Drink Up

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Isarana looked at her comrades questioningly as each of the four women stared at the steaming cup placed before them. Their little village had been some hours away, and this was probably their first real test of courage.

Would they dare fail at this first challenge?

Valery, with a carved longbow sitting against her back, reached for the mug first. The wooden mug pressed against her lips as she took a small sip. Her nose scrunched and mouth twisted as the taste spilled down her throat.

The man behind the bar smiled, pleased at the young woman before placing three other steaming mugs before the other women. Isarana downed hers quickly, her elvish ears prickling. She wondered why Valery had made such a face, for the mug she had just swallowed was actually rather pleasant.

Bri’tang scowled, the short halfling barely reached the bartop. Before anyone could say anything she deftly flipped onto the old bar stool, gripping the mug between strong hands and sculling it in one go. She slammed down the mug in triumph, a small particle of the steaming liquid running down her chin.

The last of the adventurers looked somewhat green around the gills, though that was potentially because she was actually part mermaid. With long flowing hair and clams over her small chest, Drekala was the embodiment of a fairytale creature. She was a siren, and the ability to shift into the water seamlessly was one the rest of the women were jealous of. Drekala sauntered over the bar and peered over the countertop at the burly man serving them.

“I think I’d prefer it straight from the tap.” Aquamarine eyes stared deep at the man before her.

The big man cracked a smile, his eyes lifting to the collection of men behind the adventurers. His voice lifted over the women’s escort videoları heads as he talked to them. “You hear that boys? She wants it from the tap.”

A few chuckles sounded throughout the room, and the four women had the sudden remembrance of where they were, and who surrounded them. Isarana and Valery twitched nervously as the men began to move, too quick to really distinguish who was the first.

Several of them surrounded the four adventurers, stained cloths hiding erections that were already dripping. The four women realized all at once what they had been drinking.

Drekala was not one to back down from a fight though, something that had almost gotten them all killed at one point or another. Her eyes scanned the crowd gathered around them, and where the other members of the party felt intimidated, she sought out the largest of the men.

She stepped through the crowd easily, sizing up her prey the whole time before she stopped before the orc. It was laughable the size of the cloth they had given the man before her, it barely covered the first inch of his ‘tap’ as the barman had called it.

“Is your tap open?” She tilted her head, voice lilting musically from her thin lips. The orc grunted, smiling wide with missing teeth as he used a spare hand to move aside the stained cloth.

Drekala purred low in her throat, a quick hand snapping out to grip the orc by the base. “Let’s get drinking, ladies.”

Mischief danced in those eyes, and Valery with her small human frame and body quickly scurried to the other side of the bar, to the all too human bartender. He seemed surprised to find her there, not often was he considered by those who found themselves in his tavern.

Isarana found herself gaziantep escort bayan videoları squished between two men, one human flexing his muscles and the other an elf, much like her who kept giving her steamy looks and playing with the tips of her sensitive ears. By the time the two of them agreed they could share she was shifting, wetness lining the bottom of her thonglike armour.

Bri’tang seemed somewhat neglected by the men around her, their thoughts being that the small halfling would not be able to provide much release. Perhaps it was this dismissal of her that inevitably caused her to holler out at the nearest muscle she could see, beckoning him over with a lick of her lips and a clack of her teeth together.

Drekala with her inhuman ability to hold her breath went to work quickly on the length of the orc before her. He was groaning deeply within moments, his long stubby fingers winding through her hair, the colour deepening from soft blue to the deep blue of the darkest depths. A sure sign that she was getting almost as much out of this as the orc.

She enjoyed the roughness of his hands in her hair, the other hand reaching down to stroke at her breasts, surprisingly nimble fingers gripping and pulling at her erect nipples. Drekala moaned along the length deep in her throat and the orc responded in kind, forcing her deeper along his length until he was ready to spill his steamy, sticky, liquid.

“Drink!” He commanded her, holding her head down on his shaft as she swallowed around his length. He gently released her, letting her tongue draw slow, measured circles around his cock to ensure he was clean.

Meanwhile Isarana had her legs spread for the human and elf males. The elf gaziantep escort videoları continued to play with the sensitive tips of her ears, licking and sucking on the tips and lobes while his other hand played freely with her small breasts. The human meanwhile was preoccupied with his fingers deep in her wetness. Her hands were pumping along their shafts, responding to each of their touches with ferocity.

Her moans were light, even as she shuddered underneath the minestrations of the two men. She was so close. Faster she pulled her hands, twisting along the lengths slightly. Isarana thrusted against the fingers inside of her, whimpers escaping between moans.

‘Oh god.” She whispered, eyes closing shut as her hands quickened, eliciting moans from the two men on either side of her as each of them came. The two streams of sticky liquid spilled onto her stomach.

Bri’tang sized up the man before her. A feral smile lighting her features as she opened her legs, clearing a straight line between the length before her and her core. The man looked somewhat concerned, his own eyes glued on her small entrance before she sighed.

Using some momentum Bri’tang flung herself at the man in front of her, and despite her small stature he was definitely not expecting it. His hands automatically reached out to catch her, finding his fingers gripping her firm ass and his cock buried deep within her. Bri’tang moaned and shifted in the males arms encouragingly. He had never felt anything so tight before, and within a few strokes was close to blowing his load deep into the halfling.

Her sharp teeth latched onto his collarbone, sucking some of the skin into her mouth and leaving her mark on his chest while he pounded into her, his moans loud in her ear. Bri’tang squeezed him tightly inside of her, and whispered something into his ear that had the human exploding inside of her.

Valery watched all of this unfold with the growing sense in her stomach. She could not say it was dread. Excitement filled her eyes as she turned to the barkeep, his shaft already exposed as he smiled at her, lust glinting in his chocolaty eyes.

“Drink up.”

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