Daddy Makes It Better

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Today was a shitty day. Pardon my french, but it was. I was doing terrible in my first period Spanish class and the bitch teacher, Mrs. Guttierez, who hated my guts, spent all morning picking on me in front of the class. On top of that, I got water on my white school uniform blouse, right over the nipple on my right boobie. Now, I’d guess you’d have to know that my boobs have really gotten bigger over the past year, and they seem to be the talk of school. All the boys love me for them, all the girls hate me. Anyway, some how my blouse got wet while I was drinking from the drinking fountain, and when I stood up, everyone could see my right boobie, my fat puffy nipple, was plainly visible through the sheer bra I wear. I was so embarrassed I hid in the bathroom till after fourth period when the shirt had dried.

After school, on the way home, some of the boys followed me home, teasing me, asking for another peek. I ignored them and eventually they went away. It wasn’t like I’d never let a boy see my breasts before. But, every time I let one of them talk me into it, I always regretted it later. They’d take a look at my big beautiful breasts and there thingies, their cocks, would start getting all hard. Some of the boys touched them and shot in their pants. A couple of boys begged me to play with their dicks. I did. I liked it a lot. Especially when they came and the hot, sticky, cream would get all over my hands. But they were always done after that. It seemed like all they wanted to do was see and touch my boobies. I wanted something more than that.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a prude. In fact I worry I might be a nympho (I just learned that word). I think about sex all the time and masturbate, usually more than once a day. It seems my poor pussy is almost always wet. But, I wanted a boy, no a man, who would treat me like I deserved to be treated. Some one who would spoil me, treat me like a princess, not a pair of boobies with legs.

So, like I was walking home, it was late September but still really hot. Eventually I started sweating. I live about a mile and a half from school, but I like walking. Today with the heat I was wishing I had taken the bus. I couldn’t wait to get home and strip down. My blouse was getting damp from perspiration. I was even sweating between my thighs, and I’m sure my white panties were getting soaked.

Three houses down from my house, Mr Allen, who’s retired from some white collar job, was outside washing his car. He’s fat and kinda gross, but nice enough. As I got closer he looked up and waved, pausing in washing his car long enough to say hi. I stopped and we chatted for awhile. But, for the first time I noticed, that while we talked, he kept staring at my breasts. I’m sure he could see the darker pink of my big areolas through my damp shirt and lacy bra. My nipples hardened under his hypnotic gaze. They stick out a good half an inch when I’m cold or excited, heck, sometimes they just seem to get hard for no reason at all. Poor Mr. Allen couldn’t take his eyes off them.

At first I was kinda disgusted. But the more we talked, the more he stared at them, the more turned on I got. I started stretching, arching my back so that my boobies thrust out toward his chest. Mr. Allen choked on his next sentence. I got close, patting him on the back, asking if he was alright, all the while pressing my left breast against him. My stiff nipple poked his flabby arm. I think he was about to faint. He only had loose shorts on and I could see the beginning of a small boner forming. Mr. Allen pulled way and mumbled about forgetting something in the house.

I said okay, see ya’ later and ran toward my own home. My little pussy was on fire, and I knew it would need relief soon. Thankfully the house was deserted. Both my parents work, , my mom who I don’t get along with works late, most nights until seven or so. Bahçeşehir Escort My daddy gets home around six, but sometimes he comes home early.

Anyway I was alone. Joyously alone. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and stripped. I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror. I’m not super thin, but I’m not fat either. I like to think of my self as meaty. I know that word sounds bad in some ways, but to me it also sounds sexy.

My dark hair was cut about shoulder length, and really set off my pale blue eyes. I had a smattering of freckles across my nose, but I thought they added just the right touch of cuteness. My lips were naturally chubby, I guess the right term is pouty, kind of like that older actress Drew Barrymoore.

Like I said before, my breast were big, I hope as big as they’re going to get 38 D, with saucer size, pale pink areolas. My hips were a little wide and my butt was bigger, but firm and smooth. I loved to run my hands over my ass and hoped to someday find a man who would also.

I brushed a quick hand over my mound, avoiding any contact with my lips or clit (I was afraid if I touched myself I’d lose any control and start masturbating right now), which were bigger than a lot of the girls I’d seen naked in the locker room and always plainly visible. I’d shaved this morning and it was just as smooth and soft as one of my butt cheeks.

Reluctantly turning from the mirror, I grabbed my favorite old T-shirt and headed downstairs. I didn’t have a dildo, I learned what one was last year, but for a couple of past years, when I was really horny, I’d been using cucumbers. My mom was a nut for salads and eating healthy and always had a couple big cucumbers in the fridge.

