Difficult Times Bring Happiness

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I was leading a happy middle-class life: Had a red sandstone house in a lovely part of the city, a husband, two children, and was working as a coach at a local girls’ swimming pool.

We used to regularly entertain guests at our house, which I had painstakingly decorated; and I used to spend every morning and evening tending to our garden, which had all sorts of flowers and vegetables; and sometimes we used to go out of town for short holidays.

So, all in all, we were living a pretty good life.

But then suddenly and painfully life took a wrong turn.

My husband, who was working at a shoe factory, had a friend who was always struggling to keep a job and was always short of money. This friend, whom I never liked, somehow convinced my husband to start his own shoe business. When I heard my husband’s plans, I was furious and told him not to leave his job, not to invest all our money in business and not to listen to that good-for-nothing friend of his. But my husband’s mind was made up, he refused to see sense and without even telling me left his job, took our savings and on top of that a bank loan, and decided to open a shoe factory in partnership with his friend.

I don’t know all the details as my husband has never told me, but before he could even start paperwork for the factory, his friend away with all the money, including the one we had borrowed from the bank. We tried to find him, even going as far as hiring private detectives, but he simply vanished with everything we had.

The shock of loss had a devastating impact on my husband. First, he tried to find his friend and then after four months of desperate and futile search he went into severe depression and when bank and other lenders started harassing him he simply ran away, leaving me behind with the children.

I tried to manage things, even taking up one more job, but with lenders constantly on my back, with neighbors talking and with bills piling up, I had no choice but to move, so sold the house, cars, jewelry and everything I could, paid whatever I could to lenders and moved to another city with little money and two kids, Derek, nineteen, and Irene, eighteen

The cash shortage was so severe that I could only afford to rent a small apartment in a rundown part of the city. The apartment had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, that’s all. I knew I had to stretch whatever cash I had, so decided to sublet the other room, while I took the main bedroom with my children.

I searched around for any women willing to live in that filthy neighborhood and finally found two girls in their twenties who agreed to live in the other room. The girls said they were working in a salon, but it later turned out that they were actually hookers.

I had never, not even in my dreams, thought that I’d be living in such a dangerous and dirty building with hookers, strippers, pimps, drug users, drug pushers, muggers and all sorts of shady characters, but my financial situation was so bad that I was willing to sublet the apartment to any woman.

As soon as I moved in, I took up a job as a teacher at the local school, which suited me fine as the two girls were working at nights and could keep an eye on my daughter, Irene, fifteen, and son, Derek, sixteen.

Life was hectic and difficult Each morning, I got up at six, prepared breakfast for all of us, drove down to school, came home, went through school children’s books, did household chores and prepared dinner. The children went to school by bus as they had to go later than me.

Since all three of us were living in one room, privacy was an issue but day-to-day problems were so huge that privacy – or rather lack of it – became just one of the problems. At night, we used to sleep on one bed, there was no room for couch or anything, and that was difficult for all of us. But money problems, the bad neighborhood and lack of husband/father occupied our minds so much that spending the nights on one bed was just one of the problems.

While privacy was an issue for us, the girls living in the next room had no such qualms.

They would come back from work early in the morning and we would find them sitting in the living room smoking, half-drunk and still wearing clothes that left much of their breasts, back and thighs uncovered. Sometimes we would find them sleeping on the couch wearing see-through tops and thongs and sometimes they would come into kitchen in their bras and panties.

Initially, I didn’t like their half-nakedness and told them to cover up but after working long nights they were so drunk, broken and tired that after telling them three or four times, I just felt bad for them and didn’t have the heart to further ruin their day.

While I was uncomfortable with such a naked display, Irene was watching and apparently copying their every move, especially the way they walked with their chest out and swayed their hips. Another person closely watching and enjoying was Derek who couldn’t görükle escort take his eyes off their bodies.

As the days went by, we settled in and adjusted to the new life and its surprises.

