Dee And Max

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This is a story of HighSchool Cheerleaders Disiplining one of their own.
It contains bondage, humiliation and beastiality. If this is not your bag, or you are not an adult stop reading now.


Dee removed her sweat soaked uniform, and stuffed it in her gym bag. Naked she walked into the shower stalls. She did not notice at the time that none of her squad had changed out of their cheerleading outfits, and that no one besides herself had entered the showers. Her mind was occupied with the game our team had just lost. The homecoming celebration had been a disaster. No one wanted to party after a game when they lost.

She showered alone, washing quickly so she could avoid the rest of the team. She was down enough without having to face those losers. They had practiced until they were beat perfect with each routine. Then come the night of the big game, and they choke on each and every cheer. They had even dropped her when they formed the pyramid, letting her fall on her ass in front of the whole town.

Dee turned off the shower and returned to her locker. The other members of the cheerleading squad were still in uniform. Their eyes followed her as she crossed to her locker to dress. The padlock on her locker had been turned around so that the dial was facing inward. A sophomoric joke played on freshmen. She looked around at the girls none of them were smiling at the prank.

“Very funny” She snarled as she bent down to dial the combination. Loretta and Jamie stepped beside her and grabbed her arms. “You won’t need anything from in there.” Cathy said from behind her.

“We have put up with all we are going to take from you.” The Dark haired girl continued. She had the dark complexion of her black Irish ancestors with the temperament to match. “Red, Jay, drag the bitch to the van. Shelly has it running and ready to roll.”

Loretta, a redhead and tall, was also of Irish decent. With her sister Jamie, a tall blonde, pulled the necked Indian girl from the school gym. The rest of the squad ran ahead of them to make sure the path to the waiting van was clear. The girl struggled as she was unceremoniously tossed to the floor of the squad’s bus, but was no match for the two sisters.

Her face was red with anger as the girls piled into the van. To further humiliate her, they made her sit on the floor with the team mascot, Max, a large black lab, who insisted on putting his massive head in her lap while they rode to their destination.

Michelle pulled the van into her driveway. Jamie, and Loretta, led their captive into the large house. Shelly and Cathy locked the doors and pulled all the shades down, insuring privacy for the party.

Dee was laid across the coffee table in the living room with her elbows tied to her knees beneath it. Tears ran down her cheeks as Dee sobbed over and over “Why are you doing this to me?”

Cathy sat on the couch, her knees on either side of Dee’s head as she spoke. “You have behaved like Queen Shit for the last time, Miss Tompkins. You have publicly humiliated each and every one of us. Now it is time for you to pay up. Loretta you are senior you go first.”

“It will be a pleasure.” The red haired girl said as she stepped behind Dee holding a wooden paddle. She delivered three hard swats to the up turned ass of the bound girl, then handed the paddle to her little sister. “She has ridden you the hardest, your turn.”

Jamie took the maple wood paddle and with an evil smile stepped into position behind Dee. The blonde swung the paddle so hard that she drove Dee’s face into Cathy’s lap. Not one to miss a chance. Cathy pulled the crotch of her purple shorts aside, baring her clean shaved pussy.

“Show me how sorry you are Bitch, and I won’t paddle you.” She told the naked cheerleader.

“Don’t make me do that.” Dee begged. Another hard paddle landed on her already sore bottom, bushing her face into Cathy’s crotch. Dee yelped then began licking the Sex hikayeleri smooth skinned pussy.

“So the bitch is a cunt sucker after all” Michelle stated taking her place behind Dee.

“Maybe I should aim a little lower” She tapped the edge of the paddle against Dee’s pussy mound.

“No, no. Not there. Don’t paddle me there.” The girl cried.

Cathy grabbed the back of her head and shoved Dee’s face into her crotch. “Shut up and lick.”

Shelly spread the girl’s cunt lips with the paddle and rubbed the rough wood through her slit “That’s right bitch eat that pussy. Then you are going to give each member of the team head. You are going to make everyone on the squad cum with your mouth and I am going to make a movie of it.”

Shelly swung the paddle, hitting the tied girl square on her pussy. She then pulled her father’s video camera out and began filming. She made sure to get a good clean shot of Dee as she licked the pussy of each girl, but managed to avoid the faces of the others.

After Dee licked her to orgasm, Cathy moved from the couch to let the other girls have their turns. While the other members of the cheering squad were either being orally serviced by Dee or paddling her, Cathy stepped out to the bus to fetch Max. She led him into the living room and held him until Dee had licked all of the girls to climax.

“You are not done yet Bitch. You have told us over and over that Mad Max is one of the squad” Cathy led the dog between the sofa and Dee. “Suck him off too” She told her. “Shell, be sure to get some good shots of her sucking the dog’s cock.”

Dee’s face was red and wet with tears and pussy juice. She sniffled and cried, “Please, please untie me. Don’t make me do that. Please, don’t make me suck the dog.”

