Destiny’s Cabin

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This story is completely fictional.


Max sat in the old cabins porch swing, holding a large mug filled with steaming coffee and for warmth, a thick blanket held tightly around his shoulders. The weather is turning cold at this elevation, wisps of fog float across the quiet lake.

Snuggling deeper inside the blanket, he made a mental note: bring in more firewood and check the new power generator. “No need for a middle of the night, freezing your ass off escapade again; because you’re too stupid to think of it during daylight hours and while fully dressed.” He smiles inwardly and pushes that particular nights fiasco out of his head.

Months had passed renovating the dilapidated cabin. It sat upon a small bluff overlooking the lake, seventeen miles from the nearest town and the last four; only accessible by off-road vehicles and bush planes. The place had been neglected for several years.

When he first arrived, the cabin had become home to several small animals and the surrounding area, reclaimed by the undergrowth. Finding some tools and patching material became his first priority. The shed wasn’t in any better condition, but surprisingly well stocked and contained everything he would ever need. The patchwork went quickly.

Clearing out the animals was another thing entirely; he had done everything imaginable, trying to persuade the little critters to hop off into “forest bliss” using the open doors, but they obviously had other ideas. After what seemed like hours of scrambling around, Max was lying on the floor exhausted and looking at the “ring leader”, its beady eyes staring back. “OK, you win”, he says. “Just give me tonight and I’ll leave in the morning.” The pesky rodent turns its head slightly, it chatters into the air and his family following, decides to finally leave.

Max jumps to his feet, quickly closes all windows and doors, and then, does a little jig. Up on one foot and then the other, hopping around and chanting, “I’m smarter than you are. How do you like that, Mr. Critter?” He stopped and laughed at himself for the childish display, but those little bastards were gone! He placed his bedroll on top the bed and opened a can of chicken soup. He ate slowly, and then crawled into the sleeping bag knowing, there’s a ton of work to be done, starting tomorrow.

The work had been back breaking, but rewarding. Cleaning the cabin wasn’t easy, but clearing the brush away was hard work. He was fit and trim from the grueling labor; a deep tan remained on his sleek body from the outside work. Building the equipment room and installing the new power generator was the last major project. It was getting down to finishing the cabin wiring, outside deck work and the steep stairs leading to the floating dock at the bottom of the bluff.

Taking another sip of coffee and pulling the blanket up around his ears as the morning chill seeps under its edge; he sees the doe first; then her young fawn emerging from the woods, both warily approaching the water. Max doesn’t move.

The mother doe tests the air, nostrils flaring, sniffing cautiously, her snorts of air creating small clouds of moisture that rolled away before dissipating quickly; ears twitching, listening for any unfamiliar sounds; then when satisfied; moving a few steps further, the fawn close behind. This scene repeated itself several times, until finally reaching the bank; they lower their heads to drink. Their reflections played upon the still water; small ripples, dancing outward, growing ever fainter with distance.

As the deer quietly lap the surface, Max wonders if they know he’s here or even care. He’s made enough noise lately, especially now, with the power tools, they surely know he’s been around. The generator softly purred within the new equipment room. He’s been here, what… four months now, busting ass and looking forward to relaxing.

The rough timber interior was now free of bird and animal nests; scrubbed with a power washer and air-dried. He bought a new pillow-top mattress and bed linen, for the old bed; thought he would kill himself before finally dragging it inside, it now felt and slept like heaven. There was plenty of firewood split and stacked alongside the cabin and food supplies, enough for 10 people; and was threatening to run him out of the place.

He slowly came out of this train of thought wondering, what the hell is that noise, his satellite phone? He spills his coffee as he stands; the deer, alerted by the ringing, were gone at his movement, white tails flashing briefly, before disappearing back into the woods. Cursing, while entering the cabin, he searches for the phone. It rings again and he realizes; it’s still in the backpack he wore the first day here. He reaches under the bed, drags the pack out and finds the phone. Amazed the batteries still have a charge; he hits the receive button and says the customary, “Hello.”

“Hello, Max? It’s Paige. Can you hear me?”

He hadn’t heard his sisters voice in years, “Hi, Paige! Yes, I hear you escort bayan bursa fine. How are you? Everything OK?”

