Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 07

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At two that morning I got a call from the station to get there asap. My ass was dragging, but I got it together and took off. Jena was sleeping, Mac woke enough to ask where I was going then went back to sleep. I got home late, like close to midnight, Monday night. We’d been on loan to another county to help make a bust and by now I was part of the walking dead.

Jena and Mac were asleep in my bed, naked and twisted around each other. It smelled like a French Whorehouse in there. I went to Macs room and crashed. I’d shower in the morning.

When I dragged my ass out of bed around noon on Tuesday Mac was polishing his car, Jena was at work and the house was quiet. I made fresh coffee, took a shower and went out to talk to Mac.

“Hey, there’s the family shield bearer. You save the world for us?”

“Just one tiny part of it smart ass. How’re you holding up? Jena get the better of you?”

Mac shook his head. “You know I really worry about her some. You wonder what the fuck she was exposed to, if some of Helen’s men took advantage of her. It just ain’t normal for a woman to fuck like that, or to fuck her dad and brother.”

“You weren’t turning her down.” I sipped my coffee watching him over the rim of my cup.

“I know.” He had the good grace to blush. “I go from just wanting to hump the fucking hell out of her to wondering what the hell is wrong with me.”

I laughed out loud. “Join the club. That’s the other part of my not calling to tell you she was here. I had no idea what I was doing, still don’t, and the thought of trying to explain the unexplainable to you…….well…..” I trailed off at a loss for words.

“Be right back, that java smells good.”

“Here fill this,” I handed him my cup. He shook his head and smiled.

We sat outside for a couple hours talking about everything under the sun, no pun intended. It kept coming back to ‘how do we approach Jena about her desire to fuck us like there was no tomorrow without insulting her’.

“Let me see if I can get off at noon on Friday. We’ll head up to the lake. Old Jim isn’t using his cabin this summer and I know it’s open. We can fish a little and maybe figure a way to broach the fucking like rabbits subject.”

“You think rabbits really fuck that much?”

Mac seemed serious, until I saw that smirk coming on. Truth be told, I’d rather have him around 24/7 than Jena. He’s my best friend, confidant and son all rolled into one. I can always find a piece of ass.

We walked into the house with my arm over his shoulder.

Jena waltz in the door at 5:30 with a bottle of wine in her hand. “Hey how are my boys? Lonesome?” She kissed both of us pressing that hot body into ours.

“How about a glass of wine and some hors d’oeuvre?” Jena patted her ass as she asked the question.

Mac and I exchanged a look and knew we were on the same track.

“How about the wine and some conversation first?” I stepped up taking the bottle to open it.

Jena looked a little confused at being turned down for sex but smiled and agreed. I opened the bottle, poured three glasses and we went to the deck to sit in the late afternoon sun.

I got the conversation headed in what I hoped was the right direction by asking about Helen’s husbands and boyfriends. Mac tossed in questions about how much time they spent at the house and if Jena sometimes saw things a kid shouldn’t see.

The whole thing went on through three glasses of wine, which was the end of the bottle. I mixed hard drinks, giving Jena a little extra shot.

“Helen’s a whore. Sorry Daddy, I know she was your wife, and sorry to you too…..Mac”, it was almost to where she was forgetting names let alone spilling the beans.

“So she had these men in front of you?” Mac stressed ‘had’.

“Fuck yes! Screwed ’em on the couch, in the kitchen, on the hallway floor if she couldn’t wait to bursa eve gelen eskort bayan get to the bedroom. She liked showing off for me, like see how much these men love your mama kinda thing.”

“Any of them come after you?” I held my breath waiting for the answer.

“Ha, that’s a funny one. Helen was, is I suppose yet, a greedy old bitch. The minute one of those handy boys made eyes at me she grabbed ’em by the cock and lead them out of the room. She wanted them in her cunt, not in mine!” Jena drained her drink. “Got more of this Daddy?”

“Think maybe you’ve had enough?”

Jena smiled a sly smile, dropped down on all fours and crawled to me. She buried her face in my crotch and tried to bite my balls.

“I never get enough Daddy, you know that. Why don’t you guys show me how much you love me? Right here on the deck in the great outdoors in the fresh air.” She started stripping off her clothes.

Mac jumped up and stopped her. “Aren’t you afraid of being like your mama, the way you like sex?”

Jena looked perplexed; she weaved around with Mac holding on to her waist to keep her upright.

“I’m not like her. I love you.” She ran her hand up his neck cupping his face and then into his hair. You’re my brother and I love you.” She kissed him grinding her crotch into him.

I heard Mac moan as he grabbed her ass. “I love you too sis, love you so fucking much.”

