Days at the beach with Sue , Haley

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This is a work of fiction and all the characters are over 18 years old. This story has incest and threesome sexual activity so if you are uncomfortable with that then this story is not for you.

I welcome feedback on this or any of my other writings, please feel free to leave comments or send me a message. I hope you enjoy the story.


Susan came out of the bedroom in her terry cloth robe and then began rubbing her wet brunette hair with a towel. “I had a great time today Brent, ” she said, “thanks again for coming.”

I looked over at my little sister, just in her 40’s but she could pass for ten years younger. “Hey, I was happy to come, and Haley will always take any opportunity to come to the beach, ” I said.

My daughter Haley was just getting in the shower, she had had just turned 18 and it was near the end of her senior year of high school just outside Atlanta. I knew Susan had asked us to come down and stay with her at the beach in March on the Florida panhandle because that was what our father always did. “Get to the beach before everyone else does, ” he would say. It did not matter if we had to miss a day or two of school, or if it was still cold in the mornings or evenings, and he was right because we usually had most of the beach to ourselves.

Those memories were happy, but I knew Susan missed our Dad since he passed away two years ago. “We had a lot of good times here, ” I said as I lit the fire in the small wood stove. Susan did not respond so I looked over to see if she heard me. She was sitting there quietly and her eyes were shining as they filled with tears, “You look just like he used to, ” she said, and began to softly cry.

“Aww, Sue!” I went over and put my arms around her. She choked back her tears and laid her head on my chest. She struggled to compose herself.

“I am sorry Brent, ” she said, “I just miss him sometimes, and seeing you there it was just like when he would stand near the stove when it was getting cold like this evening.”

“It is okay sis, ” I said, and hugged her. I tried to think of something to say to help Sue feel better, and I recalled that our father would always come out of the shower with no clothes on and dry off next to the woodstove (he told us kids it was so he could get warm while he dried off). “If I had been naked then you really would have thought it was Dad, ” I joked.

“Oh you!” she chided me. She reached down and slapped my butt. As she had leaned into me I could not help but feel her firm D cup breasts. She squeezed me and then leaned back so that her thigh slipped between my legs and started moving up. “Maybe you are as long as Dad….” Sue said as she raised an eyebrow, her leg continuing to slide towards my groin. I had forgotten how Sue always wanted to get the last laugh, and I knew she would not stop if I did not stop her. For a fleeting moment I thought about how nice that would feel, to have this gorgeous sexy woman rub her smooth tanned leg into my growing dick, but then I heard Haley in the bathroom and I pushed back from Sue.

“Ha, chicken!” smiled Sue.

“You got me this time sis, ” I replied, “but be careful how you tempt me!”

“Promises, promises…” she said and walked back to her bedroom. We had engaged in playful banter like this all our lives, but I could not deny that Sue’s body turned me on. Today on the beach she had worn a one-piece swimsuit, but it was so light and thin I could make out every minute detail on her body. Her breasts were full and round standing up from her chest. When a cool breeze came up her nipples would get hard and poke out from the large dark circles on her breasts. The suit clung to her stomach which was flat and muscular. I was guilty of examining all these details this morning on the beach whenever I thought Sue was not looking.

Another thing that likely promoted our sexual innuendo was that we were both somewhat sex-starved. Haley’s mother had died in a car wreck when Haley was little and I had all I could do to raise Haley and work full time, so I did not remarry. Sue had had a few serious boyfriends but never did get married, and she said she was not dating anyone now. All of that probably led to our ‘sexual wordplay’ cups ready to be runneth over.

Haley skipped out of the bathroom, “Your turn, ” she said. I looked over at her, my beautiful little girl who was not so little anymore. Haley had short blond hair and was trim and athletic, but she had a growth spurt in the last two years which was probably the main reason she dropped gymnastics after working on that every day for ten years. She was now 5’9″ tall and her breasts had filled out as well. If she was not my daughter I would describe her as hot, but since she was my daughter I worried about what could happen to her around boys.

As I headed to the shower Sue was heading into the kitchen and she told Haley to get dressed and help her fix supper.

As I got out of the shower I looked all over and couldn’t find a towel. bursa suriyeli escort escort I cracked the door open intending to holler for one of them to bring me a towel only to see Haley and Sue standing there staring at the bathroom door with Sue holding a towel. Sue had a smirk on her face with one eyebrow cocked up.

