Day at the Gym

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Vera had worked up a sweat. She’d been coming to the gym now for a few months and really worked herself hard. She liked the feeling it had on her. There were other things she’d come to like as well. Since her breakup, it had become clear to her that she had interests outside of what most would call “Normal”. She got really hot and turned on by women.

Not just any woman but these women. The ones at the gym in their tight, little shorts and tops, with their tummy’s showing and their boobs pressed hard against their shirts. Oh yes, she really loved coming to the gym. One woman in particular stood out.

Vera had seen her in here several times a week. Sometimes they’d be next to each other on the treadmill and other times on the bikes. Vera had over heard a few conversations and learned the woman’s name was Kate.

When they weren’t on the equipment, both could be found in the same aerobics class. Kate was almost always in front of Vera and usually down a few people. This gave Vera a great view of Kate’s ass as well as the rest of her body in the mirrors.

When they jogged in place, Vera really loved watching those breasts move. Kate must have been a D cup easily and they looked so firm and appealing in that top she wore.

They had never talked, although Vera had been caught looking at her from time to time. She wondered what Kate thought and always waited to be confronted but it never happened. Today was like any other day.

Vera worked her ass off and walked several miles to boot. She really needed a shower and the thought of the water running down her body seemed like heaven.

She hopped off the treadmill and headed that way. Usually there were several girls in and out of the showers but when she walked in, she found she was the only one. Fine with her, she could enjoy the shower a little more without having to worry about keeping someone from it.

She stripped and grabbed her towel. The back stall was a favorite, it had a görükle escort bayan privacy door and some of the women were really very shy. Vera seldom got to use it and was going take her chance now.

She slipped in and turned the water on. A gush of cool water poured down and she gasped at first. Soon though her body became adjusted to it and she just closed her eyes and let it flow.

She ran her fingers through her hair and then down over her body. Her nipples were hard from the temperature of the water and she sighed as her fingers grazed over them.

Suddenly her mind conjured up an image of Kate in class. Vera would bet she looked great wet. She could see the water running and dripping off her nipples and it made her hot.

Vera let her fingers roam lower down her body and between her legs. She felt an instant heat run through her body as her fingers found her center. Oh how this woman and images of her turned Vera on.

Just as she was about to slip a finger inside her pussy, Vera heard a cough and her eyes flew open.

Standing there, watching her over the little door was Kate.

Vera was just speechless and she quickly tried to cover herself up. She knew that Kate couldn’t possibly know the exact thoughts in her mind but Vera feared her face might have given some away.

Kate kind of smiled as her eyes roamed over Vera’s body lingering on her breasts.

“Don’t be shy.” She said and stepped right into the shower with Vera.

Gently she moved Vera’s hands to her sides and watched her. No words came to Vera. She was not only stunned that she’d been caught but the woman she fantasized about was right there, naked, in front of her.

Vera let her eyes glide down over Kate as the water licked its way over their bodies.

Kate’s body was more gorgeous than Vera could have ever thought. And she was shaven clean as well! Another major turn on.

“You want to touch me?” She asked altıparmak eskort Vera.

“Go ahead” she said and guided Vera’s hand to her pussy.

When her hand came in contact with Kate’s hot pussy soft moans filled the shower stall.

“Put your finger inside for me” Kate whimpered

Vera could not believe her ears but couldn’t stop herself from doing what was asked.

Slowly, she pushed her finger inside and found Kate’s clit. As Vera brushed her finger over that sensitive bud, sounds of pleasure escaped from them both.

This was amazing! Quickly Kate pulled away and smiled.

Vera found herself disappointed as her finger slipped out of that wet heaven. But it lasted only a second as Kate backed her up against the shower wall and her mouth took Vera’s nipple deep into it.

The pleasure was more than Vera thought it would be and she moaned so loud.

The more Kate sucked and nibbled, the louder Vera got. They could probably be heard out in the gym but she didn’t care. This felt too good to be quiet.

Suddenly Kate stopped her attention on Vera’s breasts and dropped to her knees. Before Vera could even think about it, Kate’s hands parted her thighs and her tongue was thrust up into Vera’s tingling pusy. The world shook! It was unbelievable feeling a woman’s tongue inside her. The flicking of it over her clit was so good.

She hung onto Kate’s hair while her hips grinded against her face. A flushed feeling washed over Vera as she got tongue fucked by the woman of her fantasies.

This was real. The woman on her knees before her was real. The sounds echoing all around them were real.

As was that rush of heat that came right before release was real. Vera knew she was going to cum. Her head was thrown back, her breathing hard and her body arched. She was hanging onto Kate’s hair for dear life and it was all she could do to not scream.

Kate moved her nilüfer escort hands to Vera’s ass and pushed her face further into her throbbing pusy. She must have sensed Vera was going to cum and Vera didn’t let her down.

She exploded all over Kate’s tongue.

Her body took on a mind of it’s own and convulsed with pleasure.

Never had anything felt so good, never had anyone probed her pussy so well and so hot. There, under the pouring water, Vera came harder than she ever had in her life and Kate’s tongue just didn’t stop.

Finally, when Kate had sucked Vera’s pussy dry, she rose up and without a moment’s hesitation she pushed Vera gently to her own knees.

Vera looked up at her and waited to be guided. She wanted this woman to feel good but she wanted to be controlled in the moment.

Kate reached down with her fingers and separated her own pussy lips exposing her clit to Vera.

“Lick it,” she commanded and Vera did just that.

She leaned in and flicked her tongue right over Kate’s engorged clit, making her moan and lean up against the wall herself.

“Ahhh yes” She sighed, “Now suck on it” Kate demanded.

Once again Vera obeyed. She grabbed Kate’s thighs and buried her face deep into her pussy, sucking on her clit and sliding her fingers up inside Kate at the same time.

Kate’s hips moved furiously against Vera’s face and fingers. Pushing her fingers as deep as she could Vera fucked Kate wildly. She pushed one of her wet fingers into the wrinkled little rosebud of Kate’s ass surprising her. She wanted Kate to scream.

And she did!

Kate came fast and hard. Her hands held on Vera’s head tight and she fucked against her fingers and tongue. Vera sucked hard on her clit and felt Kate’s pussy grasp her fingers and cum all over.

Bucking and bucking Kate came for what seemed like forever. Vera knew she had done well. The body never lied.

She slipped her fingers out and stood up slowly. Kate smiled at her and they kissed passionately under that running water. Their bodies spent, their hearts pounding.

The water trailed down between them as they found their breath and their composure. Neither of them would ever look at gym class the same again. And neither regretted that!!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32