Dinner with the Boss Ch. 03

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Lana Rhoades

My hand quickly grabs the white blouse just as Semela begins to look for it.

“Give me my shirt,” she says smiling.

I lean back in the seat and cross my arms, her silky blouse resting over my arm.

“Beg,” I reply simply.

I’m barely able to pull the blouse out from her grasp in time. I narrow my eyes and teasingly shake my head. Semela’s eyes lower, temporarily defeated.

“Please give me my blouse.”

I hand over the blouse and she tears it from my grasp laughing. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“See, that wasn’t so hard.”

Semela looks at me, her eyes seeming to hold a question in mind. Her question goes unasked as she buttons her blouse, leaving a few undone in my favor.

“You drive,” she says unexpectedly.

I am not even able to get a word out to protest by the time she throws open her door and is walking to my door. I throw open the door and her and I switch sides. I turn the key and pull away from alongside the curb. Her hand gently rests on my thigh before slowly advancing up. My breathing becomes quicker the higher her fingers rise on my thigh. I exhale loudly as her hand arrives to the crotch of my jeans.

“Are you paying attention to the road?”

“Trying,” I whimper.

Semela’s fingers keep moving up until she arrives at the bottom of my shirt. Slowly easing the bottom of my shirt up, her fingers lightly brush against my tender skin and once, even dipping directly into my belly button causing my right foot to push down harder on the accelerator. We arrive back at the shop in record time and I jump görükle escort bayan out of the car and make a near dash to the passenger side. I throw the door open and grab Semela’s hand helping her out of the car. Several steps away from the entrance door, I tell Semela to get her keys ready. I grab them and briskly open the heavy door. I don’t even bother to lock it. I immediately force Semela back against the door, my sexual need at its greatest. I unfasten my belt and let it crash onto the floor, the sound not even causing me to blink. I undo my pants and grab Semela’s hand, forcing her fingers into my panties and moan loudly as soon as her cool fingers make contact with my warm, dripping pussy. Her fingers gently flick my clit, and within seconds my knees begin weakening. Suddenly, her fingers move to my cleanly shaven mound. As great as the feeling was, I needed her fingers fondling my clit. I look deep into her eyes, constant whimpering the only sound I’m able to manage. That special sparkle I love, now so clearly present in her dark eyes. I almost cum from that look alone. As her fingers continue caressing my smooth mound, her other hand moves to my face, pushing a piece of my blond hair behind my ear.

“You know that little game you pulled on me in the car?” she asks firmly.

“Mmmm yes…”

“You enjoy exhibiting complete control don’t you?”

Her fingers slowly slide back down to my pussy.

“Ohhhh god yes.”

Her powerful fingers stop and she withdraws her hand completely. I groan in frustration as well as bursa otele gelen escort a bit in confusion.

“I understand why you like to remain in control dear, but I happen to know you would prefer to be submissive. My submissive.”

I stare at her disbelieving. I had never been in this position before and in all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure I knew how to respond. Semela turns and walks towards the back of the shop, away from me. I remain standing, not sure if I was supposed to follow behind or not. Near the back, Semela stops and turns to face me, a perceptive smile on her beautiful face.

“I can give you everything you need and crave. You can’t deny your feelings for me much like I can’t deny what I feel for you. You crave an older woman who can love you, protect you, yet at the same time be a good friend. Nod if you agree.”

“Ye…” I quickly shut my mouth and slowly nod my head instead.

A few seconds tick by slowly, my faltered breathing the only sound.

“Come here.” She snaps her fingers and points to the floor just in front of her. I take my first step and she stops me. “On your knees, crawl to me.”

I stand there momentarily in a daze. Finally the submission I never knew I possessed overwhelms my entire being and I quickly fall to the floor on my hands and knees. I begin crawling, my knees already hurting a bit by the time I arrive by her feet. Her firm, yet loving hand grasps my arm and she easily helps me to my feet.

“We will begin slowly.”

Her finger brushes my chin and bursa escort bayan raises it a bit so she can look into my glossy eyes.

“We will not always be together in this manner, you will know strictly by my demeanor at the time. Do you understand?”

“Yes….Miss,” I reply hoarsely.

Just as I answered, her fingers dove into my pants and her now warm fingers resumed contact on my hard clit causing me to jump as my excitement rushed back to me. “Call me Semela,” she said as she forced me back against the counter. My hands gripped the edge of the counter for support as my moans flooded from between my lips. Her fingers worked there way inside of my pussy as she vigorously fucked me. Knowing her only concern at this moment was bringing me pleasure, I wrapped my arms around her back, eagerly moving upwards beneath her blouse. My hips started rocking, keeping rhythm with her delicious strokes. I leaned into her, Semela placing her other hand behind me on the counter supporting us both while my nails dug into her back. My nails leaving deep marks on her back, I bite my lip and then out of nowhere scream as my orgasm engulfs my entire being. My whole body forcefully shakes against Semela, while she steadies the both of us. She removes her fingers from my pussy and licks my glistening juices. Even after that satisfying orgasm, the sight causes a stirring in my pussy once again. Knowing this, she presents her fingers to me.

“Suck them dear.”

I couldn’t help but briefly hesitate as I considered my new position. I never thought I could be the sub for an older woman yet the very thought turned me on so much. Whether as my mistress or just as my lover, either way Semela would remain in my life. Suddenly a single sexy thought crashes into the front of my mind. Semela as my Mistress one day at the shop during business hours…

“Ohhhhh,” I moan as she guides her slick fingers into my eager mouth.

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