of her soft body.

Today he’d bought a pack of cigarettes and asked her what she was reading.

“It’s The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson.” She held up the black and white cover for him to see. “It’s all these little vignettes that are connected by this one character-I think they made a TV movie out of it or something, but I’ve never seen it.” She smiled at him, revealing a dimple in the upper right hand side of her chin, just below and to the right of her lower lip. He filed this into his memory.

“That sounds interesting. I haven’t read an entire novel in a long time.” She nodded.

“Yeah, I hadn’t either before I got this job. Now I have enough time to, at least when Joe isn’t here.” She motioned to the managers’ office.

“That’s cool.” He didn’t know what else to say. He’d been staring into her gold-green eyes transfixed, amazed that she hadn’t looked away once the whole time they were talking. He finally broke the gaze after an awkward moment. He was about to ask her what time she was off work, even though he knew she got off at seven, when she spoke.

“You know, you come in here almost every day, and I don’t even know your name.” She grinned. He felt heat rising in his face and knew he was turning a bright shade of pink.

“Uh, my names’ Loren. Yeah, I work down the street.” He was too embarrassed to tell her he was a twenty-year-old pizza boy. He still wanted to impress her.

“That’s a nice name. L-O-R-E-N, right? Not like the girls’ name.”

“Yeah, but I still got teased about it when I was younger.”

“I think it’s a great name. I got teased too. Some kids used to call me Chloe the Cow.” She laughed, then stopped and looked a little embarrassed herself.

“I like your name too.” Loren felt immediately protective of her. He actually felt a little anger toward the kids who teased this beautiful flower of a girl. He couldn’t imagine anyone who’d want to hurt her. She was so warm. She had such a cool face with really animated, well-proportioned features. He wanted to see her smile again.

Just then, Joe the manager walked in. Chloe turned and immediately began straightening the display behind the counter. Joe’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Loren. Loren half smiled and turned to leave.

“See you later, Chloe. Thanks for your help.” He tried to cover for her, hoping Joe wouldn’t get too pissed. Joe looked like a yuppie jerk who probably didn’t even need a job, but whose daddy paid someone for him to be a manager at a quiet little drugstore, out of sight, out of mind. Loren knew guys like that, and did everything he could not to be one, even though his parents were pretty well off.

Chloe smiled and waved at him as he walked out of the store, and he could swear she looked just a little sad at Küçükköy escort his departure.

The next day, the pizza place made Loren close late. He left the restaurant in a bad mood, tired and mad that he didn’t get to see Chloe. He drove home in a rush, eager to get to his little apartment so he could take a shower and masturbate. He was so tense, he’d even been smoking pot to relax. He missed Chloe when he couldn’t see her, and since he didn’t have many other friends, he was pretty much left to his own wicked devices. He imagined lying naked in his big bed with Chloe, sharing a joint and talking. He wanted to hear everything about her, and bury his face in her silky blond hair. He’d watched her so long he could almost taste her and feel her softness next to him.

Completely absorbed in his thoughts, he drove past two smoking cars in a ditch almost unaware. “Damn.” He muttered to himself. There were no cops around yet. He thought about stopping to help when he noticed that one of the cars looked familiar. It was Chloes’ Fiat Spyder; he’d know that tiny, impractical car anywhere, mostly because it was the only one in the world still running. At least, until today.

“No, no, please, oh God…” Loren got scared. He pulled the car to the side of the road and ran across the street to the ditch. Chloe was moving around in the car. His heart leapt when he saw her.

“Chloe!” He opened her car door. “Are you okay?” She burst into tears and flung herself into his arms, trembling.

“Oh God! He just came at me…it was so fast!” She sobbed on his chest, then leaned her tear-streaked face up at him. “Loren, thank God! I didn’t even know who you were at first.” She laughed shakily. “Is the other guy okay?”

“I dunno, but I’ll check. Stay here.” Loren jogged to the drivers’ side of the other car. He bent to look in the window, then yelled to Chloe. “There’s no one in here!”

“That’s weird. What the hell…damn it! The guy probably didn’t have insurance. Oh well, neither do I!” She snorted and shook her head.

