Danny’s All Grown Up

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Danny had just gotten back from the gym to a full house. It was the end of summer break and the extended family had arrived. It was tradition that every year at this time, his family hosted relatives for a few days. His father was a successful sales executive, and they had a big house on the coast with a large swimming pool and a hot tub. It was perfect for entertaining, so this became a family tradition going back several years. The relatives would stay for a few days to relax, visit, and enjoy the pool and the beach.

Danny walked in and everyone was gathered around the kitchen island, enjoying cocktails and making plans to do things. On his father Brian’s side were his aunt and uncle and their young kids, as well as his father’s parents. On his mother Alison’s side there was her cousin and his kids, her parents, and also her sister Shelly. Shelly…..

Danny’s eyes immediately zeroed in on his aunt Shelly. She was 42, one year younger than his mother. For a long time now, Danny held a secret crush for both of them. They were beautiful, with gorgeous, glowing skin that they kept tanned year round. They both had amazing bone structure with high cheekbones, and incredibly bright smiles. Whenever they flashed those amazing smiles, they showed off adorable dimples that would stop men in their tracks. Shelly had very light brown hair, while her sister was a blonde. His mother Alison kept hers in a cute, short pixie cut while Shelly wore hers in a short feathered cut that she kept just off of her beautiful shoulders.

And then there were their bodies. Dan couldn’t get enough of what amazing figures they had. They were both soccer players in high school and college, and worked hard to maintain their physiques. Age and childbirth had filled them out somewhat, but they both still looked amazing. They were each blessed with nice, full breasts. They had flat stomachs with just hints of stretch marks from childbirth. They both sported lovely limbs. Both had pretty feet, with thin ankles, toned calves and thighs that led up to great, full but perky asses.

Shelly and Alison typically wore clothing that showed off their great assets. Sleeveless blouses and jumpers, summer dresses, short shorts, etc. And lots of opened toed wedge sandals and shoes, with high heels that just made their fantastic legs look even better. There was always lots of tanned limbs and skin on display. But it was always tasteful.

Shelly had divorced her loser of a husband shortly after the birth of their twin daughters, Brie and Betty, who were now freshmen in college and not present. They lived in the next town just an hour away, but it had been several months since Shelly had visited. She turned to see who had come in and her jaw dropped.

“Danny! Is that my man Danny! Oh my god, look at this stud!”

Danny blushed like he always did as warmth surged all through his body. Shelly had loved to smother him ever since he was little. She would give him great big hugs and announce, “This is my man here everyone! Hands off this stud ladies, because he’s all mine!”

Shelly did this partly because she absolutely adored her nephew, but also to help boost his confidence. Danny had been one of the smallest kids in his class, and it had made him painfully shy. So Shelly always tried to make him feel special. Also, Shelly noticed how he would always steal glances at her and his mother, especially when they were laying out by the pool in their bikinis. She and her sister both thought it was adorable that he had crushes on them, and loved to tease the poor boy.

Danny’s father had a friend who ran a kickboxing gym, so he enrolled his son at the end of his high school junior year to try and build his confidence, especially for his last year of school. The kickboxing place was also a regular gym with all sorts of weightlifting equipment. The owner took Danny under his wing and along with kickboxing, put him on an intensive weight training program.

And then it happened. Danny hit a late growth spurt when he turned eighteen just as his junior year ended. He shot up five inches and gained over thirty pounds over the summer. He was now five foot, eleven inches tall, and one hundred and seventy pounds of lean muscle. And he was standing there in his workout shorts and tight t-shirt as Shelly gawked at him in amazement. The last time she saw him he was shorter than her and maybe a buck thirty soaking wet. But now, he was no longer an awkward, skinny geek. He was a muscle bound, eighteen year old with a taught jawline. Shelly quickly crossed the room over to him and threw herself into his arms.

“Holy shit, Danny! Sis! When did my special man become an actual man? Look at this stud! Look at these muscles,” she said as she pulled back so that she could run her hands over his chest and biceps. Danny’s face was beet red with embarrassment as he blushed.

“He’s all grown up sis. Isn’t he handsome? Cost us a fortune replacing his wardrobe, however.”

“He’s gorgeous,” squealed Shelly as she ran a finger down his smooth jawline. “What has your mother been feeding genç gaziantep escort you Danny?”

