Cum Stained Nylons

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The upscale shoe store was not crowded as Veronica entered and was greeted by the proprietor.

The two women had known each other for years and Madame Dupree anticipated her valued clients needs and predilections with seemingly clairvoyant insight. Madame Dupree was a full bodied and mature woman of nearly sixty years who had inherited the business from her late husband Jaques.

Veronica Aldridge was one of her favorite and most frequent clients. A stunningly beautiful and wealthy divorcee, she stood five foot nine with an ample bosom and derriere. Her best feature however was the shapeliness of her legs, especially when encased seductively in seamed stockings and perched on three inch heels.

She maintained an athletic and tight body which belied her forty two years. Her platinum blond hair was of course dyed, but she had been a natural blond in her youth.

A personal trainer helped keep her in top shape and occasionally also served as a sexual outlet.

Veronica had plenty to spend, having received a settlement of almost ten million dollars from her now ex husband.

She had caught him in a very compromising position with the maid, and her attorney had made very good use of the recording she made of the two of them in the guest bedroom. Thank heavens, she thought that her ex did not have a similar recording device set up in the cabana, where she had enjoyed the pool boy on a regular basis.


Madame Dupree gently pulled Veronica to the side and said that just the thing had arrived and she had to take a look. Veronica spent several hundred dollars monthly on shoes but it was not shoes that were being referred to in this instance.

A new stock-boy had started work yesterday and Teresa Dupree had taken note of his work ethic, eagerness to please, and one other special asset.

When she had asked him to fetch something from a lower shelf for a customer yesterday she noticed the young man staring at her stocking clad calves. She also noticed the prominent bulge in his pants when he stood to hand the selection to her.

He became red-faced and hurried to the back room but Madame Dupree had marked the moment and knew she had to call her number one customer Veronica.

Jimmy had started this job only after his parents had insisted he do something with his life other than stay glued to video games with his friends. He had graduated high school two months before and like almost all of his nerd friends was painfully shy around girls and a virgin.

He masturbated several times a day and when he became hard after looking at Madame Dupree yesterday, he had run back to the employee bathroom and jerked out a big load. Ever since puberty he had been turned on by hosiery clad legs.

His first orgasm was when he had taken some panty hose from his mother’s underwear drawer and wrapped them around his cock, Jenkins off into them. He had also put the panty hose on a time or two escort sultangazi and fondled his erection through them until he came.

He had squirted on and stained more than one pair of his Mom’s hosiery this way and had to hide them in the hamper, still wet with his cum, when she had arrived home early once.


“Jimmy!”, Madame called, “Could you assist Ms. Aldridge in trying out a few pair of these pumps that I have set on the counter? Yvette is busy with another customer and I have an important call to a supplier I need to make from the office.”

Jimmy emerged from the back and stopped and stared at the gorgeous blond woman before him. His gym shorts immediately began to tent outwards and he hurriedly placed his hands in front of the growing bulge.

Jimmy was slender of build, and at five foot six, several inches shorter than Veronica. He was far from what one might refer to as studly, but the brief glimpse of his tenting shorts that the blond divorcee caught, along with the reddening expression of his face, confirmed that he was indeed her cup of tea.

Veronica sat in an upholstered chair crossed her legs and pointed at the first box. “I’ll try those first.” she said to the quivering boy.

Jimmy spent the next half hour obeying instructions from the sexy blond. He held her stocking clad feet in his hands, placed the shoes on and off, and even returned to the stockroom for different sizes of the same styles.

He could only manage a yes or no as far as conversation went, and even more than with girls his own age, he could not seem to meet her eyes. Hiding his obvious erection was a major challenge but the woman either did not seem to notice or was too polite to say anything about it.

Veronica watched his every move with fascination and it was easy to observe his erection without being noticed as the boy almost never met her eyes.

Teresa also noticed her friend enjoying the sight of Jimmy through the office window. She was not making a call as she had said but was evaluating her clients interest in her latest stockboy and getting aroused herself at Veronicas obvious arousal.

When Jimmy turned or left the room, Veronica would take the opportunity to adjust her skirt and briefly touch herself. Teresa was more than briefly touching herself in the office when the two women made eye contact and Veronica silently mouthed the words “Very good.”, and winked at the older woman.

After Veronica had left it took Jimmy some time to have his erection subside.

He did not get a chance to beat off as Teresa had locked the bathroom door, claiming that the bathroom needed repair.

An hour after Veronica had left Jimmy was called to the front by his employer and asked if he might do a special favor. It seems, she then told him, that Ms. Aldridge had left behind an expensive scarf when she had been in earlier.

Ms. Aldridge had called to the escort bahçeşehir store, asked about the scarf, and Madame Dupree confirmed that it was indeed still there. This was something she was well aware of as the two women had agreed upon this ruse to get the boy to the Aldridge estate.

