Dr. Mom Pt. 01

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Dr. Veronica Thelma was a 39-year old woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes and the body of a porn star. She was a family doctor who noticed a particular phenomena in the city where she worked. It seemed like every woman she saw was trying to get pregnant but just couldn’t for some reason. Usually because the man they were with was sterile but wouldn’t get checked out, or there was no man to be with and the list to get a sperm donor was much too long. It was just a strange thing she kept noticing about the women who came in.

Dr. Thelma’s son, Lee, was 18 and a senior in high school. He was on the football team but first he’d have to get a physical. And Veronica had discovered that Lee had stolen her doctor’s document necessary and just filled it out himself. She was very angry with him when she found out and said that as punishment she would be the one doing his physical that year.

Reluctantly, Lee had agreed with her, but he insisted that it had to be at some place and point when no one else was around. He didn’t want anyone else to know that his own mother had given him a physical, and therefore touched his penis and balls. Lee suggested they do it at home, but his mother didn’t want to do it without her equipment around. She said it would have to be that weekend, when no one was at the doctor’s office, not even the janitors.

So, really late at night, Dr. Thelma performed all the steps with her son, Lee, she took his blood pressure, made him open his mouth and say “ah!” And everything checked out. The only thing left for Veronica to do was check her son’s genitals.

“Alright,” She told her muscular son, “Just one more thing and we’re done. Now drop your pants please.”

Lee sighed and dropped his pants. Veronica couldn’t believe it when his 9-inch cock popped out, she never knew he was so well hung and he wasn’t even hard. But what really made her gulp was just how big his balls were. Each one seemed to be as big as her fist. Dr. Thelma bursa eskort bayan had performed hundreds of physicals and not once had she seen a cock or a pair of balls as big as her son’s.

“Um, let’s continue,” She grabbed his balls but they were so big she realized she was going to need both her hands on her son’s balls to complete the procedure, both her hands held one of her son’s gonads before she said, “Okay, turn your head and cough,” he did, when he did his cock jumped a bit, she massaged his balls and began to wonder about something. Lee’s balls were so big, she wondered if that was because he produced more semen than usual. And maybe that semen had more potency because of it. She wasn’t sure but if she was right, she might be able to help the city’s pregnancy problem. “Son, there’s something I want to talk to you about.” She said.

“What’s that Mom?” Lee asked, he thought it was weird his mom was asking him something while she was performing a procedure on his balls but whatever, anything to get it over with.

“Well, you’re testicles, and penis for that matter, are quite a bit larger than average. I’m wondering if you’re having testosterone issues and the best way for me to test that is to get you to ejaculate so I can test your semen.” Veronica told her son, it wasn’t exactly true, but it could never hurt to get a semen sample anyway. If he checked out, maybe she could help out a lot of women in need, but if not, no harm done.

Lee thought about what his mom just told him, but he was a jock and couldn’t understand most of multisyllabic words. “What?”

“Veronica sighed, she loved her son but he was a bit slow sometimes, “I want to run tests on your cum.” She told him.

“Um, if you think that’s necessary,” Lee said.

Veronica nodded, she grabbed the cup from a nearby table and then looked at her son’s dick, “You know, it’s probably best if I do it myself. I need to get you hard first.”

“Um what, bursa otele gelen eskort bayan oh!” Lee said as his mom took his cock into her mouth, he was hard in seconds not believing his sexy mother would ever do something like that. Once he was hard she started sucking him off like there was no tomorrow. “Holy shit Mom, I can’t believe you’re doing this!” Lee shouted.

Veronica took her mouth off her son’s dick, but as she did so she started jerking him off with one hand while she massaged his balls with the other, “It’s for a good cause son! You might be able to help a lot of women in this city!” She could feel his balls tense as she massaged them. “That’s it, cum for me sweetie! Cum for Mommy!”

Ben moaned as he gave his mother exactly what she asked for. Veronica directed his cock to the cup but didn’t expect him to fill it up with only a few spurts and still he kept cumming! It got all over her hand and it slipped out and the cup fell on the floor and went all over the linoleum. “Oh shit!” Veronica cried but her son was still cumming, it hit the front of her doctor’s coat and got all over her face and neck. “Jesus Christ, do you ever stop!?” She shouted out in surprised, and it seemed like he didn’t. In between spurts, in an effort to make less of a mess, Veronica put her mouth over her son’s cockhead, and tried to swallow as much as she could but each spurt seemed to be another mouthful and it started leaking out of her mouth and fell all over her blouse.

“Holy fucking shit!” Veronica said when her son finally stopped cumming and she looked down at herself, “You came a fuckton!”

“Sorry Mom,” Ben looked embarrassed, thinking he’d done something wrong.

“It’s alright Ben, in fact, I love it!” She announced as she started eating some of the cum off her skin, “But not just the taste of it, but you’re so fucking potent and, holy shit, you’re still hard as fuck!” She was just downright bursa eve gelen escort impressed at that point.

“Yeah, I usually need to cum three or four times before it goes down.”

Veronica shook her head, did she just hear her son right? “Wow, you must be a real stud. I bet you could get any woman pregnant on the first try.”

“Um, what?” Ben wasn’t sure what was happening. It sounded like his cum-covered mother was talking crazy.

“Nevermind that right now.” Veronica said, “But for now we still have to get a sample since I dropped the other one.” Veronica stood up and took off all her clothes and through them on the pool of cum on the ground. “Come on, son, get on your back.”

Ben wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but it became clear after he lay on his back and his mother got on top of him and started fucking him hard. She got on him and he entered her very quickly, his cock up his mother’s pussy she started bouncing on his dick like there was no tomorrow, “HOLY SHIT! FUCK YOUR MOTHER!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. They were lucky no one else was in the doctor’s office right then.

“Oh fuck yeah Mom!” Ben yelled, as he fucked her. After a bit he made her get on the examination table doggy style so he could shove his big cock up her ass. “Fuck your ass mother, I need to cum in your asshole!” He shouted.

“Holy shit son, fuck my shithole!” Veronica shouted, she was totally a slut for her son now. She didn’t care though, “You’re gonna help me get the whole town pregnant!” As she said this she started to cum hard from the anal fucking her son was giving her with his huge cock.

“Fuck yeah I am Mom!” Ben shouted as he let loose another overly large amount of cum out of his cock and up his mother’s puckered asshole.

After they came down from their orgasms, Veronica realized something, “Oh no, Ben, we forgot to get you to cum in the semen sample!” She gasped as she took her son’s still hard cock and started licking off all of their combined fluids from his dick, “We’re going to have to try again!’

Once he was clean of her pussy and ass juice, Veronica let her son fuck her in her pussy and ass again. After six times they decided they should leave before anyone else showed up at work. They never got the semen sample that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32