CvsN 08: Virgin No More

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A previously unpublished chapter in the story of Jack, and the home he shares with three lovelies.

* * * *

Karen finally moves in and she finds a way to reward the help.

* * * *

Saturday morning I woke to the smell of bacon frying, and the sound of laughter. The sun was streaming in through the bay window and the sky was clear and blue as Debbie’s eyes. I hopped into the shower for a quick rinse, passing on the shave, and headed out to the kitchen.

Jim had showed up a little after 8:00 that morning. He was showing up more and more often around meal-time. Made sense since he lived alone, had no girlfriend, and had no prospects at the moment. We didn’t begrudge him the occasional meal since he was always a great contributor around the house, and had done so much to get the electrical working during the rebuild.

Jim had a small problem. He was horrible with women. I’d set him up on dates three different times, and watched him self-destruct on two of those when we double-dated. Once a girl was out of reach though, like when they were married, or involved with people he knew, he stopped trying so hard, and could be likable. Debbie and Beth seemed to be finally warming up to him, and Karen had been teasing him for ages. His virginity was no office secret, and any efforts on his part to change that status had been completely fruitless so far.

Fortified by Debbie’s breakfast, we grabbed our moving gear, and were on the road by 9:00. Jim’s truck was hauling an open trailer, and I figured it shouldn’t take us more than two trips. Many of the things had been moved piece-meal over the last few weeks, and Karen had spent the last several days packing, with frequent help from Debbie.

Five minutes later we were at Karen’s. The door was propped open with a couple of phone books, and the view into the living room was nothing but stacked boxes. Karen met us just inside the threshold. She looked hot and sweaty, and my guess was that she’d already been at work for a couple of hours. Her hair was disheveled, and her shirt was sticking to her.

“Ah, my handsome knights, here to rescue this poor damsel in distress.” She stepped forward and took each of our arms in hers, as if we were her escort. “Or are you planning on kidnapping me and taking me back to your fortress where I’m to be your play thing? You know Jack, I’ve never really forgiven you for doing exactly that back during the Crusades, you brute.” That earned me a poke in the ribs.

Jim looked at me quizzically, and I just laughed. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure if she was joking or if she really believed all this past life drivel she spouted.

We took a quick tour of the premises and I was pleased to find that everything was packed and almost completely ready for moving.

Under Karen’s able and unceasing direction we started emptying the house from the front to the back. She was certainly in a touchy-feely mood, as she didn’t miss an opportunity to place a hand on a shoulder, around a waist, or anywhere else she could reach. She also seemed to be making a point of rubbing against us in every tight spot when we were moving the bigger items. Of course we were doing a bit of rubbing back ourselves.

Two hours later we’d completed our first load and had emptied eighty percent of the place. We were dripping sweat. The sun was beating down, and it turned out that Karen had closed out her phone and electric the day before. It must have been 95 degrees outside, and not much cooler inside.

Debbie took a break from making crafts with the kids, and offered us lunch when we got back to the house, but we begged off until we’d finished the move. We did accept the offer of fresh squeezed lemonade, and a couple of cookies fresh out of the oven for energy. It was refreshing to be in the cool house, and I was tempted to take a quick shower, but I knew I’d just get dirty again. Unloading took a lot less time then loading had, and we were back on the road less than an hour later.

Getting out of the air-conditioned pickup and walking back into that townhouse was like walking into a sauna. Just a few minutes after arriving I stripped off my sweat-soaked t-shirt and finished the packing in just my shorts and shoes. Jim followed suit shortly after.

“No fair!” Karen cried when she came out of the kitchen and saw our state of dishabille. Her white button-up sleeveless blouse had started out tucked in, then tied across her waist, and finally had been tied up in a tiny halter, and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it. She was as hot as us, and her shirt was soaked through. Her nipples showed dark and erect against the flimsy wet material.

“No one’s stopping you, you know,” Jim laughed.

“Oh, I bet you’d like that,” she answered, throwing a bunched up sheet of wrapping paper at him.

“You know I would!” he called back hauling another box out to the truck.

She walked up behind me where I was sealing some of the last boxes. I could feel her hands sliding down my slick back.

“The sight of you hunks is getting me hot,” she whispered to me. “I’ve Ataşehir Escort been thinking of ways to pay you off this weekend, and I can’t wait to get started.”