“You don’t? Well, I guess we better get your car outta here, then.” Loren grinned.

“Right.” She grinned back. “Hope it starts.” The car didn’t look too bad, the guy had only grazed her before they went into the ditch. She tried the key and pumped the gas, to no avail. She sighed heavily.

“I guess I should get to a phone. I feel like I’m in high school again. My dads’ gonna kill me.” She smiled.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you anywhere.” He said a little too eagerly. She smiled, whipped out her AAA card and followed Loren to his beat up Volvo station wagon.

They stopped at the drugstore, where Chloe worked, to use the payphone. Loren wandered back toward the car with his cigarette while she talked to the tow company. He leaned on his car and smiled, thanking the powers that be for his good luck. If he hadn’t run into her tonight, he would’ve had to wait through the weekend to see her. He wasn’t tired anymore, in fact, he felt more energetic than he had in weeks.

“Two hours!” Chloe stomped back to the car. “They said it’d take two hours to get out there.” Loren pulled the car out of the lot slowly as to not attract attention from the security guard that was waiting in his truck.

“Well, I’ll wait with you.” He was more than happy to volunteer.

“If you want to, I mean, I’m okay if you want to go home. I know its’ late.”

“There’s no way I’d leave you alone way out there. Besides, we can, you know, talk and stuff. I’ve got a couple joints, if you want to share.” He was wary about bringing up drugs with her so soon, but he knew he’d be smoking those joints sometime tonight, so he took his chances.

“Oh, cool. It’ll help me relax.” She sounded pleased. He relaxed himself. He was starting to like her even more, if that was possible. Mecidiyeköy escort bayan He smiled at her, and she smiled back. Loren silently thanked the stars again, even more profusely this time.

They laid on the hood of his Volvo, talking between hits off the joint. Chloe was more like him than he’d even dreamed. They talked about their childhoods, compared musical tastes, and drifted into philosophical epiphanies and the intellectual matter that Loren could never even touch upon with his superficial acquaintances. She was a wealth of beauty and neat information, and he basked in it like a man who’d found the Holy Grail. Then she touched him, and his mind exploded.

Her touch was gentle and slightly cool because of the chilly air. She stroked the side of his face, tilting her head inquisitively like a curious parrot. Loren was reclined on the car hood and she bent above him, tickling his chin with her sweet smelling hair.

“I’m sorry I’m being so forward.” She looked away, a little embarrassed of herself.

“I don’t mind.” He encouraged her.

“I don’t want you to think I’m sleazy or anything. I…I want you to like me.” She smiled.

“I do.” His heart stopped again. He was worried about his cardiac health. If she kept coming onto him he felt like he was going to have a massive coronary right there on the hood of her car.

“Good.” She said in a breathy voice, bending very, very close to him. “I like you too.” When she spoke he could feel her warm breath on his cheek. He held his own breath. When her lips touched his, a spark of static electricity passed between them, startling them both enough to pull back. They giggled nervously.

“Can I kiss you this time?” He smiled gently. Chloe leaned in quickly and planted her mouth on his, beating him to the punch. Loren was ecstatic. He felt like he’d taken massive amounts of amazing drugs; his heart was lurching in his chest like a drunk in an alley. He felt a surge of electricity flow from his heart to his crotch, and her hand was dangerously near where his erect manhood would soon be. He wasn’t sure how she’d feel about that, so he shifted ever so slightly. She pulled back when he moved, and still staring straight into his eyes, she ripped off her blouse. He grinned.

Chloe put her arms around his neck and he buried his face in her smooth, warm cleavage, kissing and sucking and nibbling anything that brushed past his mouth. He unsnapped her bra and wrapped his hands around her nipples, protecting them from the cold. He rolled one lightly between his fingers until she moaned, then took the other in his mouth. She tossed her head back and held his neck tighter. His erection was throbbing, and she rubbed her knee against it through his jeans, sending jolts of liquid madness through his veins. Her breathing grew ragged as he took off his own shirt, revealing straight boyish shoulders and a smooth, broad chest. She dragged her teeth lightly between his shoulder and neck. She was now straddling his lap and she leaned back, allowing him to move his hands over her perfect ass. She giggled softly and bent to kiss him, sliding her body down against him.

