Death Wish chapter 2

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I was sitting up in my bed facing the same faceless man, trying to decide what I wanted for my second wish…and worse yet who in my family would I sacrifice this time? I really didn’t want to have to kill my mother or either of my sisters, even though Kristi could be a bitch she didn’t deserve to die. I finally came up with something pretty clever and figured it was good enough so will a smile I asked.

Jason: “I want to be able to break any law or rule without fear of any kind of punishment or repercussion.”

Man: “Yes.”

Jason: “What must I do?”

Man: “Pick two to suffer. One from your family and one that you’ve known for the last five years.”

I was blown away, thinking I was going to have to choose one to kill. I guess I should be happy that nobody has to die this time, but who was I going to choose now? There were actually quite a few people that fit the criteria he had set out. I’ve been going to the same school for over five years now so basically any teacher there and most of the students in my classes could all be usable.

Jason: “How long do I have to decide?”

Man: “I will give you 24 hours with your power to enjoy then you will have to decide if you do not you will

Jason: “Sounds fair.”

Man: “I will see you at midnight tomorrow night goodnight Jason

I awoke just as before in bed with no memory of getting there on my own. I smelled the bacon and eggs Janice was cooking downstairs and I slowly migrated towards the smell. I passed Kristi in the hallway just outside my room and pinned her against the wall just for a second to slide my middle finger in her cunt as far as I could then I cleaned it off in her hair and gave her a soft slap on the face. Her face was so adorable, she knew should could do nothing now and she seemed extremely broken and depressed, I loved it. I had been blackmailing Kristi and Janice with the video tape of Kristi raping the shit out of Janice.

I pulled her by her hair toward her room and told her we were going to get her ready for school. She was currently wearing a pretty average red, low cut t-shirt and a pair of low rider jeans that really showed off her ass. I told her to get naked and she did as quickly as she could and once she was naked I started digging through her clothes. Again, being able to pause time comes in handy, I was literally able to go to any store I want and steal what I wanted her to wear and pretend like it was already in her wardrobe. I pulled out a school girl skirt that was probably no more than six inches long and I also made sure it was a size and a half too small for my sisters waist making it extra tight. The shirt I chose for her was a lulu lemon tank top again about two sizes too small to help show off her beautiful tits. The outfit didn’t really coordinate very well except for the fact that it all helped to show how slutty she was. I even made sure to give her the knee high socks, high heels, and pigtails in case any doubt was left. Slapping her ass I told her she was now ready to go to school and be a good girl for her classmates and teachers.

When I made it to the kitchen I found Janice standing over the sink doing some dishes. She was wearing a long summer dress that was completely white with flower pedals covering it and it wasn’t hard to tell she had no underwear on. Janice and Kristi had both given up on trying to find their clothing when it went missing, I had been doing that and a lot of other fun things with the ability to pause time lately. So all of that combined with the dildos appearing almost at my will I think they had both decided that I was either a god, or they had both gone insane, so between that and the blackmail I pretty much had two perfect slaves.

I walked up behind her after finishing my meal and placed my dishes in the sink on top of the other dirty ones she was washing. I started by giving her a gentle hug like a normal 13 year old son but with what she was wearing and how horny I was it didn’t take long for her to feel my bulge against her ass. I gently placed both my hands on her hips and pull her out from the sink just a little bit. Placing my foot in between her legs I forced them apart slightly and grabbing her dress hiked it up over her waist and continued to slide to now raging hard cock into her dripping wet pussy.

Jason: “Keep doing the dishes bitch you know you belong to me now right?”

Janice: “Yes honey, but please don’t call me that, Sex hikayeleri I’ll do what you want but please be nice.”

Jason: “But what if I don’t want to be nice BITCH? What I want is more important than your feelings isn’t it

Janice:”…I guess so son”

I took my cock out of her pussy and pressed it against the rim of her asshole. I teased her for a while with the head of my cock but once I was lined up and ready to go I pushed forward as hard and as fast as I could in one swift motion. I stopped after the initial plunge fully anchored in her ass I whispered in her ear.

Jason: “Who do you belong to whore?”

Janice “You, Jason”

Jason: “Oh, so close you slut” As I pulled back slightly from Janice’s asshole I placed my two thumbs on either side of my cock and began to pull with all my might. “You call me master, from now on. If anyone asks you are my slave and I own you.”

Janice: “But that’s illegal honey, I mean master.”

Jason: “Haha, Just try and call the police I bet it does no good.”

I continued to pound her tight ass while she finished up the dishes and we both almost finished in unison. I’m pretty sure the slut was cumming the entire time though. I left a giant load deep in her hole and slowly pulled out and let her dress back down. I stopped her from finishing the last dish to force her on her knees to clean my cock off in her mouth. She did it with zero hesitation and almost seemed to enjoy being told exactly how to live her life.

