Dear Danielle

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I want to hide out where you work so I can follow you into the bathroom, pull you into a private stall, grab you by your hips and sit you up on the back of the toilet. My tongue would be probing inside of your mouth. I’d run my hands over your stomach and tits while I kissed you and position myself between your legs where I could feel your pussy getting warm and wet through your panties.

I’d unbutton your blouse and lay it open, pull your bra down off of your shoulders so your gorgeous breasts could pop out. I’d bury my face in them, licking and sucking and nibbling your hard little nipples. We’d grind against each other until our crotches were sore, and that’s when I’d shove your skirt up over your hips. You would wrap your legs around my neck as I straddled the closed toilet bowl. First I give you tiny bites down the insides of each thigh, working my way closer to your hot slit. I can smell that moist, warm musk from your pussy and I can’t wait to eat you.

I push your legs further apart so I can get to the fold where your thigh meets your soaked crotch. I lick you there, slow and wet. Your hips are shaking. You want to feel me in you so badly. I slip my thumb under your panties and start to massage you. bursa sınırsız escort I feel the warm, velvety skin quivering under my fingertips. I feel your juices leaking out of you.

“Tell me to fuck you,” I say.

Your eyes look drugged and delirious. “Fuck me!” you gasp.

I tear your panties off of your body. You lift your hips to meet my face. I pull your clit into my hot, wet mouth and flick my tongue over the tip of it. I can feel little twitches move through your tummy and roll through your hips. I rub my fingers all over your pussy, pushing the lips apart so I can see your tight little hole bursting with pleasure. I bury my tongue in it, slipping it in deep and then wriggling it so I can feel how hot and slippery you are inside.

Someone enters the bathroom and we both quiet ourselves. The woman, whoever she is, takes the stall next to us and starts to pee. I start swirling my tongue again, but slowly now. You’re trying so hard to keep your hips still, to hold in your moans. I’m torturing you. I pull my tongue out of you and suck your clit again, pulling hard on it. Your hips and legs are vibrating around my head. You want to wrap your legs bursa escort bayan around my head and squeeze my face deeper into your pussy. You want my tongue probing deep inside of you so you can come screaming on my face.

The woman in the stall next to us finally flushes. You take the opportunity to gasp while the flush is roaring.

“Make me cum!” you beg.

The woman pauses for a moment. Maybe she heard you? She listens for no more than a few seconds. Then she turns on the faucet to wash her hands.

You look at me with pleading eyes. Your still rolling your hips even though my mouth is now hovering just above your wet pussy. You can feel my breath over your clit.

Once we hear the bathroom door close and the silence comes over us, I turn you over. Now your bent over the back of the toilet, your long legs (shaved and soft) end with black stiletto-clad feet.

I lick and bite your bare ass cheeks. I give them a hard spank. You’re exilerated and shaking, desperately wanting to feel my tongue in you again. I start kissing and sucking your ass and I move slowly toward the crack. When I get there, I part your cheeks with my fingers and massage your bud. nilüfer escort It’s waxed bare and it’s so tight and little.

I plunge my tongue into your ass and work it in and out, fucking you with it. My hands each have hold of one of your ass cheeks and I’m massaging you fiercely while I eat your ass. Your legs wobble underneath you. You’re so dizzy with pleasure you think you’ll faint. You cry out when I slip two of my fingers back into your wet cunt and massage you inside. Your working your hips hard trying to grind your ass into my face and your pussy down further onto my fingers. Sweat is rolling down your back. I stop eating your ass and start licking the sweat off your back. I ask how you want to come and you tell me you want to come on my face.

I sit you back up on the back of the toilet and bury my face in your pussy again. This time you do wrap your legs around my neck and I lift your ass with my hands to bring you closer to my face. I can’t seem to get my tongue deep enough into your throbbing cunt, but I suck you and fuck you with all my might. When you come, it’s breathless and gasping. Your pussy is quivering all over my face, covering me in come. Your black stilettos are digging into my shoulder blades.

Afterwards, you straddle me on the toilet. We kiss and you lick your come off of my face. We savor your cum together. I stick my finger a little ways up your ass and wriggle it as we kiss. I spend several minutes bathing your gorgeous tits with my tongue. Your lunch hour is over and you have to back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32