“Dad’s friend has been training me at the gym. Also, I finally hit that growth spurt. It’s great to see you Aunt Shelly. Where’s Brie and Betty?”

Shelly just held him at arms length and stared at his muscular chest and shoulders through his tight workout shirt.

“Your cousins are college girls now, even though their freshman year hasn’t even started yet. Regardless, they’re now too cool for family and are doing stuff with friends instead. But that just means I get you all to myself, right?”

Shelly’s eyes and hands kept roaming his body over his sweat stained t-shirt. Danny was blushing hard but also loving it. She then announced to nobody in particular, “This is my man! I’m going to have to fight really hard to keep those high school girls away from this gorgeous hunk,” she said.

“Sis, please stop molesting my son so that he can get a shower and visit with everyone,” joked Alison.

“Mmmmm, do you need help with your shower Danny,” purred Shelly jokingly as she stepped away to let him go, causing him to blush even harder.

Danny started to head to his room when his mom spoke up again.

“Danny, the guest rooms are all full so Shelly’s going to stay in your room. You’ll stay on the couch in the living room.”

“Nonsense,” said Shelly. “He’s got a king sized bed in his room. No need to kick him out. He won’t even know I’m there in that big bed with him.”

Danny’s heart raced at the thought of sharing his bed with his gorgeous aunt, who was biting her lip while giving him a sexy look.

“It’s about time he finally got a girl in that bed,” joked his father.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate,” protested Ali.

“Oh come on Ali. It’s fine. She’s just being a flirt as usual,” said his dad. “This way everyone gets a bed.”

“Fine,” said his mother, hesitantly. Alison appreciated the extra attention that her sister always gave to her son. She knew he had a harmless crush on both of them. But she also worried that her sister could be a little too intimate with the ways she teased him and doted on him. And now that Danny no longer looked five years younger like he used too, it felt even more inappropriate.

Danny politely took Shelly’s bag and went off to his room to take a shower as the rest of the family continued to visit with each other. Danny’s room was in a separate section in the downstairs of the house, far away from the other upstairs bedrooms. He liked it because it had its own bathroom and offered him lots of privacy. He could watch TV and game late into the night with the volume turned up loud, and not disturb anyone else.

Back in the kitchen after several minutes of catching up, the rest of the family decided they should all hit the pool. Shelly headed to Danny’s room to get into her bikini.

She knocked but there was no answer, so she opened the door and entered. Danny had music playing loudly and had just finished up his shower. Because of the music he wasn’t able to hear her when she knocked or when she announced herself. Danny’s bathroom door was wide open. He never bothered to shut it out of habit since it was his own bathroom, and he kept the bedroom door shut.

Shelly was shocked by what she saw. Standing in the middle of the bathroom was a completely naked Danny, drying his hair with a towel. Blinded by the towel, and unable to hear because of the music, he was completely oblivious to his aunt, who was standing there in the room, looking right at him. Her eyes were immediately drawn to his amazing junk, which was swinging between his legs as he roughly dried his hair.

It was the most impressive, flaccid prick that Shelly had ever seen. It was at least four or five inches long, and very thick. In the split second this all happened, Shelly imagined what it must look like fully erect. It would have to be at least eight inches long, maybe nine, and fatter than a can of Red Bull.

Shelly was mesmerized and couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Danny then let the towel drop and gasped when he saw his aunt.

“Oh fuck! Aunt Shelly, I’m so sorry,” yelled Danny as he reached down and picked up the towel to cover himself.

Shelly started to laugh and said, “Oh Danny, I’m the one that should be sorry. It’s all my fault. You have nothing to apologize for. I’ll leave you alone and come back later.”

She then headed to the door and opened it, but before leaving she turned around and noticed how mortified her nephew was. She said, “And you have nothing to be ashamed of Danny. Very impressive. And I mean, very impressive.” She then left, laughing to herself.

Danny was extremely embarrassed but he was also intrigued by what his aunt said. He quickly put on his swim trunks and left his room. He saw his aunt laughing and whispering conspiratorially with his mother in the kitchen, who had changed into her bikini. His mother had her hand over her mouth as if in shock, however both sisters were giggling. gaziantep genç escort And Shelly had her hands held apart in front of her, as if describing a big fish she had caught. The only word Danny made out was “huge!” Then he heard his mom’s last sentence before they noticed him.

