Deep Dive Pt. 01

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(Part 1 – EDITED)

We’d known each other for many years, getting together about once a month.

Kate had been cutting my unruly head of hair for more than a decade. When we first met, she was in her twenties: sharp, lively, full of questions and ideas. Often, as she worked, we’d talk about everything under the sun: travel, politics, cooking, music. At other times, we said very little, preoccupied with our separate lives and problems. But every time we saw each other, we connected.

Occasionally, Kate would let her guard down, and speak about the more intimate parts of her life: who she was seeing, how her relationships were unfolding, her joys and frustrations.

Usually, I chalked these moments of candor up to her youth and enthusiasm. But I wasn’t always sure. I couldn’t figure out if she simply saw me as an older man that she could safely confide in, or as a more intimate friend, whose company she enjoyed.

She was very attractive: 5’6″, lean and fit, with blue eyes and long, brown hair that curled down around her shoulders. Always well dressed in an understated way, she was impeccably put together. Every time I saw her, I arrived intrigued, and left stimulated.

Beneath our easy familiarity, though, was another presence: a tension that sometimes sparked through our conversations, particularly when we talked about our past lives and loves.

Sometimes, late at night, I wondered if we could have been an item in a different life. I was very attracted to her, but always shied away from saying anything that might make her uncomfortable.

More that once, she asked about my property in the country. As tempting as it was to invite her for a visit, my floundering marriage quickly ruled that out. At least, it did until the marriage finally ended.

Newly single, I finally screwed up the courage to ask Kate if she’d like to come for dinner and a swim. She was always welcome to use the guest room, if she wanted to stay over.

To my surprise, she didn’t hesitate for a moment, and readily accepted. She seemed genuinely pleased by the invitation, and we agreed to get together the following weekend.


Her car drove through the woods and up the winding the driveway at 4:00 PM.

It was a warm June day: blue skies, a light breeze – good weather for sitting outside.

She gracefully stepped out of the car. I was surprised by how she was dressed, compared to how she looked at the salon.

Instead of heels, a fashionable dress, and perfectly styled hair, she looked far more casual: leather sandals, a short skirt that showed off her slender legs, a loose, partly unbuttoned blouse, her hair gathered up off her neck.

She waved, called out “Hi!” and walked to the house, smiling.

“Hey!” I said. “So glad you could finally make it.”

She stopped, turned a slow 360, and looked at the tall white pines surrounding the house.

“This is fabulous!” she commented. “So green and private.”

She walked to the front deck, stepped up to me, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m glad I could make it too.”

She pulled back, looked around again, dropped her overnight bag on the deck and asked: “A quick tour?”

We walked around the outside of the house, looking at the gardens, the sunken hot tub, and the pool. She seemed pleased.

Stepping inside, I toured her through the downstairs. Walking behind her, I admired how well put together she looked: tanned, fit, and self-assured.

I also noticed, as she bent over to drop her bag in the guest room, that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Leaning down, her blouse billowed out, giving a brief, revealing view of her small but lovely breasts. As she straightened up and glanced at me, I could have sworn her nipples were hard. My cock twitched ever so slightly. I smiled awkwardly, not sure if she’d seen me peeking, and turned away towards the kitchen.

“Something to drink?” I asked.


Settling into the Adirondack chairs outside, we sipped our wine, and enjoyed the sunshine. We made small talk: the gardens, the property, how I liked living so far out in the country.

“The hot tub,” Kate asked. “Do you use it often?”

“Almost daily,” I replied.

“Nice,” she said. “No neighbours around?”

“Not for half a mile or so.”

“Fabulous,” she said. “So you don’t have to worry about prying eyes”.

“Exactly – same goes for the pool.”

“Lovely. Could I use them later?”


“Great,” she said, but looked a bit perplexed.

“Question?” I asked.

“No. Well, yes… I forgot that you had a pool. I didn’t bring anything to wear for swimming.”

“Ah,” I replied. In my minds eye, I imagined her diving buck-naked into the water. As if. “I have some shorts that might fit, and a T-shirt you could use”.

“Terrific!” she responded, smiling at me. “That would work.”


After a light meal on the screen porch, we cleared away the dishes, and she asked, “So, Maltepe Escort swim time?”

“Absolutely,” I responded. “I’ll just run upstairs for the shorts and shirt.”

