Daddy’s Sin

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All characters are 18 or older.

Brad’s lips rose in a smirk, his breath quickened and his mind instantly stirred to life. He felt Robin’s warm breath on his boxers, and knew by the steady flow of air, she had fallen asleep. He didn’t recall her coming in and lying down on the couch, he too must have been more exhausted than he’d realized. His cock jerked slightly, his hand moved down to caress her hair. Immediately his fingers stilled, his eyes opened and his mind cleared away all the erotic images of his wife’s slender lips. Brad stared down at his daughter Sierra, her lids closed, her mouth rested right against the head of his cock, covered in material.

“Thank god for cotton,” he muttered softly. He wondered how he would disentangle himself from Sierra’s position without waking her up and making it obvious to what was happening to his dick. He shifted slightly, only to pause when Sierra whimpered. Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips; Brad found himself lost in the dream of fucking her face with the full passion she’d awakened. He shook the image from his mind.

It seemed like an eternity before Brad took a deep breath, and tried to order himself to wake up his daughter, to move her from the awkward position she’d taken up, and walk away – leaving her untouched, her mouth untried and tested. When she moaned again, rolled slightly away from his shaft, he thought all was saved. But much to his surprise, shock and slight dismay, her bikini top had slipped and a pink nipple now protruded out. He swallowed hard, his breath started and his mind reeled. Once again his cock jerked – the ache more evident in the swollen tip, beckoned him to take a longer look at his little girl.

The areole was slightly darker than the rest of her pale skin. She had a few freckles on her breast; at least the part he could see, some of her tit still remained hidden behind the bikini’s fabric. Her breath fell steadily, signaling to Brad that she was still asleep. He looked around, heard the laughter of his wife and son outside. He licked his lips and slid one hand from the back rest of the couch and laid it gently on her stomach. To be safe, he quickly shut his eyes, hoping that small movement caused her to wake up. He held his breath. A part of him wanted her to awaken, to realize the position she was in and flee. She could leave, never knowing that her father had seen her nipple; she could forever have a little secret to keep and he would have his – no one would be the wiser.

A full minute passed before Brad opened his eyes, immediately he closed them again. Sierra was not awake. He shifted slightly, again hoping she’d move, but her sleep was deep enough that he knew she was going nowhere and he was going to have to sit there with his daughter’s head on his lap, his cock straining for her pink lips, and his fingers İstanbul Escort itching for her perky nipple. Or – he could wake her up, humiliate them both and go on with his day, likely hooking up with his wife in the shower. The thought of showering with Robin made his cock jerk again; he hissed, and watched as Sierra’s tongue darted out once more.

His hand rested on her stomach, its rise and fall was not lost on him, nor was the soft smooth skin beneath his palm. He let his callused fingers glide gently over her flesh, petting her. Soon he had moved his fingers up higher, resting them on the thin strap of material that held the bikini together. He licked his lips, before slowly bringing one finger to the edge of the fabric, the fabric that covered the nipple that hadn’t peeked out at him. Carefully he followed the edge of the blue cord, its silk was hard to notice through his thick digits, but her skin was not. It seemed to be chilled; he looked closer, tiny goose bumps decorated her satiny flesh. His gaze immediately went to the exposed nipple. It was hard. The small ridges and dots that surrounded the pearl were slightly engorged. Another deep breath, another lick to his lips and seconds later Brad’s hand moved as if it were attached to another man.

His pointer finger slowly circled Sierra’s nipple. He was gentle, almost feathery, he had gone too far now, he couldn’t wake her. She’d be mortified; hell so would he. He was only touching her; it wasn’t like he was actually fucking her, just caressing her skin, tracing the darker flesh, brushing the hard bead, the thick ridges, and the tiny bumps. Her breath seemed to quicken. Brad studied her face; her brow had furrowed slightly, and her lips parted just a bit more. He continued to learn the feel, size, shape of her nipple. Casually as if they had all the time in the world, he rolled the tender nub between his fingers. His cock ached; he ignored the hunger growing deep within his chest.

The palm of his hand slid down, abandoning the rosy center so he could caress the rounded curve of the exposed breast. He gently pushed away the fabric, and smiled. “Fuck damn,” he whispered, softly enough that even he hadn’t been sure he’d spoken aloud. “Forgive me, baby,” he hissed, before lifting his hand and wetting a finger against his tongue. He slid the moist tip over her nipple, much to his delight it seemed to leap at his attention. He groaned when Sierra’s body shifted and her head lolled to the side, once more resting on his straining erection. Once more her tongue darted out, this time making contact with the thin material of his boxers. Brad grimaced in pain, pain he endured from his straining cock, and emotional turmoil; his imagination ran wild.

