Daddy, Please!

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“Damn it!” Frank cursed to himself, without even understanding why. The burly butch 55-year old man was in the middle of his daily morning run, but even the rush of endorphins did not stop him from feeling angry and irritable. Frank’s 19-year-old son, Alvin, came home from college for the summer about two weeks ago, and things between them were going from bad to worse. Frank’s wife, Helen, died six years ago, when Alvie was 13. Helen was killed by a drunk driver, gone in an instant, upending the life of their small family. Since then Frank has been raising his only son as a single dad. Frank had a successful career in the Air Force, serving as a supplies and logistic officer at the McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita. He and Helen married relatively late, when both were in their early thirties. Their only child, Alvin, was born when Frank was 36.

Frank was a stocky, burly and butch man of about 5’7” in height. He was very muscular, with extremely thick and powerful thighs and biceps. As Helen often used to joke, Frank was really “built like a brick-house.” Frank started going bald early, and by the age of fifty five he had been completely bald, shaving off the remainder of his hair to save the bother and the aggravation. The rest of his muscular lean body was covered by a thick coat of brown fur. Apart from running every morning, Frank was still pumping iron at a gym and continued to play football with his buddies on the weekends. Even now, while being officially middle-aged, Frank was fit and strong. His stocky 210 pound body was all muscle.

From relatively early age it had become clear that Alvie had little in common with his bear of a dad. Growing up Alvin was a slight and skinny kid, with little interest in team sports, kicking ball, in playing with toy soldiers and firetrucks, or in any of the other typical and stereotypical boy stuff that Frank wanted him to do. From the age of three, Alvie showed a real talent for the arts, music and dancing, which delighted Helen but quietly annoyed Frank. Frank loved his kid but, even while Helen was still alive, father and son spent little time together and grew rather distant. Raising Alvie became largely Helen’s responsibility. The only things that Alvie clearly inherited from Frank were the boy’s piercing grey eyes and deep brown hair. While in middle and high school, in addition to dance, Alvin also did gymnastics and acrobatics. That kept his slim body strong, toned, and flexible.

After Helen’s unexpected death, Frank realized that he could not continue his Air Force career as a single dad. He retired from the military, having achieved the rank of Lt Colonel. Frank decided to stay in Wichita, where he had developed a lot of professional and business contacts. A buddy of his in town was running a construction supplies company, with several big warehouses in the area, and he took on Frank as a business partner. Although financially Frank had been doing quite well, things between him and Alvin just were not working out.

Frank found himself unable to open up to Alvie and to provide his son with emotional support and reassurance that the boy wanted and needed. Frank could not set aside his macho military persona and did not know how to relate to his artsy slightly effeminate kid. Instead of bringing them closer together, Helen’s death pushed Frank and Alvie further apart, and eventually each of them retreated in his own world. Frank saw that Alvie was hurt and disappointed by the coldness and detachment of his dad, but Frank never figured out how to heal the breach.

While in high school, Alvie went through a brief but heavy “goth” stage, and started developing distinctly feminine mannerisms. Frank was annoyed but by now too distant to really show it. Dad and son rarely talked, except for brief perfunctory conversations. They never argued either, but this surface peace deceptive and superficial.

Their only real point of connection during that time was Kaya, their golden retriever. They adopted Kaya from an animal shelter as a pup when Alvie was 10, and Kaya became a beloved family dog. Helen really loved Kaya, and after Helen’s death, taking care of Kaya became an important way for Frank and Alvin to honor her memory.

Alvie did not enjoy living in Kansas, and through his high school years he desperately longed to escape. He was admitted to the University of Arizona on a partial scholarship, based in large part on his art work, and planned to pursue a major in graphics design. Frank silently disapproved, but as usual, did not argue the point.

