Dream Cum True

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You approach me from behind. I don’t notice until you speak to me.

“Hey, Im making a lobster dip. Which bread do you think would go best with it?”

I jump a little and shiver slightly. I know it’s you before I turn around. Your voice has a direct line to my cunt. It throbs instantly as I notice you are a little too close; invading my personal, not that I mind though.

“You should go with our parmesan focaccia. The cheese will go well with the lobster, but not over power it.” You smile at me and I melt.

“Thanks,” you say and turn to walk away. I don’t want you to leave though. I’m addicted to you and I barely know you.

“Hey, do you have any advice on how to flip an omelet? We are learning it in school and Im horrible at it.”

You have worked at several restaurants and know I’m in school. Its an excuse to talk to you a little longer. I stare at your face but I cant bear to meet your eyes. I feel like if I do you will know how bad I want you.

“Yea I do. Its in the flick of the wrist. Its easier to show than tell though.” You respond.

“Aw ok thanks anyways,” I want to say something else but I have nothing. I turn to go back to stocking the shelves. The little interaction that we had already has me flustered and hot. I’m like a fucking dog in heat. I know it will never happen, but a girl can dream.

“I could show you if you are interested. I have some time today.”

A smile spreads across my face and I cant help but be grateful you cant see it. I steady my ragged breath before I turn around and face you.

“Yea that works for me if you don’t mind. You will get a free omelet out of it.” I giggle slightly.

“Sounds good. I can stop by around 5.”

I quickly figure out who will be home in my head. My husband will be at work and my roommate will be home late due to her class.

“Yea that sounds good.”

We exchange info and go on our merry way. My stomach flutters at the thought of being alone with you, yet I’m scared. I don’t know where this will lead and I might be disappointed in the end. The day passes slowly and I book it out of work at 1. I have four hours before he will be in my house. I quickly tidy up and get the ingredients ready. I text him my address before I hop in the shower. I shave and use my best shower gel. I’m soft and supple all over. I rub my body down with the matching lotion. My touch excites me Cebeci Escort already. I have to calm down or I may attack him at the door. I slide my sheer white boy shorts up my body and put on my black lacy bra. I spray myself down with the matching spray to my lotion and shower gel. I grab a tank top that just covers my bra, letting the lace peek out from time to time. I slip on my jean capris that make my ass look amazing. I put some light make up on and put my hair in a ponytail (easier to grab if he fucks me and it exposes my neck). I give myself a once over in the mirror and nod in approval. I quickly straighten up my bedroom in hopes it will see some action later. I check the time and my heart pounds once more. Its 4:50 and he will be over any minute. I go downstairs and turn on some R and soaks my panties in the process.

He laughs slightly, “Are you going to let me in?”

Im so glad he cant see me blush. I step back allowing him entrance. He takes a look around and nods in approval.

“Shall we?”

It takes me a minute to process that he is talking about cooking. I nod. He leans against the counter as I scramble the eggs.

“Okay you need to coat the pan with butter and get it hot.”

I listen and follow his directions. After a couple of minutes, its time for the flip. I step back to let him in.

“No you should do it so you know.”

He steps behind me and rubs his hand up my arm. My knees buckle and my breath grows ragged once more. His body is pressed against me. I know he can tell what he is doing to me. I don’t know if he is ignoring it or if he is teasing me. He grabs my hand and presses his body firmly against mine.

“Just like this,” he whispers in my ear.

His breath caresses my neck. The omelet flips perfectly and before I know it he is leaning on the counter again. I stifle a whimper in disappointment.

“Okay, make another omelet and try it again on your own.”

I almost fuck it up on purpose so he will press his body against me again but I manage to flip it perfectly. We make small chat as I plate up the omelets. You walk over and sit on the arm chair of the couch and check out the song that’s playing. I hand you your plate and take a seat on the table. We eat and chat some more. I learn you have a son and you are in a relationship. Im disappointed but Im enjoying Çıtır Escort our time together. We have a lot in common. We both love to cook. You aspire to open your own restaurant and move away. I want to open a pastry shop in the south. The conversation slows and the song changes to Anywhere by 112.

