Desperate To start a family

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Emily was 28 years old and lived with her husband Greg. Having been married for 4 years now they were ready to start a family.There was just one problem. Greg had an unusually low sperm count. Greg was only 30, so it was rare for someone of his age to have such a problem.

Though Greg felt discouraged, Emily was determined and full of hope. Every morning she would wake her husband up by slipping her hand under the covers and stroking his cock to life just to get on top of him and be filled with his seed. She would make him breakfast while he showered and got ready for work and then try again have sex with him one more time before he left. When he got home from work she would be waiting inside wearing close to nothing and ready to go at it again.

For Greg this was all wonderful.. at first. Over time he began to get tired, he was trying to keep up with his wifes sex drive but she seemed to be need sex 24/7.

Emily was watching TV when she heard Greg come in the front door home from work. She got up and met him in the kitchen. Hey baby how was work? she asked him. It was okay, he said with tiredness in his voice. Aww baby c’mon i’ll make it better she said as she kissed him deeply while sliding her hand down to his cock.

Babe please, can we just not tonight? he asked. She looked at him with confusion on her face. What’s wrong, is everything okay? she asked Yeah.. yeah i’m fine babe im just tired.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. I’m sorry babe i just really want to start this family and i refuse to give up. A look of disappointment crossed his face. Let’s face it, I just can’t get you pregnant, maybe we should see a specialist about finding a sperm donor.

She thought about it for a second. A sperm donor? Preserved cum injected inside her? She didn’t care for the thought of that. She liked it hot and pumped into her through a throbbing cock. No way she was going to the sperm bank.

C’mon babe one more month and if im not pregnant we will consider it okay? He looked down at her pouty eyes and couldn’t help but agree with her. Okay honey sounds good. She smiled and kissed him. Thank you baby, thank you! She reached down and rubbed his bulge through his pants again. So does that mean we can fuck now? she said with a teasing grin.


While Greg was at work the next day Emily started devising a plan to get herself pregnant. She loved her husband very much and just wanted them to be happy and have a happy family. She was willing to do whatever it takes.

She made an ad on the internet for a breeding event with a portal that sends applicants to her email. Applicants must be male and under 45 years old and in good physical condition and no STD’s. Within hours her inbox was flooded with over 200 applicants, way more than she had thought she would receive.

She started to scan through some of the applicants and. Looking at their pictures she started to get excited about her plan.She hadn’t told her husband and wasn’t planning on doing so either. She loved him very much and loved only him but was willing to do what it takes to start this family. After a couple days of scanning through several profiles she picked out her top 20 and set a date for the following Wednesday at 11 AM when her husband was at work.

She closed her laptop and layed on her bed, she was wearing only a long shirt and nothing else. She laid there staring at the ceiling thinking about what she had coming next week. Her pussy started to tingle and she bit her lip. She squeezed her D cup breasts and moaned as she slid one hand down and rub circles on her clit thinking about how full her pussy would soon be.


Wednesday morning came around and Emily woke up very excited. She perked up right away and climbed on top of her husband and started kissing him all over trying to wake him up. Greg woke up and shielded his eyes from the bright morning light. Emily kissed him again and he embraced her kissing her long and hard. You’re offly cheery this morning, he said. Sorry babe I just need that big strong cock of yours in my pussy. He nudged her off of him and laid her on her back and grabbed her throat and kissed her passionately. She moaned as they kissed and reached for his cock which was already out since they slept naked. She guided his cock into her already wet pussy and gasped when he pushed into her full depth right away and held himself there. His balls were resting on her puckered asshole as he held his cock deep inside her. C’mon baby dont tease me, fuck me baby i want you  to fuck me, she said with a pouty face as she put both hands on his cheeks.

He grabbed her hands and forced them behind her head and helped them there. Beg for it, he said. I want to hear you beg for my cock. She moaned, her pussy was gripping his cock muscles tightening craving his cock. Please fuck me baby, i want you to fuck me like the little slut i am. He smiled and slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out and held it there with only the tip inside her. She squirmed and moaned with desperation on her face. Don’t stop baby please, I need your cock baby please! She was panting alomst crying begging for his cock, fuck my pussy baby!

He smiled and started sliding in and out of her as she moaned with relief and ecstasy feeling his hard throbbing cock fill her pussy. She wrapped her legs

around him as he picked up his pace. You want this cum baby? Beg me for my cum, slut! She felt so turned on hearing her husband talk like that to her she

started to feel an orgasm coming on. Please fill me with your cum baby, fill my pussy! She felt his cock throbbing and starting to spew his seed inside her.