Now, after the first year, Alvin came back home from college for the summer, and Frank found that his only son became even more of a stranger. Alvie became more overtly effeminate, and the fingers on his hands were now colored in several bright colors. Frank groaned inwardly but still did not complain. Alvin remained in excellent physical shape, having continued doing dance and gymnastics in college and having taken up rock climbing Beşiktaş Escort as well. This wasn’t football but Frank was still thankful. On one of the mornings Frank came to the kitchen to see Alvin doing dishes and listening to music, with his headphones on. The boy was humming along and wiggling his skinny bubbly ass, very much like a girl. Frank felt a brief flash of anger and disappointment, but quickly calmed down, before Alvie knew anything. To his great surprise, Frank also felt a stir in his groin, with his cock suddenly jumping up in excitement. Frank quickly put the event out of his mind. At 19 years of age, Alvin stood at 5’9” tall and weighed about 130 pounds. His body was slim but strong, limber, well toned and almost wiry. The boy had a long narrow smooth face, with high cheek bones, deep seated large round grey eyes, long eyelashes, a slender delicate nose and full bright red lips. Alvie had deep brown hair which was cut in a very short, almost military style crew cut, and which was just about the only part of Alvie’s appearance that Frank approved of.

Alvin brought home some of his sketch books, and Frank had to admit to himself that the boy was really good. The sketches, done in the style of comics, were clearly drawn with a sure hand, and showed a charismatic and minimalistic style. Alvie told his father that he already got several side gigs designing artwork and graphics for some app developers, and Frank was impressed. But father and son still could not connect. They found that they had nothing to talk about and, apart from taking care of Kaya, had no interests in common. Their exchanges were brief, cursory and superficial, limited to mundane matters. By now Frank did want to get closer to his son, but he had no idea how to do it and was growing increasingly frustrated, both with himself and with Alvie.

As Frank got into the house after his morning run, he was sweating profusely and was really looking forward to a refreshing shower. He pet Kaya’s head and headed to his master bedroom. On the way Frank passed Alvin’s room and heard strange muffled noises coming from inside. Frank crept in and silently opened the door to Alvin’s room.

The scene that greeted him shook Frank to the core.

His only son was lying on the bed, naked from waist down and wearing only a white t-shirt. Alvie’s legs were raised up, exposing a smooth hairless boy butt. Alvie’s left hand was grasping and jacking his thin long erect cock. The boy’s right hand was holding a large tan-colored very realistic looking rubber cock which the teen was enthusiastically moving in and out of his pink ass pucker. Alvie was grasping the rubber dick at its base and balls and shoving it deeper and deeper inside his anus. The boy’s eyes were tightly shut.

“Yes, daddy, yes, yes, yes! Oh, daddy, yes, give it to me, daddy, please!” Alvie moaned loudly.

Slowly and quietly Frank retreated from the room and closed the door behind him. He stood in the corridor in complete shock, trying to process what just happened. He quickly realized two things. First, his son Alvie was gay. Second, the boy lusted madly for Frank, his own dad.

That Alvie was gay did not surprise Frank much, as he long suspected it. Although he was a butch macho bear himself, Frank did not really have a problem with Alvie being gay. Some of Frank’s service buddies in the military were gay, and Frank always got along great with them. Frank did love his son and wanted him to be happy, and he understood that it would be foolish and destructive to try to make the boy go against his nature.

The second revelation, however, was a much bigger deal. Frank had always thought of himself as one hundred per cent heterosexual. He never felt any serious physical attraction to other men, and, apart from some circle jerks while in middle school, never really fooled around with guys either. And yet, the thought of his 19-year-old son wanting him sexually was strangely appealing and exciting to Frank, even titillating. When he thought back to the picture of Alvie shoving a large rubber dick up his rectum while calling his dad’s name, Frank felt his cock harden and his heart start racing. He felt very flattered and empowered by what he saw in his son’s room, and relieved as well. Frank realized that despite their distance and detachment, his boy really loved and probably even worshiped him in his heart. Frank felt a rush of happiness and excitement. He went to his bedroom, jumped into the shower and had a furious jerk-off there, replaying in his mind the pictures of Alvie’s cute bubbly boy ass with a large rubber dick shoved inside it. Frank spunked harder than he did in ages, spraying the wall of the shower with several powerful shots of cum. As he was drying himself off, he was determined to make another start with Alvie, to be much nicer to him and to try to really connect with the boy. Frank was still not sure about the possible sexual angle of their relationship but he decided Beşiktaş Escort Bayan to do whatever was necessary to get closer to his only son.

After the shower, Frank dressed up and walked into the kitchen. Alvin was there cooking a breakfast for them, a vegetable omelet with toast.

“Good morning, Alvie! That smells good, thank you, son!” Frank greeted his boy. Alvie looked up at his dad in surprise. It has been ages since Frank called him Alvie. He was even more surprised to see Frank smiling warmly.