She slid to a standing position and began to unzip him. He trembled a little at her touch, but she was calm and relaxed. She reached her cool fingers into his jeans to stroke his engorged cock lightly. He stiffened at her touch, afraid to move lest he scare her away from his crotch like a timid deer. Her fingers felt like gossamer on his sensitive skin as she tugged on and caressed him. He watched her face as she played with him; she had this look of wonder in her eyes that said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but it’s incredible.” He felt how she looked. It wasn’t just the rush of the night air or the weed settling into his system; it was Chloe, all her, stirring Escort Merter his mind and heart and body with a deft stroke of her silky hand.

Loren relaxed enough to reach his hand up and fondle her swaying breasts. She moved into his touch, laying more of her weight against him. She hitched her long skirt up around her thick thighs and straddled him. Before he knew what was happening, she began to slide his mushroom tip along the rim of her pussy. He found she wasn’t wearing undies.

“Is this okay?” She whispered. Her glistening eyes searched his. It felt like they were breathing at the same pace, like their hearts beat together. Loren was afraid he might cry. He was filled with emotion for this person he barley knew, this lively, warm girl about to ride his cock like a wild bull.

“It’s perfect.” She smiled and grabbed the base of his member, squeezing it a little before she inserted just the tip into her slick pussy. Then she did something incredible. With him still poised inside her warmth, she turned around 180 degrees so that he now had a full view of her wonderful voluptuous ass. She was nearly grabbing her ankles.

Quickly, she disengaged him from her so he had a moment of cool anticipation in the night air before she drove him deep within her. Her tight folds molded themselves around his shaft and she tensed her muscles as she pumped, increasing the sensation for him tenfold. He put his hands on her round ass and guided her, plunging his excited cock deeper and faster into her wonderful pussy. Her skill was amazing; her pump and grind kept him on the brink of coming for twenty minutes. He watched her toss her head, a cloud of blonde hair rising and falling with her wild thrusts. She turned and looked at him in the heat of the moment, clenching her ass and pussy at the same time so when their eyes met, he came hard, crashing through time and space like a fucking rocket. His eyes were streaming, his legs trembled, and his cock was still hard. She was nearly screaming now, still moving, but this time in the way she needed to come. He moaned little encouraging things to her and she finally came, jerking and trembling and nearly singing her orgasm to the sky. The release was total, perfect and complete.

Chloe leaned against him, slightly sweaty and a little sticky. Slowly she moved forward, sliding him out of her. Her knees trembled and almost gave out on her as she dropped her skirt and pulled her shirt back on. He moved enough to zip up his pants, still draped on the car like a wet towel. She lit the last joint and climbed up next to him, reclining in the crook of his arm. Silently she put the joint between her lips, took a deep drag, then placed her lips to his and let him draw the smoke into his own lungs.

He exhaled and in the same breath, said “You are incredible.” She smiled and leaned her cheek against his, her breath still a little labored.

“You’re easy.” She joked. He tickled her side and she cackled like a chicken, something he’d never heard her do. He laughed with her, thinking that even her laugh was perfect in it’s imperfection; another piece of an amazing girl. Happiness flooded his mind and he couldn’t think of anything to say, so they laid there in comfortable togetherness.

The tow truck came right after they did. The headlights blared at them from the dark curtain of night, reminding them why they were there. The truck stopped and the guy loaded her car onto it expertly, as they watched, leaning on the warm hood of the Volvo. When he was done and ready to leave, Chloe turned to Loren.

“I guess this is it.” She said.

“Yep.” Loren sighed.

“Thanks for everything.”

“Thank you.” They were silent for a moment, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“I’m off tomorrow. Would you like to…”

“Meet you in front of the drugstore at ten?”

“Perfect.” She smiled.

“Like you.” Loren grinned.

She hopped in the tow truck still gazing at him. He stood there for a long time before he finally turned to leave. On the seat of his car he noticed a fold of paper that wasn’t there before. He opened it, and it read: I had a crush on you, too. Love, Chloe.

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