Dorm Room Ch. 03

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“Brad… will you make love to me? I want you to be my first. I need this. I need you. Please fuck me.” Belinda whispered breathlessly.

Her words were like gunfire, shooting straight to his heart, and to his groin. He enveloped her body with his own as his mouth drew up to kiss her full lips, tasting her again before pulling back and gazing into her blue pools.

“Babygirl, I’m doing to taste you first. I want to know what my woman tastes like.” He grinned wickedly at her, his tongue peeking from between his lips to lick over each one before he continued. “And you ARE my woman Belinda. Once you take me inside you, you will be mine always, I won’t let you go. I’m going to make you cum all over my tongue Bel. And once I’ve had my fill of tasting your sweet pussy, I’m going slide my fingers in there and make you cum all over again.”

Brad thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock against her lower belly as he spoke to her, punctuating every word with a grind of his pelvis.

“Only then will I take you. Only then will you feel me slide my cock inside you and give you what you need. And I’ll fuck you just like you need, babydoll. I’ll give you everything you ever wanted.” He groaned the last few words, his mind racing to the thought of what he was about to do to her.

Brad wasn’t a big talker usually, most folks found it difficult to get more than a few sentences out of him. So he surprised himself at his confidence in saying such things to this girl, especially things of such a sexual nature. But then, he felt so comfortable with her, and Lord knows he wanted to get so hot and nasty with this little vixen.

“Oh God, Brad, oh please… please put your mouth on me. Oh fuck.”

Belinda cringed as she heard his words, the tone of his thick voice laced with desire and need, making her cunt gush with more juice. She couldn’t wait to feel him, to have him taste her, to fuck her, to ravish her body, to take her to heights she had only dreamed about.

“With pleasure my darling.” Brads voice reverberated through her head, the soft, cooing tone of his voice thickened with lust and need, only served to make her submit easily to him. “Open your legs for me, Bel.”

He shifted himself down her body, gripping her inner thighs to guide them open as she parted them wide for him. He could smell her arousal, the scent of her pussy wafting into his nostrils. And as he lowered his head and buried his face into her sweet snatch, he grunted at the feel of her smooth pussylips as they caressed his cheeks and lips. With his eyes closed, he pushed his face hard against her vulva and sloshed his tongue across her clit, licking her from above the hood down to her puckered arsehole. God, she tasted every bit as sweet as he had imagined.

“Mmmmmm, you fucking sexy bitch. God you taste so fucking hot, Bel. You’re so horny aren’t you, sweetheart?” he growled against her sopping cunt.

Lapping at her juices as they flowed from deep inside her, his hands moved to her hips in order to steady her as she writhed on the bed. His hot tongue delved inside her soft, pink flesh, deepening his strokes to taste her essence. Brad moaned softly, humming against her clitoris as his tongue lashed out at it. His large palms squeezing the pliable flesh of her thighs, kneading her them with nimble fingers as he continued to give her pleasure, fucking her with his tongue as he moved it back into her tight little hole.

“Yesss… oh Brad, yesss!” She growled at him.

Belinda’s hips were bucking upward, smashing the full length of her slit over his face, working herself into a frenzy as she felt his tongue dart into her tiny hole. Grabbing the back of his bald head, trying to grip onto it, Belinda wrapped her legs around his shoulders, pulling him closer to her, needing more. He felt her need, he knew what to give her, but he wanted to savour her, to give her more pleasure, to work her into such a crazy passion, that she would beg him to fuck her there and then. That’s what he craved, to hear her beg him for it. But that would come later.

He loved her passion, the way she craved more from him, the way her body squirmed on the bed as he tasted her deeply, lengthening his tongue to push it far inside her tight pussy, piercing between the swollen folds of her femininity. God, how he loved her taste, he could stay between her soft, creamy thighs forever, lapping at her, fucking her with his mouth and tongue, toying with her. But he wanted her to get off, he needed to taste her cum on his tongue.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s the way. Work that cunt against me, let me fuck that sweet, juicy pussy. Cum for me, Bel. Cum, my babygirl,” he hissed at her.

Brad tore his mouth away from her loins, begging her to give herself over to him, wanting to steal her pleasure. Then suddenly, just as she felt the buildup of an orgasm stirring deep in her tight channel, he grazed her tip of her clit with his tongue tip before pulling away and looking up at her.