The booze had gotten to all of us. I stood moving to press my hard dick against her ass, kissing her neck.

“Mmmmm, Daddy that’s so warm.”

In a matter of minutes all three of us were naked. Jena took both cocks holding them pressed together. “I’m gonna suck you both at once time…I mean once at together times.” She giggled and dropped her mouth down trying to take both mushrooms into her mouth at once.

Odd as hell feeling Macs’ cock pressed to mine; feeling Jena trying to suck them both into her mouth. She licked more than sucked, then grabbed onto our balls rolling them around and pushing us together rubbing our cocks and balls against each others.

I put my arm around Macs’ shoulders for balance and he wrapped his arm around my waist. We both stayed very intent on watching what Jena was doing to us so as not to make eye contact with each other.

“Cocks. Fuck I love cocks.” She was licking up and down our shafts, sucking pre cum off the heads and kissing them. “I need these fuckers inside me.”

We pulled the cushions off the lounge chair onto the deck floor.

“Lay down baby. You want one in your mouth and one in your cunt?”

“Umm, yeah. Or,” more giggles here, “both in my cunt at once.”

Mac looked at me asking the question with his eyes. I shrugged as I reached to pull Jena off the cushion and motioned for Mac to lay down.

Once he was on his back I put Jena down on top of him. “Put it in her.”

Jena got up on all fours. I watched from behind seeing Mac sink his prick into her. They were moaning and kissing. Damn that’s a sight, to see a cock disappear into that wet slit; especially when you know exactly how tight and hot that hole feels on your own dick.

I knelt down aiming my dick for her already filled pussy. I pushed the head around on her trying for an angle that might get me in. Using my thumbs I was able to pull the hole open a little.

“Pull back Mac, I’ll try going in with you.”

When he was all but out of her I joined my cock to his as tight as I could and we pushed together. We had a couple false starts with Jena giggling her head off. About the time I was ready to say this couldn’t happen we slid in together.

Once we were both buried to the balls in her cunt we all held still.

“You okay baby?”

Jena was panting drawing gulps of air. “Oh my God, I’m so stretched out.” She giggled, “What if it won’t snap back?”

I bursa eskort bayanlar whispered ‘go’ to Mac and we both started pumping.

“ARG….God….oh my God you both are fucking me.”

Our cocks were slipping and sliding around each other and I gotta say it was one amazing feeling. We see-sawed one in and one out so we’d give her the rubbing of a life time but try to keep from ripping her apart.

Feeling Macs’ cock rub mine, the head pushing past mine was fucking wild. At this rate I was gonna shoot my load faster than I wanted to. I locked eyes with Mac and could tell he was feeling the same way.

Jena was making some crazy noises, like pleasure and amazement mixed together. What I didn’t hear was pain.

“Fuck, I’m about to unload.” Mac was gritting his teeth trying to hold on long enough for Jena to cum.

Jena had been resting her head on Macs’ shoulder. She raised it and started making a wailing noise.

“Fuck, cover her mouth….she’s gonna start screaming when she cums.” I’d heard this before and knew she could wake the dead once she started. There were neighbors, not close but still….

I held tight to her hips, pumping hard and deep now feeling Macs’ cock seem to swell. He covered her mouth ramming his hips up and down. Jena’s knees pulled forward far enough I had to adjust myself to stay in. Two more hard pumps and I was shooting ropes of cum up her cunt. When I held my dick in to let the last of my cum run out Mac was doing the same. She was fully loaded.

My pecker had never felt this fucking sensitive; I shivered like I’d stepped into a walk in freezer.

Jena stopped moving, stopped all noise. Her entire body stiffened then went totally limp. Mac grabbed her tits pushing up on her. I held her waist as I rolled off, bringing her with me.

All three of us were panting reveling in the release of the end of a fantastic fuck.

“That was so fucking amazing.” Jena kissed me then turned to kiss Mac. “Gawd, cum juice is pouring out of my pussy.”

“You okay, don’t think you’re ripped?” I pushed myself up on one arm to look between her legs. All the fluid looked clear, I’d been afraid of seeing red in it.

“Ummm, I just feel very loved and lucky to have you guys. I gotta pee and I think I need a nap.”

We got Jena to the can, washed her up and put her in her own bed. I got a bag of frozen corn, wrapped it in a thin towel and put it between her legs. By the time I’d done that she was sound asleep. Okay, probably more like passed out.

We ate, talked a little and headed for bed ourselves. Mac paused by his bedroom door.

I nodded to my door; I didn’t want to part with him.

“Won’t that be a little weird without Jena between us?” Even as he said it I could see he wanted to come to bed with me.

