Daddy’s Little Tease Ch. 1

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Authors’ notes: This is a joint work written by qqnforyou6 (Allen) and angelove_2001 (Brei). We appreciate ANY and ALL feedback, so please feel free to comment on likes, dislikes, and offer any suggestions. For more incest works, see Allen’s profile. Thank you.

* * * * *

The most exciting thing happened today. I met a guy online, and not just any guy. Older, more sophisticated, knowledgeable and oh-so-interesting! We even talked about fantasies, sexual ones. I was sitting at my desk in my room, getting so horny as we chatted. Pretty soon I was reaching between my legs in between sentences, pressing softly and slowly into the place where my pleasure lay.

This guy was amazing. He had me telling him things I had told no one else in my whole life. He asked me straight out if I’d ever fantasized about fucking my father. I was a little shocked at his forthrightness, but answered promptly. “Yes…”

He seemed to get really turned on by that, and told me that he too had ongoing fantasies about being able to fuck his little girl.

Then he asked me something more, “Would you call me daddy?”

I was speechless, and unable to type a reply for just an instant. But I realized that he was indeed old enough to be my dad, and that this would be an excellent opportunity to bring to life all the dark thoughts I’d hidden in my mind all these years. So I typed, “YES.”

It was like a spark ignited us, and I responded to his questions as he immediately took control. I told him that I was home on summer break as I’d just completed my third year of college. This fall I’d be a senior, and I’d really have to get serious in my studies. I’d been goofing off way too much, partly because I was smart and the schooling was so easy for me, partly because I just like to have fun.

I’d had my share of dates, but none of them satisfied me. I was always careful sexually, but at the same time, I always longed for something more. And in the back of my mind, though I didn’t want to admit it, I knew what I was missing. Daddy.

I’d had daddy fantasies for years, lying on my bed masturbating, humping my pillow, pretending it was my father. None of the guys my age measured up to my fantasy of Daddy. They were always too immature, they came too quick and they always wanted to pick a fight. I got tired of it, and that’s why I started browsing the chat rooms with names like “Older Men for Younger Women,” and “Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl.”

And that’s how I met this guy, the guy I’ve chosen to call Daddy. I didn’t know what he looks like, but know that I want to play out this fantasy as far as I can.

He learned a lot about me today. I found out that he was chatting from work, at his office. “You know, baby, that you’re turning daddy on and he’ll have to do something about it, don’t you?” he typed.

I replied, “Yes, Daddy, I know that. And I wish you could feel my cunt, Daddy. It’s quite wet.”

“Good! That’s how Daddy likes his little girl, you know.”

I couldn’t believe how hot this guy, this guy I called “Daddy,” was making me. But then he said he had to go. I was a little disappointed, but new that my father would be home soon, so agreed to chat with him at the same time tomorrow. He wrote before he logged off, “Now don’t you do anything naughty with your own daddy now!”

I typed back, “LOL…no, I don’t think he even is into this sorta thing, though he is good-looking. I couldn’t go through with that though. Just too risky, though I DO fantasize.”

He replied, “lol…well, later, baby. Daddy’s gotta run down the hall and take care of the raging hard-on you’ve given him.”

And with that, he was gone.

I climbed out of my chair and realized my legs were cramped. I’d been sitting so still for a long time.

I walked past my bed to the full-length mirror on the wall. I posed, arching my back, jutting out my tits. I ran my hands appreciatively down my stomach. My tight faded blue jeans hugged my hips, ass and thighs, and the holes in the knees only made them sexier. Since I was lounging around at home, I had on a tight little t-shirt and hadn’t bothered to put on a bra.

My feet were bare and my toenails were painted a dark shiny shade of red. I looked at my feet, and suddenly needed to be naked, needed to see myself, needed to feel my soft skin.

I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt. I looked back at my reflection and noticed the dark spot of wetness that showed through the silk of my pink g-string. My lips looked swollen even through the material.

I slowly tugged the underwear over my hips, down my thighs, sliding over my calves and to my feet. I kicked them aside and sat down on the softly carpeted floor in front of the mirror. My B-size breasts were perky, firm, with nipples that were hard in anticipation. My online flirting had me so turned on.

I frequented the college gym, and was pleased to see the muscles in my thighs, my stomach, my arms, were visible and nicely toned. I also Bakırköy Escort tanned year round, in the nude. I felt better with a little color on my skin. As I looked at myself in the mirror I thought, ‘I wonder if Dad would like the way I look.’ Just as quickly as that thought entered my mind, I shook my head to clear it. ‘Stop it, Brei, you know Dad doesn’t think of you that way.’

