Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 01

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Fishing wasn’t really my scene but at least it got me out of the house at weekends and I was at a loose end after finishing college, 22 and nowhere to go.

I drove the car and Jim sat in the passenger seat, he kept moving uncomfortably in the seat.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing, just keep going,” he grumbled, pulling at his crotch.

We arrived at the club fishing lake and unpacked our things from the car.

Rods, tent, sleeping bags, the whole thing all dumped on the floor ready to be taken to our allocated spot.

This was a 12 hour fish so we would take it in turns to fish through the night while the other one slept.

It never quite worked out like that as the movement of other fishermen up and down the bank disturbed the night air. It was cool and there was a damp feel to the approaching night air.

We set up the tent and made up the sleeping bags and laid them out in the tent.

I decided to change my trousers for jeans and waterproofs and got into the tent to hide my modesty. Jim pulled back the tent flap when I was halfway through and in my briefs. For some reason, I do not know why, I had a semi on and it pushed the front of my briefs out. I took hold of it through my briefs and tried to lay it flat against my abdomen, it didn’t work, it still stood out. Jim watched with eager eyes at what I was doing and laughed softly.

He closed the tent flap and I quickly pulled up my jeans and went outside to pull on the waterproofs.

He said he would do the same, but said he may have more difficulty than I had just had.

“Why is that?” I asked with a quizzical look on my face.

“Because I have been hard for a day and not a few minutes,” he laughed.

He crawled into the tent and I heard the sound of his zip go down and the struggle to free himself from his traveling bursa eskort bayan trousers. Should I take a peep inside the tent I wondered, course I should.

I crept towards the tent and gently pulled back the tent flap, there before me was the best sight in the world.

A pair of white briefs filled to bursting point with a huge cock trying to burst out into the fast disappearing daylight.

Jim pulled the briefs down away from his cock and it sprang out into the air. A huge 9 incher, very thick and uncircumcised pulsing with a regular tic tic as it sprung in time to the blood pulsing through it.

I gasped in shock and surprise.

“Never seen a cock before?” Jim enquired.

“Not like that I havent!” I replied.

“Come in the tent and zip up the flap,” Jim instructed.

I immediately did as I was told.

Jim stroked it from top to bottom with a loose fist wrapped right round the pulsating monster. He looked down at it with pride and then looked over at me.

“Want to take a handful of this beauty?” he said to me.

“Yes please!” I muttered as my hand moved to take a grip on the shaft.

It felt huge, I couldn’t get my hand all the way round it, I was holding it at the base and started to slide my hand up towards the top and the loose foreskin.

Jim put his hand over the top of mine and showed me how to jerk the head of his cock. We kept up a steady rhythm and then a yell from outside the tent startled both of us.

“I have your allocated peg number here,” Shouted a lady from outside the tent.

I let go of Jims monster cock and started to unzip the tent fly and climb out.

I stood up in front of a middle aged lady dressed in tweedy jacket and skirt and took the peg ticket from her outstretched hand.

As I looked at her eyes I could bursa otele gelen eskort bayan see that her eyes were lowered towards my now hard cock, which was tenting both my jeans and my waterproofs.

She stared at it and looked behind me at the tent trying to see who was in the tent but the flaps hid anything from view.

She ticked a paper on her clip board and moved on to the next tent.

I crawled back into the tent and looked at the still hard cock of Jim standing out clear of his hairy body.

I pulled the tent zip down and without any further words crawled over to Jim and took hold of the monster and proceeded to stroke it as he had showed me before.

He lay back on the sleeping bag and looked down at my handling his cock with my smallish hands. His breathing began to get shorter and he put his fist in his mouth as I quickened the stroke up and down. This was the biggest pole I had ever seen and it excited me so much I thrashed it for what seemed like a lifetime until it erupted and shot its creamy load all over his chest and legs as well as my fist. There was what seemed like gallons of lovely creamy come, splashed everywhere and he licked his fingers with some on.

“Want me to try you?” he said.

“Go ahead,” I mouthed.

He sat up and shuffled over to my side of the tent and unzipped the waterproofs and the jeans trouser. Instead of just leaving them there, he tugged them off completely, leaving me in just a t-shirt and briefs. His hand slid down the front of my bulging briefs and straight away found my rock hard cock.

He tugged it out and further reached down and gently eased my ball sack out of my pants too. This in itself nearly sent me crazy and then he started on me. His big fist round the top half of my cock slowly driving bursa eve gelen escort it up and down. Without any warning he slowly lowered his head until his lips were level with my cock and finally his lips covered my cock head. He still kept his hand moving while he sucked and licked my cock head, in what seemed like seconds I told him I was going to come.

“That is what I’m waiting for,” he said momentarily taking his mouth off my cock.

In seconds I was pumping my spunk into his hot mouth clamped tightly round my cock head. It seemed to go on for ages and ages as I pumped and pumped.

Spunk leaked out from the side of his mouth and down his chin and onto my pubic hairs as I continued to come.

“Jeez, I never seen so much spunk in one go,” He said as he released the cock head from his mouth, and spunk spilled from his mouth as he talked.

Spunk still came from my cock slit as he held it in the air.

“Fancy doing me again?” he said.

“You bet I do!” I said.

I took a hold of the semi limp cock and massaged it in both hands, running both hands up the whole length of the cock as it grew stiffer and stiffer. I lowered my head near to the end and tongue flicked the underside and Jim jumped as my tongue flicked the nerve endings. I licked and sucked the end of his huge monster as it hardened. I pulled the skin back and ran my tongue all the way round his ring and then gobbled it into my mouth like a hungry child. My head bobbed up and down as I slid my hands over the length of it at the same time.

I could feel it growing in thickness and I worked furiously at it.

“I’m gonna come!” mouthed Jim.

“I know you are, go ahead Dad,” I said as I lowered my mouth back onto his cock end. He blew a giant load of come down my throat and I felt his cock pulsing and pumping his load into my mouth.

“Wow son have you ever done that before,” Dad asked.

“Nope but I have always wanted to,” I said.

“I had best not tell your mother you give better head than she does or I might not get any from her.” he said smiling.

“If you don’t, you know where to get some more,” I said.

Who said fishing isn’t fun?

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