Daughter’s Depression

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I am a married 38-year-old mother of two-year-old twins. I love my husband and my life and I could not point to anything specific for my fall into the depression that I have been experiencing the last three or four months. That depression, and discovering the cause, led me do something a couple of days ago that is very, very, very wrong.

On said day, I needed to print out a map for a trip my husband, David, and I have planned. My parents live across the street and my father, who is retired, is always home, while my mother is still working. I checked on the boys sleeping, and with the video room-monitor and keys in my hand, I headed across the street. It was expected that everyone would enter by the side door into the day room adjacent to the kitchen.

It had never been my habit of calling before going over and I did not this time. I approached the side door and saw that the blind on the door was two thirds of the way down. It usually meant that my father was taking a nap. I had key in hand to unlock the door, but for some reason, I don’t know why, I peeked under the blind and got the surprise of my life.

My father was on his computer, which was in a position for me to see clearly past his shoulder to the screen. He was watching a very explicit XXX-video and he was quite obviously, though I could not see it, stroking his cock. My focus shifted between the action on the screen and my father’s arm motion. Instantly, I recognized that my depression was probably because my sex life with David had dropped off considerably since the twins were born. My spirits seemed lifted as I spied for some minutes. I was snapped back to reality when he cut the present video off and scrolled down to select another. I stood upright and knocked on the door.

“Hey dad!” I said, when he finally opened the door. “I need to use your computer and printer. I might need your help.”

“Hey back at you, Moose!” He replied.

Now you might think because I had the nickname “Moose” that I might look like one.

Not true! I’m about 5’9″, blue eyes, like dad. His hair has been white since he was in his late 30s. I have shoulder length natural blonde hair. My boobs are average but my ass is a bit broad. A bit of the belly, but not overly so. I think my best assets are my ass and legs, which are silky smooth. He gave me the nickname “Moose” because of a stuffed animal he had bought me many years earlier.

I explained to my father what I needed and he stood by my side as I found the map and printed it.

My depressive mood returned with a vengeance. I wanted to see more of the videos and I didn’t know how to go about doing that. I certainly could not inform my father of my spying. Or could I? I felt the tears begin to swell in my eyes. I began to cry.

“Sugar, what’s wrong!” My father questioned tenderly, turning me, taking me into his arms.”

“I don’t know!” I blurted. “Nothing seems right anymore! I don’t know what it is!”

In the warm embrace of my father I soon calmed down and the tears dried up. Something came over me. Bracing myself, I asked the question.

“Dad, are you happy?” I queried, burying my face into his chest.

“Am I happy? Why would you have such a question?” He queried.

“I saw you watching the video.” I confessed. “I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. And I’m definitely not going to say anything to mom. But don’t you do such things when you’re not happy?”

“Well! It’s my fault for having left the blind partially open. I wondered why you knocked. I guess I just get bored and I like sex. It’s really good you’re not going to tell your mom though. She would not understand.”

“I should not be telling you this, but I like sex too.” I stated. “And David is scared to death I am going to get pregnant again. Even using condoms!”

“So you’re telling me that you’re not getting enough sex? ” He asked. “You’ll just have to join the club, Moose.”

His last comment caused a long silence as I tried to find direction. He found his first.

“So you were watching the video through the window and it turned you on?” He asked. “Would you like to watch more?”

“We could do that?” I queried, sounding girlish.

“As long as that monitor remains quiet, we can do anything we want, I bursa escort suppose.” Dad replied. “What type of…….. action……… do you like?”

“Just plain f….. ahh missionary, I suppose.” I replied timidly.

Dad manipulated the mouse, typed in a pass-word and clicked a few web-pages. We were soon looking at a page with video covers. He asked me, as he scrolled down, to tell him when to stop when I found an interesting cover. I pointed when I saw a blonde female and we were soon watching an older man fucking a much younger woman. It would not have been a stretch to say their ages appeared close to ours. I was not surprised, as I am not a complete idiot, that dad had picked the category of such videos. I distinctly remembered seeing the category “daughters”. I remembered that it was the type of video he was watching when I had so recently spied through the window.

I watched mesmerized as the movie began innocently enough in a kitchen, only to move to the bedroom where the couple undressed each other and were soon locked into aggressive missionary style fucking. For perhaps 10 to 15 minutes, my surroundings, including dad, did not exist. The couple moved from position to position. I was literally hypnotized by the action on the screen.

I gave a quick glance at dad as he moved behind me and had placed his hands on my hips. I was aware of his erection pressing into my backside. I choose, in a haze but quite consciously, to let him position himself in an obviously incestuous posture. I allowed him to trespass even more;

“This is my favorite shot” He whispered in my ear. “Her legs lifted and spread wide so you can see their sex……….. coupled. His cock pumping into her tight pussy.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a notion to bolt, to call a halt to all of the nonsense, but my mind made an instant replay of my father’s arm stroking on his cock. I pondered if dad was as well hung as the man on the screen.