Jason: “I have to go to school now slut I want you to remain naked until you see me again no matter what and make sure you clean this entire house too you understand me whore?
Janice: “Yes master”

That day at school was obviously much different than any before it. There were already a few teachers that I thought deserved to suffer but for some reason it was much more tempting to choose one of the guys I had been buddies with since first grade. Many of them had hot sisters and even hotter moms so I was already thinking of what punishing them could mean. The word punish has such a wide meaning if you really stop to think about it, it all comes down to who’s making the decisions and that gets to be me from now on.

I had one friend, Jacob Kemp, his mother was a teacher at our school and really wasn’t much to look at, but he had three sisters at home than were absolutely stunning. We had known each other since kindergarten and were as loyal as two buddies could ever be. Even though I had a pretty big crush on his little sister for the last couple years I never even thought of doing anything cause I respected him too much. But knowing there would be no consequences for any of my actions of now on there were no limits anymore to what I could do.

During the last class of the day, English, I was talking with a couple of my buddies in the back of class, Jacob wasn’t there, when Ms. Kemp got pretty angry at them for making noise and told my friends to be quiet. As they apologized I stood up out of my desk and walked toward her. She ignored me and tried to continue her lecture until I began to unbutton the buttons on her blouse with one hand and the button and zipper combo on her Levi jeans with the other. Ms. Kemp was tall, 6 foot 1, with dark black hair and dark brown eyes her tits were a solid 34C but they almost seemed small on her large frame. She had never gotten much attention from men and a lot of guys in class joked about her maybe even being a lesbian.

As I undressed her in front of the class nobody said anything and I told Ms. Kemp to continue her lecture as best she could I would make sure she paid for any mistakes she made. I pulled her jeans to the floors and walked each of legs out of them. Her blouse came off one arm at a time as she passed her notes making sure not to skip a beat and continue her lesson. She was now standing in front of her class in just her bra and panties, a mismatched and well used pair that she had never expected to be showing off especially not here and now.

I undid the hook on the back of her bra and she almost flubbed a word but she caught herself and continued smoothly. Removing her underwear was even easier than the jeans and blouse so she was soon completely naked in front of her class. I moved the chair out from her behind her desk to directly behind Ms. Kemp and sat down behind her dropping my drawers as I did. I spat on my hand and applied a bit of it as Sikiş hikayeleri lubricant to my cock and slowly made her sit down on it.

I had no intention of being nice to this dumb bitch teacher though, so I never even thought about fucking her pussy. She did try to instinctually line herself so that my cock would slide into her pussy but at the last moment I moved her forward the inch or so needed to make sure the tip of my cock pressed against her ass. When she felt it she immediately tried to jump out of my grasp but it tightened and I pulled her down telling her to be brave and hang on cause this was about to happen. She complied and slowly lowered herself until the tip of my cock had begun to enter her ass.

She tried to lower herself as slowly as she could but in one big movement I yanked down on her hips and threw my hips up as hard as I could. It was the first time she completely dropped the lesson plan and stopped trying to teach the class. She screamed out in such pain, two of the teachers in neighboring classes came over to see what the problem was. When they saw it was me banging the shit out of Ms. Kemp they just closed the door and walked away it was beautiful. I couldn’t last very long ramming her tight asshole but right before I was about to blow my load I stopped and brought her down completely on my cock.

Jason: “Now class how many times do you all think Ms. Slut here has had anal sex before?”

Class: “7! No way she’s a whore like 63! Who would even bang that I bet she’s a virgin!”

Jason: “How about it Ms. Kunt? How many cocks has your ass seen before mine?”

Ms. Kemp: “None, I’ve only ever had one lover and he only ever used my vagina.”

Jason: “Haha, I remember Dave how long ago did he die now? Three years must be?”

Ms. Kemp: “Please don’t talk about him Jason. He was a good man.”

Jason: “He actually was, too bad he was married to such a whore. But I guess you’re right, we can talk about something else.

I leaned in and whispered into her ear,

Jason: “When you get home tonight I want you to tell your son that you desperately want to have sex with me you understand Ms. Kemp?”

Ms. Kemp: “Yes Jason”

Jason: “That’s master from now on”

Ms. Kemp: “Yes master”

I returned my attention completely to pounding her ass. I had thought about doing this since I was ten years old, it happened during a sleep over at Jacobs house. His mother, this whore now riding my dick, had come out of the shower completely nude in front of my wide eyes. Her body, although not put together like any super model I’ve ever seen, was still brand new to that younger version of myself so it gave me an instant erection. Ever since that vision of my best friends mom I knew I wanted to get inside her.

