Dark Paths Ch. 04

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© Sadie Rose Bermingham & Bellora Quinn 2007/8



“This chapter should have been posted last week but as I started my day job last week as well it kind of got deferred, so apologies. It’s here now and we hope that you enjoy it as much as the previous three. To make up for the slow build up here’s a few pages of uninterrupted, gratuitous, luscious sex for you all.

“The usual terms and conditions apply. Dark Paths and its inhabitants are the intellectual property of Sadie Rose & Bellora Quinn. Please do not take, copy or redistribute all or any part of this story without prior consent from the authors or we will be forced to rip off your extremities and feed them to you with a hot chilli dip made from your own wee!”

Rayne dipped his head and licked his neck briefly, then touched his mouth to Xavier’s and bestowed a long, slow, infinitely grateful kiss upon the young dancer. He rolled to the side, still holding the boy close enough for their mouths to remain joined and curled against him languidly. By rights he should at the very least have been short of breath but he seemed as calm as if he had just woken from a deep sleep.

From the other chair by the window, curled in PJ’s still powerful arms, Chavez exhaled; “Jesus! That was hot!”

The Irish porn director just chuckled appreciatively and shook his head.

Xavier had sort of forgotten about their audience. He had settled against Rayne contentedly, feeling oddly coddled, protected even. He couldn’t have explained it because there was nothing Rayne did or said that was overtly territorial, not even a subtle tightening of muscles or change of breathing, but when Chavez spoke it felt like a sign had suddenly been hung around his neck. ‘Mine! Keep out! Property of Rayne Wylde.’ The thought was so funny Xavier’s lips curled into a lazy grin.

Ridiculous of course, Rayne obviously hadn’t minded sharing last night with Clay. Maybe he didn’t like Chavez? Or maybe he just didn’t feel like sharing today. Xavier wouldn’t mind if Chavez wanted to fuck him, he supposed. He was pretty damn sexy. He didn’t really like the idea of getting passed around like that, but he’d do it.

He waited passively in Rayne’s arms, waiting to see if Chavez would come join them now, or if Rayne was going to invite him over but the singer seemed impervious to anything but the two of them. He was snuggled up to Xavier’ side, basking in his post-passion glow, occasionally kissing or licking the boy’s neck where he had bitten him.

Chavez seemed almost intimidated by their intimacy for he stayed rooted to his chair arm, PJ’s arm looped around his lean body, not holding him there but clearly offering some kind of emotional comfort. He had not taken his eyes off them however and was still shaking his head. In the end it was the older man who came to join them, crouching by the sofa and gently stroking a hand over Rayne’s tangled hair.

“That was something else, baby. Something else!” PJ exhaled huskily.

Rayne turned his head, nuzzling Paddy’s palm almost affectionately. The singer could be abrupt with most people but with McNamara he was puppyishly tender for once. Or maybe it was just the afterglow of fantastic sex that mellowed him. His own hands were still roaming gently over Xavier.

Xavier’s body responded to Rayne’s caresses almost against his will. Sleepy and sated, but not totally wrung out. He looked up at Rayne nuzzling PJ’s hand and his eyes were drawn surreptitiously to the front of PJ’s pants, since he was almost level with his crotch and the outline straining against the seam. One blond brow arched. Oh, hell no! He could feel his ass twitch and clench just thinking about it.

Rayne’s lips lightly touched his ear as, almost inaudibly, he exhaled; “And he’s not even fully hard!”

Xav chuckled, and it was a warm sound, almost tactile. He reached out and touched the outer curve of PJ’s thigh, just a soft caress, friendly, curious perhaps… He still felt slightly floaty from whatever it was that Rayne did to him. More then just the afterglow of sex, it was kind of like being drunk.

“Aww… he wants to play,” Rayne chuckled in a soft, husky voice. “Maybe he’s lookin’ for a Daddy after all.”

“Seems to me he found what he was lookin’ for just then,” Paddy murmured, brushing the backs of his fingers over the cautious hand on his thigh. He lifted his gaze from Xavier’s questing hand, looking intently at Rayne. “I hate to break up the party, but that got me hotter than any scene I’ve filmed for a movie in the last five years.”

Rayne drew in a deep breath and sighed almost contentedly. He pushed himself up until he was sitting facing the older man with Xavier still lying between them. Almost casually he reached out and ran a bolder hand over the prominent bulge in the crotch of his friend’s trousers, slowly tracing it down the inside left leg of Paddy’s loose pants. His caressing fingers worked türkçe altyazılı porno their way almost to PJ McNamara’s left knee before he was stroking the thigh inside the man’s slacks. Almost at once he let go and returned the tip of his index finger to the silver button on Paddy’s fly.

