Daddy’s Little Girl

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Jim looked in the mirror and let out a sigh of disgust. What had become of his life? He remembered a day when he was partying and drinking the days away and banging a different beautiful girl every night of the week. Now he had graying hair, a dead end job, a boring wife and a daughter that hated him. He had attended college for a short time, where he met Violet, the girl of his dreams. She had been a petite size five brunette with supple size 28C breasts. She had bouncy full hair and piercing brown eyes. Her laugh was contagious and her smile could brighten a room. About a year after they had been seeing each other she became pregnant. Jim was forced to give up his college dream of law school at 19 and take on the responsibility of full time husband and dad. He always felt he had been shoved into marriage too quickly which was probably the initial cause of all the tension between him and Violet now. His wife’s figure and disposition had drastically dissipated with age and now she was a bitter somewhat dumpy reflection of the girl he had once loved. Had it not been for the fact that his wife’s family was wealthy and they had forced him to sign a prenuptial agreement he would have filed for divorce years ago.

He used to think the only thing good that had come from his relationship with Violet was his daughter, Anna. She was eighteen now and impossible. She had once prided herself in being “Daddy’s Little Girl”, now she couldn’t stand him. She stood a little taller than her mother and guessed she had a similar figure as her mother had. She often wore baggy “punk type clothing so it was hard to tell. She at jet black hair, for the moment, she dyed it often and always a different color. She had hazel eyes and a very beautiful, pale complexion. She had a nose ring and listened to hard rock, was basically unsociable and hardly ever home. He hardly knew her anymore.

He looked at his reflection. His once dark brown hair had streaks of grey and his face had acquired a few lines. He was still quite handsome and had kept his solid build by a daily run. He was tall, about 6’3” with deep green eyes you could fall into. He sighed again when his wife called him down to go to dinner. It was her 36th birthday today and they were going out to dinner. He expected later that she would want to make love like they usually did about three times a year. She wasn’t very exciting in the bedroom, never wanted to try new thing and only liked the standard missionary position. He reluctantly trudged downstairs and grabbed his coat, and then they headed to her favorite Italian restaurant.

All through dinner he stared off into space while his wife rambled on about this and that. He got so tired of her whining. He was thinking about Sheila. He had met her about a year ago in a bar he was using to escape his family. She had offered to buy him a drink and he explained apologetically that he was married. She told him she didn’t care and how devilishly handsome he was. He was flattered that this beautiful woman was interested in him. She was about a size 7, 36C and had beautiful blonde hair. She had full pouty lips and always smelled o sweet perfume. She was 25, twelve years younger than him and full of sexual fire. She had told him that first night she wanted to sleep with him and fulfill his every desire. He hadn’t had good, hard sex in so long he jumped at the chance. She liked anything and everything. Doggy style sex was her favorite but she relished anal as well. She liked to be tied up and spanked and she was always trying to come up with new things. Jim focused his attention back on his wife and frowned. He was in for another boring night.

After their meal, they left the restaurant and headed home to their large empty house. As anticipated, his wife suggestively nibbled at his ear and began to remove his clothes. He was so unenthused he could hardly will an erection. He thought about Sheila’s hot body and lips all over his body and he started Ataköy Escort to get a little hard. As his wife lovingly stroked his penis he imagined Sheila’s hand and finally he was all ready to go. He laid on their king size bed with his wife and climbed to his usual place on top of her. He routinely thrust his penis into her. He continued his thrusting until his wife had screamed out, fully satisfied. He removed his penis, not having ejaculated and walked to the bathroom. There he masturbated to thoughts of Sheila until his penis burst in an explosion of cum. He cleaned himself off and slipped on some flannel pajama pants. He glanced over to his wife who was already snoring away. It was 12:30 AM. He shrugged to himself and headed downstairs for a shot of whiskey.

The marble tiles in the kitchen were cold on his feet and he wished that he had grabbed some socks first. He had a hand on the liquor cabinet’s knob when he heard a key in the front door. He stepped out of the kitchen to see his daughter tip toeing into the house.

“Where have you been?” he asked sternly.

She whipped around in surprise. “Shit!” She had been caught.

“I was out with friends” she tried to explain. “I had to get someone to take me home but they wouldn’t! I had to wait.”

He frowned. She had used this one before.

“Your curfew is midnight young lady!”

“Well if you would buy me a car I wouldn’t be late!” she snapped.

