Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are of legal age (18).


For last few months on the way home from college I have decided to detour through the woods and let myself daydream. I have been able to time it perfectly so that my parents do not even realize that I have taken a little longer getting home. As long as I am home by five, then that gives me half an hour to look like I have been home for hours. I liked to find a good spot to set up my blanket and just lay there lost in thought of all the sexual adventures I wanted to go on when I was older. The most I had done in my 18 years was kiss a boy and touch his boner. On most of the days that I sat there day dreaming, I would slide my hand down into my panties and play with my wet pussy. Puberty had come early for me, so I had a nice pair of large breasts and I missed how having a hairless pussy felt so I kept it shaved smooth.

One day I was playing and on the brink of orgasm when I noticed a hooded figure stood in the distance, but I couldn’t stop playing and continued until my orgasm finished. As I opened my eyes after recovering from my orgasmic head rush I noticed he had gone. It happened a few times one week, so one day I decided I was going to stop and find out who it was.

It was a hot summers day so my skirt was short and I had tied my college shirt in a knot under my huge tits. I took my lace panties off and started to play with my already wet naked pussy. As always he Esenyurt Escort turned up but he had recently been getting a little closer. I pretended I had not seen him and continued for a little while and then saw something I had never noticed before. He had taken his cock out and was rubbing it whilst watching me. I still could not see who it was as the hood on his hoodie was low over his face but I could see he had pinstripe suit pants on so he must have been an older man.

I waited until he really started enjoying himself, when I suddenly jumped up.

“Hey pervert!” I yelled and ran over to him.

He did not have enough time to get his rock hard cock back into his pants and run off before I reached him. I grabbed his arm and spun him around so hard that his hood fell back.

“What!?” It was my father. “You… You are sick” I said in shock.

He grabbed my wrist as I tried to walk off.

“Do not pretend you did not enjoy me watching you, you little slut!”

Something stirred in me as he called me that. I tried to shake his grip off my wrist but he just pulled me in closer. All I could see in my father’s eyes was lust, pure lust.

“Daddy, please… please let go your hurting me.”

He snaked his other warm around my waist and let go of my wrist. He placed his hand on my face and slowly ran it down my neck and over my heaving tits. He stopped so that his fingers rested over my visibly Esenyurt Escort Bayan hard nipples. Again another wave of pleasure rand through me, betraying what my head was saying was not right yet my body was thinking otherwise. He squeezed my hard nipple and rolled it between his fingers. I bit my lip and closed my eyes trying hard not to let the moan of pleasure escape my lips.

“Someone does not want me to stop. You little slut your nipples are showing me how much you are enjoying this.”

He pushed me up against the nearest tree and I briefly felt his rock hard cock push against my stomach.

“I wonder where else will show me how much you are enjoying this.”

His hand left its assault on my breast and moved its way lower, lifting up my skirt, I remembered I had taken my panties off. He went straight for my smooth cunt and without warning shoved two fingers in as deep as he could. I could not hold back my moans then.

“Oh fuck Daddy”

He laughed as he continued to pump his fingers inside my very wet cunt. His fingers kept roughly exploring my cunt. I was starting to get a little scared, as he kept putting more fingers inside me. My cunt was dripping wet and I could hear it squelching, as he finally had his entire hand inside me. He kept twisting his hand inside me. The mix of pain and pleasure I could feel started the waves of a massive orgasm. Suddenly he pulled his fist out.

“I Escort Esenyurt don’t think you deserve to cum yet slut.”

“But Daddy…” I moaned as I felt my orgasm escaping me.

My father grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the blanket where my things lay. I could not believe how turned on I was over all of this, how wet and sore my cunt was after he had abused it and how much I had enjoyed my father stretching me.

He told me to lie down and as I did he ripped my shirt off and out of nowhere produced a knife to cut my bra open with. My large tits bounced free revealing my rock hard nipples. He grabbed both breasts and squeezed them together, hard.

“Mmmm this will do nicely.”

He stood up took he trousers off and then straddled my chest. He pushed his big hard warm erection between my tits. I grunted in alarm and protest. But he obviously took no notice as he spat on his dick and pushed the lubed penis between my boobs. He began pumping it, harder and faster between my breasts, gripping it at the nipples. The feeling of him pull at my nipples was amazing, turning me on so much. Before I knew what I was doing I lifted my head up so that I could lick and suck on the tip of his hard cock as he pumped it between my tits. I could taste the saltiness of my father’s pre-cum. He started to pump harder and moaning a lot when suddenly he let go of my tits grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth. After a few pumps in my mouth I felt him stiffen and the warm salty spunk hit the back of my throat, his cock was so deep in my mouth I had no choice but to swallow every last drop.

“Holy shit who would have thought my daughter was a fucking cum slut”

To be continued…

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