“Sweetheart,” Rayne whispered into Xavier’s ear. “If you ever wanna know what fifteen inches and change looks like, the secret’s right behind that little button there.”

Xavier traced his fingers down Rayne’s arm. He wasn’t one of those guys that lusted after a huge dick, but he was curious now, and that perverse part of him liked it that they’d turned PJ on so much. Xavier reached Rayne’s hand and with unspoken accord he tugged the edge of PJ’s pants one way while Rayne popped the button and they both peeled the open garment down.

Chavez had moved to the arm of the sofa whilst Rayne was teasing the boss and he fired a look at PJ now although he didn’t say anything. His tanned, handsome face was unusually flushed though. Paddy held his stare and nodded casually towards Xavier, who was momentarily preoccupied with the novelty of undressing him. Rayne was kneeling beside him on the sofa now, chuckling softly as the notorious porn director’s slacks cascaded to the ground. Even before his cock nodded upright, free of the restrictions of clothing, they were all able to admire the thickness of it.

“Christ!” Rayne Wylde laughed huskily. “I’ve seen smaller salamis hanging in the window of that deli on Front Street! You’re not losing weight off your cock, are you Mac?”

“It’s got a preservation order on it,” Paddy rumbled softly, with a lazy smile. “When this frickin’ virus finally takes me, the Natural History Museum is gonna hang it up as an exhibit.”

“The ‘Un-natural’ History Museum, surely?” Rayne teased him, sliding one arm around Xavier and stroking Paddy’s phenomenal weapon with his free hand. “What d’you reckon to that, heh? I nearly lost my lunch the first time he waved it at me!”

What Xavier thought as he looked at that huge piece of meat was ‘no fucking way is that coming anywhere near my ass’. He would have thought that just looking at it, but he hadn’t missed what PJ said either, he’d said he was dying before, and Xav had though maybe cancer or something, but now he knew better.

“I don’t think even the XL Magnums will do it for you.” Xavier said a little wistfully, caressing the inside of PJ’s thigh.

Paddy bent and kissed him lightly on the forehead by way of response. “Not since I was 15 years old!” he chuckled sadly. “Right now I sure wish they made an XXL.”

“Or even an XXXXL,” Rayne Wylde teased gently. He was still stroking Paddy with a slow hand.

From the armrest, Chavez looked daggers at him but Rayne was oblivious. The fingers of his right hand were playing with PJ’s cock head and the left were tenderly rubbing back and forth over the wetness between Xavier’s firm, bare bum cheeks, circling his well-fucked ring seductively.

A little shiver went down Xavier’s spine at the touch and he gave a soft husky moan, leaning back into Rayne a little more. His cock stirred and rose again, ready for more. For whatever reason Xavier happened to catch Chavez’s eyes just then. Hungry look, definitely, there was heat there and a lot of it, but something else too. He wasn’t sure what that look was supposed to mean.

Xav slid forward some, moving sinuously across the couch, like a tawny cat. He ran his hands up the tops of Chavez’s jean-clad thighs. “You’re looking a little over dressed,” he informed Paddy’s chef, flashing a charming smile full of promise.

Chavez was impossibly horny, his tight jeans could not hide it. He tried to blank the invitation but his lips twitched upward even so, finding Xavier’s expression just a little too inviting to tough out.

“Compared to you two everyone’s overdressed,” he commented almost breathlessly. His gaze flickered briefly to Paddy, then back again.

His employer was kneeling on the edge of the broad, cream coloured sofa now with Rayne astride his thighs. The singer’s arms were around Paddy’s neck and his mouth was pressed hungrily to the older man’s lips, kissing him with a lustful tenderness at odds with his customarily cool demeanour.

Xavier’s hands slid around Chavez’s hips and he leaned in slowly, giving a lot of opportunity for the other man to pull away, but he didn’t go anywhere. Just watched Xav with dark eyes, that little hint of a smile still playing around the corners of his mouth. Xavier’s lips brushed his, so soft it was almost just the warmth of them that touched him. He pressed his lips a little more firmly, moving softly over Chavez’s mouth, running the tip of his tongue lightly along the crease, very sweetly asking for admittance.

“Jeez Louise!” Chavez chuckled softly as he relaxed into the kiss. “I dunno what he did to you but it sure sweetened you up, honey!”

