David and John Ch. 03

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It was nearly two weeks before they could get together again, a frustrating two weeks for David who had masturbated many times reliving their first meeting. Apart from a hasty kiss and fumble through their clothing whenever he could find an excuse to ‘pop round’ to Johns house, all he had was his memories and his hand. Eventually his wife arranged to go out with a friend for a morning so he rang John and it was set up.

As soon as she had left he put on a pair of sheer black see-through panties with pink hearts and admired himself briefly in the mirror. Then donning his track suit bottoms and a tee shirt he hurried round to John’s house to be let in immediately he knocked on the door. As soon as the door closed they were in each others arms, mouths pressed together holding each other tight as if they were two lovers desperate for each other. As they pulled apart David expelled a long breath

‘Bloody hell, that was some greeting!’

‘I’ve missed you,’ said John, ‘a lot.’

‘I can tell,’ said David with a smile, ‘and I missed you too.’

Taking his hand, John led him back into the sitting room where they immediately went into another long kiss and cuddle.

This time as they broke apart David said ‘I’ve brought you a present.’ and pulled from his pocket a pair of shiny blue satin panties.

John took them with a look of appreciation and fondled the smooth material in his fingers.

‘They’re lovely,’ he breathed, ‘thank you.’ and kissed him again.

‘Let me help you put them on.’ said David as John quickly pushed down his joggers and stepped out of them.

He wasn’t wearing any pants and his cock was already thickening, a sight that made David catch his breath. As he crouched down with the panties in one hand he ran his other hand up and down John’s leg luxuriating in the abundance of hair on his limbs. On his whole body in fact. He loved the feel of the soft roughness and the reaction he was seeing inches from his face as the cock started to rise. On impulse he leant forward and placed a little kiss on the tip which was beginning to emerge from the skin then pulled back to watch as it thickened and lengthened more and the purple glans came more into view.

“You are beautiful.’ he whispered and fought back the desire to take it deep into his mouth again. A soft ‘Thank you’ accompanied a caress of his head and he bent to the task of putting the panties on his partner.

He pulled them up slowly and with much caressing of John’s legs until his penis and balls were comfortably tucked inside. John stood there as David’s hand arranged his hard cock fondling and touching his helmet which was now completely free of his foreskin. He looked up and saw the desire in John’s eye so bent forward and placed a long kiss on the satin covered underside of his penis then sarıyer escort stood up.

He removed his own outer clothes quickly and the two men stood there looking at each other.

‘Yours look lovely.’ said John and reached out to feel David’s erect but small prick through the material. He pulled him towards him and as they kissed again deeply they gently rubbed their crotches together and groaned into the others mouth.

As they were kissing, their tongues exploring each other, David felt Johns hand slip inside his panties to hold his arse tight to him. He moaned softly and he pushed himself harder against the larger cock then pulled back a little to look down at the penis he so very much wanted to taste. There was a small darker patch on the satin now where John’s penis had put some precum and David knew this was going to be another session that he would be masturbating about frequently in the coming days.

He pushed his own hands inside John’s panties and felt for his now rigid cock straining against the blue satin. He started wanking him gently but John put a restraining hand over his.

‘No not yet,’ he murmured, ‘I don’t want to spunk off too soon.’

They pulled each other together again until their bellies and nipples were pressed hard and then David felt John’s hands at his nipples. At first he gently rubbed them between his finger and thumbs but then harder and harder until he was pinching them quite viciously causing David to moan aloud into his lovers mouth.

‘Yes!’ he hissed, ‘Yes!’

‘You like that don’t you you little bitch!’

‘Oh god yes!’

With a final pull at his chest John stepped back.

‘Let me have a look at you.’ he said as he crouched down.

David felt his penis being stroked through the near transparent material and it was heavenly. It was what he had been dreaming and masturbating about since their last meeting and here it was happening to him. As John pulled his panties down David’s prick sprang up to stick out three inches from his crotch and John’s finger and thumb started playing with it.

‘Haven’t you got a tiny cock,’ murmured John, ‘just about enough to piss with. How do you manage to fuck and satisfy your wife? She must wank herself off a lot and think you’re pathetic.’

David closed his eyes as he heard these words. The humiliation was just what he was seeking, another person belittling his tiny prick, the latest of many people who had done the same throughout his life. In the school showers he had been the object of a lot of ridicule but he has secretly reveled in it and would masturbate furiously in the privacy of his bedroom later. He was stiffer now than he had been in a long time.

‘And so thin too.’ He felt John squeezing his shaft. ‘Like a matchstick with a maslak escort big head.’

