Danielle’s Dilemma Ch. 05

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As it’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything, you might want to re-read the preceding chapters to get a handle on the story!


A few days later, Danielle pulled her cafe into the car park of a restaurant in town.

“You sure you’re ready for this?” she asked her sons who sat in the back seats.

“We’re fine, mom, don’t worry.” Jack said.

All three of them stepped out of the car and headed inside. As it was smart restaurant, the boys wore shirts and trousers and Danielle had a simple black dress on with a small jacket over the top. There was little other than luck holding the strapless dress up and she occasionally had to grip it and hike it up to prevent her huge tits springing free.

When she gave her name to the waitress who greeted them, they were taken over to a table where her father, Luke, sat. He stood as the three of them joined him and Danielle introduced him to his grandsons for the first time.

Drinks arrived and the four of them talked, a little nervously at first but Luke’s easy going manner and his obvious regret at missing out on Danielle and the twins’ lives soon eased what little atmosphere there had been. They ordered food and ate a light meal, Luke insisting on paying. By the time the coffee arrived, both Billy and Jack seemed at ease with their recently returned grandfather.

“So, granddad.” Billy started.

“Please, Billy, call me Luke. Granddad sounds so old.”

“Okay, Luke.” Billy said with a laugh. He dropped his voice a little. Though they were seated at the back of the room, there were still a few people around. “Mom tells us you, her and aunt Tanya had a hot get together a few days ago.”

Luke grinned. “We did indeed. Came about after we watched one of your mom’s old films. Which reminds me, I have something for both of you boys.” Luke reached into his jacket and took out two DVDs, handing one each to the twins.

Jack’s showed Danielle Daily (Danielle’s old screen name) in “Busty Lingerie Lovers.” The cover showed Danielle laid on a bed wearing stockings and a corset that still left her tits free. She was sucking on one guy’s cock while another laid behind her and had lifted her leg up, his cock crammed up her ass. Billy’s was “Cum Covered Tits” and showed Danielle kneeling down, cupping her huge tits, surrounded by five men. Each of them had shot a copious amount of cum over her jugs as she smiled into the camera.

Danielle blushed slightly as her sons gleefully showed her Taksim Escort their new films.

“You shouldn’t have, dad.” Danielle said. “There’ll be no stopping this pair tonight after they’ve watched those.”

“Like you’d try and stop us even if we didn’t.” Jack said with a laugh.

“Why don’t we go home and watch one now?” Billy asked. He looked over at Luke. “Wanna come along, Luke?”

“If everyone’s okay with that, I’d love to.” Luke said.

“You’re all just dying to get into my pants, aren’t you?” Danielle asked with a grin.

“Damn straight.” Jack said. “We’re going to take you home and fuck you just as you like it.” he said a little quieter.

“Mmmm, that sounds good.” Danielle said, running her hand over his bugling crotch.

“Then let’s get out of here.” Luke said. “I’ll follow you in my car.”

As Danielle and her sons went outside, Luke took care of the bill and then caught them up. She drove her sons home, her father following behind them. When they got home, they all piled into the living room, Jack and Billy arguing over which film to watch.

“Put the lingerie one on.” Danielle said, heading up the stairs. “Make yourselves comfortable and I’ll be down in a moment.”

After they had put the film in, the twins sat on one sofa and their grandfather on the other. They watched the large screen as Danielle appeared on the TV wearing stockings, suspenders and matching bra that was filled to overflowing. The basic plot appeared to be that she was trying on the items in a shop changing room and, unknown to her at first, was being spied on by the shop’s owner who stood, stroking his cock. He quickly entered the changing room and, despite a show of resistance, Danielle was soon on her knees, sucking his cock. Pretty soon, she was on all fours, the guy shoving his dick into her pussy as she urged him on. After a few minutes, he pulled his dick free of her twat and eased it into her asshole, buttfucking her with long, slow strokes.

“I hope you’ve all got big, strong hard ons by now?” Danielle said from the stairs. They turned to watch as she walked down, wearing stockings, a corset with suspenders and a tiny g-string. Her huge tits were pushed up and together, forming a fantastic cleavage. She walked over to her father, bending down and kissing him. “You watch for a while, okay?” she said and moved over to the sofa, sitting between her sons. “So, have you got big hard ons for me yet?”

As one, Taksim Escort Bayan Billy and Jack stood up and almost tore off their trousers and boxer shorts, presenting their mother with their huge, foot long cocks. She sat on the edge of the sofa and took hold of them, bringing them closer together so that she could more easily suck lovingly on first one, then the other, alternating between them.

