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“Table for two,” the server led two attractive men to a secluded table.

“So, how was your flight?”

“Good. It’s nice to be back in the dirty South” the blond guy smiled and blushed – the dark haired guy returned a smile and shifted his leg forward to rub against him.

“Can I bring you something to drink?” The server returned momentarily with the blond’s request for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. With two glasses poured, Josh toasted to his handsome friend, “to a long overdue reunion.”

Michael rubbed a little higher up Josh’s leg as they clinked glasses.

They enjoyed a glass or two, reminiscing over some of the wild times they had. Both knew what the other was packing and were eager to enjoy each other’s sexual prowess.

Josh suddenly excused himself (failing to hide his growing bulge). The server returned to the table asking about appetizers. “We’ll enjoy our wine for a little longer,” Michael said, wondering what the hell Josh was doing. He had been gone for pornhub a while. Michael was starting to get pissed. He left the half finished bottle of wine to go to the restroom and relieve himself. Muttering as he washed his hands, Michael heard someone move out of the last stall.

“Took you long enough,” Josh quickly moved to the door locking it and grabbing Michael. They were rubbing each other, kissing passionately- tongues battling.

Both were rock hard. Pulling Michael’s belt loose, Josh freed that familiar beautiful cock and knelt before it. He wanted to worship it with his mouth. Michael was leaning against the wall moaning while Josh swallowed his massive dick, swirling his tongue as he bobbed his head. Michael grabbed Josh’s hair, gradually taking control. Josh tickled Michael’s sac and asshole as his mouth was getting fucked.

“Wait, I’m too close,” panted Michael. He pulled his long, wet cock out and positioned Josh so that he was bent over porno 92 the sink. Michael then ripped Josh’s pants and underwear to the floor.

“Oooh god” Josh nearly shot feeling Michael slick up his tight hole with a very hungry tongue. Josh’s rigid cock was dripping pre-cum all over the sink. “Ughhhhh, I can’t take it!!!! Fuck me now!!!!” Josh bellowed. Both kicked off their pants-. Josh grabbed a magnum while gripping Michael’s fuck-stick, jacking it as he sensually licked his ball-sac. He then worked the condom down Michael’s raging hard-on- lightly using his teeth til he reached the base. They were ready, spit was dripping on Michael’s cock and Josh’s waiting hole.

“Fuck that tight hole.” Josh growled as he leaned over the sink counter. Michael teased him by rubbing his dickhead up and down Josh’s crack.

“Fuck me now!!!!”

Michael obliged and slid his massive pulsating cock all the way in.

He worked slowly out, almost to the tip and qiqitv porno fucked Josh at an easy pace-he was loving it, matching hand strokes to Michael’s speed.

“You ready for more?”

“Ya, give it to me”

Michael slapped Josh’s ass hard – first the left, then the right cheek. Josh cried out in pleasure. Michael was fucking him faster and faster, slamming into him. “Fuck yah!!!” Josh was lost, his cock straining in it’s skin, ready to pop at any moment. Michael was getting really close too so he gripped Josh’s hips and worked that ass at lightning speed. Moans filled the tiled restroom (probably the restaurant too) but they were too close to climaxing to give a fuck. Michael plunged one last time deep into Josh’s ass, moaning and groaning as he came hard in the latex- Josh wasn’t wearing a condom and immediately blew his load all over the mirror as Michael was shuddering, collapsing on top of him. “That was great,” Josh said breathlessly. They kissed passionately, knowing what fun was left for them over the weekend.

Though flushed and disheveled, Michael and Josh brazenly returned to the table- both were thirsty and famished….


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total $88.54


thanks – Billy (555-2745 ; )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32