DoaHS – Alex – The Spice Ch. 02

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** This takes place during Diary of a Horny Student Chapters 14-16**


I awoke the next morning with a thick headache, hard nipples, and a wet pussy.

The previous night I had fucked a former classmate at a party, desperately trying to get the images and memory of my mom’s boyfriend Brian’s cock out of my mind, but it was no good. The sex was fun, but ultimately unsatisfying, and my pussy ached with need.

It didn’t help that even after too many beers and a good night’s sleep, the first thought on my mind upon waking up was Brian and his cock. HIs beautiful cock that pushed into me, the first man ever to do so. He filled me up, split me open, and made me vibrate with pleasure.

My fingers slipped down my body and under the waistband of my panties.

I dipped them in between my swollen lips. I slipped and slid among the silky juices, and transported some up to my hard clit.

I ran slick circles around that magic button. My body began to buzz with joy. I closed my eyes, and all I could picture was that glorious man, muscles rippling, dripping with sweat, fucking his manhood into me.

I drove quick and hard toward the edge of release.

Then I thought about his release, his cum, and how it felt on my body. On my face. Hot lashes of sexual conquest searing my flesh.

I thought about his face, that look as his balls shuddered out the last pearly squirt of his ejaculation.

That face. That cock. That cum.

My fingers went into overdrive, and with the memory of my mother’s boyfriend feeding me his cock and cumming on my face, my body tensed, my pussy throbbed, and I exploded.

I laid there for a moment in reflection. The thought of a man’s cum had never turned me on so much before. In all my hook up experiences before college, cum to me was just something that need to be wiped off my hands at worst, and a sign of a job well done at best.

I was learning new things from my girlfriends though.

On a bet with my friend Meera I had let my fuck buddy Kyle fuck my tits and cum on my chest, and it had been a new, exhilarating experience. It turned me on to turn him on, but it wasn’t something that I felt like I needed.

Not until Brian.

During our first (my VERY first) fuck, I instructed Brian to cum on me, not because he wanted it, but because I wanted it. Something inside me needed to feel his hot load on my skin, and it just turned me on even more.

The next day, in the shower, the same need came over me again, but this time it was a need born of total submission. I needed him to know that for that moment I was entirely his, and in the heat of things I dropped to my knees and let him cover my face with his semen. It was hot, it was dirty, and I loved it.

I had had hook ups since then, had ended the night with cum on my body, but it was never something I needed. It seemed to be a one-time thing. Just for him. Just that night.

Now my mother was dating this man who took possession of me so completely, and I had no idea what to do about it.

My mom was a pretty reserved woman. A devout, church-going Christian, as far as I knew she hadn’t gone on a single date since my step father had died. She had finally begun to come out of her shell and now this was happening. It wasn’t fair to her. I could just be cool, right? I could make it through a family dinner without thinking about having his big cock inside me, right?

I had to. For her.

Head still aching, I went downstairs and found my mom and step-brother Tim sitting at the table. I sleepily offered them a “good morning,” but I sensed a strange vibe in the air. It wasn’t pleasant.

“What’re you guys talking about?” I inquired slowly.

“Brian broke up with her,” Tim blurted out bluntly, staring daggers into my eyes. My stomach dropped in panic.

Tim, unfortunately, knew my history with Brian. Knew he had taken my virginity. Tim clearly liked the guy, or at least liked that mom liked him, and it was clear from his expression that he felt like this break up was my fault.

“We didn’t break–I mean we weren’t…” mom stammered, “…I don’t know what we were. He said he had some stuff he had to deal with, and that he needed some space, so he’s not going to be around for a while, that’s all.”

“Jeez, mom, I’m sorry,” I said, sitting down at the table now. There was still a slight sense of panic in me as I reached out and touched her hand lovingly.

“Yeah, he seemed nice,” Tim added, still staring at me.

After some further comforting pleasantries and a brief discussion of the day’s plans, mom left, and then it was just me and Tim.

We sat in silence.

“What did you say to him?” he whispered bluntly.

“Nothing!” I loudly whispered back. It was true. He had been here the other night, the night I found out he and my mom were dating, and we had argued about it a bit as he left, but I hadn’t spoken to him since.

After he left I had gone for a walk to clear my head, but ultimately ended up cumming all over escort bursa my fingers in my bed thinking of his body.