She screamed, Ohhh fuck yes! She started to orgasm when she felt his cock shooting his load in her.

Panting he gave her a kiss and hopped off of her and got in the shower to get ready for his work day.


Greg left for work and Emily hopped in the shower and got ready for her big day. She was already super turned on from her morning sex with her husband. Greg seemed to have some new sexual vigor in him that morning. Talking dirty to her calling her a slut. It was a huge turn on for her. She wondered what changed.

She shrugged it off and continued getting ready. It was about 10:30 when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expected any of the guys to show up until 11 but maybe someone got here early. She went to the door dressed in nothing but a thong and a long t-shirt that mostly covered her ass. She opened the door and there was one man standing there. Emily? he asked. Yes, please come in. He walked and she closed the door behind him. You’re a little early, do you mind just giving me a few minutes to get ready? You can take a seat here in the living room. Sure, no problem.

She walked off back to her room as the man stared at her legs and what was visible of her ass as she walked away. Emily went into her room and started breathing heavily. Holy shit is this really happening? Am I really doing this? Oh my god oh my god oh my god! She paced back and forth reassuring bursa escort herself she was doing this for her and her husband so they could start a family.

She heard the doorbell ring again. Can you get that? she yelled from her room. She was buzzing with anticipation. She grabbed a dildo from her dresser and sat on her bed. She started fucking herself trying to get ready to be fucked by men she didnt even know. She slid the glass dildo in and out of her pussy picking up pace, and right as she started to cum her bedroom door opened.

Her mouth gaped as the man she let in earlier stared at her shaking in pleasure, body writhing from an intense orgasm. After her orgasms subsided, the man said, more

guys are starting to show up, do you want to come out and introduce yourself to everyone? She looked at his massive bulge in his pants and bit her lip. Yeah, okay I’ll be right there.

Her thoughts and emotions run wild in her head. She loved her husband so much and never thought about cheating on him. But was she cheating? She was doing this for him after all. She wanted to make him feel like he was the one who got her pregnant, she thought of the joy on his face when she could finally tell him the good news.However, a feeling of guilt still washed over her mind knowing she was about to enjoy this way too much.

She walked out to the living room, all 20 guys were now there. They all stared at her with hunger in their eyes. Her perky D cup tits bounced under the long shirt she wore with nothing else underneath it. Her face went red, she was so nervous and didn’t know what to say. Her mind racing she looked at all the men and the bulges starting to grow in their pants as she got closer. Her pussy, still soaking wet from her orgasm, tingled in anticipation amplified by feelings of guilt, excitement, and nervousness.


She walked over layed a blanket onto the coffee table in the middle of the living room and laid down on her back with her legs spread ready to be filled with cum. Okay boys, let’s get this over with, she said.

The first man who stepped up was the same man who found her fucking herself in her room. He was tall, about 6 foot 3, he was well built with a chiseled jawline and beautiful blue eyes. He was already naked and stroking his cock as he looked down at her. He rubbed her inner thighs as he moved down to kiss her. She stopped him. I’m not here to make love to you guys, I just need your seed she blurted out nervously.

Okay slut i’ll give you my seed, he said with a slightly annoyed look. He pushed is cock right up to her pussy and massaged her clit with his tip for a second drawing a gasp and a breathy moan from Emily. She closed her eyes trying to rid her mind of the guilty feeling but couldn’t focus as she felt his cock bury inside her. The wet sounds of her pussy excepting this strangers cock seemed to fill her ears and pleasure took over mind as she felt a thrill from being fucked by a stranger.

He picked up his pace, smacking his pelvis into hers, wet smacks every time they connected. She felt his big sack smacking her asshole every stroke, she could feel

another orgasm building but tried to hold it back. She didn’t want to seem eager to all these men. They might get the wrong idea. As she bit her lip she felt his throb inside her as her muscles tightened around his cock. He let out a loud moan, Uuuuuggghhhh, as he shoved himself deep inside her, draining his balls into her. She felt the hot cum pulsing out of his cock filling her insides. She gasped and let out a sensual moan biting her lip, smiling and grabbing her tits.

All the men watched as she gladly accepted strangers cum, they could see the lust in her eyes. Testosterone pumping through their bodies they all anticipated their own turn with her.

As the man pulled out of her with the sound of a wet suction cup being pulled off a slimy surface, she felt his hot cum inside her start to leak out. She used her hand and tried to scoop it back in. She needed as much as possible to ensure her impregnation.