Jimmy was asked if he might run it over to the woman’s house and it was hinted that she would be very grateful. A special tip might await the young man, Madame Dupree told him.

He could take the rest of the afternoon off and the house was but a few miles away.


Jimmy parked his bike in the circular driveway and walked up the front steps carrying the scarf.

Veronica answered the door and after thanking Jimmy for returning her scarf, insisted that he come in for a cold drink of lemonade.

The youngster complied and followed the blond cougar into her lair, his eyes riveted to the silken covered legs and her undulating butt.

She pointed to a small love seat in the foyer and said she would be just a moment getting his drink from the kitchen.

Jimmy was staring at the tiled floor, nervously fidgeting in the love seat, when he heard the click of her heels and saw her breathtaking body come into view.

She scootched next to him on the love seat and handed him the lemonade while taking a sip from the one she had brought for herself. Hers was laced with vodka as had the two she consumed before his arrival were.

She was tipsy, randy, and ready to pounce on the nervous young stud.

Placing her hand on his knee Veronica turned to the boy and asked him. “What is your name?”

“JJJimmy.” He managed to stammer at last.

“Well Jimmy,” she cooed, “I have noticed you admiring my stockings and was wondering if you might like to feel them as a special thank you for being such a good boy.”

Taking his hand she placed it on her stockinged thigh and then reached over and traced his erection with her manicured fingers as it was straining to emerge from his gym shorts.

“You are quite excited I can see.” The seductress whispered into his ear.

“Be a good boy and stand up in front of me.”

Jimmy obeyed and stood in front of the love seat while Veronica removed her three inch pumps and then reached out with a stockinged foot to caress the boys hard on through his shorts.

“Oh my, very excited.” She cooed excitedly. “You have a very large cock Jimmy. I’m not sure if you are aware of that but it is very large indeed.”

“Pull down those shorts for me so I can get a better look.”

As Veronica said this she was undoing the front of her blouse to expose her spectacular breasts. They were restrained by a sheer half cup bra from which her erect nipples fought to escape.

Mesmerized, the trembling youngster peeled his shorts and underwear down without stepping out of them, his erection springing into view.

Veronica stifled a gasp of pleasure escort beşiktaş to maintain her composure, but marveled at the sight of such a magnificent manly cock on the frame of this nerdy frightened boy. It was a good ten inches long and quite thick. Her pussy, which had been moistening since Madame Dupree had called her this morning, was now very wet.

Her erect clit, throbbing and engorged, begged to be touched and she reached one hand under her skirt and into her panties to do just that.

She stretched out both legs from her seated position in front of Jimmy and placing the insole of a stockinged foot on either side of his rigid dick, began a torturous silken footjob.

Jimmy moaned, and placing his hands on each of her calves, he stroked the silky stockings while rocking his hips and thrusting his young cock between the cougars feet.

Veronica then stood up and facing the boy pressed her body against his, trapping his turgid cock between her thighs, and he began rocking anew.

“Fuck my stockings you naughty boy, and if you do a good job we can see what’s next.” Veronica hissed into his ear.

She was taller than young Jimmy, even in her bare stockings, so his cock was sliding between her lacy stocking tops. She reached one hand behind him to stroke and fondle his tight bare ass and pull him tight into her so that her panty covered erect clit could make contact with his rock hard abdomen with each of his thrusts.

Jimmy could feel his balls begin to tighten and the tingling that preceded a big orgasm. His precum was flowing freely and leaving streaks of clear boy jizz on Veronicas hose.

Veronica stepped back from him and crossed the foyer to an armchair on the other side. She sat down, crossed her legs and told the boy to turn and face her, but to remain where he was. He was transfixed by the sight of this sexy blond, old enough to be his mother, crossing and uncrossing her precum streaked legs.

Veronica had one hand inside the cup of her bra, pinching a nipple, and the other hand inside her panties sliding two fingers in and out of her sopping cunt and sliding tantalizingly over her hot button.

“Stroke yourself for me Jimmy.” She commanded. “Jerk off and let’s see how far you can shoot. I love to watch a young man come.”

Jimmy did just that. It was not more than a half dozen pumps before the first rope of jizz erupted from the head of his dick and flew across the room toward the seated and masturbating Veronica. Several more followed and all found the target.

Veronica quivered with the best series of orgasms she had experienced in quite a while as the boys semen struck and splattered her nylon covered legs. Some had flown high enough to catch her blond hair and dribble down the side of her face.

Jimmy was trembling and almost lost his balance before sinking back into the love seat, his shorts still around his ankles, his ten inch cock finally softening, and a look of rapture on his eighteen year old face.

Coming out of her own state of bliss Veronica thought about all the possibilities ahead for this young stud with the proper training applied.

Thank you Teresa, she thought to herself. I owe you one.


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