“Remember when you first got back here and refused to sleep in your own room? I got up three nights in a row with you lying on the floor beside my bed before I decided to let you sleep with me till you were ready to make the move to your own bed.”

Mac laughed, “Yeah I recall getting stepped on a couple times.”

We got into bed laying side by side not talking. Finally I reached for his hand and we laced out fingers together.

“That was pretty amazing, feeling you cock against mine, when she was sucking and licking and then inside her.” Mac sounded nervous when he said it.

“Yeah, it felt damn good.” I let go of his hand and moved mine to cover his flaccid dick. “You’ve got a nice mushroom on that thing.”

Mac moaned, pushing his hips up some. “I think we are almost an even match. When she held our cocks together they looked like a mirror image.”

His hand had moved to my dick which was twitching and beginning to harden. I felt his cock responding the same way.

I rolled to face him and after a slight görükle escort bayanlar pause he moved to face me. I let go of his cock and pulled him against me. He pressed forward releasing my now stiff dick from his grasp. We rubbed cock on cock holding each others asses enjoying the closeness.

“Damn, I never knew this could feel so fucking good.” I increased the pressure against his dick and was grinding harder now.

Mac swung a leg over my hip pushing his cock and balls into me. “Fuck Dad, I love the feel of your pecker rubbing mine. It’s fucking hot.”

I rolled to my back pulling Mac on top of me. “Do whatever feels good for you son. I love this too.” I spread my legs open allowing him full access to my cock and nuts. My head was spinning, I’d never been with a man in any way and this was feeling too fucking good.

“Dad, can I go down on you? I want to suck your dick.” Mac sounded like he was scared to death I was going to blow up and yell at him.

“Oh baby, do anything you want. I’m here to please you, to fill your needs.” I laughed, “Not that I’m not enjoying the hell out of this too.”

Mac kissed me, a long deep open mouthed lover’s kiss. “I love you Dad. So fucking much sometimes I can’t stand it.”

Tears came to my eyes as I kissed him, mashing my mouth to his. “I love you son, more than life itself. Take what you want; I want to make love to you too.”

With that Mac moved down my body, kissing and licking his way to my throbbing cock. When he sucked my nipples I moaned, my legs pulling back toward my shoulders on auto pilot. I wanted it all with him.

“AH GOD.” Macs’ kisses had reached my cockhead. He kissed all around my swollen mushroom, licking and sucking as he went. His mouth opened and he pushed down, taking the lions share of my dick into his hot wet mouth; tongue working hard at exploring my shaft.

One hand stroked the base of my dick; the other rolled my balls gently. I knew he was doing to me what he loved to have done to him, I’d remember when it was my turn to pleasure him. Never in all the blow jobs I’d had, had it ever felt this good.

My hands rested lightly on his head. It was so fucking amazing to feel his head move up and down as he sucked and licked.

Mac pulled his mouth off my dick looking up at me. “Dad, I want to swallow your load. Don’t pull out when you’re gonna cum. I want to have you in my belly.”

I nodded, I couldn’t speak. I think I’d have cried had I tried to put into words how I felt just then.

Mac smiled, gave my shaft three licks base to the top of my cockhead. He licked pre cum off my throbbing slit almost making me scream from pleasure.

In one swift movement I was buried in his mouth again. This time the sucking and head bobbing was manic, like he wanted not only to swallow my steaming cum load but wanted to swallow my cock itself.

My body curled up, my hands moving over his head and shoulders. My balls tightened, tingling sensations ran down my thighs and up into my belly. No woman could suck cock like this. Mac never let up, he kept up the intense sucking and licking rolling my ever tighter balls in his hand.

The noise I heard was me growling, yelling begging him to SUCK, SUCK, SUCK.

I could feel him swallowing; drinking down his Dad’s hot cum. Fuck, I thought I was going to pass out. When the last shot traveled up my cock shaft I fell back on the bed gasping for air shaking with tears streaming from my eyes.

Mac licked and sucked his way off my over-tender cock. I reached down pulling him up to kiss him. He tasted of my cum as I shoved my tongue into his mouth.

We lay there recovering running our hands over each others body. His ass was wonderful, so hard and small. I ran my fingers lightly down his ass crack.

“God that feels like heaven.” Mac spread his legs and I reached to touch his swollen balls.

“I’d like to return the favor and suck you dry. Would that be okay with you son?” Fuck I loved saying ‘son’ with him on top of me naked.

Mac laughed lightly. “I can’t think of a thing on this earth I’d like more that to pour my hot juice into your mouth.”

I rolled Mac onto his back and began to make slow lazy passionate love to my son.

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