“Ah, thanks, dad!” the teen smiled shyly and hesitantly at his father.

They enjoyed a quiet breakfast together, with Kaya getting her food as well and then settling on the floor next to the kitchen table. Both father and son were silently hoping that they were turning a new leaf and that maybe things would start getting better between them.

“Dad, I am going to hang out at Jason’s today, OK? We will swim in his pool, and his parents are planning a small barbecue in the afternoon,” said Alvie. Jason was Alvin’s high school buddy who was also back home from college, and his house was about a mile away. Jason was a big guy, with a similar build to Frank’s, and had been a fullback on their high school football team, continuing to play ball in college. Despite being so different, the boys had always been good friends, and Frank thought that he now understood part of the reason why.

“Yes, sure, Alvie, have a good time and please say hello to Jason and his folks,” said Frank, still smiling. “But please try to make sure that you are back home by 7pm or so. The forecast calls for strong thunderstorms late tonight, and there is already a tornado watch in effect. You don’t want to get caught outside before after the rain starts.”

A cloud and a look of fear passed over Alvie’s face. He has beed deathly afraid of thunderstorms even since a large tornado passed close to their house when Alvie was 7. This fear of thunderstorms was one of the reasons why Alvie had wanted to get out of Kansas and why he chose to study in Arizona. Frank understood what Alvie was thinking.

“Don’t worry, kiddo, and just hurry back after the barbecue at Jason’s is over,” Frank reassured him, still smiling warmly.

“Ok, thanks, dad,” Alvie answered and leaned down to pet Kaya. “Bye, girl! Bye, dad, see you later!”

“Bye, Alvie, see you later, son!” Frank answered. The teen headed out of the door with a smile on his face. It was several times this morning that his dad called him Alvie, and the boy was really happy to see his father smiling, instead of having his usual surly cold look. Alvie run to Jason’s house thinking that maybe things really will indeed start getting better between him and his dad.

Frank sat in his kitchen drinking coffee and thinking much the same thing, while scratching Kaya’s head.


Alvie got home shortly before 7pm, and the sky was still clear. Frank met him with a warm hug, which again pleasantly surprised Alvie and also caused a bit of stir in his groin. The boy grew unaccustomed to any displays of affection from his dad, and this single hug meant a lot to Alvie. He secretly worshipped his dad and had been in love with him for years, but almost despaired of ever overcoming the gulf that has grown between them.

Alvie took Kaya for her evening walk, and then they ate a light supper that Frank cooked in the meantime. Sensing that something has changed, Alvin kept glancing at his dad with his large round grey eyes, and every time was met with a warm and affectionate smile. Alvie went to bed with his heart singing, forgetting about the approaching thunderstorm.

Frank also called it an early night.

Shortly after midnight Frank awoke with a start from a loud blast of thunder. The promised thunderstorm has arrived and it looked like it was a big one. A bright flash of lightning got through the curtains and illuminated Frank’s bedroom, followed by another deafening crack of thunder.

“Oh, shit, Alvie!” Frank thought, turning on the lamp at his night table, and preparing to jump out of bed. Frank then saw his bedroom’s door open.

Alvin was standing in the doorway, with an ashen look on his face, wearing just his black boxer-shorts and clutching a pillow to his chest.

“Dad, I am really scared. Can I stay with you tonight? Daddy, please!” he said pleadingly.

Frank’s heart melted and he felt his eyes dampen. It was the “Daddy, please!” that finally got him.

“Yes, sure, buddy, climb in here,” Frank motioned.

Alvin got into the bed and snuggled next to Frank, wrapping his right arm around his dad’s powerful chest and laying his head on Frank’s hairy left pec. Frank could feel the boy’s body trembling and his teeth chattering. He could also feel and hear Alvie’s heart beating hard and fast, pressed close to his own.

Franks’ defenses finally crumbled and his fatherly love and protective instincts Escort Beşiktaş took over. He pulled the boy closer and hugged him tightly, gently caressing the teen’s slender bare back, smooth cool and slightly damp with sweat, and stroking his hair.