Not wanting to lose any cum she flipped over laying on her stomach and pointed her ass up in the air. She hoped gravity would help the cum stay in and travel down inside her body. She didn’t see which man came up next, nor did she care, all she felt was another cock push into her wet hole. This one felt smaller, maybe 4 inches she thought and not very thick. She laid there face down ass up waiting for him to blow his load, she heard him grunting and breathing hard and felt more cum shooting inside her. She thought about her husband, she knew he would never have gone for this and knew how upset he would be at the sight of her right now. She moved her eyes, glancing around the room. All the men now were either naked or had only a shirt on. They were all stroking their cocks in anticipation.

She felt another cock enter her pussy, this one was bigger at least 8 inches and very thick. She gasped and let out a cry as it pushed inside her. She felt cum being forced

out of her pussy being displaced by the massive intrusion. No! she thought as she felt it dripping out. I cant lose any cum, fuck! She reached back and tried to keep the cum from

spilling out of her around this random guy’s massive cock. Her attempts were for not however. The man started thrusting in and out of her. She moaned, holy shit this one feels

so good! she thought. She was trying not to enjoy this so much, it wasn’t supposed to be for her pleasure after all. It was strictly just to get impregnated. She fought the feelings

in her mind, but she couldn’t help it. Her hand still on her pussy trying to keep the cum inside her as the massive cock slid between her fingers. She started to rub herself

moving her hand to her clit rubbing circles, she felt an orgasm approaching.

She knew this was wrong, she knew it was all wrong she shouldn’t be enjoying this but she cant help it. Her rubbing picked up pace and so did the man fucking her. The man grunted

She heard his deep breath grunts and could smell the must of men in the room surrounded by cocks waiting to fill her up. She moaned, yes! Give me your cum! She started bucking and twitching as she started to orgasm, her pussy muscles spasming and gripping the girthy cock inside her. The man shuttered and groaned as he too started to cum. He lurched forward driving his cock as deep as he could so hard it almost pushed her off the table. She felt the strong pulses inside her, his cock twitched inside her with every load he shot, she felt his cum deep inside her uterus.

She laid there panting bathing in the afterglow of her orgasm. The men all saw how much she was enjoying this and they all started getting impatient wanting their own turns with her. As another man walked up and stuck his cock inside her she squealed and moaned, happy to take another cock inside her. What she wasn’t expecting was the guy in front of her who had walked up and slapped her cheek with his cock. Hey! she said quickly, what the fuck! but he did it again, slapping his cock on her bursa escort bayan face while he laughed. She saw the smiles and laughter on the other men’s faces and felt her stomach drop. Oh no, she thought. This isn’t good. What did I get myself into?? She could see the men were starting to lose composure, animal instinct was kicking in and she was just a piece of meat to them. Nervous of what might happen to her if she freaked out, she kept quiet and focused on the feeling of another man pumping his hot seed inside her.

The man in front of her slapping his cock on her face grabbed her chin and made her look up at him. He had a smile on his face and his cock was pointed right at her making her go

cross eyed staring at the tip. She already knew what was coming but she was afraid to fight it. He pushed his tip to her lips. she felt the hot flesh on her mouth but didn’t open up. He kept poking her with his cock laughing, willing her to open her mouth.

Behind her another man approached, staring at her glazed wet pussy froffing with cum. He looked at her puckered asshole, he stuck his cock deep in her pussy and pulled it back

out. His hard 8 inch cock was dripping with her love juices and tinted white with all the cum from the previous men. He pushed his tip against her asshole feeling it tighten.

Her mouth opened wide as she gasped at the unexpected intrusion!

The man in front of her immediately shoved his cock in her mouth and her eyes went wide. Oh no! she thought. What’s happening, I didn’t mean for it to go down like this. What

have I got myself into?? Why did I invite so many guys? 5 would have been enough! 20??? Am I out of my mind?

He started thrusting inside her mouth, she dropped her chest onto the table so she could use her arms to reach up and push him away but the man behind her grabbed her wrists and pulled them back. She started to panic. Her breasts suspended hanging over the table as the man behind her pulled her arms back keeping her upper body suspended over the table while she rested on only her knees. The man in front was thrusting into her mouth while the man behind her pushed his cock harder against her reluctant asshole.

She let out a muffled scream with a mouth full of cock as she felt her asshole give way to the man’s cock. She thought, no this is wrong! I need my pussy filled, not my ass!

After all, her focus was on getting pregnant not to be gangbanged. She was helpless, unable to fight it. The man’s cock pushed deeper inside her asshole. He felt her muscles tighten around his cock in protest, he groaned and kept pushing. Then he pulled back and pushed in again. Her muscles started to relax, she felt him deep inside her filling her ass

with his girth.