“I don’t trust you Shelly! He’s sleeping on the couch.”

They both went silent when they saw Danny.

“Hey there, ‘big boy,'” said Shelly sarcastically, causing the two sisters to break out into giggles again. Danny blushed and headed out to the pool and dove in. He swam a few laps and then heard the sliding glass door open. It was his mother and aunt Shelly. Both were now in bikinis and they were a vision as they headed to the loungers, cocktails in hand. Danny kept peeking at them as they slathered suntan oil onto their bodies. He was caught glancing at them several times.

The day went on and the adults continued to catch up and drink as Danny occupied himself with his younger cousins, playing Marco Polo and other pool games. His father grilled up a bunch of food and everyone ate. Then the sun began to set and it got cooler, driving the gathering back inside. Danny’s mother and aunt had both changed into t-shirts and short gym shorts, leaving their fantastic, tanned legs on full display. The adults grabbed fresh cocktails and gathered in the living room.

Shelly continued to tease Danny, sitting on his lap on the couch and throwing her arms around him.

“There’s my man! It’s going to be hard work keeping the girls away from this one! But he’s all mine!”

This caused Danny to blush heavily, but he loved it whenever she did stuff like this. Her skin was incredibly soft and she smelled like chlorine, suntan oil, and shampoo, which just made it all even more erotic for him. She took his one hand and placed it on her bare thigh as he breathed her in. It was all borderline inappropriate, but the other adults had all consumed enough alcohol that they barely noticed.

Danny decided to take a risk and began to run his hand up and down her leg, loving the feel of her smooth skin. Shelly pursed her lips, smiled at him mischievously and leaned into his ear.

“You naughty, naughty boy. Caressing your aunt’s legs. Good thing you’re MY naughty boy.”

This caused him to blush again, but he didn’t want any of this to end. And she didn’t rebuff him so he continued to let his hand explore her beautiful legs. And while the other adults were busy talking with each other, she leaned into his ear and whispered, “I really do wish you were my man instead of my nephew. We could have so much fun.”

Danny gave a soft groan after hearing that. One thing for sure was that he was going to need to jerk off tonight. He was sporting a diamond cutter, but thankfully Shelly was positioned in a way that it wasn’t poking into her. However, it was aching badly and he needed relief.

It finally got late and the party started to break up, with everyone heading for their separate bedrooms. Shelly slid off of Danny’s lap and he quickly grabbed a pillow to cover his boner. At that point it was just him, Shelly and his mother.

“Well, I’m heading to bed. Danny, go to the linen closet and grab some blankets for the couch. Good night all,” Alison said as she headed off to bed.

Danny, whose hardon had thankfully subsided, got up and headed to get the blankets when his aunt interrupted him.

“Forget her Danny. Come sleep in your own bed. It’s big enough for both of us,” she said while taking his hand and leading him to his room.

While Danny loved the idea of sleeping in the same bed as his hot aunt, he was also apprehensive about it. He badly needed a good session of ‘ham on the bone’ because he was so excited. Maybe even two sessions. He figured he would never get any sleep with her there, right beside him. But it’s not like he could explain any of that to her, so he just followed along as they went to the bedroom and closed the door.

Shelly grabbed a few items from her bag and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Danny stripped down to his boxers and then slid under the covers. He tried to close his eyes and go to sleep, but he was still too excited. And then the bathroom door opened and there was Shelly, standing in the doorway. She had changed into a light pink, short, low cut negligee with spaghetti straps. She was holding a bottle of lotion in her hand.

She looked amazing and Danny let a “whoa” slip from his mouth when he saw her, causing Shelly to slightly blush.

“Does my man like what he sees,” she teased as she walked over to the bed. She lifted one leg and placed her foot on the mattress, causing the negligee to ride up, exposing matching pink panties. She opened the lotion and squeezed some in her hand and dropped the bottle on the bed. She then used both hands to rub the lotion onto her beautiful, tanned leg. The entire time she stared right into Danny’s eyes. He held her gaze.

“Please, please, please God! Let something happen,” Danny pleaded gaziantep genç escort bayan to himself inside his head as he stared at her. He knew that she had drunk a fair amount, but she had never flirted this much with him before. The room was thick with eroticism.

Shelly finished with the one leg and switched, never taking her eyes off of him.