I lean back on the table and stare at you. You glance at me and stand up. I lean forward thinking you are leaving but you come and stand between my legs. My breasts heave up and down as your hands slide up my thighs. You lean forward and I close my eyes hoping your lips will meet mine instead the are on my neck kissing it slowly up and down. A low moan escapes my mouth as my hands find your body. Ive waited so long for this. Suddenly your hand is on my ponytail (I smile inside and mentally pat myself on the back for making such a good choice in hairstyle), you yank my head back and come close to my lips but deny me the pleasure once more.

” I know how much you want me. Your body gives it away every time I’m near. I watch you watch me.”

Suddenly your lips are on mine. I claw at your back. Your lips are better than I expected. Your tongue intrudes in my mouth and dances with my own. You taste delicious. I lean into the kiss and my large breast brush against your chest. My erect nipples push into your chest. Your hands find them and slowly twist and pull. I moan in appreciation. My hands find your and I gasp in surprise. Its larger than I expected. Id be worried it wouldn’t fit if I wasn’t so wet and ready for you already. Your mouth continues to attack mine. I can barely breathe and I don’t care. I want you inside me. You must be reading my mind because you make short work of the button of my jeans. I pull away from your lips reluctantly and brace myself on the table to lift my hips. You grab my jeans and slide them down my thick thighs. Your hand caresses my swollen clit through my panties. I hear you laugh as your fingers come up damp. Ive soaked through my underwear. I throw my head back in shame. He now knows how much I want him. He pulls my chin down and kisses me once more. His lips embrace mine. Im in love I swear.

I feel my underwear being slid over and the large tip of his cock at the entrance of my hole. My hips buck against him but he doesn’t give me the pleasure I seek. I groan in frustration.

He breaks Demetevler Escort the kiss and leans closely to my ear, “Good things come to those who wait,” he whispers in my ear before plunging deeply inside me.

We both moan loudly. His cock fills me completely and my walls hug his thick cock. We were made for each other…at least sexually. We catch each other’s eyes and I can see that he is hungry with need. There will be no more teasing. He needs to fuck my tight hole and I am more than willing to comply.

“Fuck me, please,” I beg.

He takes no time in fulfilling my request. I gasp in surprise as he grabs my hips and brings me to the edge of the table, which only drives you further inside me. You are so deep. I swear I can feel you in my stomach. I yell a string of cuss words as you drill into my soaking wet pussy over and over. The table shakes as you assault my pussy. I feel my orgasm building. I want to cum and I will…hard. I lay back on the table and buck my hips against your groin. Your eyes roll in the back of your head. My motions only give you more drive. My hole will never be the same from the way you are claiming it. Your hands find my breasts and squeeze hard. You use them as leverage to plunge deeper and deeper inside me. My back arches; Im about to cum.

“Give it to me,” you growl in a low voice.

Your words are the death of me. I explode on your cock. I writhe around your cock screaming in pleasure. My hole clenches around your cock. You groan and I feel rope after rope of cum shoot deep in my pussy. Our breath is ragged in rapid. I lay on the table spent. You are still inside me. You pull out and some of your cum lands on the table. I hear you cleaning yourself up but I cant move. I have a content smile on my face. I have accomplished to fuck you or rather be fucked by you. My want has been filled. Work will be even harder now. I know how good the dick is and everytime I see you, Ill only want you to bend me over and take me over and over again. You come and stand by my head. You kiss me upside down. “Im glad I showed you how to make an omelet. I have to go but thank you for everything.” You lean down and give me one more kiss. Your hand lingers down my body. I can tell you don’t want to leave but I know you have to get back to your son…and your girlfriend. You finally tear yourself away from my body. This time I don’t stifle my whimper of sadness. I could fuck you all night, feel your body against mine all night but you are not mine and I am not yours. I hear the door close behind you and I close my eyes. My hand finds my swollen clit and I spread my legs. I use your cum and mine to lubricate my clit. I close my eyes and repeat the scene of what just happened over and over again until I climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32