The insulting words and rough handling of his penis was taking David perilously close to his orgasm so he pulled back and helped John to his feet before crouching down himself to pull the stained panties down Johns thighs. His penis sprang up, freed from the restraint and looked wonderful leering at him from the dense bush of dark pubic hair. It was at least six inches long and David could barely close his finger and thumb round the shaft. The end was like a small plum, purple with engorged blood and the whole of the glans was glistening with the precum seeping from his pisshole. There was a strong fresh musky aroma coming from his genitals and as he lent forward to inhale it better he felt John’s hands on the back of his head.

‘Go on suck it, you know you want to!’

He looked up at John.

‘Just fucking do it!’ John growled and pushed David’s head firmly into his crotch.

As his lips closed over John’s penis David luxuriated in the taste of what was in his mouth. The salty precum and the sweet smell of John’s body were an aphrodisiac and he knew that if he even touched his own prick now he would spend on John’s carpet.

He took as much of the erect penis into his mouth as he could and felt his head being clasped firmly into John’s crotch as he fell back onto the settee. In doing so the cock pushed back into his throat nearly making him gag but then started to make fucking movements into David’s trapped face.

‘Go on you fucking cum-slut! Suck it out of me!’

David tried to do as he was told but it was difficult with so much of the shaft in his mouth. His nose was squashed against the rough hair and every breath carried the aroma of John’s body and he delighted that John had cleaned and perfumed himself before they met.

He felt his partner shifting on the settee and could see he was raising his leg.

‘Finger my hole! Go on! Feel it!’

David felt through Johns legs and pressed his fingers into the cleft between his buttocks. It felt warm in there and as his middle finger found what it was seeking, he pushed it inside to the first joint. He heard him groan and felt the strong muscle alternately clench and relax on his finger so pushed in further. It was hot inside John’s body.

‘Oh fuck yes.’ breathed John, ‘Fuck me.’

The combined effects of David’s mouth and the finger sawing in and out of John’s arsehole took him swiftly to his climax and he held David tight as he emptied his bollocks into his face. All the while he was grunting and cursing with his head pressed against the back of the settee and David could feel the strong involuntary spasms of the sphinctre on his finger.

When the grip on his head was relaxed beyoğlu escort he pulled back carefully closing his lips around the still stiff and twitching prick to gather all the sperm it had ejected. He sat back on his haunches and looked at the man who had just given him something he craved for and opened his mouth to show the semen on his tongue before swallowing it.. He was a bit surprised when John suddenly lent forward and grasping his head more softly this time, kissed him deeply probing the still salty and clammy mouth with his tongue.

‘Oh god, that was fantastic,’ he said breathlessly, ‘Thank you.’ and bent to kiss him again.

David could feel weak pulses on his finger still buried in John who flinched a little as he slowly withdrew it.

He puled away as John lay back resting on he settee and just looked at the man who had given him exactly what he wanted, a mouthful of thick salty sperm. He would taste this in his imagination every time he masturbated in the privacy of his toilet or gently beside his sleeping wife in bed at night wishing it was this man bedside him not her.

‘Your turn now.’

The words shook him out of his thoughts.

‘Lay on the floor.’

He did as he was told and John bent down to grasp the little stump of his erect cock and start wanking it.

‘Pathetic! I can hardly hold the fucking thing.’

He was rubbing the skin up and down and David arched his crotch up off the floor. He could feel his own orgasm approaching and the demeaning comments from his friend heightened his anticipation.

‘I’m going to pull it right off your body you little cum-slut!’

He was really pulling on his cock hard now and gripping it tightly.

‘You wouldn’t miss it would you? Your tiny little pee pee.’

Although he felt the contractions in his body his sperm only poured out of his penis rather than spurt and even that brought forth a derisory comment.

‘Look at that! More like piss than cum!’

He continued pulling viciously on David’s penis smearing the whitish semen over his shaft and pubis until the sensation got too much and David pulled his hand away.

‘No more….please!’

As John took his hand away he raised it to Davids face.

‘Go on suck it off. Clean up your mess.’

For the second time in a few minutes David tasted sperm but this time it was the familiar flavour of his own. He sucked Johns fingers and licked his hand all over to make sure none was lost then he sat up. As he did John got off the settee to sit beside him.

‘Look…..I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to be so mean or nasty. I’m sorry.’

He pulled David to him gently tis time and kissed him slowly and softly on the lips, a kiss to which David responded by opening his and letting his tongue play lovingly with Johns.

‘No don’t apologise,’ he said as they parted, ‘I love what you did to me. I loved the roughness and the way you took command of me. It was wonderful.’

He looked straight into Johns eyes.

‘Would you do it again next time?’ he whispered.

John smiled as he bent to kiss him again…

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