Her asshole was as tight as a virgin pussy maybe more. I wanted to scream thank you to Dave for dying without ever touching her tightest hole. She clearly didn’t like it, that or the humiliation I had been putting her through was getting to her because tears were now running down her cheeks in steady streams. I wiped her cheeks and rubbed her tears all over my cock, I heard on the internet it makes good lube but it didn’t do much except make her cry even more which was fine with me so I continued. I noticed that every student in the class was now paying more attention than they had probably ever given to any class at any time before now. I made sure to make direct eye contact with all the cutest girls in class that I also wanted to do this too just to make sure they saw how big my cock looked as it made its way in and out of Ms. Kemp. I thought about what Jacob would think if he could see his mother bouncing up and down on with my cock in her ass and it only took a few more thrusts before I filled her ass completely with my load, stood her back up and returned her teaching the class. Once she was back to where she was before I had my fun, minus a bit of running make up and messy hair, I packed up my stuff and walked out of class. I had all but made up my mind as to what I would do tonight when the man returned.

I walked home from school with Jacob struggling not to burst into laughter and tell him everything. I knew it would be funnier when his mom told him she wanted to fuck his best friend tonight when he got home. I had always make joking bets with Jacob about fucking his mom and his sisters he always thought I was just joking anyways but I always knew Erotik hikaye if I could I would and taking a bit of Jacobs money at the same time would just make it that much sweeter. We stood outside his house and said our goodbyes but right before I left I had to go for it.

Jason: “Hey man quick bet, if you’re mom says she wants to have sex with me not only do you have to let me do whatever I want with that ass You have to pay me $50 for ever load I blow in that whore.”

Jacob: “C’mon bro you’re starting to take this shit too far there’s not even anything in it for me if she doesn’t ask which she obviously wont you sick freak.”

Jason: “Ok man if she doesn’t ask you by midnight tonight I’ll pay you $100 tomorrow I swear.”

Jacob: “Shit man you serious?, you got yourself a deal.”

I got home from school a little earlier than normal just to make sure Janice was still naked like I had told her to be and I wanted to see how clean the house was. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door to find not only a perfectly cleaned house but my mother finishing up what looked like an enema in the bathroom upstairs with the door open, what a slut. I stood in the doorway and told her to get cleaned up before Kelly and Kristi got home from school and to start making dinner and she complied. I told her to set the table for three people tonight instead of four and she asked who would be missing the meal, I said no one would be missing the meal, she seemed confused but again didn’t question her master and did what she’d been told.

When the family joined at the table for dinner I picked up my little sister and sat her on my lap so we could eat together. Until now Kelly had seen and heard nothing of what I had done to her sister and mother she still had her beautiful childhood innocence. As I slowly fed a piece of celery into her mouth I smiled at Janice and Kristi and they both looked at me with a horrified stare. I don’t know if she could feel the bulge in my pants but I was loving the pressure he small ass was making on the top of my crotch. I got even more excited when I thought of Jacob having dinner with his mother, knowing she would soon, if she hadn’t already, be telling him she wanted to fuck me. I was loving the control I had over every woman in my life.

We finished our meals and I asked Kristi and Janice if they would clean up the dishes they of course agreed. I offered to take Kelly upstairs and get her ready for bed and they both thanked me for helping, Kelly looked excited as I had never offered to take care of her like this before. I brought her up to the bathroom and made sure she brushed her teeth and washed herself before bringing her to her bedroom to change into her pajamas. As she was trying to pick out a pair I told her than grown up girls usually go to sleep naked and she lit up with a smile bragging about how she was a grown up now since she was almost 10 now. I laughed and helped her into bed trying not to be too obvious about grazing her beautiful body against mine. I told her a beautiful story about a princess that learns she has to do what she’s told sometimes to make her prince happy. She smiled as I kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight.

After that, I went downstairs to see Janice and Kristi finishing up the cleaning and told them they could both get naked now. Dropping all their clothes on the floor where they stood I congratulated them again on becoming such good sex slaves lately. I was pretty tired though and was too excited to see the faceless man again that all I could think about was going to bed. I told them to set up a video camera and film themselves having lesbian sex on the kitchen table and I went to bed half hoping they wouldn’t do it so I could punish them, and half hoping they would so I could post it online for the laughs.

It didn’t take long after laying my head down to fall asleep. I was worried it would be like Christmas Eve when you just can’t fall asleep but the day had actually been a tiring one and I hadn’t really realized how much of a strain the decision had been putting on me the whole day. Once I was sleep the man appeared just has he had the last times. He was quick and to the point.

Man: “Who are your two to suffer?”

Jason: “From my family, I choose Kristi. For my second I choose Jacob Kemp.”

Man: “So it will be done and they shall suffer until their deaths.”

Jason: “Thank you”

Man: “It will be up to you how they suffer”

Jason: “Really…?”

That last bit really excited me but I quickly found myself waking up in bed again just as before and just as tired. Today was going to be a good day…

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