Frank suddenly realized what a colossal and stupid jerk he had been. He felt his anger and resentment melt away and be replaced by love and compassion, mixed with guilt and remorse. Here was his boy, the fruit of his loins, his only child, desperately needing his father’s protection, affection, love and understanding. And what did he get in return? Just grief, coldness, detachment and contempt. What did it matter if the kid was gay, straight or anything in between, if he was not acting and behaving like a testosterone-filled hyper-masculine macho dumbass that Frank had foolishly wanted him to be. His son was a loving, sweet, kind, generous, smart, respectful, talented and hard-working kid, and just wanted to get some sign of love and acceptance from his dad. The boy needed and deserved a father who loved, accepted, supported and appreciated him. Frank said a silent prayer and promised to himself to start acting like a real dad and to try to make up for the lost years.

“It’s OK, Alvie, daddy’s here, I’ve got you, baby,” Frank cooed while kissing the top of his boy’s head.

Alvie lifted his face and looked at Frank with large tear-filled grey eyes. Frank pulled him closer and softly kissed the boy’s forehead and nose, smiling and rocking him gently.

The boy, finally seeing his father’s love and acceptance, felt a huge burden being lifted from his heart, and his floodgates opened.

“Oh, daddy!” Alvin cried out in relief and collapsed on his dad’s chest, crying and bawling uncontrollably.

“Shh-sh, baby, it’s OK, sweetheart, daddy is here, daddy’s got you,” Frank cooed, gently hugging his boy and continuing to stroke his back and head. Alvie bawled and sobbed even louder, and hugged his dad tighter, holding on to him for dear life. Franked understood that those were tears of happiness and relief, and that a long lost bond was being reestablished between them. Frank continued to rock Alvie gently, while hugging the boy’s slowly relaxing body.

Eventually, Alvie lifted his head and looked at his father searchingly, tears still streaking down his narrow boyish face. Frank cupped his son’s face with both hands and gently wiped away the tears with his thumbs, lightly caressing the boy’s smooth cheeks. Frank looked seriously but warmly in his son’s large grey eyes and whispered: “I love you, boy, I love you, son, I love you more than anything! You are the only thing I have in this world!”

“Oh, thank you, daddy, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much!” the boy sobbed, breathing a huge sigh of relief.

They looked at each other quietly and affectionately, both now smiling. Frank leaned forward and kissed away the tears from Alvie’s cheeks and chin, also kissing the boy lightly on the forehead, the tip of his nose and finally on the soft red lips.

Alvie stirred and, with a sudden look of determination in his shining grey eyes, he responded by planting a deep, wet, passionate kiss on his dad’s lips. Frank was startled for a few seconds, but then opened his mouth and returned his son’s kiss. Frank felt Alvie’s warm soft moist tongue invade his mouth and start gently but eagerly exploring it. The gruff burly man was surprised by how sweet and delicious’s his boy’s velvety tongue tasted and how erotic and exciting the experience was. Frank felt his own cock start hardening and his heart racing faster. He thought back to seeing his son masturbate earlier that morning calling his father’s name, and realized that he himself also wanted to explore this new sexual connection with his son further. Frank was a pragmatic man and a man of action. Despite never having had any substantive gay experiences before, he plunged into this one decisively. Frank grabbed his teen son’s tongue with his lips and started suckling on it energetically, savoring the sweet and delicate taste of the boy. Alvie moaned lightly. Frank now stuck his meaty hot tongue inside Alvie’s tender mouth and started probing all the nooks and crannies of his son’s warm oral cavity. Their tongues dueled and tangled for a while, both savoring the taste of of the other. Eventually Frank and Alvie separated and both came up for air.

“So, Alvie, baby, is your old man a good kisser or what?” asked Frank smiling.

The boy was still in shock and had trouble making coherent sentences.

“Oh, my god, dad, oh my god! You were so …! I am so …” he uttered breathlessly.

“Yeah, I see that being in college really improved your vocabulary!” Frank laughed gently and kissed his boy’s fresh red lips again.

“Oh, god, daddy, I am so happy!! I have dreamed of this moment for so-o-o-o long! I still can’t believe I am not dreaming!” the boy sputtered, his eyes watering again. “Oh, Alvie, my sweet baby boy!” Frank uttered, grabbing his son again in a tight bear hug and covering his face with soft tender kisses.

They lay quietly together for a few minutes, enjoying their closeness and the feel of each other’s bodies. Then Alvin raised his head from his father’s chest again.

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