“I can hardly wait myself. Let’s get this stuff loaded and get out of here.” I lifted the box I was working on to my shoulder and took it out to the truck. As I walked away her hands ran down and lingered on my ass with a final squeeze.

Returning to finish up the loading, I was surprised to see Karen had risen to the challenge, and had removed her own shirt. We were all bare-chested, but it certainly looked a lot better on her. Her breasts were really her nicest feature. Not very big, but very pert, and perfectly shaped. Her nipples were hard as diamonds, and Jim was straining himself avoiding looking at them, his face even redder than the heat warranted.

As soon as he was out the door with the next box, she burst out laughing, holding her breasts towards me and tweaking her nipples. “I guess you’re not afraid to look at me.”

“Behave yourself, shameless, or I’ll do a lot more than look!”

“Promises, promises…” she muttered, as she headed up the stairs to make sure we hadn’t overlooked anything.

As far as I could tell, we had cleared the place out except for the few boxes and some odd shaped and fragile items left in the living room.

Jim came in as Karen disappeared around the top of the stairs, and I finished my visual inventory.

He scanned the room and looked like a baby who’d had his candy stolen, when he couldn’t spot Karen.

“Jim, I think we’re about done here. We’re not going to clean the place now, the girls will take care of that tomorrow. I’m going to call ahead and let Debbie know we’re just about on our way. I think I’ll have her start lunch. Any preference?”

He never even slowed, grabbing a TV that we were going to put in Karen’s front seat. “Nope, I’m sure anything Debbie make’s’ll be fine.”

I headed up the stairs to see if Karen had any preferences, and caught her in the master-bedroom walk-in closet, checking behind the door.

“I’m about to call Debbie and tell her we’re on her way. Any preferences for lunch?”

She brazenly walked up to me, pressed her breasts against my chest, placed her hand on the growing lump in my pants, and answered.


She punctuated the request with a long lingering lick across my chest.

Enough was enough. I stepped back, and pulled my shorts off in a flash. I was wearing loose, knit shorts and no underwear, and the whole act took about two seconds.

“Funny, sausage is the special of the day. No waiting.” I told her, and reaching out with my hand behind her neck I pulled her down to her knees.

“What if Jim comes up here?” She said, reaching out and taking my cock in her hand.

“Well, he’ll just have to wait his turn.” I told her, and winding my fingers in her hair, pulled her face to my crotch.

She must have been as turned on as me. She looked up to me, her eyes locked to mine, and with a long lascivious lick, dragged her tongue from the bottom of my balls, to the crest of my head, where she ran the tip of her tongue all over my purple helmet. A second lick ended with her taking my cock in her mouth and slowly pressing her face down as far as she could take it.

“God that feels good, Karen. I think this is going to be a great weekend.” I murmured.

“MmmmHmmm” she answered as best she could, with her mouth full.

She worked her hand up and down my cock as she sucked away on the head. After a few minutes of this delightful treatment, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and stood her up. I turned her around so she was facing away from me, her head out the closet door, and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Her soaked white undies followed suit.

“Jack…” she said, reproachfully, but still stepped out of her shorts and panties, kicking them out of the way.

I placed one hand on her left hip, and with the other, pushed her down just behind her neck, until her upper body was parallel with the ground. I spread her cheeks with my thumbs, grasping her hips, looking down at her wet pussy. She was bent over even farther now, almost jackknifed, one elbow on her knee, the other hand opening herself, presenting herself to me.

I took my cock in hand, and placed the head at her opening. I could feel her fingers guide me in the first inch or so, after which I grabbed her hips and pulled back hard, impaling her on my stiff prick.

“Ooh!” she gasped in surprise, at the sudden intrusion, and then gasped again.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” I laughed, pulling out a little, and pushing back hard.

She tried to pull away for a second, but I was having none of that and thrust up inside her, moving my hips side to side, but keeping my cock buried.

“Oh, shit,” she hissed, and dropped her head down between her knees.

That was when I saw that Jim had entered the room, and could see her pretty well. I was still mostly hidden behind the door. Our shorts scattered just outside the door, and the bouncing of her body Kadıköy Escort left little doubt what was going on, even if he didn’t have a great view of the action.

I saw him turn half away. “Sorry to walk in on you. I just was wondering where you’d gone, and I need help with that mirror. Everything else is loaded.” He turned partially, the temptation too much, and watched us out of the corner of his eye.