I glanced over at the monitor, noting that all was quiet. I could see the boys laying there sleeping in their cribs.

I definitely heard the woman cry, “Your cock is so big, Father!” and I was sure dad heard it, prompting me to ask;

“Did I pick a good video?” I asked, with a seductive tone. “Do you like to view older men fucking younger women? Fucking their daughters?”

His answer was to run his hands up under my cotton shirt and caress my covered breast. I allowed his transgressions as I continue to watch the couple on the screen. Then I got a jolt!

“Dammit, dad!” I chirped. “Shouldn’t you put down that damn blind? And chain the door.”

I did not take my eyes off the screen as dad left to do as I had asked. We were at the back of the house and I knew that any car, especially mom’s, would have to pass the side window. And yes, dammit, I was acknowledging that something more was probably going to happen that we did not want anyone to know or to surprise us.

Dad returned and put his hands back under my shirt, not to caress my covered breast, but to undo the snap on my bra. I suppose, he knew at this point I was not going to protest.

He returned his hands to my now bare breast, squeezing, caressing and pinching my nipples softly, causing my first moan. Involuntarily, my ass pushed against his erection. Pushed repeatedly.

With such encouragement, could I really blame him as his right hand left my breast and reached down to go up under my light material cotton, wrap-around skirt.

I didn’t stop him as his hand played over my ass. He explored and squeezed both cheeks thoroughly. As his middle finger coursed it way down the crack of my ass and pushed between my thighs, I spread my stance to allow access. A much louder, uncontrolled, moan issued forth.

With my arms folded on the moderately high desk, my eyes glued to the screen, I pushed my ass out prominently, I allowed his fingers to slip beneath the crotch of my underwear and touch my bare, hairy pussy. I stared at the fucking on the screen as my dad’s middle finger slipped inside of me. After a moment of probing, he aggressively finger-fucked me. I moaned with the illicitness and pleasure of it all.

The woman on the screen was now sucking the guy’s cock. I found it distasteful. Not that bursa escort I did not do it, but I needed to be boozed up a bit. My mind returned to reality and I was very much aware of my father’s middle finger inside my pussy. The moment was gone but I wasn’t going to stop him, but the absence of my moans and my head turned staring at the monitor must have alerted him to my presence of mind. His finger slowed, then slipped out of me. He did continue to hold my left breast.

“You don’t think bad of me do you, Moose?” He queried, a bit of nervousness in his tone. “I couldn’t help myself watching that video and all.”

I took the “and all” to mean that I, by not resisting are bolting, encouraged his actions. Again, I could not say that he would be wrong in that assumption.

“I think we both need sex, dad.” I replied. “I’d like to go to the bed though. I don’t want what we are about to do to feel cheap or dirty.”

“I will treat you as the treasure you are, dear lady.” He replied, as he reached around me, taking the mouse, shutting down the computer. His left hand withdrew from my breast.

“If we’re going to do this,” I coached. “I want you to treat me as you do in your fantasies.

I hoped he understood my meaning, that I was aware of his desire to be intimate with me. I was pondering for how long he had fantasized about it.

I reached for the room-monitor and moved towards the daybed that was on the far wall of the room. I set the monitor where I could keep an eye on it, cutting up the volume. The space would allow us to view five windows and we would see any approach to the back door, which was somewhat secured, though explaining the chained door would be difficult.

The way I was dressed it took very little time or effort to disrobe. I was standing naked in front of my father in no time at all. He studied me with a wanton look in his eyes as he disrobed. He stood straight and I got my first look at my dad’s cock. In my 38 years, I’ve had five men bed me, dad would be six, and his thick shaft was going to be the biggest I have experienced. I was intrigued. He moved in close to me. We kissed softly, and then, he sucked on my left nipple.

I needed no further arousal but I let him continue a few long moments. I finally broke his suction on my nipple as I sat down on the daybed and maneuvered to the middle of the bed. I lifted my legs, spreading them wide, and held my arms out to my father, welcoming him between them. He kneed himself onto the bed and eased himself between my legs. Another first, I took hold of this cock and was struck by the firmness of it as I guided it to me. My pussy had been well lubricated by his finger and he pushed into me easily.

Dad and me began to fuck aggressively from the very start, continuing for long minutes before daddy slowed a bit. I was impressed with the stamina of my 64-year-old dad, but in truth, I needed a little rest myself. We had gotten the euphoria of first-time sex out of our system.

“I’m a little envious of mom.” I said, with labored breathing “you’ve got a good cock and know how to use it.”

“I appreciate the words, Moose.” He replied, with the same labored breathing. “All it really takes is a woman who likes and desires a good cock.”

“Ahhhhh! Mom can’t be that stingy!” I replied.