“Okay you win, ” I said, “please may I have that towel?”

“Did you know that your daughter does not believe me when I said that our Dad would dry off naked standing by the wood stove?” asked Sue.

“Uh, I am not sure what you are after Sue, but I need that towel, ” I replied.

“Well, all I want is for you to let Haley know that I was not telling a weird story when I said you just made a joke about something our Dad used to do all the time, ” Sue said. I looked over at Haley who had her head cocked to the side with a quizzical look on her face, and her arms crossed under a tube top with her pert nipples beginning to show. I looked back at Sue and recognized that determined look on her face.

“Okay, ” I sighed, “Dad used to get out of the shower, and come over to the woodstove and dry off completely naked right in front of us. Do I have to provide a written and signed copy of that to get the towel?”

Haley’s eyes went wide and Sue tossed me the towel and said, “Thanks.”

I then had to spend most of supper explaining to Haley that her grandfather was not a pervert. He grew up in a home with only one source of heat in a house in the Midwest where it got really cold. So it was normal for family members to be around each other at the wood stove drying off and changing clothes. Sue could see that this idea had upset Haley, and so she also helped Haley understand that it just was not that big of a deal.

I ended up on the couch with Haley curled up next to me as we watched the fire in the woodstove. Sue came into the room with her pajamas on ready for bed. Haley reached out a hand to her, “I am sorry I got upset about that stuff about Granddad, ” Haley said to Sue.

Sue sat down on the other side of me and reached across me and gently put a hand on Haley’s cheek, “I love you and your Dad very much and would never want to hurt either one of you, ” she said. Then Sue leaned across me and kissed Heather softly on her lips.

“I love you too, ” said Haley and she returned the kiss with Sue. Then Haley looked up at me with her eyes shining and said, “I love you too, Daddy.” She then put her lips on mine and gave me a tender kiss as well. After that she curled back up at my side and I pulled her in close. Then I put my arm around Sue on the other side and she snuggled up to me as well. We were all three totally exhausted from a full day on the beach and so we sat there quietly watching the flames dance in the woodstove. In a few minutes we were all three asleep together.


The morning sun playing on my eyelids caused me to wake up. As I felt the soreness from having slept sitting upright on the couch I also sensed Haley’s warm body sleeping at my side. I pulled her in closer and kissed the top of her head, “Good morning Daddy, ” she said to me.

I looked down and Sue had her head in my lap sleeping peacefully. That would have been fine, but I had developed ‘morning wood’; my rock hard eight-inch long cock was directly under Sue’s face. I began to think about how I might delicately slide out from under Sue without waking her up, but I could not think of a practical way to do that.

Then Sue began to stir, she brought a hand up next to her face and now her fingers and her cheek lay against my dick. Then she began to slide and move about as if awakening. This movement translated into wonderful sensations for me and I could not help but groan as Sue’s soft lips and hand moved on my hard shaft. Then Sue woke up and I thought I was saved from sexual surprises, …I was wrong to think that.

Sue pushed herself up facing away from Haley and me, her pajama top was bunched up and disheveled along her back, she raised her right arm up stretching and yawning. Then she put both arms down and turned to face Haley and me, “Good morning, ” she said and pivoted holding herself up on her right elbow in my lap. Her pajama top had been pulled open during the night and both her glorious breasts were now on full display to Haley and I. I could not help but drink in the sight of those tits, the large well-defined circles around each nipple, the full roundness of each tit as it hung and swayed, and the golden tan covering her entire chest. I could feel Haley perfectly still by my side knowing her face was no more than a foot away from her aunt’s uncovered tits.

Sue looked at me drowsily and asked, “What are you all staring at?” Then she looked down and saw her boobs completely uncovered, she made no move to cover herself up. Slouching down slightly so that one of her tits swung down and rested on my thigh she said to Haley, “I am sure you have seen bursa ucuz escort plenty like these.” Then she leaned back and proudly pushed out her tits towards me, she looked at my face, looked down at her tits, and looked back at me. “Brent, it makes my tits feel good to have you look at them like that, ” she said.

