Dressed in White Ch. 01

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It had just fallen to her feet and she stepped out of the white, fluffy fabric that had been the center of attention all day. She glanced down at the elaborate lace and silk material that currently lay in a large puddle on the hardwood floor and smiled. Her day had finally come.

Amanda now stood naked before her new husband, her soft, supple breasts outlined in marvelous silhouette by the bedroom fireplace. It was the first time she’d completely exposed herself sexually to another person. She felt his judging eyes wander across her skin leaving her to wonder if he was pleased with what he saw. She’d always been critical of her body, unnecessarily so, but critical none the less. She often found herself comparing her smallish breasts with those of women whose were two and even three times the size of her own.

She bemoaned the quarter-sized birthmark splattered on her inner left thigh. She’d always been self-conscious about it but even more so now in the presence of new and judgmental eyes.

She also lamented over the scar on her right side from when she had her appendix removed. The scar had healed considerably over the five or so years since the surgery, but in her eyes it was simply one more thing to worry about. Minor blemishes suddenly became lavish disfigurements under this new microscope. A mole here, a pock mark there — it suddenly all stood out like a sore thumb. But little did she know that the perceived flaws were mostly only in her mind.

Lionel viewed Amanda with a different set of eyes all together. He stared at his lovely virgin wife, their wedding was not more than five hours ago and all the while all he could think about was getting her home to taste and explore every inch of this beautiful creature for the first time. She was finally his, untouched and untarnished by the hands of another man. He saw no flaws or imperfections. To the contrary. She was perfect as far as he could see.

He continued to watch as she stood there silently, almost afraid. She had the countenance of a child waiting for guidance — approval from some knowledgeable and demanding authority figure.

Lionel had been attempting to hide his arousal through most of the wedding and reception. He knew he was the envy of every man in that hall. To have such a beautiful and pristine wife to deflower. Most of the town knew Amanda was a virgin — they knew she had to be. She was never the type to lull around with the opposite sex as she pretty much kept to herself. She had a relatively small circle of friends and being that she lived in a small town, there weren’t very many people to get to know, anyway.

Lionel himself was an honest, hardworking man. At thirty-seven, he was easily fifteen years the senior of his new bride and her fresh innocence poured over him like a fine red wine. Lionel was quite experienced sexually as most assumed he was and he was extremely eager to teach his Amanda everything there was to know about pleasing a man. He was also eager to teach her everything he knew about pleasing a woman. Which was more than a little.

Lionel 1080 porno reached out and ran one hardened and calloused hand across her left breast, her nipple peaking eagerly in response. Amanda silently quaked beneath his intruding hand, her skin showing freshly surfaced goose pimples. He thought he would start off gently caressing her and seducing her like some story-book romance she no doubt was acquainted with, but the pure longing, lust and need he’d buried so deep within him for so long wouldn’t let him be a gentleman tonight.

He told Amanda to strip him slowly revealing every inch of maleness there was for her to explore, and he had a lot of it.

Amanda gently peeled down his suspenders. They fell from his shoulders and hung around his waist like tinsel on a Christmas tree. She then freed his white, long sleeved shirt from the confines of his trousers. He put his hands up over his head allowing her to pull the garment off all the way. Amanda had to stand on her tip toes to accomplish the task. As she succeeded in pulling the shirt from his arms, her beautiful nubile breasts wiggled as she braced herself back down to her feet. Lionel could barely contain the animalistic arousal that watching her body move so gracefully stirred within him.

With the shirt now tossed to the floor at his feet, she let her hands wander through the thick bush of hair on his chest, feeling her way across the hard lines of his masculine shoulders. His body screamed of a man who spent much of his life doing hard, laborious work. His arms were well taught and defined, the skin warm and smooth as her fingers roamed his person. Within the thick, brown and white brush of his chest hair, Amanda stumbled upon a single stiffening bud beneath it. She ran her palm across his nipple and Lionel breathed in deeply in response.

Amanda smoothed and pushed her hand delicately along the peak. It took every bit of reserved strength Lionel had not to throw her to the floor and take what was rightfully his. Her body, her innocence, her love.

But he could wait.

Or at least that’s what he told himself. He patiently and silently stood there letting Amanda explore a man’s body for the first time. Lionel loved the exquisite feel of her tender hands on his flesh. The tips of her fingers ran down the center of his chest in a straight line right down to his belly button. Her fingers scampered around the vicinity moving back and forth over his finely toned abs and back down again to his navel. She was unknowingly toying with him. She had absolutely no idea how much this simple gesture was tearing him up inside. All he wanted was for her to touch him. To touch him like a woman touches a man. His stiffened cock begged for her to do so.

Unable to take much more of her prodding, Lionel grabbed her hand and roughly ran it along his hardened shaft protruding from his slacks, his hips pumped in unison with the strokes.

“The pants — now, Amanda,” he whispered, commanding her to release the swollen muscle from its material 2 k porno confines.

Amanda looked up at him and saw nothing but hunger in his eyes. For a moment, it frightened her. She was not familiar with the expression at all, but she didn’t hesitate at his command.

