Cuntry Club

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Jack’s drive had fallen just short of the green on the first hole and now he was looking at an easy wedge shot to have a chance at a birdie putt. It would be an incredible way to start the round if he could birdie the hole. He grabbed his club out of his bag and carefully looked over his shot, waiting for Danny to hit his third shot from the sand trap.

Watching the ball sail high out of the puff of white sand, Jack shook his head as the ball bounced once on the green and then rolled into another sand trap. Knowing he had plenty of time now before hitting his shot, he carefully stepped off the distance to the hole and while Danny raked up the sand trap, he picked a few small twigs that had blown off of some nearby trees. He then watched Danny hit the ball out of the other sand trap, saw it bounce once, then twice and roll to about three feet from the cup.

“Hey, I make that and it’s a par,” Danny said, walking onto the green.

Not one to remind his boss’s son that he missed counting a stroke, Jack lined up his chip and gently swung his club, lifting the ball up into the air and rolling it about a foot from the cup. Danny then took two putts to sink the ball but marked a four on the scorecard anyway. Jack tapped in for the birdie and happily marked a three bursa otele gelen escort on his card. Yes, it looked like the beginning of an ecstatic day.

“Birdie for me,” he said, tossing his putter into the bag and carrying it toward the second tee. “I tell you Danny, sometimes this game is better than sex.”

By the time her husband was lining up that chip shot that led to a birdie, Amy had walked down to the pro shop with her tennis racquet under her arm and said, “My doubles partner didn’t show today, do you have a stand in for me?”

“Certainly Mrs. Jaston, will Trudy do?” the pro asked.

“Trudy will be great,” she said, remembering her powerful forehands from the last time she came to play “tennis.”

She sat down in a chair until Trudy walked in and said, “Amy, we’re together again?”

“Connie couldn’t make it so it looks like we are a pair,” Amy said, holding out her hand to the taller woman. They walked hand in hand past the tennis courts directly into the locker room, where Amy unlocked a door and they stepped into a private message room.

Both leaned their tennis racquets on the wall and then Trudy turned to Amy, tucked her hands under her arms and lifted her easily onto a table. She then escort bayan ran her hands down over the woman’s small breasts and down to her waist where she hooked her fingers inside the elastic of her tennis skirt and pulled it and her panties down.

Amy leaned back onto the message table and opened her legs wide while Trudy leaned forward and began kissing up her lover’s thighs. As she kissed, she ran her hands up under Amy’s ass and began kneading her firm buttocks. Moving her mouth to her pussy, she slipped her tongue between her lips and burrowed into her cunt, tasting the woman’s tangy flavor.

Responding to the sensation of Trudy’s tongue inside her pussy, Amy began lifting her hips but as she did, she felt Trudy’s strong hands firmly grasp her ass and lift it up off the table. “Damn this woman is good,” Amy thought as she just relaxed and let the strong woman simply take her.

Trudy’s tongue pushed in and out of Amy’s pussy for a while until she slowly pulled out of her and worked her way up her slit, looping her tongue through the swollen lips until she found her clit. Amy moaned loudly when she felt her lover’s tongue roll over the clit. When Trudy gently sucked the clit in between her lips Amy felt the strong woman lift her up mudanya escort and then Amy came. Trudy kept her face buried in Amy’s pussy until her orgasm subsided and then she gently let her settle back onto the table.

“I want to go down on you now,” Amy said to Trudy.

“Okay,” Trudy replied, pulling off her skirt and panties. Amy didn’t have to do this since Trudy was just an employee at the club, but Trudy did enjoy when the club members reciprocated. Most of them were not very experienced doing these things, but Trudy enjoyed coaching them and encouraging them in the enjoyment of each other’s bodies.

Amy did try hard and listened well as Trudy moaned some advice as she worked her way to a pretty nice orgasm. Yes, Amy was learning, as a matter of fact she was one of the best of the wives who played “tennis” at the club while their husbands played golf.

The two women then got dressed and checking the clock Amy saw she had just a few minutes before meeting her husband for lunch. He would take a break at the ninth hole and have lunch with his wife before returning to the game. Amy would have lunch and then go to the sauna or try some more “tennis.”

As the women headed for the door back into the locker room, Amy leaned over to Trudy and kissed her on the mouth. She then said, “I hate to kiss and run but I’m meeting Jack for lunch.”

“Oh, it’s okay, and thanks for what you did, I enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, this certainly is better than tennis.” Amy said.

Trudy picked up her tennis racquet and said, “Yes, I know what you mean.”


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