Within a month or so, I got friendly with the girls and we started going out for drinks and they started telling me about their lives, their expectations and their customers.

We were all now friends and were comfortable with each other, so when one morning one of the girls came into my room – Derek was there getting ready to go to school – I didn’t find it odd or anything.

She sat down on the bed next to me and without saying a word lifted her brown bra and started showing me how a customer had bitten and bruised her right nipple and breast Derek and I stared in shock at the red marks all over her tit — although I think Derek was staring at her for altogether different reasons. I told her to apply some cream over the bruises and to inform police, but she said it will heal itself and has already told her pimp who will take care of the customer.

While I was talking to her, the other girl entered the room, wearing only a blue T-shirt and ash colored panties and started washing the girl’s bruised boob with a wet cloth.

The sight of her bruises had shocked and saddened me so much that I had completely forgotten that Derek was sitting there watching everything, but when I realized he was there I turned toward him and told him to stop staring and get ready for the school bus.

After couple of days, the breast was completely healed, the client was in hospital with broken bones and the girl was back in business.

Irene, meanwhile, was now seriously into wearing their clothes, although only inside the apartment. On every weekend, she would strut around the house all day long in low-cut dresses, in dresses with slits reaching up to her thighs, in tank tops with her stomach exposed and sometimes she would walk around the house in nothing but a bra and panties. I shouted at her, screamed at her, but the more I told her not to dress like that, the more she threw back her short brown hair, pushed her perfectly round, perky boobs out and swayed her young, tight bums. The more I told her to dress properly, the more she acted like a slut.

By the time summers came, she had shed most of her clothes.

Summers were turning out to be a difficult period because the heat was baking the house and everything else. Even the girls were not getting that many clients as the customers preferred to stay home rather than look for girls in the scorching weather.

The sun was boiling the apartment so much that even Derek, who until now had kept his clothes on, decided it was much more bearable to wear shorts and nothing else, so we had the girls walking around the house in bras and panties and the boy in shorts.

This undressing was especially problematic at nights because all three of us were sharing the same bed, which meant that Derek would be in bed in shorts, Irene in her bra, with half of her boobs out, and in shorts sleeping next to her brother, while I would be on her other side in either a nightgown or a loose T-shirt and shorts. I remained covered up until the heat got worse and then I too decided to get rid of the T-shirt. So, now the whole house was in a semi-naked state.

When I decided to shed the T-shirt, it wasn’t such a big surprise for my son, after all we had been living and sleeping in the same room for some time now, which meant he had already seen me in a bra while I was either changing clothes or had just come of the bathroom. But to actually see my big breasts and the blue veins was a new and exciting experience for him.

On the morning I decided to get rid of my T-shirt, his deep black eyes followed the each and every moment of my boobs and the pink nipples hidden under a green bra. I knew he was watching me, but didn’t say anything. When the girls and Irene saw me, they gave a big smile and said: “Well, the heat finally got you.”

That morning all of us sat down, resting our semi-naked breasts on the table, and had breakfast together.

Here I would a bit digress to admit that I knew my son would have tried something with the girls; after all they were parading their beautiful bodies in front of him all day long.

So, I asked the girls whether he had tried anything with them, but they just smiled and told me not to worry as he was in good hands. (Although I was pretty sure he had done both of them). When they refused to reveal anything I told them to make sure he was careful.

Once I caught him sucking the nipples of one of the girl’s, who had her arms around his broad shoulders. When she saw me enter the living room, she quickly pushed his face away from her and pushed her boobs back into her cream bra. He, on the other hand, simply lifted his head up and sat down on the couch in front of TV.

At another time, I saw the other girl rubbing her hand over his crotch under the eskort bayan table when we were having lunch. Both of them thought I wasn’t looking, but from the corner of my eye I could see her hand moving back and forth. On couple of occasions I also found him in their room with the door locked.