“Sorry Jim. This little tart has been teasing me, and I couldn’t help myself.” The exhibitionist in me reared his head, and I stroked myself in and out of Karen’s dripping pussy, using full long strokes, while I spoke to him.

“ME! You were the ones teasing me, with your hot sweaty bodies, brushing up against me, showing off. With two half-naked hunks hanging around, how’s a girl supposed to behave?” She was looking back and forth between us, and she was pushing back onto my cock with each stroke. Clearly she was enjoying the show we were putting on as well. Her arms were folded across her chest, but careful observation revealed her hands were also squeezing her own tits.

“Well,” Jim answered meekly, “I guess I’ll wait down stairs.”

“Jim.” I told him sharply. “This is why you’re still a virgin at 26. When opportunity presents itself, you’ve got to take your best shot.”

“Jack! I can’t believe you said that. What kind of opportunity are you talking about.” Karen snapped at me.

“I’m just saying, here’s a pretty woman, naked, in front of him, and he’s talking about walking away. Look Jim, she’s said you’re hot, and that you’ve been getting her horny. She took her shirt off downstairs to tease you. Her nipples were so hard I could barely resist gobbling them myself. The crack of her ass and crotch of her pants have been soaked through all morning. You could have made an effort to see if there was more to the sexual tension then just teasing. You should have at least tried to press the issue.”

“Jack! I can’t believe you’re saying this.” Karen was certainly acting just a little offended. Yet she never stopped thrusting back, and she was playing with her own breasts, right in front of Jim.

She looked at Jim. “Jim is too much of a gentleman to behave like you, you beast.” She then let her head drop, and bent almost completely in two, her hands holding behind her ankles and her head between her knees. She was deliciously flexible.

Her ass was taught as a drum, and I couldn’t resist pressing my thumb into her highly available butthole.

“Oh God, Jack,” she moaned, followed by continued little moans of ‘oh’.

“Fine. What should I have done, Jack?” Jim asked, just a little bit angry. I guess he didn’t like my blurting out the bit about being a virgin. “I guess I should have been hitting on your girlfriend.”

“What I would have done in your shoes, I would have walked right up to just in front of her, placed my hands on her back, my cock inches from her face, and said, “God, that looks great.” Then see what kind of response I got. Try it.” I was slowly screwing her now, and matching the movements of my hips with the thumb stretching out her ass.

“God, Jack! What are you doing? I hope you’re not listening to him Jim, he’s a pig!” Karen’s cries were getting more exasperated, and she straightened out some, looking between Jim and I.

Jim thought about it a second, and then did as I’d suggested. He walked up until he was facing me from about four feet away. He placed his hands on her back, just behind her shoulders, and he rubbed his hands down her spine to her waist, across the top of her ass, across the swell of her hips, and back up her sides. I felt her shiver under his caress. As his hands glided back across her sweaty back, he almost whispered, “That looks great.” You could hear the nervous catch in his voice, as he held his breath. He inched forward, and allowed his hands to reach a little under Karen around the sides, stroking the edges of her breast, his crotch now brushing against her shoulder.

I looked down at Karen, who was twisted sideways, looking up at me quizzically. I couldn’t identify the expression, but I was going to hit the ball back in her court. I stopped my motion for a moment, pulled my thumb out of her ass, placed my hands on her shoulders, and slid them down to her biceps. Pulling them slowly straight rearwards, had her arching her back. Her breasts were fully exposed to his view, and her face was up and looking at him.

They stared at each other for several seconds, his hands resting on her shoulders.

“Now, I, personally would figure that if I wasn’t kicked out, things were looking pretty good. Those breasts look incredible. The nipples are begging to be touched. She’s quivering in anticipation. It doesn’t look like I’m gonna kick your ass. What are you going to do?” I made a point of giving her a couple of long strokes of my cock as I spoke, at the end of each pushing up hard until she raised up on her toes, her jiggling tits an almost irresistible invitation.

“Oh, Charles. Not your plaything again…” Karen breathed, in little more than a whisper.

Charles? Ümraniye Escort Not back to that Crusades thing again – she was a nut.

I picked up the pace with which I’d been pounding her, still holding her arms behind her, and using them for leverage. Her whole body was shaking with each penetration. I crossed her wrists behind her, holding the two at the small of her back, and grabbing her shoulder with my other hand, pulling up and back, thrusting her breasts even further out.