He xnxx stroked his hands tenderly over Xavier’s lean hips, working his firm ass cheeks with dextrous fingers. The blond felt so hot and horny pressed against him that Chavez couldn’t find the will to resist.

Xavier kissed him again, deeper and hotter this time, sliding his hands up into Chavez’s hair, inky dark, like cool smooth silk between his fingers. Whereas he’d been very submissive with Rayne, passively letting him do whatever he’d wanted, he was slightly more aggressive with Chavez, sensing different needs in just that one heated kiss.

His hands kneaded down and tugged Chavez’s shirt from his pants, then slid under to caress warm skin. Xav brought them around to the front and pushed under and back up his chest. He broke the kiss long enough to flip the shirt off his back in one smooth pull. He gave Chavez a knowing smile that said without words, ‘well, I am a stripper after all’. And then he was kissing his way down the side of Chavez’s throat and the smooth curve of his richly coloured chest to pull one dark nipple into his mouth on a hard suck.

“Oh baby!” Chavez exhaled, running warm, long fingered hands slowly over the blond’s smooth, golden-skinned shoulders, delighting in the heat of his sweat-damp skin and heady scent of his post-orgasmic body. He pulled Xavier against his torso, stroking slowly down his naked back and groping eagerly for his peachy cheeks. “Are you insatiable or what? And am I glad about that!”

“I just want to see if you’re as spicy hot as you look.” Xavier said with a grin and let the tip of his tongue trail slowly downward. He brought his hands up to the button of Chavez’s jeans and deftly popped it open, making sure the flats of his palms pressed and caressed what was underneath. He unzipped him slowly, like he was unwrapping a present. The thin dark line of a treasure trail started below his belly button leading down to a neatly trimmed border with a little Aztec sunburst tattoo just rising above the hairline and Xav dipped his head down to nip the skin there lightly. He tugged the edges of his jeans, urging Chavez to lift up and then peeled those tight Levis down to his thighs. The Hispanic chef was pale and smooth between his tanned thighs and firm, high ass cheeks though he clearly drew the line at waxing his balls, which were tidy but darkly furred.

“Ooo boy, au natural.” Xav purred, running his fingers up the underside of Chavez’s uncut shaft and wrapping around. He felt his companion tense as his fingers skated over his heavy ball sac then relax again as they began to stroke his stiffening cock, which was long and lean like the rest of him but with a plump, blushing, heavy head like a fer-de-lance.

Chavez caught his breath as he was enclosed then exhaled it in a little sigh.

At the far end of the sofa the roles were also being reversed as Rayne cradled Paddy’s impossibly long rod in both hands, playing his lips almost tenderly over the head and whipping it lightly with his tongue. The older man was stroking his hair and positively purring with delight.

“Crazy!” Chavez whispered, looking from the pair of them, back to Xavier. “Your limey loverboy is crazy, Chiquito! Like I said before… he thinks he’s immortal.”

Xavier wasn’t so sure Rayne was crazy. That last bite had been… had done… something to him. Logically he knew there were no such things as vampires, not real vampires anyway. Still a little flicker of concern passed over Xavier’s features. No, he didn’t want to think about it. Didn’t want to think about anything right now, so he concentrated on the warm body in front of him, the hint of musk in Chavez’s scent as Xavier nuzzled low on his body.

Xav’s hands danced lazy circles over the smooth skin of the other man’s hips, and thighs. He slipped a hand between his legs and cupped his balls gently, then stroked along his shaft. With his other hand he kneaded one cheek of his round, muscular ass. He placed soft kisses along his lean tanned chest, his fingers teasing between Chavez’s cheeks until he was circling his crinkled hole. He kissed his way up to Chavez’s shoulders so he could whisper in his ear. “Will you let me fuck you?”

The handsome Hispanic chuckled softly; “You touch me like that and I’d let you do just about anything, man. But you wear a rubber, okay? I watched what Wylde did to you, and ‘he’ might believe he’s gonna live forever but that don’t mean ‘I’ have to believe it, you dig?”

Xavier gave a small shrug of his shoulders, “Sure.”

Although, if he was expected to pull one out of his pocket they were out of luck!

Chavez read the look on his face expertly and a slow smile flashed the whiteness of his teeth. He leaned back to shuck off his shirt and nodded towards the open fly of his faded Levis.

“Slip your fingers in my front left pocket, chico,” he invited. “See what you find in there.”