The man in front grabbed a handful of her hair and started fucking her mouth, gagging and gurgling sounds filled the room as he continued pounding her throat. Drool started dripping

out of her mouth running down the man’s balls. She felt the man’s balls, covered in her spit, slapping her chin with every thrust. Meanwhile the man behind her started fucking her

ass, pounding harder and faster.

She let out muffled moans behind her cock filled mouth. Sounds of gagging and the wet smack of balls hitting her pussy filled the room. She started to panic and her stomach started to sink.

Immense guilt filled her as she thought about her husband and what he would think if he saw her right now or if he ever found out. Her mind filled with regret as her whole plan

was falling apart. What was she thinking bringing a bunch of strangers into her home?? She was willing to do whatever it takes to start a family but now she risked destroying her family before she could start one. A single tear rolled down her cheek just to be lost in the wet mess of her mouth as she continued to have her face fucked by the stranger in front of her.

She realized the situation was out of her control now. She knew she couldn’t fight it, all these horny men surrounded her with lust in their eyes desperate to blow their loads.

Emily realized what she had to do to make this end. The quicker she made them cum the quicker all this would be over. She sniffled with a mouth full of cock and started to give

up any resistance.

Her throat loosened up embracing the intruding cock, she used her tongue to massage the underside of the shaft.Her asshole was completely relaxed now, no longer fighting the invading cock inside her. She tightened her muscles around the man’s cock using her asshole to squeeze his rod.  She started to feel an orgasm building up as the two men violated both ends of her body. Her knees became weak, her eyes went cross eyed, her orgasm building inside her felt like a bubble ready to burst. Suddenly the man fucking her ass let out a loud grunt as he buried his cock as deep as he could inside her ass as he sarted pumping hot cum inside her.

The feeling of his hot cum pumping out his twitching cock was enough to send her over the edge. Muffled screams behind her cock filled mouth erupted as she started to cum. She had lost all inhibition, she felt such ecstasy as her muscles spasmed and twitched from her intense orgasm. Her muffled moans and screams were soon silenced as the man fucking her face also started to erupt down her throat. She relaxed her throat taking in all his cum, feeling every load slide down her throat swallowing it all.

Both men pulled out of her holes at the same time and let go of her leaving her to collapse into a heap on the table. Her gaping asshole slowly started closing up while cum oozed out.

Panting she tried to catch her breath. Her makeup ruined by the tears and spit that had made a mess of her pretty face, her heart still racing from the subsiding orgasm. On weak hands she pushed herself up sitting up right looking at the men all stroking their cocks staring at her. She knew they wouldn’t leave without their turns. What could she do? Call the cops?

No way they would even let her make it to the phone. Scream? Who would hear her? The closest neighbor was over 300 yards away and was most likely gone at work.

Knowing she had no choice, she got up and seductively walked over to the couch, crawled onto it on all fours and came to rest with her elbows on the arm rest and her back arched

with her ass up in the air. Well what are you boys waiting for? She said with lust in her voice. Instantly a few men sprang over to her, one gave her ass a loud slap making her gasp.

She hoped he would fuck her pussy, that’s where she really needed the cum. He grabbed at her ass touching it all over admiring it more a moment before he got to work. Another man

approached her from the front. Knowing what was coming she had opened up her mouth preparing for entry. He grabbed her face with one hand looking down at her. With his other hand he grabbed his cock and slapped it on her face. She tried to flinch but he had a tight grip on her face. She could smell his manly must as he dragged his cock across her face.

She bursa escort kız felt the man behind her poking his cock against her wet pussy, just teasing her hole before he slipped the tip in, then without hesitation slipped his whole length inside her.

The man in front of her grabbed her chin and lifted her face up to look at him. She opened her mouth and slipped his cock inside. He let go of her chin and grabbed the back of her

head with both hands as he started to thrust inside her. Her pussy was dripping wet soaking the cock of the man fucking her from behind. She started to feel the guilt slip away

and the lust slowly take over.

Suddenly the cock inside her throat started picking up pace, the man had an iron grip on her head as he started to violently fuck her throat. She gargled and gagged struggling to get

a breath in. Only 30 seconds later the man screamed as his cock twitched inside her throat and she once again felt a hot load of cum shooting down to her stomach. Her eyes rolled back as she struggled to swallow it all without being able to breath. Finally the man pulled out with one last rope of cum shooting across her face as she gasped for air.

The man behind her also started erupting inside her. She pushed her ass backwards into his pelvis forcing his cock deeper inside her as he shot his load! Before he was even done another man approached from her front and grabbed her hair and yanked her over and forced his cock inside her mouth for another round of throat fucking. But instead the man just shoved his cock all the way down her throat and immediately started cumming. She thought about all the wasted cum being shot down her throat. She needed her pussy filled. After the man finished dumping his load down her throat she got up and sat on the couch with her legs spread.

