Cut-Uncut Swingers

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My husband and I got onto a swinger’s site and found a local guy with a photograph of a man who was interested in exploring three way sex while playing “doctor.” We could tell from the photograph that he was both well hung and tightly circumcised. The ad read, “Men watch and/or help in your wife’s or girlfriend’s exam and vise versa. Local doctor seeks couples (bi preferred) for special exams at my home or office. I would like bi males, not very experienced, but eager to learn.” Only to fulfill one of my fantasies, my husband, Rich agreed and sent off an e-mail to him. He set up a meeting in a bar that we all can find on the agreed upon day, and we talked over drinks.

We got along well, and he invited us to follow him in our car to his “office.” It turned out that Allen, our new acquaintance, really was a doctor. My husband and I agreed before hand that I would volunteer for an examination first, and he would make an excuse to leave the room, to make Allen less nervous. Our plan went well, and by the time my husband quietly walked back into the examination room, I was lying freshly shaved and naked on the table with my feet in the stirrups. Allen, wearing rubber gloves, masturbating me to orgasm.

Then he told my husband that he was next.

Rich was nervous and very excited. He undressed, and got up on the examination table. As he lay down, the only thing sticking up was his hard cock. Rich was never circumcised when he was born and had always been self conscience of his cock until I met him. Allen took a new razor and began shaving Rich’s cock and balls. When he was done, Rich laid there bald and naked like a little boy. Allen began examining Rich’s chest, his nipples, his abdomen, thighs and eventually (it seemed to take forever) his uncircumcised cock. Allen said that Rich’s cock was a rare find and that I was to be considered the lucky woman with a husband who escaped the knife.

Allen gradually pulled back Rich’s foreskin and began to gently manipulate his foreskin back and forth over the hard, shiny, purple Eskort head of his cock. He said he wanted to make sure his foreskin was easily retractable. It didn’t take long for Rich to lubricate. Allen held his foreskin all the way back off his glans with one hand and began to message the natural lubricant all around the head of his cock. He checked the looseness of his frenulum as he stretched it far back while holding back his foreskin. Then he let loose to watch it as it naturally slid back behind his flared glands. It stayed back leaving his head uncovered. “Healthy” he said. I was so turned on that I started to masturbate myself while watching this doctor closely examine my husband’s cock. I couldn’t believe that he would know so much about examining an uncircumcised cock. He seemed to know how to manipulate Rich’s foreskin in a way that would make him moan. As Rich got closer to cumming, Allen began to stoke faster and faster. As Rich began to cum, Allen pulled his foreskin all the way back, and quickly jacked the skin up just past the corona, and then back down. Like a master, he kept his foreskin off the head of his cock, but kept the jacking motion going until he began to get soft.

It was now Allen’s turn. We agreed in the car that I would give him a blow job. After all, it was his large circumcised cock that Rich wanted to watch me suck. I would tell Rich about my past boyfriend’s and how I would suck on their circumcised cocks. Often we would role play when I was in the mood for circumcised cock and would hold back his foreskin and suck him off the same way I did with my past boyfriends. I began rubbing Allen’s cock to get him hard. Then I began talking nasty to him, telling him what a big beautiful circumcised cock he had. It was much larger than what it appeared in the picture, and was definitely larger than and twice as thick as my husband’s cock or any of my other boyfriends. I could see Rich staring with full attention and with envy as I really enjoyed myself. I tried to swallow the entire length, but would gag when I get it half way down my throat. I knew I was making Rich jealous by telling Allen how much I loved his cut cock, but deep inside me I learned to get use to sucking and playing with Rich’s long loose foreskin.

Size was all Allen had and I would take a cock with foreskin over an oversized cut one any day. As Allen started to get close to his own orgasm, I asked Rich to come over to my side of the table. I continued to suck as I took my hand off the shaft of Allen’s cock and wrapped Rich’s hand around it. I then began by guiding his hand up and down on Allen’s cock to keep things going. I didn’t need to bother Rich may not be circumcised, but knows from beating off his own cock for years and years how to handle a cock. He stroked what little skin Allen had on the shaft of his cock and rubbed on his missing frenulum whenever my mouth was out of the way. All of a sudden I stopped giving him head. I just stood there, and Allen moaned waiting to get his nuts off. I simply took a couple of steps away from the examination table and told Rich to finish Allen off. I then lowered Rich’s mouth over the head of his cock, aware of the sheen my saliva gave to the otherwise velvety coarse texture of his glands. To my surprise, Rich buried his entire cock deep into the back of his throat. I stood there pumping away at my pussy. I watched as my husband for his first time gave head to this monstrous circumcised cock.

My fantasy was coming true right before my eyes. I only wished that he could experience another uncut cock like his own. He ran his tongue around the head of Allen’s cock, paying particular attention to the ridge of his corona. Meanwhile, he rubbed his hands up and down the shaft of his cock. Allen groaned, arched his buttocks off the table, driving his cock deeper into my husbands throat. With his first taste of cum, Rich started to gag, but he fought the impulse and managed to swallow every drop of his precious cum. I continued fisting my pussy while I pulled on Rich’s long foreskin overhang. He came within the sheath of his foreskin as I held it shut. I brought myself to orgasm as I released my husbands foreskin and watched as the cum dripped out and onto the floor.

We rested for a while, and Allen made small talk. He then looked over at Rich and asked him if he ever wished he was circumcised. To my astonishment, he confessed that he fantasized and wondered about it a lot. Until he had met me, he had always been shy or was humiliated or turned down by his ex-girlfriends. He was concerned that he might not like the effects of being circumcised after he had it done, and then it would be too late. He also admitted that he fantasized about getting a forced circumcision where I would have made the decision for him. He wouldn’t want to go to the hospital to get circumcised, because that would be too public. He didn’t want everyone at work to know that he was getting a circumcision. Allen told us that circumcision was slightly more complicated in adults than in children, but that circumcision can still be performed in a doctor’s office such as his. Rich explained to Allen that if he were to get circumcised, he would want enough skin to be taken off his cock that his glands were always uncovered, but he would want to have enough skin left that he could bunch it up over the rim of his glands when he jacked himself off. Allan said he described a low and tight circumcision where there is no circ scare visible.

Rich then looked over at me and asked if I would prefer him if he were circumcised? I thought about it for a few seconds and said, “No, I don’t want you to get circumcised. I can have Allen’s circumcised cock now whenever I want. I told him I loved his long, loose, beautiful, thick foreskin and wouldn’t want to be without it. I don’t want you to mutilate your penis for my sake!” Allen volunteered to perform Rich’s circumcision to his specifications if he ever changed his mind. He also mentioned inviting us to watch a few circumcisions when the opportunity was available. He wasn’t putting any pressure on us, just being helpful. This opened up a new foreskin fetish for Rich and me.

to be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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