As I took the cucumber out of the fridge, I saw a container of peach yogurt and decided that a quick snack before I went upstairs wouldn’t be so bad.

I went out to the den and sat down on the big leather couch. The cool leather felt delicious on my naked ass. I lay the cucumber on the table in front of me and started eating the yogurt. As I ate I started thinking about Mr. Allen staring at my breasts. I wondered if any of the other male adults I came in contact with were surreptitiously staring at boobs. The more I thought about it, the hotter I got. I absent mindedly began pulling and twisting my right nipple. I thought about Mr. Yates, the football coach at school, wondered if he stared at my tits, and now my pussy was flooding. I was so distracted with these thoughts that I kind’a missed my mouth with the spoon and a big blob of yogurt splattered my right thigh an inch or so below my aching pussy.

“Oh!!” It was cold and just a little shocking “great what a…”

Halfway through my self chastisement I realized the creamy yogurt almost looked like cum. That thought pushed me over the edge. I quickly set the yogurt down and picked up the cucumber stroking it. I tried to image it was Mr. Yates cock. My hand was going nuts pulling on my right nipple through the thin T-shirt material. I lay back on the couch, spreading my legs, and ran the large green cock down my left thigh. At the knee I switched, slowly inching the cuke’ up my right thigh till I got to the yogurt. Dipping the tip of my vegetable phallus into the cool yogurt dripping down my hot young flesh, made the mental picture so perfect, I couldn’t wait any longer. I scooped up as much of the “cum” as I could and pushed the cucumber against my swollen labia. I was so wet it slipped right in with a delightful squishy noise.

I pulled my T-shirt above my breasts and started wildly pawing at them with my left hand while I fucked my wet pussy with long slow strokes. It felt so good. I wanted to make it last but I knew I would come soon. I rammed the cucumber faster and harder into my pussy, throwing my legs wide. My left hand abandoned my reddened breasts Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan and attacked my engorged clit. In it’s normal state my clit was a little larger than a pea, but when I get excite it swells to about size of a peanut. I pulled back the hood with my first and third finger and stroked in a rough circular motion with the middle.

“Mr. Yates!” I moaned in fantasy “take your big cock out of my little pussy”

I increased the tempo burying the big vegetable deep into my pussy. I knew it was coming soon.

“Oh God! Oh yeah!”

Just on the brink of orgasm I heard a familiar sound. Keys in the front door.

“Honey?” My father was home. “Baby, Daddy’s home. Are you here?”

Now, you have to understand my house. The den is off the entry hall way which meant my Dad was about three steps away from discovering me with a large green dick stuffed in my pussy. I panicked, I yanked the cucumber from my pussy and threw it behind the couch as I stood and tried to appear like anything but a girl who had just been masturbating fiercely

Unfortunately, as I stood, I jammed my toe into the leg of the coffee table. I cried out in pain and collapsed back onto the couch. My Daddy rushed into the den.

“Honey, what happened are you alright?” Concern creased his handsome face.

“I stubbed my toe.” I cried.

“Here let me see it baby.”

My Daddy knelt on the floor between my legs and took my foot gingerly in his hand. He was always so protective of me. He spoiled me rotten which is why I guess I expect men to treat me like a princess.

Anyway, he was looking at my toe, when I realized that if he raised his eyes just a little, he would see my poor, wet, little pussy; which had up till about a minute ago, been ravaged by an eight inch pseudo penis. I wondered if there was still any creamy yogurt clinging to my fat lips. The thought made me a little ashamed. But it also got me hot. I tried not to think about it, but the more I tried to push it away, the stronger it became. I mean what was I thinking. He was extremely handsome, and in as good a shape as a man ten years younger; but he was my father. Still, seemingly of their own accord, my legs spread a little wider. “Well, sweetie, it looks okay.” My dad said, pronouncing the examination over.

I wasn’t ready for him to let go just yet, so I thought of a little lie.

“I know Daddy, but now my foots all cramped up.” I said in my best little girl pouty voice. “Could you rub it a bit.”

He looked up at me for a second, questioningly, but he could deny me nothing.

“Okay, sweetie.”

As his eyes went back to my foot, I swear to God they caught the site of my naked pussy. I saw him blink, and take a quick breath.