“Yes, things are fine with me, but how about you?” “Max, I tried your office and they said, you sold your part of the business after the divorce and then fell off the face of the earth.” “I even called Susan. Asked if she knew where you were.” Paige didn’t tell him about “boyfriend number, whatever”, yelling in the background and wanting to know “who it was” on the phone. “Finally, I remembered you have this satellite number. Where are you?” she asks.

“Yeah, sold out to Greg, remember him?” Not waiting for an answer, “I didn’t want to work those long hard hours anymore. The traveling, always gone, you know. Although, my dear, you couldn’t tell it by the way I’ve been slaving on this old cabin. God! What a mess it was!”

“Besides, I needed to get away, get my mind clear and sort out the pieces. Maybe even come to understand why. Anyway, I’ve got the old place looking pretty good! You should see it.”

Paige felt so sorry for her older brother. Two failed marriages for her alone and now his, after 26 years. Maybe he had been right; both of her marriages were thankfully short; neither one of her husbands ever measured up to Max’s standards of deserving her. He had always been protective of her, particularly after both parents passed away; she loved him dearly for that.

Having divorced her last husband several years ago, Paige had done well for herself. Starting as a receptionist in a small clothing designers office, she learned the business and now does freelance design work for the movie industry. Her good looks opened many doors, but her drive, talent and personality closed the deals.

“So, you’re at the cabin? My God! I haven’t been there since the time you tried to teach me how to swim. Remember, the water was so cold and I kept shaking so very hard, even after we got out; you held me, rubbing my arms and legs until I warmed up. I finally calmed down and listened to you explain the motions of swimming, watching you swim in the air. I laughed hysterically, as you grabbed your nose and pretended you’re drowning. We had such fun back then, I miss that.”

“Who, me? Why, I’d certainly never do something as foolish as that!” They both laughed at his awful attempt to imitate Curly, from the Three Stooges. She could sense the chaos of his thoughts and felt the need to be there for him, to be someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on and for him to unload some of the heartache and misery.

As though hearing her thoughts, he says, “You should come up, Paige. Before the snow falls, the air is cool and crisp; the resident chef can grill you a fresh caught trout! We can catch up on the long overdue card games and gossip to our hearts content. Besides, I need someone to tend to the firewood and new generator, in the middle of these cold nights!” he teases.

“You’ve got a generator up there now?” then adds, “Hey, just a minute! You would kick me out of bed, just to tend to the things you should have done earlier?”

“That and maybe to bring me a drink of water” Max says in his best childish voice.

She laughs. “Well, I guess I do owe you on the late-night drinks of water. You brought me a drink many times, while we were growing up.” Pausing briefly, she says, “Max, I think I’ll take you up on this. I’ve got some free time and the drive will do me good.

“Sounds great, I’ll meet you in town at Lily’s restaurant. We’ll leave the car there; you’ll never get up here in it. In addition, remember this is the wilderness, pack some warm, rugged clothes; it’s cold at night. When will you be here?” he asked. “Friday, around noon. This sounds like fun, see you then.” and she hung up. Max wondered if this was a good idea, he’d gotten accustomed to being alone.

Max left the cabin early on Friday, making sure to not be late meeting Paige. He parked the jeep in front of Lily’s and waited inside for almost an hour, sipping coffee. Paige arrived promptly at noon, parking her sports car next to the jeep.

Stepping out of the car, she pushes her sunglasses up over her head; the earpieces pull her long blonde hair away from her face. She’s even more stunning than Max remembered.

Her beauty could have started wars in ancient times; kings and princes alike would desire her. Lavished with the finest oils and perfumes their coffers could afford; pampered and granted the slightest whim; ruling kingdoms from behind the throne.

Her deep, aqua green eyes had a luminescence about them, almost glowing, drawing you in, mystifying, loosing yourself in them was almost impossible not to do. A face of subtle angles and sweeping curves, nose and lips slender, delicate and inviting.

Small of stature, with hair to her waist, her body was shapely and appealing. Her large breasts; firm and high, always a distraction. She sees him through the glass storefront, smiles and enters the restaurant.

Max guessed she thought, dressed bursa sinirsiz eskort in tight jeans; a white, long sleeve frilly blouse with denim vest, and sneakers was roughing it. He smiled as she hurried to his open arms. They embrace one another, releasing after a minute, she says, “It’s good to see you, Maximum. How long has it been? Ten…. fifteen years?”