I smoothed my fingers over my legs, and up to my crotch. My breathing was already quickening in anticipation, and I lightly grazed my pussy lips with my long nails.

I gasped. The sensation of that alone almost put me over the edge. I couldn’t wait. Dad would be home soon, and I knew I wasn’t going to be quiet when I came, and did I ever want to cum.

I thrust one finger deep inside my cunt. My juices had coated my thighs, and I felt it flooding around my finger. I fucked myself until my hips were humping into my hand.

I took my finger out of my steaming cunt and moved to my clit. “Ohhhhhhh, yeah…..” I sighed, as I moved my hand insistently over the little bud. But I wanted more. Needed something inside me.

I reached for my overnight bag. I hadn’t unpacked for the summer yet, since I’d just arrived that morning. From the outer pocket I withdrew an eight-inch vibrating dildo. It even had bunny ears to tease the clit. A roomate of mine at school convinced me to buy it when I’d complained of being horny all the time. And boy, was I glad I paid the money. I had to buy batteries every week I used it so much.

I smelled the scent of the rubber, and glided the dong over my lips, touching just the tip of my tongue to the rigid head. I opened my lips and sucked gently, pulling more and more of the vibrator into my mouth. Soon I was fucking my mouth with the toy, as my other hand played with my clit.

‘What if this were Dad’s cock?’ The thought entered my mind, unbidden. ‘Ohhhhh, god.’ Thoughts of my own father and my new online friend flooded through me, causing my heart to race. I needed to cum.

I pulled the toy from my mouth with a slight ‘pop,’ and jammed all of it in my cunt, the whole length in one thrust.

My legs were spread and I leaned back against my bed. I could see the vibrator in my cunt in the mirror. I had always liked watching myself masturbate.

I turned on the dildo, as well as the clit vibrator. “Ohhhhh my fucking god,” I whispered. I was immediately on the edge of orgasm. I worked the dildo in and out of my pussy. I could feel my juices running and I fucked myself harder and harder. I humped my hips into the floor. It still wasn’t enough and I grabbed a large body pillow off my bed. I held it against my tits and pressed it into my pussy hard enough to jam the vibrator into my sopping hole. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Dad.

And I came, holding that pillow, legs around it. I thought of my chat friend, and whispered, “Oh daddy, I’m cumming.”

“Uh-uh-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…oh god, oh god, oh god, oh FUCK!” I began to moan and scream, trying to hold back, but the orgasm was too powerful. Wave after wave ripped through me. I knew my dad would never really fuck me, but the images were too hot and that orgasm was the most intense I’d ever had. I don’t remember how long I came, or how many times, but eventually I slumped over, half-lying on the floor.

I glanced at my reflection in the mirror once more. My blonde hair was tousled, my brown eyes were heavy-lidded. My full lips parted in a satisfied smile, and I arched my back, nearly purring.

Suddenly I heard the door downstairs slam. “Brei, you home?”

‘Oh shit,’ I thought. ‘Dad’s home. I’ve gotta get dressed.’

I pulled on my tight blue jeans, working them over my hips, and kicked my underwear under the bed. I slipped the t-shirt over my head and ran downstairs to greet my dad.


“Brei, are you home?” I said as I closed the door behind me. Looking at the clock I noticed that I was home from work at exactly the same time as always. I heard her footsteps as she made her way down the carpeted stairs.

“I’m home daddy,” she said as she turned the corner on her way to greeting me. I couldn’t help but to notice how very different my daughter looked at this very moment. Jumping into my arms and hugging me she kissed me lightly on the cheek and said, “I missed you daddy.” As she hugged me I couldn’t help but to feel her perky breasts as I knew my daughter didn’t have a bra on. This was the first time I ever noticed Brei without one on.

We broke our hug and stood before each other recanting what had happened over the last several

months. As we stood there talking I noticed how messed up her beautiful hair was. This wasn’t how she usually wore it since she was always a ‘neat’ person. If I would have known any better I would have thought that she just gotten laid.

“How has work been daddy?” Brei asked.