“Well the timing is pretty damn convenient,” Tim grumbled. We sat in silence for another moment, both thinking through the scenarios. “Listen,” he finally said, “I know it’s weird that you two…you know…but you don’t see how happy she is when he’s around. She needs this. I think you should go talk to him and try to smooth this all out.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying, but furthermore I couldn’t believe I agreed with him. It was awkward, sure, but mom deserved to be happy, even if that happiness was brought on by someone who had once (twice) shot his cum all over her daughter.

“Fine,” I said, exasperated, “I’ll see if I can find him and I’ll…talk to him. I’ll try and make this all right.”

“Good.” Tim said with a sigh. “You’re doing the right thing.”

I had no idea if that was true.

After a short crack at my obviously hung over state, Tim left me alone with my thoughts.

How the fuck was I going to find this guy? More importantly, did I really WANT to?

My summer job as an office temp didn’t start for another week, so I, along with many other former classmates home from their first years at college, wanted to take advantage of the free time. I had hit it off with Sasha, the girl whose party I had fucked Trevor at, and she invited me to hang out the following Wednesday. A few of us would meet at her place to pregame, then head out to this bar a couple towns away called Brink’s. It had a reputation for letting in people who might have been a little less than legal drinking age.

I put on a wide-neck blouse that pulled down just past my shoulders, a tight skirt, and some black nylons. I wasn’t trying to dress slutty, but I definitely was open to any kind of distraction.

The whole crew was there when I got to Sasha’s house. Sasha, my new friend with the slim body and the mean girl aesthetic; Lucy, Sasha’s close friend and next door neighbor, a black girl with big tits and a butt to match; Lucy’s boyfriend Matt, a tall athlete with dark skin and a dangerous smile; Vanessa, Sasha’s tall, thin, younger sister who just graduated high school but dressed like she was in her mid-twenties; Trevor, the guy I had fucked at the party, who clearly had come back for seconds, based on the attention he was giving me right away; and then there was someone I hadn’t seen at the party the week before. He looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. He was handsome, tall, and well put together. He was quiet, but in a very confident way.

I don’t think we’ve met,” I said, sauntering over to him, managing to ditch Trevor for a moment.

“We definitely have,” he said with a chuckle, “I used to sit behind you in history class.”

I remained confused. I definitely would have remembered this guy.

“You remember Derek, don’t you Alex?” Sasha said, sashaying into the conversation.

“Derek…” I wracked my memory, “…Derek…” suddenly it hit me “…Manning?”

“Bingo,” he said with a smile.

My jaw dropped. What a difference a year could make–I had known Derek for a long time, and truth be told, I was never really nice to him. In highschool, Derek Manning was a lanky, long-haired, arty loner who never in a million years would have hung out with Sasha, nor she with him. I thought he was a weirdo, and treated him as such, which made for some teasing, arguing, and generally unpleasant interactions between us. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a huge fan of mine either. Now he had short, stylish hair, wore a color other than black, and definitely filled out to make his lanky frame more impressive than awkward. He was…pretty good looking, actually.

“We’ve known each other since kindergarten and all it takes is a haircut and you forget who I am? Ouch.” He said with snarky sarcasm.

“Well it’s amazing what a shower and some clean clothes can do for some people,” I snarked back with a bitchy smile.

Some things hadn’t changed, it seems.

Brinks’ was a couple towns away, which meant we had to drive, which meant at least one of us was going to have to be designated driver for the evening. Without even hesitation or an ounce of resentment, Derek volunteered. He seemed happy to do it.

“Not a drinker?” I said to him as we all filed out to his van, a couple drinks in us already from the pre-gaming we had done.

“I like drinking,” he responded with a smile, “but sometimes I just like to be…present.”

The answer hung in the air between us for a second until it was shattered by Sasha’s loud assertion that she would be riding shotgun.

Piling into his van, I felt Trevor squeeze up next to me, his fingers dancing lightly along my thigh as we all talked and laughed. I didn’t exactly discourage it, but my focus was elsewhere, namely on Derek. There was something about him I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Something that Sasha seemed to take notice of as well, as she only conversed bursa merkez eskort with him the whole trip. I couldn’t tell if she was just drunk, or if there was something going on there.

