Dream Date

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I sat across from Jessica, looking at her through the flames of the fire I’d lit on the beach.

This was our first date and she’d suggested camping on the beach for the night in a tent.

I’d hired a tent for the weekend not long before she arrived at my place.

We’d met on-line in one of the chat rooms.

While I’d met many other women in the chat rooms, there was something different about Jessica.

What it was, I wasn’t quite sure.

Maybe it was the fact that I could easily embarrass her while I’d been throwing hints to her about sex, which I could easily do.

Maybe it was her sense of innocence I could see in her replies to my questions in our private chats.

I was known, as a bit of a player on-line and even when I explained this to Jessica, it didn’t seem to bother her too much.

I was always upfront with the ladies I spoke too on-line.

So there I was, staring at her across from me.

I looked towards our fishing lines we’d set up shortly after arriving at the beach.

There didn’t appear to be anything biting yet, but to be honest, I was far more interested in Jessica than I was in fishing.

She was sitting crossed legged and I don’t think she realized that because of the way she was sitting, I had a clear view up beneath her short skirt.

I could clearly see from the light thrown from the flames, her white panties.

As we chatted mostly about nothing, I couldn’t stop my eyes from traveling up her skirt.

The bulge of her mound was pressing against her panties and I could clearly make out the groove of her vagina.

My cock started responding inside my shorts.

I wanted to make love to her and soon, but didn’t want to rush her.

We both knew that we’d finish up making love to each other before the night was out.

Jessica was 46 years old and was about 5ft 6ins tall.

She’d told me that she’d had quite a few kids, and besides the small little belly she had, you’d be hard pressed to know that she was a mother to so many.

I was impressed to say the lest.

I heard a tiny sound from one of the rods and looked towards the fishing rods sticking out of the sand.

I’d attached little bells on top of the rods so we could hear them in the dark.

I jumped up and ran to the rod that was bending over as the fish that had been caught on it, tried to get away from the hook.

I started to reel the fish in and as I did so, I felt Jessica’s arms go around my waist.

I could feel her breasts pressing into my bare back as I reeled the fish towards shore.

Jessica’s nipples had hardened and I could feel them pressing through her top against my back.

Jessica laughed as I brought a tiny fish ashore.

She released me as I unhooked the fish and threw it back into the sea.

I threw the line out again after baiting the hook.

Then I turned towards Jessica who was standing close by.

I reached out for her and she stepped into my arms.

Our lips met and as I started kissing her, Jessica opened her lips and I slipped my tongue inside her moist mouth.

My hands were roaming all over the cheeks of her backside and I couldn’t wait to feel the naked flesh beneath her Yalova Escort skirt.

I slowly slipped one hand under her skirt and felt her hot flesh with my fingers.

Letting my hand roam under her skirt, I soon found out that Jessica was wearing a G-string beneath her skirt.

While I’d seen her panties from the front, I didn’t know that they were a G-string.

I gently squeezed her naked arse cheek as our tongues danced inside each other’s mouths.

I pulled her into me, our crotch’s touching.

She had to have felt my erection pressing into her as our groins ground together.

I ran the tips of my fingers down between the twin mounds of her arse until my fingers touched something hot and wet.

I knew that I’d just touched Jessica’s moist vagina lips.

She moaned softly into my mouth as she felt two of my fingers slip inside her.

I gently started exploring her vagina with my fingers and I felt Jessica move away from my crotch so that there was perhaps a 3-inch gap between us.

Then I felt Jessica’s own fingers touch the long, hard shaft of my cock beneath my shorts.

She gently squeezed her fingers around my shaft as I started to slowly finger fuck her.

I was plunging my fingers as deep inside her as I could, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her vagina around my fingers.

I could feel Jessica’s inner vaginal muscles gripping and releasing my fingers and wondered just how wonderful they’d feel around the shaft of my thick cock?

I withdrew my wet fingers from her and moved my face away from her.

Jessica stood there with her hand still on my cock.

I brought my fingers up to my mouth and with Jessica watching, I placed them inside my mouth.

I slowly sucked them clean, enjoying the fresh taste of her juices on my tongue.

I couldn’t wait till I could plunge my tongue deep inside her vagina.

I dropped to my knees in front of her.

Jessica stood there, knowing what I was about to do and smiled as I ran my fingers up her naked thighs.

I slipped my hands up the back of her skirt and undone the zipper at the back of her skirt.

The skirt fell to her feet and Jessica stepped out of it.

She now stood there in just her panties and her top.

I moved my trembling fingers back up the calves of her legs enjoying the warmth and feel of her naked thighs.

Our eyes were locked together as my fingers approached her hips.

I lowered my eyes towards her crotch as I gripped her G-string with my fingers; I then slowly began to bring them downwards, exposing her nakedness to my greedy eyes.

Her vagina lips hung slightly down from her mound and as I brought her G-string down to her feet, Jessica slowly stepped out of them while holding onto my right shoulder for balance.

First one foot and then the other.

I placed her G-string inside my pocket of my shorts not wanting to lose them.

I then leaned forward until my lips were now pressing up against her vagina.

I could smell her vaginal juices leaking from her.

I slowly kissed my lips all over her mound and soft outer lips.

Jessica moaned with both desire and pleasure as she felt my lips on Yalova Escort Bayan her vagina.

Her hands were in my hair, pressing on the back of my head, forcing my lips against her pussy.