“Bel, cum for me, you sexy little bitch. I know you want this. Do it. Kadıköy Escort Cum for me. Cum hard, that’s it… work that cunt… fuck my tongue. Mmmmm yes honey, CUM!”

He screamed at her then, hissing fiercely at her so she would submit to his desires. And she did. She felt it boiling up inside her, the strength of his words filling her very being as she threw her arms up over her head and gripped the sheets. Just at that time, his right hand had moved up over her belly until it reached her chest, settling the large width of his palm over her left breast. She felt his fingers pinching and tugging at her hardened little nub, torturing her with his mouth and hands as he continued to strum his lips across her sensitive clit.

He was relentless, hid mind clouded by an overwhelming need to make her cum for him. He wanted to taste her sweet juices running over his chin, and he’d do anything to get it. Then as he felt her body jerking wildly at his touch, he increased the speed of and firmness of his tongue over her clit and sucked it deep and hard into his mouth, curling a couple of fingers and shoving them inside her tightness. As he fucked her with his hand, and sucked the hard little nub into his mouth, he continued to pull on her left nipple, teasing it till it sprang up fully, squeezing her breast in his palm.


Her pelvis thrust forward against his face, banging his nose against her pelvic bone as his tongue rode her clit to orgasm. Flicking and licking and sucking his way towards a powerful surge of pleasure that had the girl underneath him writhing like a cat in pain. Knowing his dirty talk had brought her to the edge, he groaned loudly, humming against her clit as he worked it over.


Like a mantra, she chanted his name over and over again. Her breath caught in her throat as her climax washed over her whole body, stealing the air in her lungs, piercing her chest with fire as she bucked and stirred on his bed.

He loved hearing his name from her lips and felt her thrust her pelvis into his face harder then before, allowing the girl to buck and ride his tongue as it pressed forcefully over the entire length of her love button. But he wanted to bring out the animal in her, and he needed to know just how far this little girl would go. Then without a moments pause, he slid his fingers out from her juicy hole and slowly pushed them into her arsehole, as his thumb now replaced them inside her pussy. Working both her tight fuckholes as his tongue continued working her clit over, Brad gained momentum by shaking his head between her thighs, grinding his nose and tongue and lips over her delicious cunt until he felt her body begin to spasm beneath him.


Belinda bucked her hips further off the bed as Brad’s fingers entered her bunghole. Surprised by the intrusion, she felt the pleasure of it as he drew out the orgasm from deep within her. The combined sensations of his fingers filling her completely drove her over the edge and she moaned more loudly then ever before. Her hands flying up above her head, and her back arched off the bed as she felt the shudders surging through every fiber of her being. Like nothing she had ever experienced, she let herself go, boiling over to the throes of passion as they erupted from deep inside and spilled over her like a giant wave.

Brad loved this, adored it, he couldn’t get enough of watching and feeling the girl surrender to him. Nothing could come close to the vision of a woman in orgasm, throwing her body around like a wanton slut as she experienced one of the best climaxes of her life. And this is exactly what he was a witness to.

He continued to torment her, letting her ride out the waves of her orgasm as his tongue flicked and rubbed over her extended clitoris, and his fingers drove deeper inside her body, feeling around the swishy insides of her fuckholes. How he loved this moment, it was passion at it’s best. Brad moaned deeply in his throat, growling at the scent of her cum as it drenched his tongue, spilling from his mouth to coat his lips and chin. But he didn’t relent, he kept at her, lapping and licking and suckling every last drop of her girl cum until she laid breathing heavily upon the bed.

“Ohhhh Brad, oh my God. I… I’ve never…”

Belinda lost her train of thought, losing the words that were escaping her lips as her body became accustomed to the feelings that overwhelmed it. Never had she experienced anything so blissfully pleasurable. Never had she dreamed that having someone eat her pussy would mean such total euphoria. But that is how she felt, right at that moment. Her breath was ragged, her chest heaving with each rush of air that filled her lungs, her body still shuddering from the orgasms that had taken over her.

Brad slowly removed his mouth Ataşehir Escort and fingers from her body and peeked up over the roundness of her belly, eyeing Belinda wickedly. His face was glistening with her juices, his nose chin and cheeks were coated with the sweetness that was hers. He reveled in it, licking across his fine lips to taste her cunt upon them.

