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I was in a strange city for several weeks of computer training. After ten days of sitting in a classroom on a hard seat I was in a real funk. I needed something to change my attitude. That’s how I found myself in a small room in this bathhouse taking my clothes off. At this time was 31, 210 pounds in good shape, 7 inch cut and somewhat hairy.

This was my second trip to the baths, my first in my hometown being uneventful. I stripped, wrapped a towel around my waist and went exploring. After walking the long corridor of the second floor I went to the first and found the wet area. I had a long slow shower. The spray of the hot water felt very good. I spent time washing myself and paying attention to my cock which hard partially hardened. The jacuzzi was next. Not bothering to put the towel back on I made the forty feet to the hot tub naked and climbed in.

I wasn’t aware of it until after I sat down but it seems I had an audience of five other guys, either sitting around on lounge chairs or in the pool. It seems that they had watched me in the shower. I felt a little embarrassed but paid it no mind.

After a good soaking I made my way to the steam room. I found a nice corner in the foggy room to sit. Shortly, I was joined by one the watchers from the pool area. We exchanged greetings. He identified himself as Dave. Dave asked if it was my first time. I said yes at this bath. He told me that I had made quite an impression on one of the others. He told me which one. On leaving the steam room I noticed this guy checking out the soft drink machine. He was about 25, 6’6″ 240 pounds, well muscled. I decided that this is just what would get me out of my funk and made the move. Walking to the drink machine he turned and smiled. Greeting him, I asked if coins were required to get a drink. He replied in the affirmative. I made a smart remark about not having any pockets. escort bayan He laughed and carefully checked me out. I was nude and made no effort to cover myself. I always wanted to be an exhibitionist. He said that he had some cold Evian in his room if I was interested. I said yes and turned to go and pick up my towel by the showers. In the process of picking it up I dropped my room key. In picking it up I made sure that my new friend got a good look at me. When I turned to follow him to him room I noticed a protrusion in the front of his towel. I guessed, correctly, that he liked what he saw.

We made out way upstairs to his room. Once inside he told me his name was Adam and I told him mine. As he removed his towel he expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to see me nude. I told him that I enjoyed being nude and if he was up to it he could now see me up close.

My towel fell to the floor and we stepped close. His lips followed his hands onto my nipples, my lips on his nipples, followed by hands stroking cocks to finally a 69 with mouths engulfing hard cocks. We lay on the small cot provided. We began giving each other gentle licks to each other’s cock. Soon the cock I was servicing began to grow. Before long it was eight inches long and nice and thick. His balls were dancing in their sack each time I ran my tongue along his cock. I took it in my mouth and began a steady up and down motion. I could feel it touch the back of my throat. I had to work at not gagging but soon I got the hang of it. I could feel Adam take all of my cock in to his hot mouth. Soon my balls were bouncing off his chin. Suddenly we were interrupted as the door opened and Dave from the steam room entered. Seems Dave was a friend of Adam. I later discovered that they set this up. He entered and asked if he could watch. We agreed and proceed to continue our play.

I was concentrating as best I could on the cock in my mouth. It was difficult as my friend, Adam, was doing a super job on my seven inches. I was afraid that I might come too quickly.

Suddenly I felt hands on my ass cheeks. They were spreading them apart. I turned to check if it was Adam, but Adam has his hand stroking Dave’s cock. Dave’s cock was large and long. It looked to be at least 10 inches long and about as round as my fist. Dave asked if I had a problem. I said no as long as he used some lube and finger my hole to loosen me up as this was my first anal in a long time. He said fine and proceeded to lube my ass with one and then two fingers. I almost came at that moment but managed to hold it. Since Adam was a little smaller, Dave suggested he should go first. We agreed and changed positions. Dave was now lying on the cot with his mouth pistoning up and down my cock. Adam was behind me lubing my ass with one, two and then three, or maybe four fingers. It felt like he was in all the way to his wrist.

I heard the ripping of the condom pack but I continued to play with Dave’s massive missile. Then I felt hands spread my ass cheeks and the head of a cock poking at my hole. He was very gentle and in a few moments he had the head inside and was slowly pumping back and forth. The feeling was incredible. This was my very first fucking and I knew it would not be my last. Adam continued his in and out motion and Dave continued to suck my now dripping cock. I was so caught up with these events that I had stopped playing with Dave. Adam slowly began to increase his tempo. By now I was asking him to fuck me good and hard. Adam did what I asked and after about three or four minutes he began to moan. I could feel his cock swelling in my ass. I was hoping I could take it all. Shortly, Adam groaned loudly and pulled me close impaling his entire cock inside me. I am sure I could feel his spunk exploding from his cock.

After a couple of minutes Adam withdrew and before I could move Dave was behind me sliding his condom cover cock in to my ass. It was a good this that Adam had gone first as Dave was massive. But he knew what to do. First he slipped the head of his cock into me. He let me get used to it for a few minutes before continuing. I don’t know how I did it but I took all he had. Now he began his pumping action. It did not take long for Dave’s cock to start to increase in size. It was definitely going to be a good fuck. His cock was rubbing against my prostrate. Adam was now sucking my cock. Dave started to groan and I knew he would come shortly. Between Dave’s pumping, rubbing my prostrate and Adam sucking my cock it only took a short time for Dave to explode in a massive organism. It felt like he had a hose up my ass going full blast. The moment I felt the first explosion of Dave’s spunk I exploded in Adam’s mouth. I must have shot a pint of sperm in Adam’s month, on his face and chest.

I could not move. Here I was bent over trying to keep myself from falling. Dave was still inside of me letting his cock slowly deflate and Adam was licking up my come and sucking me dry. As Dave pulled out there was a loud round of applause. It seems that we had had an audience of several appreciative onlookers. Several ask if I would let them fuck me. However I was worn out from the fucking and sucking with Dave and Adam. Reluctantly, I asked for a rain check. I went down to take a shower and sit in the spa. On checking the clock I had been there almost four hours and it was time to leave.

While I was checking out, I overhead two other customers talking about their witnessing some guy getting fucked by two men with 12 and 14 inch cocks and taking it all. I laughed to myself, thinking that it did not take long for this story to spread. Fourteen inches, I doubt it! Or maybe!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32