He rubbed my foot in silence. It felt so good, so relaxing. No man had ever rubbed my foot. I leaned my head back on the couch, sighed contentedly and let my legs fall open a couple more inches. I looked out from under partially closed eyes to see my Dad staring right at my puffy, wet lips. I knew they must still be swollen and red from the treatment I was giving my pussy with the cucumber, and now with exposing myself to my Dad, I was so excited that I’ll bet the juice was running down my lips and puddling on the couch.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. I needed relief soon or I would go crazy. I moaned, pretending to be lost in the foot rub, slid my ass toward the edge of the couch and let my legs fall all the way open.

My Dad’s face was now inches from my gaping hole, and like any man, the bait was too sweet to resist the trap.

The next thing I know he left off the foot rub and had his face buried in my crotch. He lapped at my pussy like a man denied his favorite food for too long. He licked from my puckered asshole up over my pussy lips, like a dog, until Escort Bahçeşehir I was boiling and seething. Finally he settled on my clit, flicking just the tip of his tongue across my exposed pink button.

“Daddy. Oh..”

The small voice of reason was telling me to push his head away, that he was my Father, but, I’ve never been able to listen to reason, and so I gave in completely. My dad sucked my clit into his mouth bobbing his head up and down while tonguing the underside, just like he was giving me a blow job. I was nearing orgasm when he slid two fingers into my hole and started fucking me hard. I screamed with release and pussy cum exploded all over his face. I fell back on the couch breathing hard.

“I’m so sorry baby.” Were the first words out of my Daddy’s mouth. “it’s been so long and you…so…”

He looked so sorry, it made me love him more. But I wasn’t ready to stop and get all sensitive now. I wanted his dick. I wanted Daddy to be my first real fuck. It was the best, most logical choice.

“Daddy,” I said taking control. ” Are you going sit there all day and act like you hurt me, or are you going to get naked and fuck me with that big cock I see ripping a hole in your pants”

I don’t know who was more shocked by my talk, him or me, but he didn’t waste any time. He stood up and dropped his pants. My jaw dropped with them, my dad was huge, bigger than the cucumbers I liked.

“Oh Daddy,” I cooed “It’s so big.”

He paused with the big purple head just beyond my wanting pussy. I could see a drop of clear pre cum coating the head and resisted the urge to take it in my mouth.

“I don’t want to hurt you, baby.”

“Don’t worry Daddy,” I panted “Just Hurry. Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me.”

He didn’t wait for any more encouragement, just plunged that big hard cock straight into my little shaved pussy.

“Oh God” I grunted “Fuck me hard Daddy.”

Daddy obliged. He slammeded his cock into my pussy like a man possessed. I pulled my shirt up and stuffed one of my nipples into his mouth.

“Baby you’re so hot. So fucking hot.” Daddy moaned in between thrusts and sucking on my nipple “I love you.”

“Yea, Daddy, fuck my little pussy.” I squealed “Your big dick feels so good in your little girls pussy.”

He increased his tempo. Sweat ran from our bodies, so that every time we came together there was a delicious squelching noise.

“Oh Daddy!” I cried out ” I love you. Your cocks gonna make me cum!”

I started thrashing around on the couch. If I thought masturbating was great, this was ten times better.

“Oh God Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girls naughty pussy! I’m cumming!”

I came around his hard dick, while he continued to pound my pussy. I thought he would slow down, after all he was an older man. But my Dad, the stud, showed no signs of letting up. His huge dick pounded away, ravaging my poor little pussy.

“Daddy! I’m cumming again!” I wailed as a second orgasm quickly washed through my tender young body.

“Go baby” He grunted. “Cum on your Daddy’s dick.! Dad’s gonna join you soon Pumpkin. I’m almost there.”

When he said that I had an idea, some thing I’d always wanted to do.

“Daddy hurry get off, I want to suck you. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Daddy wasted no time He pulled that huge throbbing piece of meat out of my pussy and pointed it at my mouth. I grabbed his huge dick with both hands. It was thick and hot and slippery wet with my pussy juices. I opened my mouth to take it in.

“Oh baby it’s…!!” Daddy moaned

Unfortunately, before I could get it past my lips, he exploded and cum started flying every where.; on my lips, chin, hot and sticky down my neck and onto my heaving breasts. I stuffed the fat purple head into my mouth and continued to suck as he pumped load after load onto my waiting tongue. I sucked till he was drained dry.

“Oh man.” Daddy chuckled “that may have been the hottest sex ever.”

We collapsed in a sweaty sticky heap on the leather couch.

“Don’t worry” I said as I snuggled up close and safe in his big strong arms “there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32