“Mmmmmm, I think you enjoyed that, sweetheart. I know I did. You taste so wonderful and sweet, Bel. I could spend hours down here sucking your clit and fingering your tight pussy, baby.” Brad hoarsely whispered to her.

She looked down her body at him, her breasts still heaving and as her right hand moved away from the back of his head to cup the roughness of his stubbly cheek, she pulled him upwards so he could fall over her. Laying atop her, and moved up her body, gliding his erection over the skin of her thigh until it poked into her belly and rested between them.

“Brad, you are amazing. I can’t believe it felt so good. My God, you drove me crazy. But right now, I need to feel you inside me.” She whispered against his lips.

With a low growl in his throat, Brad lowered his mouth to hers and pushed his tongue between her lips, swirling it around inside her mouth so that she could taste herself on him. Hearing her moan as he did so, caused him to slide his hands down her sides until his left hand sneaked between their bodies, resting on her lower belly. She moaned once again, feeling the warmth of his fingertips tickling downward over the fine thatch of pubic hair above her pussy. He loved it when a woman shaved her cunt. To feel a smooth, silky pussy against his fingers and mouth drove him insane, as well as knowing how incredible it felt to slide his cock inside one.

“Bel, wrap your legs around my waist, sweetheart.” Brad whispered to her, lightly feathering kisses over her luscious mouth. “I promise I will be gentle. It might hurt the first time, but I promise it will feel so good soon after. Do you trust me?”

Belinda looked at him, staring deep into his eyes as she nodded. She knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, she could feel it in her gut. And she trusted him.

“Yes, I trust you, Brad.” She whispered to him before kissing his mouth once again, sighing softly at the feel of his fingers spreading her pussylips open and rubbing the pad of a fingertip across her sensitive nub.

Eager and aroused to the point of bursting, Brad frigged Belinda’s clit one last time before he pulled his hand from in between them and raised his hand to her face, swiping the sticky digit across her lower lip. Carefully, he pressed himself down against her, rubbing the head of his cock across her slick vulva, teasing her hard nub. His erection nudged at her entrance, and he could feel the heat radiating from her cunt as his body guided his throbbing shaft forward. Then ever so gently, he pushed the tip of his manhood inside her. Painstakingly entering her virgin body, as he leaned down to kiss her lips, wanting to ease into her slow enough so that her pain would be minimal once he took her maidenhead. Slowly, he pressed further, moving another inch of his thickness inside her tiny hole and then stayed there for a few moments, wanting her to get used to the feeling of having something in her body.

“Brad, please move inside me. God, I need you so much. I’ve had a vibe in my pussy so your cock isn’t much different. Now stop wasting time and fuck me!” Belinda hissed at him, impatience growing quick in her hunger for him.

Brad looked down at her and chuckled softly, amused at her spirit and cheekiness. He nodded to her gently and proceeded to slide himself deeper inside her, feeling her inner muscles open up to him. Her slick heat was hot and dewy, aiding in his penetration as another inch slithered deeper, and then another inch, and another, continuing further inside until his whole shaft was embedded in her sweet fuckhole. Only then did he realize he had not his an obstruction, and with a puzzled look, he gazed upon her, seeing the twinkle in her eye.

“Brad, I just told you I’ve had a vibe in my cunt. Do you really think…” She stopped to moan loudly, enjoying the sensation of a real cock inside her body before she continued. “that at my age I wouldn’t have played with myself or fucked myself?” She giggled.

“Well, I…”

Brad began to respond, but knew it was futile. Instead, he felt the warmth of her hands gliding up his spine to the back of his neck and then the familiar graze of a woman’s fingernails scratching lightly across his skin. He groaned deeply, shuddering against her touch as his body began to move within her. The legs that were wrapped around his waist now moved tighter across his hips, squeezing him intensely as he balanced himself on his hands at her shoulders and pushed his way deeper inside her cunt.

“Is this how you want it, Bel? Do you want to feel my cock fucking you? Talk to me, babygirl. I want to hear you tell me what you want.” He whispered hoarsely to her.

“Yes! Oh yes. Maltepe Escort I want to feel you inside me, Brad. I need your cock inside me, fucking me. God it feels so good. Please, please fuck me, baby.” Belinda’s breath was short and raspy as she moaned out to him.