I returned with the clothing, and she headed off to the guest room to change. The thought of her climbing out of the pool, braless, in a clinging wet T-shirt, suddenly popped into my head. Once again, my prick tingled. Down, boy I thought to myself.

“Ready?” she called out from the back of the house.

“Coming,” I replied.

I walked out to the pool, and found her standing by the stairs. I was shocked. She was wearing the T-shirt tied tightly up under her breasts, showing off her toned, flat stomach. Even more surprising: she was wearing a pair of thin lace panties – not my shorts.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “The shorts were just too big. They probably would have come off on the first dive. Do you mind?”

“No. No… not at all,” I quickly replied. I glanced down at her thighs. I thought I could see the tiniest damp spot forming in the cleft between her legs.

Quickly flicking my eyes back to her face, I saw her smiling slightly. I took a deep breath, gestured towards the pool, and said, “Feel free.”

She turned, and walked gracefully around the pool to the deep end. I stood silently, admiring her beautifully shaped ass as she walked away from me. This woman was amazing.

At the deep end, she turned and looked at me. Stretching up on her toes, she reached her hands above her head and arched her body back slightly. Her nipples poked against the T-shirt. Her panties – the moist patch now clearly visible even from the other end of the pool – clung to her like gauze.

She bent forward, breathed out, and dove. It was a lovely sight. She cut gracefully into the water, and swam towards me.

“Ahhhh!” she cried out as she reached the pool steps. “Wonderful!”

She stood up in the shallow end, the water up to her waist and the T-shirt now almost see-through. Her breasts were outlined through the wet fabric; aureoles and nipples clearly defined. My cock was stiffening against my will. I hoped she didn’t notice the growing bulge in my jeans.

“Coming in?” she asked.

I stood, transfixed.

“Everything OK?” she asked.

I shook my head slightly. “Uh – I’ll have to go look for a suit,” I replied.

“Do you wear one when you’re here on your own?” she quickly asked.

“Not – not usually. No neighbours around.”

“So don’t!”

My throat tightened.

“You sure?”

“Sure! Like you said, feel free!” She giggled at her double entendre.

Thoughts raced through my head. I desperately wanted to join her in the pool, but my cock was now up well past half-mast, and I didn’t want her to see me that way.

After a few moments, unable to come up with a good reason not to dive in, I walked slowly around the pool to the deep end.

“OK,” I said.

As she watched, I unbuttoned my shirt and shrugged it off. Kicked off my thongs. Unbuckled my belt, and slowly started unzipping my jeans. I froze for a moment, suddenly remembering that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. As my jeans dropped, my semi-erect prick popped into view. I heard a sharp intake of breath, and looked up. She was definitely focused on what I was doing. A small smile played across her lips.

“Commando!” she exclaimed.

Quickly, I bent over and dove down into the deep end, glad to be under water with my burgeoning cock now hidden out of sight.

I swam to her at the shallow end.

“Nice,” she said.

I looked at her questioningly. “Hmm?”

“Your dive,” she replied. “You’re a good diver.”

“You too,” I replied.

“Ha! Looks like we both enjoy a deep dive,” she said.

She turned and walked up the pool steps. Her panties – sheer to begin with – now clung to her like the thinnest silk. The shadow between her legs was clearly visible from behind as she bent over to pick up her sandals.

My cock was now fully erect, and I didn’t know what to do next.

She turned back and looked at me standing in the shallows. Her eyes glanced quickly down into the water at my waist. I wasn’t sure what she could see. A moment passed. “I’ll get us some more drinks,” she said. “Hot tub next?” and walked back towards the kitchen.

I scrambled out of the pool and scampered over to my jeans. Awkwardly pulling them up over my erection, I crab-walked over to the hot tub and opened the cover.

As I finished, she came back around the corner, drinks in hand.

Again, I was speechless. She looked stunning. My cock refused to ease off – straining stiffly in my pants. Her wet panties clung to her cleft, the carefully trimmed dark patch clearly visible through the fabric.

She stole a quick glimpse at my bulge, smiled slightly, and handed me my drink. She stepped gracefully down into the tub.

“Mmmm,” she said as she settled in. “Perfect. You?”