“Pretty boring, but also busy,” I replied. As Brei started telling me about Bakırköy Escort Bayan her classes I couldn’t help but let my eyes catch a glimpse of her bare feet. As Brei told me about her chemistry class and how hard the exams were I temporarily lost focus of the conversation as my eyes focused on her neatly painted toenails. I nodded my head as if I was listening but I really wasn’t. I was temporarily fantasizing about my daughter’s sexy feet and toes. Thoughts of dropping to my knees and sucking on her pearls entered my mind. Also, my cock began to rise in my pants and I knew I had to stop before she would notice.

“Brei, do you mind if daddy takes a shower and then we can talk some more?”

“Sure daddy, go get freshened up and I’ll be in the den watching television.”

I went to my room and undressed. I hung up my jacket and pants and promptly pulled off my underwear and socks. I threw on my robe and walked across the hall to the shower. I set the water temperature and placed my robe on the toilet tank before stepping into the warm water. While I began to lather up, my thoughts returned to the experience that I had at work today on my computer. The more I thought about the girl that now called me ‘daddy’ the harder my cock was becoming. We never exchanged names or sent pictures to each other. But one thing was for sure. We turned each other on.

I rinsed the soap off of me but I still had a raging hard-on. As I stood under the running water I reached down and began to stroke my hard cock. I closed my eyes and returned to my computer experience I had today. As I stroked myself I tried to build a picture of my online daughter. All sorts of images filled my mind as I continued to pump my bulging rod. “Was she tall or short, thin or full, blonde or brunette, big breasts or small perky breasts, sexy ass or big ass, hairy pussy or shaved pussy,” I asked myself? I knew one thing for sure though. I was pumping my cock furiously now and I was on the verge of climaxing.

Suddenly as I was jacking myself I fantasized about this fantasy daughter of mine kneeling before me. With my eyes closed I lowered my head down as if I was watching her. The mental image I was looking at caused my toes to curl and every nerve in my body to tingle. There she was, kneeling before me slowly sliding my cock in and out of her mouth as her soft sexy eyes were locked on mine. The eyes I was looking into were those of my daughter Brei. “Oh my fucking god,” I thought to myself.

Using my other hand I reached out as though she was there and pretended to place my left hand on her head to help guide her up and down. I don’t know why images of my daughter were before me as I always did notice that she was very sexy but never had I had a sexual fantasy about her. Nonetheless however, I was enjoying this one. “Oh Brei baby,” I moaned softly, “you’re gonna make daddy cum,” I uttered. Just then I felt my balls tingle and knew it was just going to last a few more strokes. As I looked down I saw my little Brei take my cock farther into the back of her throat. I felt my cock begin to slide down her throat as she massaged my balls.

Suddenly I began to thrust my hips as I imagined that I was fucking my very own daughter’s mouth. “Uggghhhh,” I grunted as the first spasm of my orgasm sent my cum racing up my cock towards Brei’s waiting mouth. “Oh god baby,” I moaned softly hoping to god that Brei couldn’t hear me in the den.

Rope after rope of cum shot forth from my cock into my lovely daughter’s throat as my orgasm began to subside. I stood there for a few minutes trying to catch my breath and compose myself.

This whole experience online today caused me to cum twice already, something I haven’t done in years. Suddenly, I realized that my own Brei was now the object of my desires. I knew that these thoughts were wrong and that I could never make them a reality, but I could enjoy them as a fantasy though. I knew that my daughter was 21 years younger than me and considered me to be old. I, however, was beginning to wonder what she was like, what she looked like under her clothes, how she responded sexually. I guess that’s why I started that conversation with that younger girl online today.

I turned the water off and dried off. I placed my robe back on and walked to my room and dressed. A few moments later I joined Brei in the den to watch television. I sat in my chair across from Brei on the couch. We chatted all night about what had been happening in our lives over the last several months.

As we chatted, my eyes continually dropped to her feet. There was just something about her feet that drew my attention. They were sexy and well manicured. Her nails were painted perfectly. If she only knew that her foot was driving me crazy as it bounced up and down while her legs were crossed.

Hours passed and I noticed that it was my bedtime. I got out of my chair and walked to Brei. I bent down and kissed her on her forehead. As I kissed Escort Bakırköy her, she reached up and placed her hand on my shoulder while her right foot pressed up against the side of my leg. God, that felt wonderful. I excused myself to go to sleep and walked up to my bedroom.