“Damn, mom.” Jack said as she bobbed her head on his cock. “You’re so fucking good at that.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” she said, turning to Billy’s cock and sucking on it for a moment.

“Fuck that’s hot.” Luke said from the other sofa. She looked over at him to find him taking a photo with his cell phone.

“You taking dirty pictures of your slutty daughter, daddy?” she asked him.

Luke grinned and took another couple of snaps as she returned to sucking her sons’ cocks.

Billy moved away and eased her back on to the sofa, laying her on her back. Kneeling between her legs, he guided his hard cock deep into her pussy, watching his big cock slide into his mother’s cunt. Jack pushed the top of her corset down, freeing her huge tits, and straddled her belly. She smiled up at him and pushed her tits together, letting him push his hard prick between them.

“Oh yeah . . . Fuck mommy, boys . . . Fuck her good.” she sighed.

Luke suddenly appeared at her head, stripped naked and with his big, thick cock in his hand. She smiled up at him before turning her head slightly and taking the huge knob into her mouth.

“Suck daddy’s cock.” he sighed, sliding his big dick into her mouth. “You’re right, Jack.” he said. “Your mom is a good cocksucker.” Danielle smiled as best she could round her mouthful of cock and winked at them both.

Billy tapped his brother on the shoulder. “Hey, Jack. Let’s watch mom fuck her dad.”

The three men moved, letting Danielle up. Luke sat on the sofa, letting Danielle climb on top of him, her g-string pulled to one side as she lowered her pussy down his cock.

“Oh fuck, daddy . . . You’ve got such a big cock.” she murmured as he gripped her hips and moved her up and down his dick. He sucked and licked at her tits as she moved, taking as much of her huge jugs as he could into his mouth. “Yeah, suck my big tits.” she said, taking hold of one and forcing it into his face.

Billy climbed up on to the sofa next to her and Danielle quickly took his glistening cock in her mouth, tasting Escort Taksim her own pussy juices. She looked over her shoulder to see Jack spitting on the end of his cock, rubbing it over his knob.

“You going to put that big cock in mommy’s tight asshole?” she asked him, fisting Billy’s cock.

Jack stepped between Luke’s legs and nudged the head of his dick against her butt.

“Only if you ask me nicely, mom.” he said with a grin.

Danielle smiled at him. “Fuck my ass, Jack. Please? Will you fuck your mommy in the ass? I really want your cock up my butt.”

Jack nudged forward, the head of his cock pushing into her tight butthole, Luke holding her hips steady as Billy eased his cock back into her mouth. Danielle moaned and came, the sensation of being fucked by her father and her twin sons too much for her. The three of them fucked her, their cocks filling her holes, making her come over and over.

At a word from Billy, Jack pulled his cock from his mom’s ass and the brothers swapped places, Billy pushing his big dick into Danielle’s butt while Jack fed her his cock.

“Mmmmm . . . Yummy.” Danielle said, looking up at Jack, licking the taste of her ass off his big cock before cramming as much into her mouth as she could.

“Fuck . . . I’m gonna cum.” Luke said from beneath her.

“Cum over me.” Danielle said, taking Jack’s cock from her mouth. She looked at both her sons. “I want you all to cum all over me.”

The four of them moved, letting Danielle lay back on the sofa, cupping her big tits while the three men gathered round her, each of them wanking their cocks. Luke groaned first and came, spraying Danielle’s face with thick ropes of spunk. Time and again, his cock lurched and spurted jism over his daughter’s face. Spurred on by the sight, both Jack and Billy came soon after, adding their loads to their mom’s face and tits, drenching her in cum.

As their cum subsided, Danielle reached up and scooped it out of her eyes so that she could look up at the three men in her life.

“Better than watching me on screen?” she asked.

“Definitely.” Jack said with a laugh.

“Although that’s kinda hot, too.” Billy said.

“In that case, you’ll be glad to hear I’ve decided to go back into porno.” Danielle said, scooping up jism from her tits, sucking her fingers clean and smiling up at them. The three men cheered and clapped as Danielle sat up, cum running from her face to drip onto her huge tits. “Of course, it’s been a while and I might be have forgotten what I need to do. Would any of you gentlemen like to come upstairs and, after I’ve showered, help me practice my lines?”

Her sons and her father laughed as they helped Danielle up and the four of them headed for the bedroom.

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