Cathy stroked the dogs sheath encased cock getting him hard. “Oh you are going to suck Max’s cock” she told Dee. “You’re going to suck his cock and swallow his cum.”

The dog’s dick slowly came to life as he licked the face of his lover to be. Dee struggled against her bonds as Cathy stroked dog’s cock. “I will give you a choice. Max fucks your face or your cunt. Which is it?”

Jamie slid her hand down over Dee’s ass and between her legs as the dark haired girl struggled against her bonds. “She is wet, wet enough to fuck. Oh, she is tight. Dee are you still a virgin?” Jamie asked.

“How about it Bitch, You want Mad Max to take your cherry?” Cathy asked.

“God nooo not that” Dee cried out.

Jamie slapped Dee’s back, and the large black dog jumped up putting his front legs onto the coffee table straddling the helpless cheerleader. Cathy tells the girl, “You either suck dog cock or Jamie paddles your cunt till you do” she then held the dog’s penis guiding it into Dee’s mouth. “Suck on him, lick it with your tongue.” She said.

Dee wrapped her lips around the long pink shaft. The dog humped driving his entire length down her throat. Dee choked as it swelled in her mouth filling her throat even more. As the shaft moved in and out of her throat, she could feel little spurts of precum spraying from the end of the dog’s prick. A look of pure humiliation covered her face when she looked up and saw the lens of Shelly’s camcorder not a foot from her cock filled mouth.

“Make him cum in your mouth Bitch” she herd one of them say.

Max fucked her face faster and faster, humping his huge dog cock into her mouth. When she thought that she had taken all of it a large bulge at the base of it slammed into her lips.

“Take it all bitch” Cathy commanded. “Open wide and take it all.”

The dog’s Knot was at least twice as thick around as the cock shaft. Dee opened her mouth as wide as she could and the dog fucked his knot in filling her mouth. The girls surrounding her ooed and awed giggling and squealing with delight as they watched Dee orally raped. Max shoved his cock deep into her mouth spraying dog cum directly down Dee’s throat. She felt each pulse as her stomach filled with his semen. She no longer gagged her throat having been assaulted for so long. She Sikiş hikayeleri laid exhausted her jaws cramping around the huge dog knot.

When his knot deflated enough, Max pulled it from her mouth the last of his seed dribbling over Dee’s lips as she panted for breath.

“Good boy Max” Cathy cooed. She scooped cum up with her finger and poked it into Dee’s mouth “swallow it all little bitch.”

“From now on I own you. You will do what you are told when you are told. Understand Little Bitch? You give any of us any grief; we will play this tape over the school cable.” Cathy told her holding the camcorder in Dee’s face.

“Yes” Dee sighed. Tears rolling down her face again.

Cathy then kissed Dee hard on the lips before untying her. “Next time we will 69 so you can get off too” she told her. Dee screamed and ran from the room.

Jamie followed her and drove the cheerleader home. When she returned to Shelly’s house she found the squad had disbursed.

Deedee returned to school the following week a changed person. No longer the over baring taskmaster she would ask the squad for suggestions on what new cheers to add to the roaster, or what they thought of new steps. The cheerleaders seemed to be getting along a lot better. None of them even mentioned the tape until a month later when Cathy cornered her in the locker room.

“7:00 my place be there and do not be late” Cathy told her.

“I’ve got a date tonight. Cat I can’t make it” she replied.

“Break it Little Bitch” Cathy told her, “Or I play my movie for your boyfriend.”

Cathy pulled her tight against her and kissed her. Grabbing her ass as she broke the kiss she then walked away leaving her standing there dumbfounded.

That evening after explaining to her boyfriend that she had to help one of her teammates with a new cheer they were working on she went over to Cathy’s. Dee was reluctant to knock when she reached the front door. She tapped on the hardwood door lightly hoping that Cathy would not be home.

Cathy answered the door on the first knock. Her long brunette hair was tied in a ponytail. She was dressed or rather undressed, as all she was warring was a long tee shirt. “Oh hi Denise I am glad you could make it. Come in, come in” She smiled waving her arm invitingly.

Dee walked in, hesitantly. She then asked Cathy, why she had asked her over?

“Would you like something to drink?” Cathy asked, ignoring Dee’s question. “Cola or tea, I have some beer and some vodka if you prefer.”

“No thank you Cat” She answered. “But I would like to know why you forced me to brake my date and come over here?”

Cathy told the girl to follow her and led Dee up stairs to her bedroom. “Get undressed Little Bitch.” She commanded. As Dee removed her clothes, Cathy laid down on the bed with her legs spread wide. “Now Little Bitch, I want you to 69 with me” Cathy told her. “Climb up here and lower your sweet pussy to my mouth and I will eat you while you eat me.”