I nodded, put my drink down on the side of the tub, and tried to figure out how to drop my pants Anadolu Yakası Escort and join her without my cock flopping around like a horny teenager.

I turned away, slipped off my jeans, and – as gracefully as possible given the circumstances -angled sideways into the tub, trying desperately to hide my erection.

“Nice ass for a guy your age,” she joked as I sat facing her from the other side of the tub.

I reddened with embarrassment, and shook my head.

“No really,” she responded. “You’re in good shape. I thought you’d be.”

Looking at her, I didn’t know what to say. “You too,” I responded awkwardly. “Even better than I thought… and that’s saying something.”

“Thanks!” she giggled, and raised her glass in a toast.

We lounged silently in the warm water for the next few minutes, enjoying the wine and the late-day sun. My rock-hard prick bobbed away under water. Judging by her repeated glances, it was obviously visible from where she sat. And I realized that I didn’t care anymore. What will be will be, I thought to myself.

“Does this thing have jets?” she suddenly asked.

Wordlessly, I reached over to the control board, and hit a button. The jets came roaring to life.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, and gently shivered. “I love these things. So… I don’t know… relaxing and exciting at the same time.” She wiggled slightly, positioning her back against a massage jet.

“Does it also have a bubbler?”

I nodded, reached over again, and switched the bubbler on. A strong jet of foaming water surged up from the bottom of the tub.

Kate smiled, put her drink down, and slowly eased herself out into the middle.

“Lovely,” she murmured, positioning herself directly above the bubbler. “Just lovely.”

She slowly lowered herself into a kneeling position, legs slightly apart, with a dream-like expression on her face.

“I’ve been looking forward to this,” she said, looking at me intently, then half-closing her eyes.

My prick – still under water but now only six inches away from her, pulsed with excitement.

“Mmmm. So nice.” I could see her gently moving her hips back and forth above the jet, legs now further apart. “I could do this all day”.

Again I said, “Feel free,” and settled back, watching her slowly sway with pleasure. I badly wanted to grab my cock, but held back. I really didn’t know where things were going from here.

Her eyes, now closed, suddenly flicked open, looking directly at me. She shuddered ever so slightly, let out a small gasp, and then sat back.

“And that is enough of that, for now,” she said, smiling. “But it just feels so fucking good.”

I was startled at her choice of words.

She suddenly stood, picked up her wine, and stepped up out of the tub.

As she stretched her leg over the side to get out, I saw the unmistakable signs of pale white fluid seeping out from either side of her panty crotch. I was stunned. She’d just gotten herself off. In front of me. Only inches away.

She walked away to the guest room, calling casually back over her shoulder, “I’m going to dry off and change. See you in the living room?”


A few minutes later, after getting dressed again and squaring things away outside, I walked into the house. She was sitting sideways at one end of the leather couch, knees pulled up, resting her back against one of the rolled arms. She’d changed into a short, low-cut, summer dress. Her hair tumbled down around her shoulders. Gorgeous.

Taking her lead, I sat facing her at the other end of the couch. I glimpsed a fresh pair of white panties peeking out at me from between her demurely gathered legs.

Refilling our wine glasses, I leaned back and looked at her.

“So… What next?” I asked.

She paused for a second. “Tell me a story.”

“A story?”

“Mmm. Over the years, you’ve told me so many interesting things about what you’ve done, where you’ve been. Tell me more.”

“About what, specifically?”

“I don’t know… tell me more about – let’s see – tell me more about Margot. That seemed to be a really challenging time for you”.

“Margot?” I asked, surprised. “What do you want to know?”

“I don’t know – why were you attracted to her? What kept you in such a difficult relationship? What was it that drew you to her?”

My mind raced back more than 20 years. Margot had been my first serious relationship, and my first great heartbreak. Normally shy and soft-spoken, she became a completely different person when she drank. To quote her, after three drinks she started feeling like “a cat in heat, pacing in a cage.”

“Well,” I replied, collecting my thoughts. “The sex was unbelievable. That’s probably my strongest memory.”

“I remember you said something about that once. How do you mean?”

“Hmm?” My cock, which had subsided since the hot tub, suddenly stirred again.

“Unbelievable in what way?”

“She just… had an incredible sex drive when she drank. Ümraniye Escort She had two personalities: quiet and reserved when she was sober, but completely uninhibited with men – and women – when she wasn’t.”