But how could there be? Sasha? With…him? No way.

My focus was shifted when I swatted Trevor’s fingers away from the hem of my skirt. This boy was persistent if nothing else.

Our group rolled into Brinks’, and the boys went to get the drinks while the girls hit the dance floor. The lights were bright and disorienting, and the dark mass of bodies bounced and writhed around us as we waded into the thick of it.

Dancing felt good. It took my mind off of things–off of Brian–and I focused on nothing but the sound and the beat. The boys joined us eventually with our drinks, and I decided the least I could do in return was dance with Trevor a bit. Besides, it felt good to feel his hands on my body, his hardening cock tucked into my gyrating ass. It gave me confidence. It gave me power.

But then there was Derek. Sitting at a table by the dance floor, he sipped his soda water in silence, watching everyone bump and grind on the floor before him.

He caught my eye, and we stared at each other, trying to decipher what the other was all about. I don’t know if I was drunk, horny, or both, but I decided I was going to put a show on for him. He seemed so unflappable, I was on a mission to get a rise out of him.

Never leaving his gaze I gave Trevor the dance of his life. Gyrating over him, grinding on him, hiking up my skirt to show more of my thighs–the works. Encouraging his hands to touch and squeeze wherever he liked, I could feel his breath on my ear as hot and as hard as the cock in his pants. If I had wanted to, I think I could have made him cum right there in his pants.

But Derek didn’t move.

I was legitimately turned on now, but much to my dismay I couldn’t tell if it was from the dancing and groping I had been doing with Trevor…or the ice cold bemusement coming from Derek.

Why would I be turned on by total apathy?

Then, from the side of the room, Sasha popped into view. She had approached Derek from the side and wrapped her arms around his neck. She leaned in, whispered something in his ear, and he stood up. Taking her hand in his, I thought he was finally going to join us on the dance floor, but I was wrong. Derek winked at me once, and the two of them headed out the door of the bar into the night.

Did he have cigarettes? Drugs? Why would Sasha head out into the night with Derek Manning of all people? I was confused, but I was also turned on, and I let my mind wander as Trevor’s dance floor advances got more and more bold.

Grinding my clit on Trevor’s thigh felt really amazing, and I was lost in the sensation for the moment, until my eyes nearly popped out of my head; drifting my gaze across the room toward the bar, I only at this very minute took notice of the person working behind it.

It was Brian.

He didn’t see me, but I definitely saw him. I watched, frozen for a moment, taking in this shocking new development. I heard Trevor whisper “oh, yeah, baby” as I stiffened up — I think he thought I was cumming.

I wasn’t cumming, but between the dancing, the confusing coldness from Derek, and seeing Brian’s hot chiseled body behind the bar, I definitely was wet. I needed a distraction, something, anything, so I grabbed Trevor by the wrist and dragged him off toward the bathrooms.

We tumbled into the bathroom, kissing and groping. His hands were all over my ass and my tits, mine on his belt and pants. Frantically I worked open his pants, pushing them down, and quickly and assertively dropped to my knees in front of him.

His dick was fine, it was nice, it would do, and I licked my lips and took him deep into my mouth. He groaned long and loud. I sucked and stroked with purpose, trying to clear my mind, but the cock in my mouth only brought memories of Brian’s, and suddenly I wasn’t in the bathroom at the bar, but on my knees in his shower. It wasn’t Trevor’s fine, nice penis in my mouth anymore, but Brian’s big, thick cock, stretching my lips and making me salivate like a hungry animal.

There was only my mouth, this cock, and my memories now, and I wasn’t brought back to the reality of the moment until the first spurt caught me off guard in the back of my mouth. Coughing slightly, I felt the second spurt leap onto my tongue as I pulled off in reflex, just in time for the next hot, white strands to slap my lips and chin and whip across my neck and collarbone.

Rearing back, I let go of Trevor’s cock, but he was too lost in orgasm to care. He quickly took over and worked the last couple dribbles out of his cock onto the floor in front of me. I knew I was covered in his cum–I could feel it dripping down into my cleavage–but that feeling I had gotten before, and most importantly that look, just wasn’t there. I didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment or erotic thrill, bursa sınırsız escort I just sort of felt like a glorified Kleenex. And Judging from the way Trevor was cranking away at the last shakes of his orgasm without any care as to whether I was still there or not, it was clear he felt the same way.