She hoped this would keep them from fucking her throat so much and focus more on her pussy. She laid there and rubbed her clit feeling an orgasm build up as she felt the warm cum inside her.

A man came up for his turn stroking his massive cock, she stared at it in anticipation. This was going to be a huge load, she just knew it. He shoved half his length inside her, a mixture of cum and her own juices seemed to seep out around his cock as he filled her up. She gasped loudly with a moan and a deep breath as she continued rubbing her clit. He pushed further inside her and then pulled out with a wet smack. He twitched and waited for a moment before reentering. She could see he was already trying not cum so quickly. She smiled and grabbed him by the cock and shoved it inside her as she tightened her muscles around his girth. He groaned and let out a loud moan as she wrapped her legs around him pulling him all the way in her as he started shooting his load inside her.

She started screaming and rubbing her clit furiously as she erupted into an orgasm. Her mouth gaped open and she shook and twitched with her legs still wrapped around the stranger holding his erupting cock deep inside her. A look of disbelief and embarrassment was written on the man’s face, obviously ashamed that he didn’t even last a minute.

With her orgasm subsiding she released her wrapped legs from around the man’s waist and placed her foot on his chest and pushed him off of her.

Another man stepped up, a well hung black man with a thick black cock almost 11 inches long. Stroking his rock hard cock as he walked up she leaned back against the couch and spread her legs open inviting him in. He skipped all foreplay and plunged his massive cock all the way inside her, making her scream. Ohh fuuuck its so big! He started pounding her hard and fast, she felt his cock punching past her cervix with every thrust. It was perhaps the biggest cock she had ever taken; it was stretching her so much. She moaned in pleasure forgetting about any and all guilty feelings lost in her lust.

Every thrust she felt his massive cock stirring and pushing all the cum she had collected inside her deeper into her cervix filling her uterus. A loud audible squish like macaroni in a pot with every thrust of his massive cock. She knew his load would be massive and she couldn’t wait.

Her orgasm already building in anticipation. She reached down and stroked his balls as he continued to fuck her creamy pussy. Feeling his cock start to pulse she was suddenly hit with a realization. Her husband was white. If this man’s seed was the one to get her pregnant her husband would surely find out it wasn’t his. But it was too late, he buried his cock as deep as he could and with a massive moan and grunt he released his first shot deep inside her. She screamed in pleasure, OHhhhh fuuuck baby yeesssss! She could feel his powerful blast like a hose going off inside her, one thick long continuous blast of cum, followed by another…and another! He pulled half way out of her before plunging back inside her all the way again to blast 2 more huge ropes of cum deep in her cervix reaching all the way to the depths of her uterus.

He pulled his big black cock out shimmering with her juices and spotted white with cum too. She sat there, mouth gaped still rubbing her clit when she reached her other hand down to hold any leaking cum inside her as she erupted into another orgasm, shaking and screaming, with more men standing there watching her shake and twitch like a hungry little cum slut.

Exhausted from her orgasm her arms and legs collapsed and she sat there on the couch in a heep. Panting hard and completely drained she decided to just lay there and let them have their way with her.

Another man came up and grabbed her limp body and flipped her over and shoved her face into the couch cushion. He reached under her and raised her ass into the air. She didn’t even fight it. She laid there face down ass up awaiting another load to be dumped inside her.

He climbed on top of her and put one foot on the couch next to her knee and the other one he used to step on the side of her head holding her face to the cushion as he plunged his cock into her creamy mess of a pussy.

Still limp she just laid there as three more men had their turns pumping their loads into her pussy. She had lost count how many guys had cum inside her and frankly she didn’t care anymore.Two more men even took to her lesser used asshole. Again she didn’t care or fight it anymore. She just laid there too tired to even rub her clit again.

She couldn’t even hold her ass up in the air anymore, she collapsed completely onto the couch. Only a few more men remained and they were still eager to blast their loads off. Unwilling To move she laid there as they came up trying to force their cocks in her mouth. Without the energy to even open her throat for another face fucking they opted for just unloading straight into her open mouth.

Finally the men were gone and it was just her. She was exhausted. Her pussy and her ass were sore. She felt like there was a constant flow of cum oozing out of her holes. She thought about Greg and how much she loved him. The guilt of what she had done started rushing back to her. She tried to reassure herself she did this for them. For him. Laying there in her exhausted state she eventually drifted off into sleep and passed out right there on the couch still naked and covered and oozing with cum……

To be continued….

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