Maximum was not his name; it really was Maximus! He was dubbed Maximum by his schoolmates, he hated both names; Max was what he preferred. Except when she said it, it was different. “Fourteen, to be exact” he says, then adding, “You know, when mom died. Here, sit down. We’ll have lunch and then go up to the cabin.” Sitting across the booth table from her, he looks at her and asks, “How was your trip and how long can you stay?”

“The trip was enjoyable. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was up here. How long I can stay depends on how soon I get tired of you kicking me out of bed in the middle of the night!” smiling coyly.

“Great! Here I sit with townsfolk listening to a beautiful woman talk about me kicking her out of bed, and they’re wondering, “Oh My! Is the poor man gay?” Then looking at the woman sitting across the isle, eating pie; paused mid-bite, her mouth and eyes wide; he says to her, “No honey, I’m not gay, just frustrated.” Paige laughs out loud and spats his arm lightly. Max looks at her and can tell by the laugh and the smile, she’s glad she’s here. Company might be good to have around for a while.

While scanning the menu, Paige asks, “What’s good here.” “Most everything” he replies, “but nothing as good as what I can fix at the cabin.” “Like what?” she groans, looking at him.

“Steak and eggs, fried potatoes with biscuits covered in country gravy, gobs of butter and your favorite jelly, plumb!” He said smugly, folding his arms as though the champion of “high cholesterol and starchy foods” had just entered the building,

“You’re pretty sure of your self, aren’t you?” She’s grinning.

“Well ma’am. Daddy always did say; if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” grabbing her hand, he says, “Come on, let’s go.”

Together, they transfer all her belongings to the jeep. He says while looking up at the sky as though speaking to God, “A sketchpad and easel, the girl never could learn to leave her work at work.” She stuck her tongue out at him, patted her ass and says, “Kiss this!” he laughed and told her, “Threaten me with a good time, will you?”

She pauses, placing both fists on her hips, lower lip pushed out, eyebrows furled, looking directly at him, a classic “pouting pose.” Max flutters his eyelashes and blows her a kiss. “You are undoubtedly, the prettiest pervert I’ve ever seen!” she says smiling and then, back to the pout, “If I ever do threaten you, you’ll definitely know it!”

“Hallelujah! This is getting better by the minute; I can see the headlines now.” “Strange and mysterious woman makes public threats of having “good times” with an unknown man.” and then pressing a little further, “Witnesses say, he left with a grin on his face!” He then showed her his “pearly white teeth” in a “big shit-eating grin.”

Rolling her eyes, hands clutched, fingers interlaced; every move, very dramatic. “Oh God! Help me, please!” she wails. “He’s so handsome, I must resist! I must!” now holding the back of her hand to her forehead and faking a swoon.

Through his laughter, he says, “Get in your car, Daisy Duke. I’ve got grub to fix and you have firewood to bring in!” again, the pout returned to her face while getting into her car.

He had previously explained to Ms. Nichols, she having taken her maiden name back; He has a storage building in town and they could park her car inside, out of the weather. After a short drive there, he parks her car inside and secures building, she joins him in the jeep and they head for the cabin.

They pass the restaurant on the way out of town and “pie lady” was just getting into her car. She stares as they drive by, Paige smiles broadly and waves at her; the old lady visibly gives them a “snobbish look” and turns away. They both laughed until reaching the edge of town.

They talked nonstop, no; more like finishing each other’s sentences, falling into laughter repeatedly. Max had always felt there was something different about Paige; she could always get to him, make him talk; no other woman had that ability.

A jeep with a snap-on canvas top has never been known to be the warmest vehicle and by the way Paige’s nipples were pointing, she wouldn’t argue the issue. He slides the jeeps heater controls towards hot and switched the blower to medium. “There, that ought to be better”, he says. Paige answers, “Oh, you don’t have to do that, I’m just fine.”

He hesitates at first, but then continues, “Is it just me or do your nipples always point like they do now?” She looks down and sees her erect nipples, grabbing her vest; she flaps it to fan herself. “Now you’re making me hot”, she grins.

“Where escort bayan did little miss virtue go?” he asked.

“Oh, that was a public performance. You’ve not seen all my private ones”, she replies.

“Private ones, meaning, more than one? Oh, My God! Multiple personalities? Hey! Just how many are in there?” and laughing loudly, “Holy Shit! I’m going to have fun with this!” he pauses and then, eyes half closed, he speaks dreamily as though she wasn’t there; “Just finding the right buttons, is all it takes young man.” he goes on, his voice rising with each word, “Then she’ll be your slave forever!”