She had been trying for a car for months. They could afford it but he wanted her to the money herself, after all she was eighteen. She had had a car when she was seventeen but she had totaled it acting foolish and he didn’t want to reward her.

“For the last time, absolutely not!”

“God, I hate you!” she screamed and stormed upstairs and slammed her door.

“Yeah I know!” he muttered to himself and poured a glass of whiskey. He carried the bottle to the couch and in time slipped into a deep slumber.

When he awoke the next day he winced at the sunlight coming into the room. He yawned and walked up the stair case to his bedroom. His wife was gone. She had left a note that she had gone shopping. He took a steamy shower and let the water massage the tired muscles of his back. He stepped out and lathered his face with shaving cream. After shaving with minimal bleeding he splashed on some after shave and slipped on his robe. He dialed Sheila’s number and waited for an answer.


His face brightened. “Hey baby. Can I come see you? I need some of that sweet lovin’.”

She giggled playfully “Sure baby, come over.

He left the abandoned house and drove to see her. She answered the door in a smile. The sight of her naked body made his heart race and his penis come alive with excitement. He scooped her up in his arms and kissed her deeply. Her sweet lips moved from his to his neck. He felt a tingle through his body from her sensual kisses. He carried her to her bedroom and peeled off his clothes. She knelt on the floor and took his erect penis in her mouth. His eyes rolled back as she licked and sucked hungrily. He twirled his fingers into her hair and forced his penis farther into her throat. She pulled away after a moment and she licked her lips.

“Mmm. You taste so good. I love having your dick in my mouth!” She licked its tip. “You know what else I love?” she asked seductively.

“What?” he forced out.

“I love your dick in my pussy!”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her up from the floor. She crawled on the bed up all fours and stuck her perfectly rounded butt at him. He knelt behind her and slipped the head of his dick into her a little. After he made sure he was lined up he gave a hard shove and drove the length of his shaft into her. She moaned in pleasure as he jumped in and out of her. He could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy, wet with excitement as he reached around and fondled her large breasts. Her body shook Ataköy Escort Bayan with her first orgasm and she begged for more.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass!” she howled.

He withdrew his slick penis from her and pushed lightly against the tight hole of her ass. With a slow steady push he eased into her. She screamed out in a mix of pleasure and pain he was so familiar with. He rocked his hips into her deeply. He felt the cool pink cheeks of her ass slamming against his thighs as he pounded her harder and harder. The more she screamed the harder he thrusted. In an orgasmic burst she hollered a wave of obscenities and clutched at the bed. He felt his own orgasm about to break free and he sped up his pace, letting her ass milk every drop of him. They both collapsed on the bed, sweaty and out of breath. Jim regained his composure and kissed Sheila on the forehead.

She smiled. “Do you know what I’ve been thinking?”

“What?” he asked.

“I think I would like to invite another girl to join us.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

Yeah.” She said. “I’ve been talking to this real hot girl at Deuces. She seems pretty interested.”

Deuces was the twenty-one and older club that Sheila spent most of her free time at, when she wasn’t fucking married guys.

He had always wanted two girls at the same time. “I would love that!” he replied.

“I showed her your picture and told her what a big dick you have and she was all into it, said it would be great.”

He never thought his dick was that great but it was fairly large.

“And guess what? She is a virgin!”

He had never been with a virgin.

She laughed. “You get to pop that tight little cherry of hers!”

Excitement coursed through his veins and he eagerly accepted the offer.

“I’ll see her tonight, so I will work out all the details” she explained.

He got dressed and drove home with his mind swimming in thought. When he got home he took another shower to rid himself of Sheila’s scent. He perched himself in front of the T.V. and watched a rerun of “Law and Order”. Anna came downstairs in a short black skirt and a red top. She had on fishnet stockings that showed her long slender legs.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To the movies” she lied. She had recently gotten a fake I.D. and wanted to try it out at Deuces, the local hot spot.

“Midnight” he said emphatically.

She rolled her eyes and shut the door behind her.

Jim waited for his wife to go to bed and he called Sheila.

“Did you talk to her?” he asked excitedly.

“Yes, she wants to do it tomorrow.”

His wife would be at work and since it was Saturday his daughter would be out with friends.

“Sure, perfect.”

Sheila explained the details. “She is a little nervous and she wants to wear a mask, both of us girls actually.”

“Weird…but ok” he agreed.