“Let’s just say it’s not enough.” He offered. “I have to watch videos and jerk off way too much.”

“Is that what you were going to do if I had not knocked on the door.”

“Yes.” He confessed. “It usually comes to that.”

“So you’re glad the way it turned out?” I stated.

“Very much so. Are you?” He replied.

“I’ve come to a realization that who better to fuck you than your father.” I offered. “You want me on my knees?”

“Would you!”

I have to admit I wanted to be good to my dad. We were doing a very bad thing, but now that we were into it, I wanted him to enjoy himself. And I was definitely enjoying myself. I loved to be fucked doggy style though I had reservations about the thickness of dad’s cock. And like any good woman, I had ulterior motives. In the future, I was going to play him like a fiddle. Not that dad hadn’t given me practically everything I ever wanted anyway right down to the home bursa eskort I lived in.

He pulled out of me and I maneuvered to my knees, gathering a few pillows under me. He pushed and I pushed, and he went in without too much sweat on my part.

“Easy dad for a few moments.” I cautioned him.

“Your pussy is tight, Moose.” He said.

“You’re just trying to flatter me.” I retorted. “It’s that thick cock of yours.”

“Since you and your mother agree, I’ll just have to take y’all word for it.” He teased.

“I’m comfortable now, dad.” I informed him.

As he increased rhythm, he was indeed enjoying himself as he popped my ass at a pretty good clip. My moans were genuine and continuous. Again, I was impressed with the stamina of the old guy. After long, long minutes, as I didn’t want him to come into me yet, I dropped forward, popping his cock out of me. He voiced his discontent.

I rolled to my back and spread my legs wide.

“Show me how much you like my pussy!” I chirped, with a big smile on my face. “And I don’t mean fuck me again either!”

“Moose, your pussy is absolutely gorgeous!” He appraised, sitting back on his knees studying my pussy for a few short moments.

With no hesitation, my father put his face to my pussy and began exploring it with his tongue. I lifted my ass slightly as he pushed his hands up under me, lifting my ass, pushing his tone deep inside my pussy. I went insane as he tongue fucked me and my ass humped his face. My moans were loud and I made no effort to squelch them. I wanted him to know what he was doing to me and how much I was enjoying it. He unfortunately returned to my clit. It did not last nearly long enough and my body soon shuddered as the orgasm gripped me and shook me hard.

He was on top of me in an instant as I reached to grab his cock and put it to me.

“AAHHH FUCK!” I screeched, as my father rammed his rock hard cock into my tight pussy, still drawn taut from my orgasm. “No! Don’t stop! It’s okay. Just fuck me.”

Dad did exactly that. He grabbed my ass with both his hands, locking me in tight, and proceeded to lose his sanity. His cock barely pulled out of me as he repeatedly shoved it deep into my belly.

Again, my moans were genuine. There’s no way I can ever explain the pleasure of having my father’s cock deep inside of me. And most importantly, we could fuck with no worry of him coming in me. He had had a vasectomy years ago. I knew he was getting close.

“I love you, Moose!” He whispered.

“I know daddy. I love you too.” I assured him. “You know what I want. Give it to me!”

Seconds later!


I felt his cock jerk hard two or three times and I knew he had emptied a load into me. Brought on, no doubt, from the incestuous knowledge that he was coming into his daughter.

His hands moved from my buttocks to slip under my shoulders and we lay, his cock still in me, for long moments.

The incestuous lust was gone and we now had to face what we had done.

“I’m sorry, Moose.” He whispered.

“It’s all right, dad.” I assured him, patting his shoulders. “It’s all right. I don’t know about you but I feel a hell of a lot better.”

“Do you? Really?”

It seemed as if he did not want to let me go, as if, he didn’t want to face me, look me in the eye.

Saved! I heard a slight noise from the room-monitor. The twins had been extra good sleeping so long.

“Gotta go, dad!” I rallied, slapping him lightly on the shoulders. “The twins are waking up.”

His cock flopped from me as he withdrew. I maneuvered quickly to retrieve my underwear and put them on. Not quick enough, as I felt a wetness on my thigh. Pulling my panties up, I reached to retrieve a tissue from the box on the table. I wiped my father semen from the inside of my thigh, crunched the tissue and handed it to him.

“Put this in the big trashcan!” I directed.

“Aren’t you going to clean up?” He queried.

“The twins are stirring. Hear them? I have plenty of time to clean up later.” I answered. “Besides, I want to savor my lover’s cum in me for a while. A woman likes that, you know!”

The comment made him smile.

I was redressed as quickly as I had undressed. I grabbed the monitor.

“I think it would be best if you washed the bed spread.” I again directed. You can do that? Right dad? And check the floor!”

I gave my father a peck on the cheek, grabbed my print-out on the way by and rushed out the door.

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