After couple of weeks, it was time for school’s summer holidays, so I also took fifteen days’ leave but since we didn’t have enough money to go anywhere there was nothing to do but spend most of our time inside the apartment.

The mornings were OK, because the girls were awake, but the evenings were pretty boring as the girls were out on work and that left just the three of us cooped up inside the house watching TV and lazing around the apartment. I was finding the holidays boring, but Derek and Irene were having the best of time, especially Derek, who was spending the whole time watching me, Irene and the two girls in semi-naked state day and night.

He would watch us walk in a bathrobe, with our cleavages and thighs fully exposed; he would see me changing my clothes right in front of him, although I kept my bra and panties on; he would see us in tight tops without our bras, sometimes our erect nipples would be clearly visible; sometimes he would see all of us at breakfast only in our bras and panties, although this did not happen every day.

Once in a while, I would catch a faint glimpse of his package, especially when he was in pajamas and not wearing underwear – and the sight did not disappoint me.

While the boy was busy with us, Irene was not too far behind. She would laze around the house in small shorts and a top, without a bra, exposing her long slender legs, her smooth thighs, her young bums, her tight stomach and her perfectly shaped boobs and nipples to us, including Derek.

She even started wearing the tarty clothes of the girls outside the house. She looked especially exquisite in a red backless dress, which was held together by two strings around her sleek neck, and a slit that extended up to her inner thighs. Her five feet and six inch frame looked ravishing in that dress, especially the shape of her fully ripe breasts and her hips.

She knew she had a devastating affect and exploited the situation to the hilt. She would go out wearing these dresses, stare at the neighborhood men with her deep blue eyes and the guys would go crazy over her short brown hair, her sharp features, her sensuous neck and her bright red lips.

Within days, she had a long list of admirers, most of whom only wanted to a piece of that body. She also started to go out to the local clubs with the two girls and started dating boys from her school. She was naughty, a real naughty, girl.

Once she took a photograph of me when I was wearing a thong and then asked everybody, including Derek, to identify whose fully exposed behind it was. My son not only recognized it in a second, which simultaneously made me feel embarrassed and glad, he also downloaded it into his cell phone.

When I asked him why he wanted a photo of my naked bums, he laughed and replied: “To keep it as a memory of you when you grow old.”

Everything was going well until one afternoon when I received a call on the phone and heard the distinct voice of my husband, Brad, on the other end of the line.

The minute I heard his voice, my heart literally skipped a beat and I just curled up in my bed. In his deep voice, he told me he was tired of hiding and running away from lenders and wanted to come back home. I knew I should have slammed the phone down the minute I heard his voice, but I had been so lonely and things had been so difficult that instead of slamming the phone down I started longing for him and wanted him near me that very second.

He asked me about our children and how I was coping with the financial problems. I told him I have sublet one room, but he shouldn’t worry because I would ask the girls to move out and he would get the master bedroom. He told me he had missed me a lot and would be with us in two days’ time.

After he hung up, I immediately told the children, but only Irene was happy to hear that her daddy was coming back home. In the evening, I informed the girls and they weren’t too happy to be thrown out of the house, but when they saw the happiness on my face they understood the situation and agreed to get a new place as soon as possible.

The next two days were spent cleaning and sprucing up the place and thankfully the girls got a room in the same building, five floors below us. By the second day, the house was all spruced up. I had bought flower pots for the kitchen, had replaced the old bed sheets with new ones, had cooked his favorite roast beef and we waited for him in our best clothes. In late afternoon, we heard a knock on the door and I instantly knew that the one loud knock could only be his.

I rose from the living room couch, inspected the children and the room and ran to welcome altıparmak escort him back into my arms.

When I opened the door, he stood there watching me with his dark brown eyes then slowly and tightly he hugged and kissed me, his lips bringing back the familiar smell of his body.

After holding me tightly for a minute or so, he entered the apartment like he had always lived there, glanced around the room and walked toward his children watching him intently.

