Discovering My Girlfriend’s Kink!

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I started dating Tammy as a senior in college. We had a mutual friend that set us up and I was infatuated with her from the moment I saw here. Long blonde hair, 5’2, petite…just what I loved!

So after the obligatory few dates, we ended up back at her place. She lived at home, but her dad travelled alot for work and her mom was busy in the world of finance, so we had the house to ourselves during the daytime. She was a virgin, so we did everything but penetration. She loved giving me hand and blow jobs, and I loved licking her clit until she creamed and came.

This was our daily routine for about two months, then something changed. I came over to her house and had the usual afternoon of cumming on the agenda, but I could tell she was distracted. Very horny. She answered the door her a sexy red teddy with matching panties…sheer, but revealing everything.

So we end up in her bedroom and gets me naked in a flash. She’s on her knees, sucking my cock, and talking very dirty. Telling me use her, fuck her mouth, and then paint her face…she even told to call her my whore. I went along with it, told her to suck my cock and make cum…after just two minutes I was ready to burst and she said “Paint your whore!” To which, I did. I unloaded like never before and gushed all over her Porno pretty southern belle face. Fuck I was in love at this moment.

I then used my cock to scoop up and slide the cum to her mouth so she could eat it up. Fuck, she was wild.

Once we got into bed, she continued to stroke my cock, getting it hard again. Tammy suggested I finally pop her cherry. At this point, I slowed things up…mainly because I didn’t have any condoms. I asked her what made her so unbelieveably horny.

Tammy told me, “I woke up last night and went to the kitchen to get some water and saw my parents bedroom door slightly open. Hearing noises I peeked in and saw my mother kneeing on the bed and my dad taking his robe off. His cock was small, but hard. Mom said tonight fuck me like you do those whores you bang…I want to be used as your cum rag.” She then went on to say how she watched her dad fuck her mom…they did everything, doggy, missionary, anal, and he finally came all over her face. She added that her mom was wearing the teddy and panties she had on right now.

I then saw cum stains on Tammy’s red sheer panties and realized it was from her mom’s pussy. Not skipping a beat, i went down on her, smelled those panties, then proceeded to lick her clit through them. All Altyazılı Porno the while telling her I could smell and taste her mom’s juices mixing with hers…she went wild!

After more licking and her cumming again, I pulled myself up and used my hard cock to slide along her drenched slit, through the sheer red panties….all the while telling her that her parents juices with being mixed with ours…she begged me to slide my cock in a fuck her senseless….to which, I did. I fucked her…came in like 5 minutes, then luckily got hard after a few minutes and this time fucked for nearly 20 minutes until unloaded again in her cum-filled pussy.

That began our journey for the next few weeks. She loved wearing her mom’s dirty nighties and panties. I loved it, because I got a glimpse of what her mom smelled and tasted like. So hot. I would see her mom and know just what it would taste like if I ate her out.

So this kink soon became an obsession with Tammy. She would stay up each night hoping to see her parents have sex, then tell me all about it. One night, she told her parents she was going to sleep over at a friends house, but we both hid in her bedroom. What happened that night changed everything.

We could hear them go at it all over the house. Brazzers Her mom was calling Tammy’s dad by my name, Steven. Saying, “Oh Steven, cum in me, like you do my daughter…make us both your whores.” For some reason the dad was okay with the mom’s kink, like I was with their daughters. Accidentally I sneezed, her parents discovered us.

Her dad put a robe on, but her mom was wearing that red sheer teddy and panties that I loved so much. They told us to come out and talk with them. They explained that it’s natural to have fantasies and to even play with other couples, as long as everyone agreed. They wanted us to know that sex could be fun, wild, loving, tender, and steamy.

Her mom then sat next to me and said she would like to play while her husband and daughter watch us. I was shocked, but so turned on. Tammy sat next to her dad and told me she would love to watch. Over the next hour, her mom and I sucked, fucked, and came so many times. I loved being watched. That’s my kink!

I did notice that her dad had his robe off at some point and was stroking his cock to me fucking his wife. It was definitely mind blowing. Just as if things couldn’t get even more wild, Tammy then grabbed her dad’s cock and started rubbing it, eventually making him cum all over his belly. Meanwhile my cock was deep in her mom’s pussy…she kept telling me this pussy was for me to use whenever I wanted. Dad was now going to be her cuck….to which I came deep in that pussy.

Fuck, what do I do? Marry Tammy and bang her and her mom? Wait for part two…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32