“Again, Bel, tell me again. What do you want? Beg me. Beg me for what you want.”

Brad grinned down at her, staring deeply into her eyes as he kept himself fully sheathed inside her, unmoving, waiting to hear the desperation from her. He needed it, he wanted it, he ached for it. Nothing mattered but this moment. The moment that she would plead with him to ravish her body, take her as his, to give him all of herself. And with baited breath, he heard her whisper the words he longed to hear.

“Brad. Oh. Please shove your cock in me, fuck my pussy. I need to feel you cum inside me. I want it all. Please, Brad, take me now. Fuck me!!” Belinda growled at him, a hint of frustration and eagerness in her voice.

That was all it took for him to drive himself in and out of her. Brad heard the hunger in her tone, he sensed her desire for it, her need to share this with him. And so he pulled nearly all the way out of her body, keeping only the head of his cock inside her before he drove back inside again. Thrusting his hips forward forcefully, digging his thickened shaft balls deep inside her sopping cunt, fucking the woman beneath with vigour. This was the moment he had waited for, to penetrate her beautiful body with his, to feast upon her face as his cock relentlessly pounded her pussy. He couldn’t wait any longer, he needed more, and with a deep thrust of his pelvis, he began to fuck her with abandonment. Pistoning in and out of her tight walls with his engorged flesh, ramming it deeper and harder, piercing her insides with the steel rod of his arousal. He could feel her pussy clench around him as he drove into her further, plunging her depths towards her cervix.

Belinda screamed out his name from her parched lips, the sensations running through her body were more than she could take as she clawed at his back, raking her nails over his skin. His cock was filling her completely, she couldn’t stop herself from tightening her pussy around him, drawing him deeper with each thrust of his hips. As her feet dug into his lower back, locked together in a tight embrace, her hands slowly dragged downward to cup the cheeks of his arse, squeezing the taut flesh in her palms. Her fingers circled over him, caressingly, lovingly, egging him on to enter her again and again and again. She needed more.

“Harder, Brad. Fuck me harder. Oh God, I need it harder. Make it hurt, please!” Belinda growled against his lips.

He looked down at her intensely, feeling her warm breath blow across his face as she hissed at him. He wasn’t intending on slowing down, nor stopping, and as he felt her breasts crushing against his chest, he began to move faster above her. Driving the thick root of his desire inside her tight snatch, her fucked her ruthlessly with every stroke. The muscles of his buttocks clenched and released with each thrust of his pelvis as it mashed against hers, causing instant friction to her throbbing clit.

“Oh my God. Braaaad! Oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum again… oh fuck fuck!” Belinda screamed out.

“Oh yeah, fucking cum for me babydoll. That’s it baby, fuck me, take my cock in your hot cunt and coat it with your juices. Soak my cock baby, fucking cum for me Belinda!” His voice cruelly taunted her, begging her to release herself.

Belinda had no choice, for she couldn’t stop the wave of orgasm as it overtook her once again. But this time, it felt different then before. This time, she could feel the entire length of her inner walls contract around his throbbing erection, pulling him in deeper with each uncontrolled spasm of her cunt. Her body shuddered and bucked beneath him, her head writhing from side to side as she felt her entire system convulse with intense pleasure. She also felt as though she was going to pee, not sure of the mixture of sensations that flooded her body, but she couldn’t slow it down. She was riding the wave of euphoric ecstasy and it drained her completely.

Brad could feel the way her body responded to him, her lithe frame writhing under the strength of his hold, and as he felt her tightness grip his length like a tight fist, he couldn’t back his own release. His cock jutted and spasmed, shooting out a load of hot cum as it sprayed her insides.

“Oh fucking hell, Bel. I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming for you, babyfuck! OHHHHHHHHH BEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!” Brad yelled loudly.

Both of their bodies were joined in unison as their climaxes took hold. Each of them was experiencing the most intense orgasm of their young lives, and as Brad forced his cock all the way inside her to release every last drop of hot, white lava, he felt Belinda’s fingernails digging into the flesh of his rump, holding him against her. This was intense. The sticky fluid of Brads cum was coating her insides, bathing her from inside as he howled her name from his lips. His face a mixture of pain and pleasure as he squinted through a shadow of emerald fire, his orgasm intensified by the heightened arousal of her cunt. He could feel it squeezing every last drop from his balls, draining them dry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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