Then without asking her too, Jessica parted her thighs, allowing me free access to her treasure.

I opened my mouth and slipped my tongue out and tasted her juices for the second time.

Though this time was even better than when I’d sucked her juices from my fingers.

Now, I had the source of her juices on my tongue.

As I snaked my tongue inside her parted vaginal lips, Jessica moaned loudly, pressing my face up against her pussy harder and harder.

I explored her vagina with my tongue, forcing my tongue up inside her as far as it’d go.

Suddenly, Jessica groaned loudly and her body stiffens, as she orgasmed onto my probing tongue.

I couldn’t believe just how much juices flow into my opened mouth.

I greedily drink as much of her love juices as I can, not wanting to waste a single drop of her cum juices.

I finally manage to lick the last few drops of her wonderful tasting juices into my mouth and look up towards Jessica standing above me.

She had thrown her head backwards when she’d climaxed and now she brought her face back towards me beneath her.

She was smiling broadly.

“Thank you, Brian. I sure needed that.” She grinned at me.

“So did I, sweet lady.” I told her.

I stood up beside her and Jessica kissed my lips.

She could taste her own juices on my lips and as she slipped her tongue inside my mouth, I felt her again grip the thick shaft of my cock.

Our lips parted.

“Ok, my turn this time.” She grinned at me.

I watched as she dropped slowly to her knees in front of me.

She slowly pulled my shorts down my legs and I stepped out of them.

Then she pulled my underpants away from my throbbing cock.

It sprang upwards, almost hitting her in the face as it did so.

“Mmmm, very nice.” Jessica said, looking at my thick cock pointing straight at her face.

I watched as she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock inside her warm, wet mouth.

My cock twitched as she started to suck on me.

I already knew that she didn’t like the taste of cum inside her mouth so knew I had to pull out of her mouth before I climaxed.

While it was a pity, I was happy enough to do as she’d asked me.

Jessica’s mouth was taking inside as much of my thick cock as she could manage.

I knew that because I was so horny, that I wasn’t going to last too long.

I felt my hot cum stirring inside my balls and began to pull away from her mouth.

Jessica didn’t realize that I was so close and pulled me back inside her mouth.

I felt my cum starting to shoot up inside the tube of my cock and quickly pulled away from her mouth.

While I’d just been in time to stop myself from Cumming inside her mouth, I wasn’t fast enough to stop it from hitting her right in the face.

I turned away from her and let the rest of my cum shoot out onto the sand beside Jessica.

Jessica sat on her thighs, shocked by my hot cum hitting her face.

It was dripping Escort Yalova down her face.

I pulled her panties out of my shorts and wiped my cum from her face.

“I’m sorry about that.” I told her.

I couldn’t manage to stop a laugh escaping my lips though.

The shocked expression on her face had been funny to see.

Jessica too, saw the funny side of it and laughed as well.

She stood up and hugging each other, we returned to the fire.

I took Jessica’s top off and then unhooked her bra, releasing her wonderful breasts into the night air.

Her nipples stood away from her breasts like hard little bullets.

I lowered my mouth towards her nipples and took her right one inside my warm, wet mouth.

Jessica again hugged my head to her body, enjoying my mouth on her nipple.

I felt myself harden again.

I changed nipples, enjoying the sounds of Jessica moaning in pleasure as I did so.

I slipped my right hand in between Jessica’s thighs and discovered that she’d become wet again.

I loved the fact that she became aroused so easily for me.

That proved to me that she was enjoying my actions.

My cock was again fully erect and as I rubbed her clitoris with the side of my hand, Jessica moaned and said, ” I want you inside me now, Brian.”

Who was I to refuse a lady her request?

We parted and I prepared a blanket on the ground close to the fire for warmth and comfort.

Not too close to the fire though, I didn’t want a spark shooting out of the fire and landing on my arse as I made love to Jessica.

Jessica sat down onto the blanket and I lowered myself between her thighs.

Our lips met and as our tongues again danced inside each other’s mouths, the head of my cock was urgently trying to get inside her.

Jessica reached between her thighs and grabbed the shaft of my cock and guided it to the entrance to her wet vagina.

As I began to push my 7in cock up inside her, Jessica moaned in pleasure as she felt my thickness entering her.

I could feel the inner walls of her vagina parting before the thick head of my cock.

The warmth and wetness of her vagina around the head of my cock felt incredible.

I began to slowly plunge myself deeper and deeper inside her.

Jessica wrapped her arms around me and pushed herself upwards to meet my downward thrusts.

We began to make love slowly at first but as our passion increased, so did our pace.

Soon I was ramming myself as deep inside her as I could go and Jessica was matching my pace.

Jessica’s breathing and moaning told me that she was getting very close to having her orgasm.

That stirred me on, I wanted to cum at the same time as she did.

I felt m cum starting to boil deep inside my balls and knew that we’d cum together.

My first rope of hot cum entered Jessica’s vagina just as she too started to orgasm.

I could feel her juices flooding over the head of my spurting cock.

Finally, I lay on top of Jessica, totally exhausted from the pace of our lovemaking.

She too was breathing heavily as she lay there enjoying our juices mixing inside of her.

“That was wonderful Brian. Thank you darling.” Jessica whispered into my ear.

“You’re very welcome sweetheart.” I replied happily.

I knew that I couldn’t stop myself from making love to Jessica again and again during the night.

We fell asleep by the warmth of the fire, our arms around each other.

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