Dan Gets Caught

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The following story is based on an actual event involving the author. Some details have been enhanced for the reader’s enjoyment.

It was 1977, many years before access to porn via the internet was available to the general public. Video players were also not yet commonplace in most households at that time. A young man’s masturbatory fantasies in those days were mostly fueled by pictorials and stories from a variety of magazines.

Dan had recently completed his third year of college and was living in his parents house for the summer. His nineteen year old sister Cindy was also living at home during her summer break from college.

Dan had shared an apartment with a buddy for his most recent year at college. During that time he had become accustomed to more freedom and privacy than he had at his parents house. Most of all he enjoyed having plenty of time to himself while his roommate was attending classes or spending time with his girlfriend.

It was during those times when his roommate was gone that Dan would take the opportunity to enjoy masturbating without being interrupted. His usual ritual generally started with him getting high as he perused through the collection of Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines that he and his roommate had acquired throughout the year.

Dan loved having plenty of time and not having to quickly jerk-off for his pleasure. He would usually take twenty or thirty minutes to fully enjoy himself and would sometimes cum more than once. While living back at his parents house Dan very seldom had the opportunity to masturbate in that manner.

It was on a Saturday morning that summer that Dan’s parents had left to spend the weekend at their lake cottage. His sister Cindy was also going to spend the weekend at the cottage but was driving separately and leaving later that day.

Cindy was taking her friend Cathy with her. She had planned to pick up Cathy then go directly to the cottage from her friend’s house.

On most weekends Dan would have been going to the lake cottage also. This particular Saturday he was staying at home to attend a friend’s pool party that afternoon.

With everyone being gone for the weekend Dan knew he would have plenty of time to himself. He was looking forward to having the opportunity to masturbate in the manner that he liked.

Thus far that summer Dan had only been able to pleasure himself with an occasional quick jerk-off. He was more than ready for some quality masturbation time.

As Cindy left the house she told Dan “have a good time at the party and I’ll see you when I get home tomorrow. You’re going to miss a great lake weekend.”

Dan had been horny all morning and was anxious for his sister to leave. As soon as Cindy had drove away he didn’t waste any time in getting things started.

Almost immediately Dan went to his room to get some magazines from his porn stash. He got a bag of pot and a pipe then before heading to the basement to have fun Dan also got some Wesson vegetable oil from the kitchen.

Dan’s parents house has a nicely finished basement with a stereo system and a bar. He immediately put on some music then got himself a cold beer. Dan sat down and loaded his pipe then as he got high he began looking through the pictorials in the magazines.

It didn’t take long before Dan was feeling the effects of the pot. It also didn’t take long for him to start getting aroused as he looked through the pictures of the women in the magazines.

After Dan finished going through the first Penthouse he picked out a picture that he particularly liked. He Etiler Escort placed that magazine on the sofa with it open to the picture.

Before sitting back down Dan stripped out of his shorts and t-shirt. As he looked at the picture of the woman on the sofa he started to rub his cock through his white underwear and said “you look like you’re ready to enjoy the show.”

While Dan looked through the pictures in the next magazine he continued to rub the boner that was inside his underwear. As he finished looking through each magazine he would place it on the sofa with it open to a select picture like he’d done with the first one.

When Dan had gotten through each of the magazines he had a group of his favorite pictures lined up on the sofa in a position to view. As he stood there looking at them he continued to enjoy the pleasure of rubbing his hard erect cock through his underwear.

Dan’s cock is just over five inches when it’s hard. Despite his smaller size, whenever he masturbates Dan likes referring to his penis as his “big wee.”

With Dan being fully aroused he stood in front of the sofa looking at the pictures and said “I think it’s time for me to get my big wee and play with it for you ladies.”

After removing his underwear Dan rubbed the Wesson oil all over his excited penis. He poured some into his hand then began stroking his slippery hard cock. As Dan looked at the pictures of the women he said “oh god yes, you ladies are in for a show today.”