Thoughts carried him as he continued to tease his daughter’s tit, and it was those thoughts İstanbul Escort Bayan that condemned him to Hell. He left her breast alone, slipped his hand under her lips; his movements were small, unrushed, and gentle. He eased her head away, just enough so he could slide his fingers inside the slit of his boxers. Carefully he grasped the head of his dick. Minutes seemed to tick away as Brad pulled his cock from the protective barrier that had kept his daughter’s mouth free from his growing hunger.

He bit his lower lip, rested his hand on the back of the couch, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Now – now she would wake up. Now she could run and hide, unaware of the position he’d placed her in. Now she could disappear, go to her room and save him from his wants, desires, and – physical need.

Her breath still came evenly, Brad cursed. He stared down at her, rubbed the head of his cock against her lips and almost came when her tongue darted out. With teeth grounding together, he watched in awe as she took a second swipe at his cock. “Fuck, oh fucking wake up,” he silently begged. “Please, Sierra – please wake up.” He wasn’t sure if he was praying heartfelt or if he was secretly hoping for an unanswered or unspoken prayer.

Brad allowed his cock to rest on her lips. His hand moved down her stomach to rest against the material of her bikini bottoms. He laid his palm against the fabric, once more he unconsciously went through the routine of closing his eyes, hoping she’d wake up and stop him. The sound of the clock on the wall, ticking away the seconds invaded Brad’s musings. He opened his eyes, glanced at his baby girl before he began to rub the thin material.

A soft moan slipped into the relatively quiet calm of the room. Brad ignored it, too fearful that his baby girl had awoken. If she were awake, she’d stop him. She wouldn’t allow him to handle her like this, to rub her pussy with his fingers, gently stroking the thick, pouty lips that were hidden from his flesh. He bit his lip, took a deep breath and slipped his fingers up to her left hip. It seemed to take forever, but soon he’d undone the bow that had kept the stringy two-piece together. He pushed the material away and felt his cock knock hard against Sierra’s face.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered. His eyes latched onto the freshly shaved pussy that glistened with a small hint of arousal. His face felt on fire, as he imagined tasting that drop of liquid that his rubbing had brought forth. Her skin was clean, pure, and he was sure – untouched. He reached out, again caressed her lips, and rubbed them like they were fine china. He heard another whimper, denied the need to look up and see the horror on his little girl’s face.

Brad slid one finger between the tender lips. He found the nub of her sex, and groaned. Escort İstanbul With his thumb he began to massage it, while moving his other finger further along the center of her pussy. “Sierra,” he muttered, as he eased his finger into her satiny folds. The juices were there, waiting on the edge, beckoning him further. Slowly he pushed in deeper, before pulling part way free. Brad repeated the process, slowly rubbing, thrusting, and exploring the sides of his daughter’s cunt. He was lost, his eyes going blank, his nostrils flaring at the scent wafting up to him, his mind was empty, he could only imagine his mouth attached to her feminine hood, sucking, nipping, lapping at her entrance like a young pup hungry for its mother’s milk.

It wasn’t until he felt the strong and definite feel of a firm hand wrapped around his cock that he knew she’d awaken. He still wouldn’t look at her. His shame was forever burned into his mind; his cheeks would be forever red from the embarrassment of his actions. Brad continued to pump in and out of his baby’s pussy. Her muscles clenched around him. She moaned, hissed and thrust her hips forward.

Soon Brad felt the reward for his actions, or the punishment. The warm blanket of moist heat told him Sierra had given in, and she was more than a willing partner. Her mouth latched onto his cock. Her tongue rolled around the head, lapped at the sides, and then licked down deep into the covered part of his shaft. Brad shuttered. Sierra moved, angling herself so he had easier access to her deeper regions. He took advantaged, pushed a second finger in, and continued to massage her clit. His other hand, now free of his daughter’s head, formed a fist that was full of her hair. He pushed her into his crotch, muttered a low curse and lifted his hips up to meet her hungry growls.

Deeper his fingers went, harder he pushed at her mouth. Sierra grunted. Brad bucked. They soon found a tempo that matched one another. The lifting and rising of hips; the moans and hisses of pleasure; the whimpers for “more – more – more” seemed to echo throughout both their minds.

When Sierra’s pussy clenched one more time it was with the force of a vice. Brad held tight to her hair, pushing his cock fully into her eager throat. He shuttered, said her name and delivered her prize into her hungry belly. She shattered around him. Her juices splashed against his palm. He wanted nothing more than to suck every drop, to roll his baby over and sup on her juices, while she finished dining on his seed.

Brad almost did what he wanted; he almost lost complete control, rolled his daughter to her back, straddled her body, pushed his head into her pussy and ate every inch of her flesh. He almost forced her to welcome his cock into her mouth and enjoy every moment of their new relationship. But he didn’t – the sound of his wife, Robin and their son laughing outside could be heard easily through the living room window. No, he would have to wait to drink from his daughter’s delectable cunt, for now he would simply imagine what it would be like and what other sinful things they would do together.

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