“I still just can’t get over how much you’ve grown Danny,” she said as she finished up her other leg. “You’ve always been so cute, but now….just a total stud!” She then got on her side of the bed and slipped under the covers. She sat up and applied the lotion to her arms and shoulders. When she was done she set the lotion on the bedside table, and then turned to face him, laying on her side.

“Well, is my man going to kiss me goodnight,” she said while smiling sexily at him.

Danny gulped and leaned across the bed. He gave her a quick peck on her lips and then leaned back onto his side of the bed. Shelly gave him an exaggerated frown.

“Ohhhh….Danny, that was quite disappointing. I asked my man to kiss me goodnight, not my nephew. Should we try that again?”

Danny’s heart was racing and he stammered, “Uh, uhmmm, uhhh….sure. Yeah,” and then he leaned back over. Shelly closed her eyes, leaned forward and then slightly parted her lips. Danny moved in and softly placed his lips onto hers and didn’t move, unsure of what to do next.

Shelly moved her lips, opening them up more and causing Danny’s lips to also open. She then pushed her tongue into his mouth and he reciprocated. Danny couldn’t believe that he was laying in his bed, making out with his total smoke show of an aunt. The two of them just stayed like that for a minute or two, just kissing. And then Shelly broke the kiss. She pulled back and smiled at him mischievously. Danny stayed where he was, hoping she would lean back in.

“You’re a natural Danny. That was a really nice kiss. But I really shouldn’t have done that. Because it was dangerous too. That was very naughty of me.”

“But I’m glad you did it! It was fun!”

“It certainly was fun. But you’re my nephew, Danny.”

“No I’m not. At least not right now. Right now I’m your man, and I’m not done kissing you goodnight,” he said, causing her to smile.

“You naughty, naughty, boy!”

Danny then leaned back in and Shelly reciprocated.

“How quickly you’ve turned into a charmer. Ok my man. We can keep kissing for a little bit. But nothing more,” she said before placing her mouth back on his. To Danny’s delight they began to make out again. Shelly then started to moan softly into his mouth.

Danny was on cloud nine. This was not only his first real kiss, but also the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him. He couldn’t get enough of her sensuous mouth as he leaned in further.

Shelly put her hands on his chest and pushed him back. Danny was worried that she was going to stop it, but she moved with him, keeping her mouth attached to his, their tongues exploring. She pushed him onto his back and rested herself partly on his body, all while keeping her lips pressed to his.

She kept her hand on his chest and began to rub his pectoral muscles. They continued to make out while she let her hand roam, feeling his shoulder muscles, his biceps and then his washboard abs. She then draped one of her gorgeous legs over him. As he kissed her, he wondered if she had selfishly given herself a pass on “nothing more,” as her hand groped him. He decided to be bold and put his hand on her bare thigh. She broke the kiss and he briefly panicked.

“You like my legs, don’t you Danny? I’ve caught you peeking at them so many times. I love it when I catch you. It makes me feel so beautiful. The shorts and summer dresses I wear whenever I visit are always selected with you in mind.”

“Thank you so much for that! I love your legs Aunt Shelly. I love your body, your face. You! I love it all.”

“Oh Danny,” she said as she leaned back in. But she didn’t kiss his lips. She kissed his nose, and then his eyes, and then planted sensuous, wet kisses all over his face.

She had started grinding her body into his, although she wasn’t consciously aware that she had started to do this. Danny however, was hyper aware of what she was doing. He moved his head around until he finally caught her mouth again, and they continued their makeout session. He moved his hand up the back of her thigh and squeezed her ass over her panties, causing her to give a small squeal into his mouth.

She broke the kiss again and said, “Danny, this is so nice. It’s so lovely. I could lay here and kiss you all night.”

She then went back to making out with him as their hands continued to wander over each other’s bodies. Danny moved his hand from her ass and ran it up her side on the outside of her negligee. He cupped her breast and squeezed, causing her to gasp into his mouth and break the kiss again.

“Danny! You’re being so naughty! Such a bad, bad boy,” she said as she plunged her mouth back down onto his, kissing him even more intensely.

Danny pulled down the one spaghetti strap, freeing her breast, and then began to grope it. Shelly made no effort to stop him, and began to grind her crotch against his thigh. Her one hand, which was rubbing his washboard abs, wandered down to the bulge in his boxers and found his rock hard shaft. She gave it a squeeze, causing Danny to moan into her mouth achingly.

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