In the meantime Cindy was at Cathy’s house. While she was still there Cindy realized that she had left something at home that she wanted to take. Before heading to the cottage Cindy decided to go back to her parents house to get the item she’d forgotten.

As soon as Cindy and Cathy walked into the house they heard the music playing in the basement. Cindy yelled down the steps to let her brother know that she was there.

With the music playing Dan couldn’t hear his sister and didn’t respond. It was also precisely the exact same time that he was busy lubricating his excited hard cock with the vegetable oil.

As Cindy walked down the steps Cathy followed her. Almost immediately they could smell the pot. When they got to the bottom of the stairs they could also hear Dan talking and they came to a stop.

Cindy signaled to Cathy to be quiet as she tried to hear who her brother was talking to. Both girls were standing there quietly listening when they heard Dan say “oh ladies, just look at how excited my big wee is for you today. I love having an excited big wee and looking at your big sexy butts always gets me that way.”

Dan continued on talking and said “I really like having you ladies watch me while I play with my big wee. It gets me so turned on having you watch me masturbate.”

When they heard what Dan was saying Cindy and Cathy looked at one another then had to bite their lips to keep from laughing. Cindy motioned Cathy to follow her. As they turned the corner into the room they could see Dan was completely naked. He was standing with his back to them and had no idea they had entered the room.

Dan was already fully enjoying himself and moving in rhythm with the music. His hands were on his butt cheeks and he was thrusting his hips. Dan was still talking and said “oh god yes ladies, just look at how pink and shiny my big wee is now. I love looking at it when it gets excited like this.”

As he continued talking Dan also started stroking his cock. He said “I love masturbating my big wee for you ladies. I’ve really missed having you watch me. I Etiler Escort Bayan masturbate all the time but it’s not the same without you watching. I’m glad you’re here for the show today.”

Over the next few minutes Dan remained completely oblivious that Cindy and Cathy were watching him. He had moved nearer to the sofa to give his ladies a closer look and said “oh yea, look at how excited my big wee is now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself much longer for you ladies.”

Dan turned sideways to give the ladies a profile view of his excited erect penis. He never looked away from the pictures and after taking his hand off his cock he said “I know you ladies love seeing my erection and how hard my big wee gets.”

After Dan had turned Cindy and Cathy were also getting their first actual view of his excited erect cock. He remained so focused on the pictures that he still had no idea the two girls were there.

Dan was totally absorbed in his fun and his excitement was becoming even more apparent. He was grunting and groaning while thrusting his hips. As he again began to stroke his cock he kept repeating himself saying “oh yea, oh yea. I love to play with my big wee!”

Cindy and Cathy were really struggling to not laugh as they watched him. Dan was rapidly stroking his shiny pink cock while thrusting his hips fast and hard as if he were fucking someone.

As his breathing became more rapid from his excitement Dan exclaimed “oh god yes, it feels so good when I masturbate my cock. Oh my god ladies, my big wee is going to squirt. Watch it ladies, watch my big wee squirt!”

The two girls were only about fifteen feet away from Dan but with the music playing they had been quiet enough to not be noticed. Right at that moment Dan caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of his eye. As he turned his head he saw the two girls and exclaimed “oh fuck.”

Dan immediately stopped stroking his cock but it was too late. He had reached his point of no return and even though he squeezed his cock tightly at the base he couldn’t stop the inevitable. As Dan felt his cock tingle and throb with excitement the girls heard him say “oh god no.”

Dan was absolutely red faced with embarrassment but his pleasure was still obvious by his expression. He closed his eyes and couldn’t keep from moaning as he began to ejaculate. The feelings of pleasure in his excited penis were too much for him to resist and he instinctively began to stroke his cock again.