“Well come over tomorrow about three” she instructed, “We’ll be waiting for you.”

He hung up and laid on the couch. His thoughts raced and his body shook with excitement. He wouldn’t get much sleep tonight.

The next day he kissed his wife good-bye and hurriedly ran upstairs to prepare for his fantasy date. He showered, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. He sped to her house in a daze, anticipating the event to come. He knocked at her door and waited for her to answer.

She opened the door and smiled. She had on a shiny red, Mardi Gras style mask. It was adorned with glitter and some multi colored feathers. It only covered the top half of her face and she leaned up to kiss him. She had on a matching red negligee and garter.

“Well, are you ready?” she asked.

He didn’t say a word but followed her down the corridor to her bedroom. The room was dimly lit with burning candles placed on the dresser. He saw the other girl standing in front of the bed. She had on an identical mask Escort Ataköy and negligee, only in navy blue. She had long beautiful black hair and a slender figure. She had perky, beautiful breasts and long legs.

“I told you she was hot.” Sheila walked to the strange girl and pressed her lips to her own. They opened their mouths and kissed each other greedily. Then they proceeded to strip away each others clothing. As Jim watched in silence he felt his penis swelling more at every kiss, every touch. They motioned for him to join in. He slinked over to the girls on the bed.

“Remember, this is her first time. Give her special treatment” Sheila reminded.

Jim spread the new girl’s thigh and softly kissed the cleanly shaved skin of her virgin pussy. He slipped his tongue gently inside and licked the length of her slit. She wriggled beneath him and moaned. He sucked hard on her clit and she arched her back in pleasure. She grabbed his hair and pushed his face farther into her, rocking her hips against it. Her body was rocked by the first orgasm in her life and she let out a husky moan.

Jim turned to Sheila who was patiently awaiting her turn. He flipped her onto her back and pulled her thighs toward him. He found the wetness of her pussy and plunged his hard dick deep into her. She shrieked in pleasure as she grabbed at the head board for support. She felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm building inside her and she let it overtake her. She panted heavily as her body was bombarded with a powerful orgasm. She caught her breath and whispered to Jim.

“I think it’s time for you to pop that cherry now.”

He looked at the other girl who sat back on the bed rubbing her pussy furiously in silence.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

She nodded and lay back against the pillows. She spread her legs and her laid between them. He touched her smooth pussy with his finger tips. She was so wet, she was ready. He lined himself up with her and slowly pushed his way in until he came to the thin wall of her virginity. She felt so tight on his penis and he groaned.

“It’s time.”

With a firm push he broke through the membrane and deep into her pussy. She let out a small shriek of pain then took a deep breath as the pleasurable felling kicked in. She moaned as he gently pushed in and out of her tightness.

“Fuck me harder!” she whispered, and he sped up his pace and force.

“Harder.” She said a little louder.

He pushed with all his strength.

She wailed with another orgasm and stared deep into his eyes.

She moaned. “ Oh Daddy!”

“The familiar way she said “Daddy” snapped him back to a horrifying reality. His movements stopped instantly and he could feel his erection shrinking in fear. He pulled her mask off to see the beautiful face of his daughter, Anna. He fought the feeling to vomit and gagged.

“What is it?!” Sheila asked in confusion.

“It’s my…” he couldn’t say it.

“I’m his daughter” Anna said vindictively.

He withdrew his dick and scrambled away from her. He looked down at his dick tainted with his daughter’s blood. He glanced to where she sat laughing spitefully. Horrified, Jim ran to the restroom in the bedroom and threw up into the toilet.

Sheila stood by in horrified silence.

Anna slipped on the robe she had brought with her and walked to the bathroom where her father was heaving into the toilet.

“So…about that car I wanted…” she smiled, “If I don’t get it I will tell mom that you’ve been fucking this whore and now you have fucked your own baby girl!” She wiped some blood from her pussy and wiped it on his cheek.

He sat shaking his head in shame. The little girl he used to bounce on his knee was just bouncing on his dick and he had enjoyed it. Anna left her father to think bout her ultimatum and she didn’t return home until late that night. When she came in she bounced over to her dad cheerfully and kissed his cheek.

“Hi daddy!” she said.

When his wife turned away she licked the side of his face, and then went to her room.

He turned to his wife and sighed. “Honey I think we should talk about getting Anna a car.”

To be continued…based on Reader Response.

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