Daddy Watches Ch. 3

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After I sucked him dry he collapsed next to me totally satisfied when we noticed Kari standing at the door with her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit to orgasm…

“Well, good morning sleepy head!” Kristy giggled as Kari finished her manual orgasm in the doorway. “Why don’t you come in here and join us?”

Kari walked into the room, shakily due to her post-orgasmic condition.

“I should be mad at you for going on without me, but since she is your daughter, I guess you get first dibs Mr. Yates.” Kari said with a sexy pout on her lips.

“Please Kari, call me Dave. After last night I think the formal greeting is no longer needed.”

“Well, you still haven’t given me what I want Mr. Yates, then I will consider calling you Dave.” Kari said as she crawled on the bed.

She began stroking his once again hardening cock. Not sure how her friend was going to react, but overcome with lust that at this point, it didn’t matter. Looking over at Kristy, she sees that her friend is not mad, but actually turned on by watching her play with her father. She goes further, positioning herself between the older mans legs. The man of her fantasies. Slowly running her tongue up and down his velvet shaft. Listening to him moan as her lips encircled his fullness. She always enjoyed a mans reaction when she first wrapped her lips around him..

Kristy moves closer to her father, bringing her youthful breasts bursa escort bayanlar against his hot flesh. “See Daddy, you have to understand. Kari and I have fantasized about you for years. Since we first saw you jerking off in your bedroom one night.”

He moaned as she began tickling his neck with her tongue, moving her finger to his nipple..

Kari pulled her lips from his warmth, wrapping her hand around his stiffness. “In fact, two nights ago, I heard you talking on the phone to your mother, saying you were taking off early to surprise Kristy for her birthday. I planned it so you would come in right when I had my head between her lean and sexy legs.”

“You planned it?” Dave asked, before Kristy could get over her initial shock.

” I sure did. I thought us living out our fantasy was the perfect 18th birthday present.” Kari stated wickedly..

Dave didn’t know whether to kiss her or throttle her for scheming up such a naughty plan… He thought of a better plan, pulling Kari off of him, then rolling her over onto her back..

“Well, missy. I do think you should be rewarded for such good work.” He teased her wet pussy with the tip of his red cock.. “Or maybe you should be punished.”

“Mr. Yates, you do with me as you see fit, as long as you put that big dick of yours in me..” She moaned.

“Kristy, do you think she deserves it?” He asked bayan sarisin escort bursa as he teased the young shaven pussy in front of him.. Slowly moving just the head into her wetness as she moaned..

“Daddy, I think she does.” Kristy answered with her fingers teasing her clit..

Just as she said that he slammed the rest of his cock into Kari, she screamed with the intense feeling of it.. Cumming instantly..

“You like that huh Kari? My big cock in your tight pussy.. Is this what you wanted? What you fantasized about for so long?” Breathing heavily as he fucked her faster..

“Yes, Mr. Yates, this is what I wanted, I wanted your cock all along.. Mmmm, that feels so good..” She sighed as she began moving her hips with his..

Suddenly he pulled out of her.. She whimpered in protest.. He suddenly felt very in control of these beautiful teen girls..

“Kari get on your knees between Kristy’s legs and tongue her pussy, like you did yesterday afternoon, waiting for me to come home.”

She did as she was told, positioning herself between her friends legs, slowly licking her wetness while Dave got behind her.. running his fingers up and down her slit, wetting her completely..

“See Kari, I think you need to be punished for your wickedness.. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” He asked as her placed the tip of his cock against the tightness bursa eve gelen eskort of her ass..

All she could do was moan, when he pushed himself into her.. Moaning because of the sensation of it.. He begun pushing harder, all the way into her upturned ass. Enjoying the feeling, the tightness. Listening to her moan into his daughters pussy. She moved her hand down between her legs, he could tell she was playing with her clit. It had been a long time since he had been able to take a woman in the ass, and the added pleasure of it being a perky, sexy, teenager added to the experience extremely. Enjoying every ripple and sensation..

“Oh, Daddy. Give it to her good.. She is sucking my clit, Daddy. She is going to make me cum. Ohhhh Daddy!!” Kristy screamed as her orgasm hit her.. pulling her friends face into her pussy..

As Kristy’s orgasm slowly ended, Kari’s began. Pulling her face away from her friend, she screamed incoherently as her pussy convulsed. Causing her ass to tighten around his cock..

Dave felt the cum building up..moaning as he erupted in her. Grabbing her ass as he slammed into her one last time.. Collapsing beside his spent lover.

They all rested for a moment, catching their breath, enjoying the afterglow when Kristy spoke up.. “Hey, Kari. I think you can call him Dave now.” She giggled..

“Yes, I think that would be more appropriate.” She replied

They all smiled and held one another in a warm embrace.. The girls fell asleep as Dave laid there thinking about the events that had happened over the last 12 hours.. Wondering what they had started, and where this would take them. Until finally he gave into sleep. Perfectly content, and satisfied. Laying next to the two most beautiful girls…

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