Then Sue lifted herself up and said, “let’s get ready to go to the beach, ” and off she went to her bedroom. Haley got up slowly and I could see her cheeks were flushed red as she was blushing from that encounter with her aunt. As she rolled off the couch she reached out to steady herself on my leg, and put her hand right on top of my erect cock. Her eyes widened, but instead of immediately pulling her hand off she let it rest there a moment feeling the size of my big dick.

“Sue was right, time to get ready to go to the beach!” I said and twisted out from under Haley’s hand.


After breakfast and getting ready it was 10:00 am by the time we were making our way to a favorite spot on the Gulf. I was following Sue and Haley carrying most of our gear, but the view was not bad as I watched their bikini bottoms sway back and forth as we trudged through the white sand. We got our umbrella, towels and cooler set up, and since it was a Wednesday in March there was not another person in sight on this stretch of beach.

We spent some time swimming and playing in the waves as they rolled in. I found myself standing next to Sue and she reached over and ran her fingers down my chest to my stomach. “Nice pecs and abs!” she noted. “Have you been working out more?”

“I have some weights in the garage and I have a pretty good daily routine that I’ve been able to keep up the last few years, ” I replied enjoying the feeling of Sue’s hand stroking up and down my body. Then a splash covered both Sue and me, and we heard Haley’s laughter.

“I figured I better cool off my Dad’s smoking hot body!” grinned Haley.

We swam some more and then ended up on our towels laying face down soaking up the sunshine. I caught snatches of their conversation, and from what I could hear Sue and Haley were talking about boys and relationships. I was happy that Haley felt comfortable enough around Sue to talk about those sorts of things. Sue reached around and untied the back of her bikini top to assure the tan on her back would be even, Haley did likewise for herself.

After about 30 minutes Sue turned over to get some sun on the other side, and her gorgeous full bosom came into view. I quickly scanned up and down the beach and made sure we were still by ourselves. Haley followed suit and turned over too exposing her perky tits to the sunshine as well. They continued to chat enjoying each other’s company as I enjoyed the view.

Sue’s full fleshy breasts spread out, reclining somewhat into her body. Her large areola covered the top of each tit. She continued talking which made her round boobs shake making them even sexier.

As amazing as Sue’s chest was I found myself looking more and more at Haley. Her tits were firm and round standing up off her body. As she moved they would jiggle and quiver. Her nipples were pulled up tightly off the small brown circles around them. I began to think about what it would be like to put a hand around one of Haley’s tits and squeeze that firm globe. I could see myself taking that hard nub of a nipple between my lips and pulling it up, stretching it out from that young titty. I imagined Haley moaning with delight as I sucked and licked both of her breasts. I did my best to put these thoughts out of my mind, that was my daughter for Christ’s sake!…but my eyes kept wandering back to her nubile young body.

Even with these conflicting thoughts, what I was seeing made my dick strain against my suit. Looking down across my abs I could see my full eight inches extending across my body. I am sure that both girls had to have noticed my dick throbbing with excitement.


After dinner Haley and I made our way back to the couch again enjoying the soft glow from the fire. Sue came in the room with a squeeze bottle of aloe lotion, “I’m bushed and I think I got too much sun, ” Sue said.

Sue squeezed out some lotion and rubbed it into the back of her neck. As she was reaching back she flinched with discomfort and looked down at her chest, “Wow, I may have burnt my nipples, ” she said. Sue put down the bottle and reached up to the top button on her pajamas, as she absentmindedly began to loosen it she asked Haley, “Did you get burned too?”

Haley looked down her top, ” I dunno, ” she said.

Sue continued to her next button and unfastened it. I was watching with a mixture of hopeful anticipation and thinking that I needed to stop this. Then she unbuttoned the next button and the full curve of her breasts came in to view. She put her hands on the last button and began to work it loose.

“Uh, Sue?” I questioned her, “maybe you don’t need bursa üniversiteli escort to get undressed here.”

“What?” Sue replied. “Oh Brent, it is not that big of a deal. It is nothing different than you saw on the beach all day today.” She gave me a look that said she knew I had been checking out both of their bodies as they laid topless in the sun.

“Sue, I just want us all to feel comfortable here, ” I responded.

Sue’s voice got sharper, “Brent, you do not need to tell me.., ” and that is when Haley interrupted.