I felt used…but honestly, I was using him as much as he was using me, so who was I to complain?

After he finished, he choked out a strained “fuck, that was hot!” and then very graciously (he thought) offered to leave me alone so I could “clean up,” and slipped out of the bathroom. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, streaked with semen, I didn’t hate the visual, I just wasn’t thrilled at the route I took to get there. I was still horny as fuck, but I had to get back to the crowd, so I cleaned myself up and slipped out of the bathroom and back to the bar.

Walking back to the table, Derek was back, a smug look on his face.

“Water?” he offered, and parched, I chugged it. Looking out onto the dance floor I saw Trevor already chatting up another girl, riding high on the confidence boost of having his dick sucked in a club bathroom. I wasn’t hurt, I don’t think, but I was a little annoyed. “So that’s what you’re into, huh?” Derek said with a smirk, “that’s a shame.”

I shot him a look and was about to fire back when he dripped some water onto a napkin and reached toward my neck. The water felt cool and refreshing on my hot skin, and my body tingled at the sensation. He gently wiped down the side of my neck, catching me off guard with his tenderness. Looking me in the eye as he finished, he said “you missed a spot. Trevor needs to work on his aim,” winked at me, and walked off.

As Derek left, I was furious at how glib and snarky he was. But at the same time, I found myself wondering what his cock was like.

Blech, no, I was just too horny, and this jerk just happened to trigger something that took advantage of that. What an asshole.

I decided I was done with distractions. I knew what I had to do. Downing one more drink, I marched my way to the bar.

Brian’s welcoming bartender smile slipped into shock and surprise as he saw me. I stared him dead in the eyes and said “we need to talk.”

He paused, took it all in, and then said “ok, but not now. After closing?”

I nodded and asked for another drink, which he gave me on the house.

I headed back to the dance floor to rejoin my friends, and tried not to think about what exactly I was going to say. “I can’t stop thinking about your cock” probably wasn’t acceptable, but I also wasn’t thrilled about “you need to get back together with my mother,” either. These were conflicting feelings to say the least, so I decided to focus for the time on other mysteries.

Sidling up to Sasha as she took a break, I watched her flash a devilish smile at Derek.

“Hey, so, where’d you run off to with Derek earlier, to have a cigarette?” She just chuckled and shook her head no. “Did he bring drugs with him or something then?” I asked, but just shook her head and laughed again.

“Not exactly drugs, but it’s definitely…addicting.”

“Are you serious? With HIM?” I said, not believing my ears, “Sasha, you could have literally any guy in this place with a wink, and you’re running off with the loner art nerd?”

“You take good dick where you can get it, honey,” she said defiantly, before adding “and a dick like Derek’s…well you make sure you keep that as close as possible.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “I just don’t understand, Sasha.”

I felt her hand on mine as she looked at me and said “Oh I’m sure you will, honey.”

With that she winked, smiled, and bounced back into the crowd, leaving me alone with my drink.

The evening grew late, people started to file out, and eventually my crew decided it was time to leave. We piled back into Derek’s van, and my anxiety started sobering me up quickly. I had a plan, or at least part of one, to say my goodnights and drive back to the bar. At the very least that would give me the option to chicken out and head home instead…but even then I knew I wouldn’t.

Trevor squeezed in tight next to me again, and almost immediately I felt his hand on my leg. Again. It was a quiet ride, with the night starting to get the better of our consciousness. I felt Trevor’s hand slide higher, brushing the hem of my skirt, and I don’t know if it was the anxiety, my remaining buzz, or the fact that I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life, but this time I didn’t stop him.

His fingers felt good as they danced around the edge of my skirt, and I knew he was waiting for a signal, a go ahead, to take things further. It was then that I caught Derek’s eyes watching me in the rear view mirror. I could tell by the intensity of his gaze that he could see exactly what was going on. We were almost silently sparring with each other in some way. Again, I’m not sure exactly why I did this, but without ever taking my eyes off his, I slowly parted my thighs, just enough to give Trevor’s hand room to slide in.

Trevor wasted no time. I felt his hand pour over the inside of my thigh, sending a shockwave of pleasure through me as two fingers pressed against my clit.

Then the car came to a stop. We had arrived back at Sasha’s.

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