Down by the River

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I am later than usual getting to the grocery store today. I see you walking out as I am walking in. “Darn!”, I mutter half out loud.

You smile as you pass me and say, “You’re late today.”

I stop and watch as you walk toward your car… your hips sway… and that sexy skirt… “Darn!”

You put your bags into your car and drive away. I can only dream of what might have happened if I was a bit earlier. I watch as you… turn right? That’s not the way you usually go. The only thing to the right is… That secluded little park down by the river. I forget all about my grocery shopping and food. I am hungry for something else. Turning right and following the winding road along the river, I cannot see your car. I turn into the park and do not see anything at first. I am about to turn around and leave when I see your car at the far end of the park half hidden by some bushes.

I park my car and look around, but do not see you. Walking Yozgat Escort down the winding path along the river, the cars and the road are soon out of sight. Coming around a bend in the path, I see you sitting on a blanket looking out over the water. There is a grassy area in the sunlight and the combination of the warm sun and a gentle breeze blowing across the water is very refreshing.

I stop next to your blanket as you get up on your knees. You don’t waste any time, unbuckling my belt and unfastening my jeans.

“What took you so long?” you ask, then comment, “I’ve been waiting for.. almost two minutes.”

You smile up at me as you slowly pull down my zipper. I can feel the faint vibration of the brass zipper against my rapidly swelling cock. You reach up to my hips and grab my boxers along with my jeans, pulling them down to my knees.

I’m having trouble standing with my pants around my knees and your Yozgat Escort Bayan arms wrapped around me grabbing my bare ass. I wrap my fingers in your hair and pull you toward me until your mouth is barely an inch away from my stiff cock.

I then gently push you away and your skirt flies up as you land softly on your backside. I laugh as I kick off my jeans and dive between your spread legs. I catch you by surprise as I give your pussy one long slow lick, then flick my tongue over your clit. It’s your turn to wrap your fingers in my hair except you do not push me away, but pull me against you. I run my tongue along your folds, exploring your delicious pussy. You guide me with your hands, teaching me the places that please you most.

My tongue learns quickly… your grip on my hair softens and then your hands drop to your sides. I am still learning, but the reaction of your body and your moans are my teachers Escort Yozgat now. I explore your wetness with my fingers and you respond to my deep thrusts. I suck your swollen clit and flick the tip of my tongue up and down against that sensitive bundle of nerves. I then replace my fingers with my tongue and test the depths that I can reach.

Your hot pussy is dripping and your moans signal your approaching climax. I slow a bit then speed up. I reach beneath you and grab your ass as I attack your pussy with my hungry mouth. I feel your fingers in my hair again, but I am in control. I feast on your sweet juices as I continue to devour your cunt until I feel your body stiffen. Your legs squeeze my head, then spread wide as waves of pleasure crash over you and race through your body. I continue my assault until your groans are reduced to a soft whimper, then I slow and kiss your pussy gently. I move up to your side and you crawl into my arms. With your head on my shoulder, I pull the blanket over you.

You are quiet and only sound I hear is the pounding of my heart… the only thing I feel is the blood pulsing through my throbbing cock.

I feel your soft hand circle my rigid shaft…

But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32