She unhooked the button of his black trousers, and slowly unzipped them. An even darker patch of hair than on his chest quickly sprung out from the newly loosened material. Lionel was never a man who felt the need to bother with underwear. He was always much more comfortable and a lot less chaffed without them. Amanda hooked her thumbs into the insides of his pants, gently pushed down and slowly knelt down to the floor with them.

This new and incredibly buoyant flesh sprang out at her all at once. She was captivated by its innate ability to stand at attention on its own. His erect cock seemed to beckon her. It stood at full mast trying earnestly to capture her attention. And capture her attention it did. She marveled at its girth and the slickness of the skin around it. Its veiny surface piqued her curiosity even more.

“Touch it,” Lionel whispered having waited more than long enough for her to do so on her own.

Amanda looked again at the commanding shaft in front of her and cautiously took one hand and lightly wrapped her fingers around it. She did it delicately as if with some naïve and unwarranted fear that it would break. It was hot and smooth to the touch and she felt it pulse inside her fingers.

“Suck it, Amanda. Please, God put your mouth on me.” Came his next request.

Amanda gripped his dick more tightly in her hand and slowly tilted her head toward the large mushroom head at its top and pursed her lips. She opened her mouth wide and slid the tip of his manhood past her lips. Lionel hissed the moment the heat from her warm and inviting mouth touched the skin of his cock. His knees buckled and he had to grip one arm on the fireplace mantle to keep from falling over.

She sucked gingerly at the tip, not pushing more than an inch or so inside her mouth before removing it again. Lionel was dying. He needed to claim as much of her warmth as her mouth would allow.

“Deeper,” he cried. “Take it down your throat, sweetheart — as far as it will go.”

Amanda braced herself on her knees and opened her mouth wider as she slowly pushed forward even further. She closed her eyes tight and drew in as much of his manhood as she could. Just as he felt her about to withdraw, Lionel unconsciously grabbed her head and held her there. He gradually pulled his hips back, watching his now slickened shaft liberate itself from her perfect, pink lips before pushing forward again, still delicately holding her head in place. He did this a few times, each time holding her there longer than the time before. He pivoted his hips at each entry, expertly guiding himself closer to satisfaction. He had begun to gain a soft, sensual rhythm with his movements and Amanda was quickly catching on.

“Like that. Now you do it”, he said finally releasing 3 k porno her head.

Amanda braced her hands against his thighs and matched the same motion and pace as Lionel had just shown her. The and wet slurping sounds her lips made as his cock slid wickedly in and out of her mouth drove him crazy. Amanda felt the warmth of the bit of precum that seeped from the head of his cock. It rolled over her tongue with a slightly salty taste.

Lionel instinctively grabbed hold of Amanda’s head again, letting his hips fuck her mouth like he had earlier. He suddenly felt the familiar tightening of his balls and knew he was on the verge of his first orgasm of the night. He wanted to cum now, like this, in her sweet mouth. If he had made any attempt to wait to cum inside her untouched pussy, it would be over all too soon. He didn’t want that — so he needed this for him, for her, for them both to enjoy what the rest of the night promised to offer.

Lionel let his hips guide themselves to any and all pleasures his body desired. Sometimes his movements were slow and deliberate, other times he moved in and out of her recklessly, reveling in the sensations the hot, wetness of her mouth released upon him.

Lionel’s release was immense. He exploded violently into her mouth. His juices pulsed out in streams as he held fast her head on his shaft. He plunged deep into her mouth and held himself there as torrents of cum flowed from his body and into hers.

Amanda felt the hot streams hit the back of her throat and she again closed her eyes tight at the unfamiliar feeling.

Lionel’s hips kept pumping rhythmatically in and out of her pert mouth, milking his body of every ounce of his seed there was to give at the moment.

As his climax subsided, he knew this would be the first of many times he would fill this (his) woman up with his juices in the years to come and he felt like the luckiest man in the world.

As he slowly withdrew his softening cock from her mouth, he saw drops of cum paving a white path down the side of her mouth. He raised her chin up toward him and spoke.

“Swallow it, baby. Swallow it all for me,” he said as took his finger and scooped the escaped seed from her chin and put it to her lips. Amanda swallowed hard, then opened her mouth to welcome his cum soaked finger. She suckled his seed from his fingertip, using her tongue to stroke it from top to bottom, eager to please and making sure to lick it clean.

“Thata girl”, he said as he brushed the fallen, brown, hair from her face. He leaned down and kissed her warm and swollen lips, eager — desperate – to help her awaken that sleeping beast of lust buried somewhere deep within. He couldn’t stand it anymore. It was finally time to make a woman out of his new bride.

Lionel helped her to her feet and swung her up into his arms. She gasped and giggled as she clasped her hands firmly around his neck. He walked her over to their bed and gently sat her down on the edge. Amanda released his neck and lay down beneath him. Her hair fell into a dark brown pool around her head and her legs hung over the edge, slightly parted, revealing the faint glistening of desire from between her thighs. The scent of her arousal fell heavy on him and his spent cock was slowly reawakening at the thought of what was to come…

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