The Indian girl crawled onto the bed and lay down over Cathy settling her crotch to the blond’s face as she was ordered before reluctantly lapping at her pussy.

Cathy licked with practiced finesse. Spreading the girl’s vulva with her fingers she fucked her tongue into Dee’s wet hole and nibbled her erect clit. However opposed to girl on girl sex, Dee’s body responded to Cathy’s assault. Dee quickly adapted and mimicked lick for lick giving what she received.

Sliding her finger to Dee’s vagina Cathy found the girl’s cherry still intact. She rubbed her finger around the obstruction, pushing gently on it while she hummed on Dee’s clit causing the girl to hump her pussy against her mouth.

Dee felt her orgasm building. She knew it was close. Her hips ground her virgin cunt against Cathy’s face. Until now she had thought the girls come-ons in the locker room had been innocent playing. Now with her face covered with Cathy’s cum juice she knew different. She pushed the index finger of her right hand into Cathy’s pussy, finger fucking her as she felt the tremors of Erotik hikaye orgasm roll over her.

Cathy’s juices flowed from her covering Dee’s chin and cheeks. She lapped up all the cum cleaning Cathy’s box as her own climax hit her. She wrapped her arms around Cathy and closed her thighs tight around her head, as she came.

“Thank you Little Bitch. That was tasty.” Cathy licked her lips and pulled herself from the arms of her guest. “But that isn’t why I wanted you to come over tonight.”

“You are tasty to Cat.” Dee replied. “I’m not into girls though and only did this because you blackmailed me.”

“You are not into boys either. Actually boys have not been into you. You’re cherry” Cathy stated.

“Well at least I am by choice. My boyfriend and I decided to wait until the right time.” She defended herself.

“You decided, you mean.” Cathy retorted. “I just bet if you spread your legs he would climb on. Now get on your knees and put your face down in the pillow.” She opened the door that connected her room to the bath room and let Max out. The Labrador bounded into the room.

“Keep your face in the pillow, Little Bitch” Cathy commanded and led the dog up onto the bed behind her. “You are going to enjoy this.”

Max stuck his muzzle into Dee’s wet crotch. His long black tongue swirled over her pussy licking her from her clit to her asshole. Dee moaned and wiggled her ass desperately trying to escape the beast’s tongue. She cried into the pillow as she felt the heat of orgasm begin to grow in her womb. The dog’s tongue probed into her asshole sending shivers through her body. To her surprise the dog stopped licking her. Dee pushed her ass back seeking more of his pleasuring. Max was ready to mount the bitch. The dog stepped over Dee, positioning himself to penetrate the female. His front legs wrapped around her as he began to jab his cock at the small woman. Being a large dog, his aim was high. Max’s thrust drove him not into her virgin cunt, but into her slobber slicked ass. The dog humped ecstatically his hard shaft entering Dee’s tight orifice. The girl screamed as her asshole was invaded.

“Oh yeah fuck the bitch Max.” Cathy cheered as she watched the dog bugger Dee.

“Make him stop. Please make him stop. It hurts. Please stop.” Dee pleaded.

Max fucked into her pushing deeper into her ass with each thrust. His instincts told him that this bitch was in season and needed servicing. Max buried his cock in her now stretched anal cavity. With each thrust he pounded his expanded knot against her sphincter.

Remembering how it had stretched and cramped her Jaws, Dee cried out, “Oh my God, Don’t let him put that in my ass. Please Cathy it’s too big. If he forces…OH FUCKING GOD HE’S RIPPING ME” Her abused ass stretched to its limits to except the ball. Max was tied to her. Her ass closed behind the knot holding it in place. The dog’s thrusts became short fast humps, the knot holding him in.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God” Dee chanted as the dog fucked her ass.

Cathy frigged her clit and watched the animal rape Dee she finger fucked her own pussy. Dee pulled her hips forward in an attempt to dislodge the cock from her ass. The dog growled as she pulled on his imbedded tool. Then he pulled Dee back as he climaxed filling her asshole with his thick cream. Dee felt liquid fire filling her chute as the dog fucked his cum into her bowels. Cathy came on her fingers, shuddering through the orgasm while Dee cried out in agony.

Max turned away from Dee trying to pull out. The pressure of the doggy knot against her anus caused Dee to quiver but not with pleasure. Max drug the small girl down the length of the bed, but could not dislodge himself from the grip of her tight ass. Dee howled in agony as she was pulled by her asshole. The dog stepped off the bed ripping his deflating knot form the girl’s ass. A shriek escaped her throat as dog cum poured from her gapping sphincter.

Max hobbled from the room while Cathy watched his semen dribble down Dee’s thighs. She stuck her fingers into the hole feeling the slimy cum that remained there. She leaned down and whispered into Dee’s ear.

“You are still a virgin Little Bitch” She said, but you won’t be after tomorrow.”


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