Cuckold CEO Ch. 02

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My wife and I had our first cuckold session last week. It was amazing. I watched an anonymous stranger take my wife on our couch in our condo. She seduced him while teasing me to the point of almost passing out. We made love afterwards and the whole thing has seemed to have brought us closer to each other.

This week has been a bear at work. I am the CEO of a major company. My job is very stressful and we are in the middle of purchasing one of our competitors. For the last six months I have been traveling across country to get everything finalized so that we can make the announcement publicly. This week has been no different. On Monday I packed my bag and kissed my sexy wife goodbye. Before I left, she slinked up to me and asked me to go to her lingerie draw and to pick out a set of sexy underwear and bra. She told me that when I flew home, I needed to text her when I landed. She would put on what I chose and would meet me at the door as I arrived home. Yikes, I thought. Maybe I should not go on my trip. I opened her draw and pulled out one of my favorites. The panties are a thong style, pink and very smooth. The bra matches the thong and is the same smooth silky material. When she wears it, it looks like a second set of skin. I handed my selection to her and she placed them on my pillow and told me they would be waiting for me on Friday.

I got an Uber and headed to the airport. My flight was a very long four hours. Although I tried to work on the flight, my mine kept racing back to her and her sexy body. The thought of her bubble butt wrapped in that silk thong made me weak. I finally landed and went to the hotel and planned out my week. The rest of the week was full of contentious meetings, negotiations and Alpha Male battles. By the end of the week, I was spent and was looking forward to heading home. My flight was equally as long and boring on the way home. I purchased internet on the plane and checked some things on my phone. In a bit, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my wife. She told me that she missed me and could not wait for me to get home. She asked me what time I would arrive at our front door of the condo. I told her I was landing at 5 pm and the Uber ride would take about an hour to the city and the condo. She sent a smiley emoji back then a kiss. Then a quick note that I should check my text when I landed.

I finally landed and swiftly made my way to the Uber pick up area. I checked my text and there was a picture. It was my wife in her bra and panties. She was so beautiful and so incredibly sexy. It took me a moment to understand that she was not holding her phone. I could see both of her hands. Who took the photo I thought. I texted that she was hot and very sexy, then asked who took the picture. She texted back just two words. Nanny Cam.

About a year ago, she purchased a couple of nanny cams for the condo. Some of her jewelry had come up missing and she thought the cleaning crew had been going through her stuff. She had placed them all over the condo and could see almost every corner. We both had an app on our phones so that we could watch the crew clean the condo. Ultimately, the jewelry turned up and had not been stolen but she had kept the cameras. My Uber arrived and I hoped in the back seat. Once I got settled, I turned on the app. As the pictures formed in their little squares on my screen, I noticed that she was not alone in our living room. There was a tall muscular man standing next to her. I hit the square and blew it up to full size. I popped ist esc in my ear buds and turned the volume to 10.

At first it was very quiet, they were just standing there looking at each other. Then my wife walked up to him and began to unbutton his shirt. She did it slowly and never stopped looking directly into his eyes. He just stood there arms down and stared back at her. Once unbuttoned, she slid his shirt off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She took her hand and gently rubbed the center of his chest. She slowly slid her hand lower until it reached his belt. Again, she continued to stare into his eyes as she unbuckled it. A quick flick of her long thin fingers released the button on his pants. His zipper was undone and his pants joined his shirt on the floor.

She reached down and rubbed his cock through his tight Lycra underwear. His underwear left nothing to the imagination. It looked like he had a grapefruit and a banana in there. She moved like a sultry cat as she made her way to her knees, her head inches away from his still covered cock. She reached up with both hands and grabbed the waist of his shorts and pulled them to his ankles. His cock flopped downward and his balls followed. I hit the plus button and focused in on her face and his cock. He had a massive cock, which was no surprise. My wife like them thick, fat and full of cum. His cock fit the bill. However, it too a minute for me to realize he was uncircumcised. The tip of his cock was covered is a long flowing foreskin.

The look on her face told the whole story. This man’s cock was something new and exciting and something she wanted to explore. He continued to stand in front of her. She reached up and took his pole into her hand and began to stroke it. It was very apparent that he was enjoying this as his cock began to get longer and quite a bit thicker. She took both hand and pointed it towards her mouth and put a soft kiss on the covered tip. I heard him moan. It was the first sound they had made. Her left hand moved to the base of his tool as her right had moved to a spot about two inches from the tip. Her left hand pushed him back a bit as her right pulled his foreskin back to reveal a bulbous head. She smiled and looked up into his eyes.

He lips parted as she leaned towards his erect penis. Her mouth gently slid down his shaft as she stared into his eyes. He moaned again. For the next few minutes, she expertly danced her mouth around his manhood. His hands made there way to her head and he began pump his penis into her mouth as if he was fucking her. My wife has no gag reflex. She can easily take any cock down to the base. From my tiny screen on my phone I could barely make out the impression his cock was making in her throat. Each thrust reached her Adam’s apple. All the while, my eyes were glued to the screen and my cock was aching in its locked prison. Traffic was terrible and my ride was taking forever. All I wanted was to be there with them, no, with her.

Her lover appeared to be getting ready to explode and she removed his cock from her mouth and stood up. She walked sexily over to the floor to ceiling window of our condo and looked out. From my vantage point I could now see that she was also wearing her 6-inch patent leather pumps. The ones that make her legs look like the legs of a supermodel. The ones that she likes to tease me with often. She stood at the window for about a minute, then turned her head and looked over her shoulder back at him as if to say come over fatih esc here. He got the message very clearly and approached her from behind. As he reached her, she spread her legs a bit and presented her thong covered ass to him. She then placed her two hands above her head onto the window in a sort of spread-eagle position. The view was now blocked and I had to fish through the other cameras to see what was happening. It took a minute but I got an amazing angle from the camera on the end table near the window.