Cindy and Cathy were looking directly at Dan as a stream of semen squirted from his hard cock and landed on the floor almost two feet in front of him. The second stream was not quite as strong but still went nearly a foot. Dan’s cum started running down over his hand and dripping on the floor as another half dozen smaller spurts of thick white semen squirted while he stroked his excited cock.

When he had finished ejaculating Dan stood motionless for a moment before slowly opening his eyes. His face was still beet red and he had never felt so humiliated in his life. His sister and her friend had seen him in his most private intimate moment.

Dan’s penis was already getting limp and a long strand of sticky cum was hanging from it. Cindy had a smirk on her face as she looked at her embarrassed brother and said “oh my goodness Danny, that was quite a show that you put on for those ladies. I’ve never seen you have so much fun.”

The only time that Cindy ever calls her older brother Danny is when she is teasing him or making fun of him. As she continued on she said “we were so Escort Etiler surprised when we walked in and saw you playing with your cock for your lady friends that we didn’t want to interrupt you.”

Cathy giggled as she chimed in “don’t you mean playing with his big wee?”

Cindy said “oh god yes that’s right, his big wee! You certainly looked like you enjoy playing with your big wee.”

Both girls were laughing then Cathy added “and it’s nice to know that he plays with it all the time.”

Cindy was still laughing as she commented “well after seeing how much he enjoys it I’m not surprised that he plays with it all the time. Maybe he’ll even let us watch him play with it again sometime.”

While Dan stood there listening to the two girls his penis had completely shrunk to it’s normal two inch size. He felt even more embarrassed that the girls could now see just how small his penis really was.

It only took a moment for them to notice and Cathy squealed with laughter as she said “oh my god look at his big wee now. I’ve never seen a guy with one that little.”

Cindy exclaimed “oh my Danny, I do have to say that looks more like a little boy wee-wee than a big wee. I guess you need to play with it to make it get big.”

Dan had enough of the humiliation and finally broke his silence. He told the girls “why don’t you two just get the fuck out of here. I don’t even know why you’re here?”

As Cindy realized they had already given her brother a good dose of humiliation she decided not to embarrass him any further. She said “okay okay. I guess we do need to get going. You’re just lucky the weather is so nice and we don’t want to miss out. Otherwise we may have stayed for your next show.”

Cathy laughed as she agreed and said “oh god yes, and I’m sure there’s going to be at least one more since he masturbates all the time.”

Before leaving Cindy told Dan “don’t think that we’re ever going to forget this or let you forget it. You will owe me big time to keep this a secret.”

After the girls walked out of the room Dan put his underwear back on. He couldn’t fathom everything that had just happened but he knew it had been the most embarrassing experience of his life.

A few minutes later when the girls were ready to leave the house Cindy yelled down the stairs to her brother “we’re leaving now in case you’re ready to play with your big wee again.”

Later that day as Dan enjoyed the pool party with his friends he could never fully get the events from earlier out of his mind. Strangely whenever he thought about it he found himself getting aroused. He didn’t understand why but it excited him knowing that his sister and Cathy had watched him playing with his cock.

When Dan got back to his parents house after the party he was horny and already knew what he was going to do. He went to his sister’s room to get her photo album. Dan knew it contained pictures of Cindy and Cathy together from when they were on the cheerleading squad.

Just like he’d done that afternoon Dan also got his pot and pipe along with the Wesson oil. He went to the basement and immediately stripped out of his clothes. Dan’s cock was already erect before he even started looking through his sister’s photos.

As Dan got high while looking at the pictures of Cindy and Cathy he imagined them watching him that afternoon. He removed some of the photos from the album and placed them on the sofa in the position for them to “watch him.”

Dan stood in front of the sofa stroking his erect cock while he looked at the pictures of Cindy and Cathy. He said “well girls, it’s time for the second show and I know you’ve been anxiously waiting.”

As Dan lubricated his excited penis with the Wesson oil he said “oh god yes, I’m really ready to masturbate my big wee and I’m looking forward to having have you girls watch me again!”

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