Xav dived in, undaunted by the challenge porno izle and soon had a selection of brightly coloured little squares tumbling through his fingers. He snared one, opened it and rolled it on with a practised stroke as his mate wriggled out of his snug blue jeans.

“Ok, all wrapped, now come here,” he said with a grin and pulled Chavez close again, on to the couch, knees on either side of his hips.

Xav caught his lips and explored the inside of his mouth and tongue like he might not ever get another taste. His hands roamed over the other man’s warm skin and he leaned back, stroking over that nicely rounded ass again, teasing his fingers inside until he had Chavez panting and rocking his hips. He could just settle Chavez into his lap and onto his hard cock but he wanted more leverage so he repositioned him. Putting Chavez’s back against the arm of the couch, he knelt between those smooth thighs and entered him by slow degrees.

Little flexes of his hips and buttocks brought him in and out of that tight grip. Even with the bit of stretch his fingers had given, it was a tight squeeze. Xavier hissed in a little breath as the ring clenched around his head, shivers running down his lean muscled back. He thrust in a little harder because he couldn’t help himself. Then stopped again for a second or two while Chavez murmured in Spanish and combed his fingers into Xav’s hair.

Once he had worked his cock all the way inside, he began to move in a slow grind against Chavez, hands gripping his narrow hips. With Chavez leaning back against the arm of the couch arching his belly upward, it put temptation within reach for his flexible little body and Xavier took advantage of that. He curled his body forward and wrapped his soft lips around the head of Chavez’s cock while he impaled him from beneath.

“Holy Fuck!” Chavez whispered, shaking his head in a daze of arousal. “How the hell you get down there, Chico?”

He was curling his back against the cushioned arm of the sofa, one foot braced against the couch back and the other angled loosely around Xavier’s slowly grinding hips, rocking himself urgently against the younger man and shaking his head restlessly. His hands pressed down, light but firm, on the back of Xav’s head now, urging him lower still.

“Ohhh baby, that feels ‘good’!” he panted appreciatively.

Xavier would have answered, but his mouth was currently occupied. He was simply that flexible. He’d discovered a long time ago that he could suck his own dick. Going down on Chavez while he was in his lap was no problem, especially with the extra pressure being applied to the back of his head. His mouth slid up and down on that turgid pole while his hips began to buck harder from underneath.

Insatiable as he was he’d already cum twice and the rubber gave an extra layer of control. He was going to fuck Chavez until he wrung him dry and made him cum as many times as he could and then he still might not be done. It was certainly not going to take long to get his first result. PJ’s lean and luscious chef was writhing incessantly on his cock, panting like a bitch in heat.

“Ahhh… ahhh… uhhhhh… Joder… joder!” Chavez gasped, undulating rhythmically between the stoking sensation in his sensitive ass and the delicious suction around his furiously throbbing prick. Watching Xavier and Wylde make out had been enough to make him desperately horny and now he was ready and willing to explode. “Oh man! Oh man! Gonna cum!” he groaned deep in his throat.

The bitter salt hit the roof of Xavier’s mouth in a hard jet. He swallowed before the next came, and the next, stroking his mouth up and down, milking him until his frantic thrusts slowed and he’d gotten all he could from him. Only then did he let Chavez slip from between his lips. He kissed a trail up his heaving chest, arms wrapped around his waist, until he nuzzled at his throat. He held onto Chavez, sweetly tender now, letting him come down though his hips never really stilled completely.

When he’d given him a chance to breathe, Xav kissed him slow and lingering.

“So sweet…” he murmured against his lips. “Turn around for me, babe.”

After that blissful blowjob, Chavez would probably have done just about anything he asked. Still panting urgently he returned the kiss and rolled smoothly onto one elbow, pulling himself to his knees and leaning against the back cushions of the sofa with a contented smile and a wriggle of his lean, bare arse. His eyes widened briefly as Xavier slid smoothly into him again and he checked out Paddy and Rayne who were sprawled in a lazy 69 at the other end of the long couch, with the little singer lying on top. Rayne’s lips and mouth were wrapped around the upper eight inches of the older man’s monster erection and his left hand worked the lower half steadily whilst the right massaged Paddy’s balls. Rayne nodded his head slowly, humming quietly to himself the whole time.

PJ’s face was buried between his mate’s pale arse cheeks, lapping at him greedily as the nude Englishman straddled his head. Rayne’s tuneless noodling peaked in a little moan from time to time as Paddy was hitting all the right spots.

Chavez looked back over his shoulder languidly at Xavier.

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