I saw his hands slowly reach forward, until they were lost from my view. Karen tossed her head back and to the side, moaning, her eyes closed. Jim was clearly enjoying her breasts.

“K..K..Karen… I…I love your sweet tits. Can I kiss them?”

“Jim. Jim. Jim.” I admonished. “Never ask. She’s dying for you to take her nipples in her mouth. Just do it.”

Not a peep from her this time.

He dropped to his knees and started licking her breasts. He was concentrating on the right breast, and appeared to be suckling like a baby, trying to take half her breast in his mouth.

I slid my hand from her shoulder up to her mouth, sticking a finger in her mouth which she sucked and licked with abandon.

Jim took up camp, shifting and applying his oral efforts to the opposite tit.

I was getting tired from keeping my legs bent for so long, and I’m sure Karen must have been tired as well. I pulled out of her, moved to her side, reached out, and pushed Jim off her tit.

“I’m sorry,” he said, as he backed off looking abashed.

I scooped Karen up in my arms, and carried her out to the middle of the bedroom floor.

“Christ, Jim, don’t apologize! I’m just changing position.” I told him as I relocated myself between her legs. She was watching him intently, strangely quiet for Karen, as I re-entered her.

Once my cock was deeply ensconced again, Karen slowly closed her eyes, arching her neck, and breathed out deeply. Jim looked to me for approval, but I just rolled my eyes at his ineptness. He dropped beside her, and took her breasts in his two hands, squeezing and twisting.

It seemed like this broke some kind of dam in Karen. Her eyes snapped open, and her hands reached out and grabbed his, stopping them. “Jim, you need to listen to your friend Jack here. He’s pretty cocky, and a little irritating, but he is keeping three girls happy. Let’s see, what would Jack do in your place now? Jack?”

I smiled, lifting her legs high and wide, screwing her with great finesse. “By now, I’d have my pants off, and I’d be offering my cock to her mouth. That’s what I’d be doing.”

“Thank you very much. Exactly. Now come over here Jimbo, and let’s see what you’ve got in those shorts.” Finally. Now that was the Karen I knew and loved. Or at least lusted.

Jim stood up, undid his belt, and pulled his shorts down. A short thick cock was sticking straight out from his body. He stood there above her, his dick at attention, awaiting instructions.

“This is your last chance Jim. Be a man. Don’t make me ask for it.” She sounded a little cross.

Jim finally got the message, and dropped to his knees beside her head, his cock within reach. Karen leaned over and took his entire cock in her mouth, and held it there for several long seconds, while he moaned desperately.

She pulled back off his cock, and looked back to me. “More than a mouthful is wasted anyway.” She grinned evilly. “I feel so slutty. I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”

Of course I wasn’t making her do anything. But hey, what the heck, if that’s what she wanted to believe, why not.

She turned back to his cock, and stroked it with her hand. She was leaning forward to put it back in her mouth when he cried out. Hunched over, he came hard, shooting cum down the side of her face and into her hair, and then pulling away from her and coming all over the place, shooting streams of spunk all around.

I’m sorry to say I laughed as hard as her, and may have hurt his feelings a bit, but still, that’s a pretty small price to pay for a first blow-job.

Karen tried to put a good face on it. “I’m sorry Jim. I didn’t mean to laugh, but I didn’t think you’d come that quick. Do you think you might be able to get your little soldier to rise to the occasion again?” She laughed again, but clearly with no malintent.

“I’m sure he’s had no lack of experience getting himself hard.” I quipped.

“Come her sweety, let Karen help you.” She reached out for his slick cock.

“Just a second Karen, let’s make this a little easier for you,” I told her. I pulled out and rolled over on my back. “Hop aboard.” She didn’t need a second invitation and she straddled me. She raised up on her knees a bit, giving me room to thrust up into her, and then turned to Jim again.

“C’mon Jimbo, bring that sweet thing to mama.” She told him, rocking back and forth on my thrusting cock.

I reached up and played with her breasts, as Jim approached her. He was already getting hard again and within a few moments she had him back in her mouth. With her improved position, she was fucking his cock aggressively with her mouth. It’s shorter length let her take it all the way to the back of throat, when she pressed her face into his pubes. I figure he couldn’t have been five inches long, but he was pretty damn thick around, at least as wide as me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32