“Huh. So she was bi?”

“Very,” I replied. “She liked group sex, too.” Memories of our encounters raced through my head.

“And was she pretty?”

“Yes. Very. Willowy. Thin waist and hips, beautiful breasts…”

Kate interrupted my reverie. “Huh. So tell me about your most memorable time with her.” She sounded almost impatient.

“Most memorable time…” I stumbled.

“The best one. The most erotic one,” she responded.

Kate’s face and neck seemed slightly flushed. She was gently bouncing her knees together.

“And don’t leave out any juicy details,” she added, with a conspiratorial grin.

I thought for a few seconds, wondering how much Kate actually wanted to hear. This whole situation felt increasingly surreal. Over the years, we’d told each many things about our past relationships – but never anything like this.

“Everything?” I asked.

“Everything,” she nodded.

“OK…” I said, deciding to push forward. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, my prick whispered to me.

“Well, one night, she brought home a very attractive waitress from a bar. They were both loaded to the gills, and things just seemed to take off from there.”


“The three of us were sitting in the living room, telling stories about ourselves. Out of the blue, Margot mentioned how she used to love ‘tit-flashing’ truck drivers when she was a teenager. One thing led to another, and we dared Margot to tit-flash us. She went one better, and just whipped her top off completely – no bra – and proudly sat there on display.”

“Nice breasts?”

“Beautiful. She was incredibly well put together. 35-22-34. Very attractive. The sort of sexual presence that turned the heads of men and women when she walked into a room.”

“A nicer body than mine?” Kate interjected.

“No… no… not at all. Different. I mean, I haven’t actually seen yours – at least, not all of you,” I smiled. “But your body is equally lovely. Hers was just… different.”

“OK… So, then what happened?”

“Well, Margot dared the girl to tit-flash us back. Without hesitating, she followed Margot’s lead, and whipped her top off as well. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on the couch with two half-naked women. Things were starting to get interesting.”

Kate was looking at me intently, breathing more deeply. Her knees continued to tap together, move apart, tap together. I could see more and more flashes of her panties.


“And they did. Margot stood up and left the room. The next thing we heard was water running in the bathtub. She came back out to the living room, now totally naked. She walked up to the girl, cupped her breasts in her hands, and kissed her.”


“Then she took the girl by the hand, and led her away to the bathroom.”

Kate squeezed her legs together. “And what did you do?”

“I followed them.”

“Still clothed?”



“Yes – well… I never told you this, but I love to watch.”

“Ah-ha!” She smiled, as if this confirmed something she already suspected.

“So I stripped down, changed into a bath robe, and joined them.”

“All three of you in the tub?” Kate gasped. Her right hand began slowly moving up her body from her belly towards her breasts. Her left hand, still in her lap, was gently clenching and unclenching. Her breathing – now noticeably faster – matched the rhythmic squeezing of her legs.

“No – they were in the tub. I put the toilet lid down, and sat there watching.”

“Watching what?” Her right hand was now over her left breast. She seemed to be gently caressing it.

“Watching them.”

“Watching them do what?” she giggled, exasperated.

‘Well, they were lying side by side, slowing soaping each other. Margot was a fanatic for cleanliness – especially with someone she was getting ready to fuck. I noticed her hands working her way down the girl’s body to…

“Her pussy?”

“Yes. To her pussy. The next thing I knew, the girl’s legs were spreading open, and Margot was soaping her clit.”

“Oh…” Kate squeezed her breast more firmly now, and the hand in her lap began to gently ruck up her dress. Little by little, more of her panties came into view.

“Then Margot slowly eased two fingers into her…”


“…and the girl began fondling Margot too. The two of them were getting quite into it. Margot finally looked over at me and said, “So, big man… are you going to show us yours?”

“Really? And did you?”

“Mmmm. By that time I was rock hard. I pulled open my robe and exposed myself. Margot said, “Use some oil,” so I grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the counter, slathered it on my cock, and began jacking away, watching them while they necked and fingered each other.”

“Jesus!” Kate’s legs were now wider apart, and her left hand was slipping firmly down over her mound. I could see her index finger rubbing against the white fabric in a slow, up-and-down motion. Then I noticed the plastic snaps on the crotch of her panties. My heart skipped a beat.

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