Her young lover took his finger and pulled aside her thong and exposed her wet, waiting pussy. He grabbed his massive tool and pulled his foreskin back to re-expose the fat tip. He rubbed it on her pussy lips and then thrust it deep inside her in one smooth motion. I heard her take a deep breath and then let out a long sexy moan. She then told him that he felt so fucking good inside her. Her comment was all the encouragement he needed. His rhythm increased and soon he was banging her pussy with gusto. At this point, she was pressed against the glass with nowhere to escape from his attacking weapon between his legs. I knew deep in my heart, she didn’t want to escape anyway. She was exactly where she wanted to be. She was being taken by a young, strong lover, pressed against the glass of our 32nd floor condo for the whole world to witness. Fuck, she truly was an exhibitionist!

I felt the car hit a pothole and looked up. I was only ten minutes from our place. I would be there soon. I looked back down at the screen. Her love was ravaging her pussy at this point. She was yelling that she wanted his cum in her. She was taunting him. Screaming that she wanted to feel him explode in her. He started to respond by asking if she was ready. She screamed YES! Her lover raised himself up on his tip toes, flung his arm around her neck and pulled her up against him so tightly, that it looked as if he was trying to bend he backwards. He let out a deep, guttural groan and then screamed “ARRRRGH” and blew his load deep inside her tight slot. His hips bucked as each blast of seed pumped from his massive balls into her waiting pussy. I counted at least fifteen spasms before he began to come down.

His aggressive and enthusiastic orgasm set her off too. I watched her knees shake and buckle as her orgasm coursed through her tight, well-toned frame. In fact, at one point, it seemed as though the only thing holding her up was is rock hard cock deep inside her like a meat hook. They both pressed themselves against the glass for support and breathed heavily for a minute. Her lover then removed his cock from her. The crotch of her thong snapped back in place like a silky door to her pussy. She spun around and deeply kissed him. Right then, I arrived at our building. I thanked the driver quickly and scooted toward the elevator. Right then, my phone died. My battery had been fucked as hard as my wife. I was now driving blind.

The elevator seemed to take forever to reach our floor. Just as I approached my door, it swung open. Their, right before me was he young, muscular lover. She was holding his hand. She looked at me, then turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss, then thanked him for a nice time. He turned to leave, we were face to face. He just stared and me and told me that he left me a mess to clean up. My cock nearly exploded in its cage. He then just walked down the hall to the elevator.

The wife smiled slyly at me and reached ataköy esc out her hand. She took my hand and walked me into the condo. She walked me to the bedroom and pushed me down onto the bed then climbed on top of me and straddled my face. Her sexy thong was inches from my mouth. She looked down at me and told me that she wanted me to smell her soaking wet panties. Her crotch moved right down onto my nose. Again, she told me to sniff. I took a long, deep breath. Her pussy smelled of sex, cum and a hint of her perfume. She asked me if it smelled good. I told her that it smelled good enough to eat. She smiled broadly and asked me what I was waiting for. She pulled aside her thong and lowered her freshly fucked pussy onto my waiting mouth.

I began to lick her opening, then probed deeper to find his mess. It did not take long before a slippery pellet of his manhood crossed my tongue and slid effortlessly down my throat. This was followed by a much larger glob of salty seed filled my mouth. It made me wonder, just how much cum one man could produce. It took me a moment before I could swallow all of it. All the while, my wife was slowly gyrating her pussy on my probing tongue. I had assumed that the large mouthful was the bulk of what was inside her and thought that we would soon be making love. However, she spun herself around and faced down towards my legs. Her bubble butt was now on either side of my nose, which was touching her asshole through her panties. I could feel her unlocking my cage as she continued to ride my probing tongue. My cock sprang to attention as soon as it was released.

My wife then bent down and began to suck my cock. Her mouth was warm and very wet. She was a pro at sucking cock and I knew that it would not take long before I would lose it. She fondled my balls as she deep throated me. I could feel her silky bra as is slid across my belly. I opened my eyes and my view was totally consumed with her bubble butt. It was sensation over load, the view, the smell of her perfumed asshole, her cum filled pussy, her amazing blow job and the feel of the slippery silk on my body. It was all too much. My body began to thrust involuntarily. My cock disappeared deep inside her mouth. My balls tingled, them began to pulse wildly. Within a second, I began depositing long warm ribbons of cum into my hot wife’s mouth and throat. As I did, she grabbed my balls hard as if to squeeze out every drop of cum. That too, added to the sensation overload. I had what could only be described as a seizure orgasm. I shook violently and flopped uncontrollably. The more I moved, the harder she suck. The harder she squeezed.

Just as it was all about to end, another huge slug of her lovers cum ejected itself from her hole. This caught me by surprise and I nearly choked to death while trying to swallow it. As I finished, my wife sat up and slid her wet pussy across my face, leaving a trail of his cum and her juices from my chin to my forehead. She then rolled off of me and put her face above mine and kissed my cummy mouth. We kissed passionately for a while, then she licked the mess off my face and then opened my mouth and slowly let the mess drip from her mouth into mine. She was a true dominatrix. She knew exactly how to get me off with one-part voyeurism, one-part domination and one-part shear humiliation, all wrapped with the love of a true soulmate.

She then got out of bed and removed her destroyed panties and her bra and threw on one of my shirts and came to bed. She told me that she wanted me to have a nice sexy dream. To ensure that I would, she took her cum drenched panties and slid them into my pillow case. She said that as I slept, I would be reminded of my evening by the smell. Fuck, I love this woman!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32