Paige is watching his antics; he seems to be in good spirits and certainly in rare form. He looks healthy; in fact, he looks very fit for a 47-year-old man. Dark wavy hair and a little longer than she’s seen on him before, although she thinks it looks good. Square set jaw, leading to a slightly cleft chin. He had muscular shoulders and powerful arms from years of hard work. His massive chest made his small waist, look even smaller.

It took 20 minutes to travel the last 4 miles. Paige’s tits nearly bounced out of her blouse on the rough road. They park in the new spot he had cleared closer to the cabin. Two trips apiece and her stuff was stacked on the bed. Max turns to her and says, “I’ll start a fire and you unpack.”

She places the drawing pad in the corner, along with the easel and starts unpacking her bags. Looking for somewhere to put her things, Max breaks out laughing. “What?” she asks. “We’re at the cabin, sweetie; there aren’t any dressers to put your things in. I live out of my bags, let’s agree to you doing the same.”

“Then it looks like I’m done!” as she flops onto the bed.

“You can at least put them on the shelf, princess. That’s my new mattress, what do you think?

Rising to put her bags away, she says, “I’ll sleep really well on it, I can tell already”. Stretching on tiptoe to push the bag onto the shelf, she was laughing too hard to get the job done. He rushes over to grab the falling bag and admonish her, “Oh no you don’t! That’s my bed and my new mattress!” shoving the bag onto the shelf, “You can take the cot!”

“The cot! Are you serious? You won’t share the bed, even a little teeny tiny bit of it? You’ll never know I’m there. Besides, it’s close to the fireplace, I’ll take that side”, pointing to the side nearest the fire. Suddenly, a new thought crossed her mind, “Oh, I’m sorry. You might sleep on that side already; it’s ok, I can sleep on the other side if you want me to. Please, Maximum.”

Sighing heavily, she reveals to him, “The point being, I’m tired of sleeping alone. I’m very tired of sleeping alone. I never wanted to sleep alone. I never liked sleeping alone. I’ve slept alone most of my life, but that doesn’t mean I liked it, and now you’re here”, then with tears in her eyes, admitting defeat, “I just don’t like sleeping alone, ever, I hate it.”

By this time, Max was holding her close wondering, “Who the hell is this crazy woman?” She was facing him, arms held up to where her hands are near her face; she’s leaning against him, her forehead against his chest. He’s patting her on the back and stroking her hair, saying, “It’s ok, you can have any side you like.”

She looks up, raises her hands to cup his face, her breast now firmly pressing against him. Pulling his face to meet hers, she brushes his lips with a brief, soft kiss. Laying her head on his chest again, she can hear his heart beating and whispers, “Thank you, Max. I thought I was here to console you and all you get is a sissy girl afraid of the dark!”

He didn’t pull away, he couldn’t! Those piercing eyes, her smell; pure intoxication swept over him. It was getting carried away, close to out of control, yet, deliciously maddening. He almost fell, as she pulled away from him, his body silently crying, screaming for her.

His thoughts are in turmoil, why is she doing this to me. Come on; get control of yourself, Max. Surely, she knows and can see how excited I get with her so close! What am I thinking! This is my sister, not some girl here for the weekend.

In our

The dishes had been washed, dried and put away. You could never leave anything out; that quickly broken habit attracts all kinds of trouble on its own. Paige gets ready for bed while Max waits patiently in the porch swing. He lights his first cigarette of the day, inhaling slowly, and then, blows a long stream of smoke across the porch just as Paige stepped outside.

Clinging tightly to her house robe, she approaches the swing and sits down. Reaching for the cigarette, she starts at his wrist; rubbing her fingers down his hand, she takes it, draws deeply and blows several smoke rings. Smiling, he is thoroughly impressed!

As she takes another drag, he asks, “Who taught you to do that?”

“Oh, he was, just some guy I met.” She held the cigarette to his lips, offering him a drag. He placed his hand around her wrist and holding it still, he took a long one. Leaning back and exhaling, he placed his arm around her; she immediately curls her legs up under her, knees lying across his lap and her head nuzzled into his neck. They sat in silence watching a beautiful sunset sink slowly below the horizon. She wonders what he’s thinking, what he’s feeling.

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