Dominant, Wife, Scavenger Hunt Pt. 04

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This is a story about a woman who is shared by her husband but ends up taken not given

A Dominant, A Scavenger Hunt,

And Some else’s Wife.

Part Four

How she gets what she wants, her husband gets what he wants,

And the Dominant gets what he wants

When Doug got to the room, he tried to enter but couldn’t get in so I met him at the door.

“Your wife is busy sucking one cock, getting fucked by another, and two more in line waiting.”

“Well Let me in to watch.”

“Not so fast there Doug. First you have to pay the admission price.”

“You want Money for me to watch my own wife fuck?”

“No money involved Doug, you’ll pay with you humiliation and subservience.”

“And how do you expect me to do that?”

“To start, you can’t come in unless your naked.”

“Are you suggesting I strip right here in the hallway?”

“Your sweet wife walked from the elevator to the room naked Doug. What makes you better than her?”

“I won’t do that.”

“Then I’ll call you when we’re done.”

I shut the door and flipped the bolt to lock. I could hear him cursing outside the door, then he got quieter. Eventually he texted me.

“OK, I’ll. Do it.”

“Knock on the door when you’re without clothes, and I’ll let you in.”

Two minutes later he knocked on the door. I opened it with the security bar still on and he was naked in the hall.

“Here are the rules. Anyone can speak to you, but you must remain quiet. There are enough of us in here that if you break the rules, we tie you up and leave Bayan Eskort you in the elevator naked for someone to find.”

OK, I agree.”

Having been satisfied I caused him the humiliation he desires, I let him in and led him to a chair positioned for a front row seat. Deb was mounted on one cock, ass up and another cock in her mouth. I went over where Doug could watch and pulled her plug most of the way out, then slammed it back in. Over and over getting her ready until her squeaks turned into moans. Her ass was ready for the taking, and taking it is what I’ve been thinking about night.

As Doug sat in his chair watching three Men take turns feeding Deb’s mouth and pussy their cum, he was getting hard. Deb noticed him lightly running his fingers over his cock.

“Mmmmmp, mmmmph grb grb.”

“Whats wrong slut?”

My Friend currently using her mouth pulled out so she could talk.

“He’s trying to stroke himself off. You told me you would Dominate him, and that means you don’t let him cum.”

“Did you hear that Doug, Momma doesn’t want you to get any release here tonight.”

I stood him up and bent him over the bed next to where his wife was still getting fucked. I bound his hands in the small of his back and was about to put him back in the chair. But Deb had another idea.

“Where’s that first plug you out in my ass?”

“I washed it and put it with my bag, why?”

“If I had to wear it while getting fucked, he can wear it while watching me getting fucked.”

Now I had a dilemma on my hands. Anadolu Yakası Escort When I first texted these two, there was no mention of him except for him watching silently. Then Deb told me about his proclivity for Domination and humiliation, and his quick submission to my demands showed me she was right. But now she wants me to shove a plug up what I’m thinking is his virgin ass, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. But I was sure they would show me with a little prompting.

“You hear that, Doug; Deb wants me to shove a buttplug up your ass? Don’t you have something to say about that?”

“Please don’t do it, I’ve never even had a finger up there.”

“Well then why do you think your sweet Whore-Wife wants me to do this to you. Did you do something to make her angry?”

“Let me up and I’ll explain it all, and why I want him plugged.”

“You heard her guys, climb off and let her do her thing.”

As he lay there face down, she walked over and grabbed him by the hair to lift his eyes to hers.

“You made me a promise hubby, do you remember what it was?”

He didn’t say a word, just looked at her with pleading eyes, so she let his face drop to the bed, stood up, to address me and my friends. I had a feeling this was going to be good. Understand, I’ve seen a lot of things play out between couples, and when one pops up as the Dominant force in a relationship, it normally has some past animosity mixed in with it.

“You see guys, I’ve been a slut most of my life, and he’s been a wimp most of his. That Pendik Escort is except when some other Dominant is fucking me and using me, then he gets his balls up.”

“What exactly do you mean, please explain further?”

“Oh, He’ll sit there yelling out commands. Smack her ass until she can’t sit down. Make her take your cock whether she wants it or not. Fuck her so hard that she feels it tomorrow. Those are the kind of things I’ve listened to for the past ten years.”

“So, what was this promise he made you?”

“After we first contacted you as a Dominant, he promised if I was subservient to you that he would be subservient to me. That means if I want him plugged, he gets plugged.”

Then what I didn’t expect, he spoke up and revealed the other side of that promise.

“Yeah, I promised you that, but you promised in return that you would do whatever he or his friends told you to do. I don’t see you doing anything much different than your normal slut duties.”

“Wait, is that true Deb? You didn’t tell me I had complete and utter control over you. Have you been holding back on me?”

“Wait, I fucked everyone you wanted me to, I went naked in public with you. I never said no to anything you asked.”

“But you failed to tell me I had Carte Blanche. I’m going to arbitrate this for you two. Are you both still willing to live up to your end of the promise you made?”



“Good, this is how we proceed. Doug, you know that Butt-plug is coming. Deb, you don’t know what awaits you, but that was part of your promise.

Deb grabbed the lube and went to town on his ass. First one finger, then two, and finally three up to her first knuckles, then she grabbed the plug and sent it home. He Didn’t make much noise other than an initial painful grunt, but now he had skin in the game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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