“Oh my God!” Haley interjected. “Would you two give it a rest?” Haley turned to me and put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Dad, it is okay. I know you are trying to watch out for me, and I love that, but this is okay.” Then Haley turned to Sue and said, “You know what, I did get a little burned up front too.”

Haley put both arms over her head and then crossing them reached back down and took hold of the seams at her shoulders. In an easy fluid motion she lifted off her top and looked down at her bare tits. “I could use some lotion right here, ” Haley said putting her hands under her tits. “Sue would you put some on them for me?”

Sue squeezed out some lotion and Haley got up on her knees, turned towards Sue looking across me, and put her arm around my shoulder. Her perfect young tits were right in front of me with her nipples right at my eye level. Sue reached out and put some lotion on Haley’s breasts, and then began to slowly rub it in. Sue’s hands made easy circles on each of those firm upturned breasts, she started at the outside and worked her way up to the nipples. Sue ended with each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and she took her time rubbing back and forth, pulling and stretching out each one. My dick was so hard it was almost painful.

“You have a beautiful body, ” said Sue looking up at Haley.

Then Haley turned her glistening tits towards me with the erect nipples pointing at me. In a soft voice she asked, “Daddy, do you like them?”

“Angel, you have a beautiful sexy body, ” I replied, “but I am your father…”

Haley interrupted me, “Daddy, I did that on purpose so you would watch Sue rubbing my breasts. Sue and I have talked about this. We both noticed how you looked at us today. We know you like our tits.” As she said this she moved closer to me and her nipples were inches from my mouth.

Then right next to Haley’s breast Sue’s gorgeous tit appeared. “Brent, it is okay. We can see how you look at us, and we both want you to feel our tits, ” said Sue to me. “We both know you are worried, but we are sure this is okay.” Sue brought her face right up to mine, “We want you to be happy, trust us, okay?”

I could not resist anymore, “Okay, ” I replied.

“Good, ” said Sue and she brought her lips up to mine. At first our kisses were gentle with our lips parting and then returning to each other. Then it was like we were hungry for each other and we pulled and sucked at each other’s lips. Our tongues began to run along each other and explored inside the other’s mouth. Haley’s hands were on the back of our heads as she ran her hands through our hair while we kissed.

I felt a soft roundness as Haley’s breast began to rub my cheek. Then Sue backed away and reached up and put her hand under Haley’s tit, “Kiss it, ” she said to me.

Haley’s erect and straining nipple stood out from her tight brown areola, her breast was quivering with anticipation as I moved my mouth towards it. That perfect young breast that I had wanted from the moment I saw it was shaking with excitement as I brought my mouth up to it. I closed my lips around the hard nub and began to suck Haley’s nipple.

“OHHHHhhh, Daddy!” Haley cried out. She pulled my head into her breast loving the feeling of my mouth on her tit. Then I felt Sue kissing my cheek and moving her lips towards mine, and then we were sharing Haley’s breast, kissing each other as we sucked and pulled at Haley’s nipple.

Sue and I explored all over both of Haley’s breasts with our lips and our tongues. We would lap back and forth at one nipple for minutes at a time. Then Sue’s eye caught mine, she stopped and backed up, she made a face like a pout and said, ” I am jealous, my tits want some love too.”

Within moments Haley and I were looking across at each other and smiling as each of us was licking the nipples of Sue’s big tits. Sue pulled our faces into her big boobs and sighed, “Oh yes, that feels so good!”

As I was licking around one of Sue’s wide areola Haley brought her mouth up to mine and we kissed and sucked at that same breast. Our lips were running back and forth over the same nipple and Haley said, “Daddy, …?

I replied, “Mrrmmm, Yes?” as I ran the tip of my tongue along Sue’s nipple and over Haley’s lips.

Haley sucked my tongue into her mouth and held it there, humming, “Mmmm, ” she stayed like that for several long seconds and then opened her mouth around my tongue and said, “Hi whant hoo see it.”

I grinned and pulled back my tongue, “What Haley?” I asked.

Haley smiled shyly and let her hand drop into my lap. Haley’s fingers on my shorts began to rub along the length of my eight-inch dick as she stared into my eyes, “I want to see it” she said. I hesitated.

Haley put her hand on my cheek, “Please?”

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