Cynthia Lures Her Neighbor Ch. 02

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Stuart’s eyes widened, but he didn’t say a word. Time to be more direct. He stood with his back to my bed, and I knelt in front of him, pulling the sash of my wraparound sundress open as I went down on my knees. My breasts spilled out over the top of my bra cups. Stuart uttered a choking gasp.

“That’s an interesting sound,” I said. I tugged his gym shorts and boxers down to his ankles, and his hardening cock bounced inches from my face. I licked my lips. “Will I make noises like that while I’m fitting you into my mouth?”

“Oh, you look hot like that. Are you sure you want to–“

His voice trailed off as I wrapped one hand around the length of his cock, squeezing as I smiled up at him. “Hell, yes!”

I shrugged the sundress off, tilted my head to one side while sliding both bra straps down my arms. “My question is: do you want this?” I darted my tongue over the tip of his cock, swirled it around, while sliding my hand up and around the base of his hardness.

Stuart swayed on his feet, eyes half-closed, and I gripped him tight, causing his eyes to fly open. “Look at me, Stuart. Pay attention.” I wrapped my lips around the head of his swollen cock, made a loud slurping noise and eased the first couple inches into my mouth. His knees shook, eyes going half-lidded again.

I moved my other hand underneath to cup his balls. Gave a firm squeeze. “I said: Look. At. Me.” I let my teeth graze his skin as I managed another inch of his length inside, then pressed my tongue against the slit on the head of his cock as I raised back off of him. “You like this? Feel good now?”

“God, yes! That feels…you feel incredible.”

Now was a good time to find out his level of interest in a bit of domination. “I told you to keep your eyes on me.” A pulse of heat in my pussy reminded me how long it had been Şişli escort since I had a willing man under my fingertips. Or my tongue. “Watch while I take you.”

I slid back down over the wetness left glistening on his skin, letting Stuart hear the sound of him filling my mouth. Forced a bit more in. Moaned around his fullness reaching for my throat.. Nice-sized bit of man-flesh for me. Not too much, but enough I was going to have to work at taking all of it.

Stuart kept his eyes open, and I managed a wet chuckle. Twirled my tongue as I eased up to take a breath. “Mmm, that’s a good boy. Tasty, just like I thought,” I said. “Do as you’re told, and you’ll be inside more than just my mouth.”

I lapped a drop of pre-come. “You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

Stuart’s head was bobbing up and down fast enough to give me ideas about what he would feel like thrusting in and out of my mouth. More wetness in my panties at the thought. I love the feeling of control when I have a man’s tender parts pressed between my teeth.

“Yes. Oh, yes! But–“

I reached around and gave a brisk slap to his backside. “Now, I didn’t say anything about my butt. Yet. You want my ass, is that it? Rest of my charms aren’t enough for you?”

“Yes. No. No, that’s not it at all, you–“

I cut him off again, plunging my mouth down, further than before. Fighting my tongue out of the way to slide him into the tightness of my throat. His words trailed into ragged moans as both my hands wrapped around to grab his muscled ass, and I pulled him deeper into me. I choked as my lips reached the base of his cock. Dug my fingers in. Holding him in place as his hips trembled.

He struggled not to move, and I struggled for air. I gasped as I came back up, releasing him after a final tightening of lips Sultangazi escort bayan around the head of his cock.

“Less talking, Stuart. More moving. I know what I’m doing. You aren’t going to hurt me – not with this lovely cock. Don’t you dare come! Now, stop thinking and fuck my mouth!”

He spoke words I didn’t hear as I dove back down, taking him all the way down again. Up. Down, while my fingers clenched tight, letting him know he was right where I wanted him. Up again, as I fastened my mouth around the tip of his dripping cock, and moved one hand to his dripping cock. Thrilled at how hard he was in my grip.

No twenty-year-old pool boy here. Stuart had enough control to not splash all over me in the first throes of pleasure. Yes. Experienced and obedient – not just a damn nice cock.

Taking him with my mouth was delightful, but my pussy wanted a turn. Stuart’s breathing came in rapid gasps as he pushed forward, trying to get more than just the tip back inside of my mouth. I ran my tongue back over the pre-come swelling from him. Smirked at the soft whimper that escaped as I released him from my mouth, a thin line of wetness stretching from my lips back to him. “Not yet, loverboy. Cynthia told you not to come yet.”

A low moan from him. “Please..feels good. So fucking good!”

I stroked my hand around his sensitive skin, below where hardness swelled into a softer crown. “Fucking is going to feel good, yes.” I clutched the middle of his shaft, my other hand caressing the untrimmed brown nest below. “So. No coming yet. Not for you, anyhow.” I squeezed again, a bit more strength with each hand, dividing his attention. “What about me? Is it time for Cynthia to come?”

“Yes, yes!”

He wasn’t babbling, but this was far less speech control than Escort Taksim I had ever seen from him. Good. A lady likes to know she is having an effect on a man. I stood up, and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts swing free. Delightful, the way his eyes followed the movements. I teased my nipples between thumb and forefinger, loving the tingle it sent through my nerves.

“Start here,” I said. Then patted the front of my panties. “Suck my nipples like a good boy, and I’ll take these off. You do want my panties off?”

Stuart nodded, not speaking as his lips wrapped around my right nipple, his fingers replacing mine on the left. Just a hint of teeth brought a moan out of me, and I gripped the back of his head. “Yes, ahh, yes, just like that. Your mouth is what I need.” I made a fist in the back of his crew-cut hair. “The start of what I need.”

He began to pull his head back. Probably to speak. I didn’t need him talking. I needed him touching me. Pleasuring me.

My hand jammed his head back onto my breast. “I said suck my nipples. Get me nice and wet. Then we’ll see what else that tongue of yours can do.”

My other hand rubbed the front of my panties, clit throbbing, and I slipped one finger under the fabric, between drenched lips. Slid my wet finger into his mouth. “Taste me. Taste how badly my pussy needs you.”

Stuart moaned, and tugged at my nipple with his teeth. His free hand brushed against my panties. Tugged them to the side, fingers circling my clit. My hips bucked into his touch, demanding he touch me faster, deeper.

One finger dipped lower, into the sopping wetness of my hole, joined by a second longer one, and I groaned, grinding my hips. My hands shoved my panties down and off, and I rode Stuart back onto my bed, moving up to straddle his face with my thighs.

“Lick my pussy, Stuart. Make me come. All over your face. Make me come. Then you get to bury that cock of yours into me.” I reached back and grabbed his cock with one hand while my pussy ground against his mouth. “I’ll tell you when you get to breathe. You just keep licking.”

Chapter Three coming soon…

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