I undressed and climbed into bed. I began to toss and turn and for some reason I couldn’t fall asleep. I laid there for an hour and realized that it was useless. I quietly climbed out of bed and turned on my computer. I dialed up the Internet. As I sat there naked at my computer I waited for AOL to connect. Finally I was online. None of my buddies were on so I decided to check out some of my stocks. After about ten minutes of Wall Street I became bored. Suddenly my eyes lit up. There was a name in my buddy list.

My heart began to race and I felt my palms begin to become warm and moist. The name that appeared in my buddy list was the name of my new online daughter. Just then an instant message box popped up on my screen. “Daddy are you there?” I was asked. “Yes baby, daddy is here,” I typed. All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind now. “How is my little girl?” I typed.

After a short pause “HORNY!” appeared in the instant message box. “MMMMMMM, just how daddy likes his lil girl,” I typed. “Guess what daddy did today baby,” I typed. “What daddy?” was her reply. “Daddy came twice today thinking about you,” I typed. “Really,” she typed, “I came thinking about you too daddy. And I am also naked right now touching myself while I’m thinking about you again.”

I couldn’t believe how this girl turned me on. I looked down and realized that my cock was beginning to stiffen. I was half hard already. “Oh daddy, your little girl needs you…needs you to fuck her so badly,” she typed! “Oh daddy, stroke yourself lightly for me,” she typed. I reached down and slowly began to stroke my half hard member. Soon I was standing tall. I had never come three times in one day in my life.

I couldn’t believe the way this girl was able to control my body and mind like this. “Oh daddy, pretend that I am kneeling in front of you and your hand is really my lips and mouth.”

“Would you like that daddy?” she asked. With my free hand I typed, “Yes baby if you only knew how much.”

“Oh daddy I begin to bob my head up and down taking more and more of you into my mouth,” she typed. I couldn’t believe I was rock hard again.

I had to stop pumping as I was close to cumming again. I couldn’t believe how hot this girl made me. I typed. “Baby, pretend that I am kneeling in front of you.”

“I begin to kiss your toes, sucking them into my mouth one at a time.”

“I begin to scrape my teeth on your toes before I begin kissing my way up your sexy legs.”

“Oh god daddy, that alone can make me cum,” she typed back. “Daddy, I am sitting here naked with my feet up on my computer desk right now,” she typed. “Daddy is now kissing your inner thighs.”

“Daddy can smell your scent baby as I see your soft pussy lips before my eyes.”

“MMMMMMMM,” she typed. “Daddy blows lightly on your pink parted glistening pussy lips.”

“I look up into your pretty eyes waiting for your approval to continue,” I typed. “Eat me daddy” she typed. “I lightly begin to kiss your pussy lips.”

” I let my tongue slide up and down your cunt from top to bottom only slightly parting your pussy lips.”

“I press my mouth onto my daughter’s cunt and begin to French kiss your pussy.” Suddenly she types “daddy, I’m cummmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnggggggggggg.” I typed “Oh baby, daddy begins sucking on your clit as I stroke it with my tongue.”

“God daddy I’m cumming againnnnnn,” she replied.

“Oh daddy, you don’t know how hard it was for me to cum and not scream. My real daddy is right across the hall from me and I to be quiet about it so he wouldn’t hear me,” she typed. As I sat there with my third rock hard erection of the day I felt my pre cum oozing out of my head and dripping down my shaft and off of my balls. I typed back, “Me too baby, my baby girl is across the hall in her room too!”

“Oh baby I wish you were here to sit on daddy’s lap right now,” I typed.

“Pretend I walk up from behind you daddy and I massage your big strong shoulders for a moment.”

“I slide my hands down your chest to your stomach as I lean into you and kiss your neck.”

“I slide my tongue up and down your neck and into your ear daddy.”

“Do you like that daddy?” she typed. I typed, “oh baby you don’t know how much daddy loves that.” Slowly I began stroking my rock hard member, fantasizing about how awesome that would feel right now.

“Daddy, I slowly move to the side of your chair and lift my leg over your lap.”

“Slowly I lower my leg on the other side and I am now straddling you.”

“Slowly I lower my dripping pussy to your towering cock daddy.”

“Oh god I feel you as the tip of your cock touches my pussy lips and begins to part me open,” she typed. My hand was now busily pumping my cock up and down as thoughts of my own daughter riding me began to fill my mind. “Oh baby yes,” I typed. “I slowly lower myself all the way down onto you daddy,” she typed. “Do you like how tight your little girl is daddy?” she asked. “God baby yes,” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32