First, he went to Derek and stretched out his arms to hug him, but Derek, who clearly wasn’t looking forward to meet his dad, stretched out his hand, so both settled for a handshake.

Then he moved toward Irene, who was dressed modestly in a long orange skirt, black T-shirt and, most importantly, was wearing a bra. He stretched out his hand for a handshake, but she stepped forward and hugged him tightly, burying her whole body into his broad chest. He patted her short brown hair and kissed her forehead and sat down with her on the couch. Derek and me sat down opposite them.

His shirt, jeans and shoes looked old and battered, his hair needed a good wash and he looked tired, but he still looked handsome, rugged and desirable.

He placed his arms over Irene’s shoulders, brought her body closer to him and started telling us that he had missed us a lot, was sorry to have left us like that and was mighty glad to be back.

We continued talking for about fifteen minutes, I gave him a drink, brought him his clothes that I had kept all along and off he went to bathroom for a bath.

After the bath, Brad had a cup of coffee and went early to sleep I was sleeping next to him, while Irene and Derek were in the other room, when late at night I felt his hands rubbing my back and when I turned around he started kissing me hungrily.

Then in one swift move, he opened my blue nightgown and white bra and started kissing, biting and sucking my voluptuous breasts and nipples, while his fingers were all over my already aroused body.

After making my nipples erect and my big boobs heaving, he slowly started kissing my stomach, my thighs and the front of my purple panties. While he removed my panties, I took off his gray shorts, white underwear and welcomed his cock into my dripping wet pussy.

When he started fucking me as if he was waiting for it for months, I knew our children would hear us and told him not to make so much noise, but the only thing on his mind was to fuck me as hard as he could and nothing was going to keep him down.

After releasing all his frustrations, shortcomings and the past inside me, he lay there naked next to me and when I got up to wash myself he grabbed my arms and asked me to sleep naked, which wasn’t such as bad idea considering the room was already boiling hot and after our session we were sweating even more.

It was early morning, I was in deep sleep, when I felt something on my lips and when I opened my eyes saw his already erect cock trying to enter my mouth, so I opened my mouth and started sucking his dick and licking his balls.

We started kissing, touching and feeling each other’s bodies and he slowly started kissing my neck and then my boobs, licking my pink nipples like a hungry boy, he then kissed my stomach, my thighs, my feet, my mound and put his tongue inside my pussy. I was wreathing in pleasure, curling my toes, moving my legs in ecstasy, and my vagina was dripping cum all over his tongue. He brought his tongue near my mouth and I cleaned it with my lips.

He then lay back on his front and I kissed the back of his neck, his back, his thighs and his legs. When my mouth reached his inner thighs, he lifted his bums a little and I knew what he wanted, so cleaned his bum hole with my tongue, pushing it as deep as I could into his hole and licked it completely.

Satisfied with my performance, he climbed on top of me and started fucking me After coming inside me, he took me to the bathroom where I washed his cock and cleaned myself then held his dick while he peed.

I was in kitchen laying out the table for breakfast when I saw Derek opening the apartment door and going out without even saying a word to me. Two minutes later, Irene tip-toed into the kitchen, wearing nothing but a bra and matching panties. Before I could ask her to cover up, she whispered to me that Dad and I had kept Derek and her awake all night and that’s why Derek had stormed out of the house without having breakfast.

I didn’t know what to say, so told her to go back to her room and put on something.

“Mom, you’re looking very happy,” she teased me as she started to go back to her room, but just then Brad appeared from his room, wearing only shorts, no shirt or underwear, and threw his arms around her smooth naked stomach, brought her near me and said: “She has grown up a lot.”

I could see him looking at her semi-naked boobs, her stomach, her panties and her young firm thighs. He ran his fingers through her hair and pressed her near-naked back against his bare chest and her bums against his crotch.

I wanted to say something, but was afraid of misreading a father-daughter bond, so kept my mouth shut. She did not mind it all and after hugging him tightly went to her room.

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