Cricket’s Calamari Catharsis

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There’s always a straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back (no cruelty intended) and for Cricket, it was calamari. Calamari was her catharsis.

She had recently discovered the succulent squid she loved eating so much were intelligent creatures; studies had proven they were as smart as dogs. “How can I eat something that has the same intelligence as my family’s pet? How cruel!”

She stopped eating calamari.

There were other telltale signs of enlightenment for Cricket; creeping into her subconscious long before the calamari, but she hadn’t realized it. It seemed every time she turned around, she’d hear, see or read about another animal cruelty-related incident.

She felt plagued by the subject; like an itch that always needed scratched: mistreatment of cattle at a slaughter house, a professional athlete’s fighting dogs, puppy-making farms gone awry or pet abandonment; that constant, itch.

She’d always bought beef, chicken, lamb and pork at the grocery store; efficiently, pleasingly packaged and sealed, all ready to be cooked; thinking nothing of it, until one day something snapped inside her; somewhere a light-bulb went on, “THE CALAMARI!” she gasped while standing in the meat section at the market; looking down at the refrigerated packages of meat.

Her conscious mind had finally caught up to her subconscious, like a hammer against a nail, forcing its way in. “…those packages…living and breathing creatures…I can’t eat it this! It makes me sick to my stomach….”

She became a vegan.

Cricket was a petite-framed woman; standing a defiant but diminutive 5’2″. What she lacked in body size, she made up for in bravado, wit, charm, beauty and intelligence. She had the personality of a firecracker; making lots of noise; attracting lots of attention and sparkling beautifully while doing so.

Flecks of gold shimmered off her chestnut-colored, spiraling curls sitting just past her shoulders; framing her small, button nose, large, round, brown eyes and pouty, pink lips.

She had willowy arms and legs and her complexion was fair; and soft, like sweet cream. She had a small, sassy, round butt, a long waist and small, perky breasts.

Men found her attractive, but she was usually disinterested; she had never met anyone that shared her passions; so she found more important things to do; things to obsess over; and saving animals was her current preoccupation.

Her obsessive compulsive disorder wasn’t clinically proven, but she had all the text book symptoms of OCD: Lamenting and obsessing over a specific issue; beating it into the ground; pulverized until it bled into all other areas of her life.

Once she decided to become a vegan, she became obsessed with trying to make everyone else around her vegan also; ranting about a calamari’s intelligence and animal cruelty to anyone crossing her path; her OCD was in overdrive.

She had good intentions; lifting a perfectly arched eyebrow in displeasure at those who weren’t buying into her ‘don’t eat meat’ campaign

“Yes. I’d like to speak with someone about volunteering.” Cricket requested, speaking into the phone to a faceless someone at the Protective Animal Shelter.

“Tonight? Yes. I think I can get over there shortly after 5:00 P.M.” she said, writing the directions down onto her “Things To Do Today” pad.

“I should ask for Ben? Okay. Thank you.” Hanging up from her cell phone, Cricket then drove the short distance from work to the Protective Animal Shelter; pulling into a parking space shortly after 5:00 P.M. as she had promised and giving herself a quick look in the rear-view mirror.

The minute she walked through the doors of the animal shelter, her senses awoke. She could smell the residue of cleaning disinfectant, mixed with urine, feces and pet dander; she saw a poster hanging on the wall to her left; a sad, puppy’s eyes greeted her; pleading for a home.

She suddenly felt overwhelmed with empathy for the animals she envisioned lying in cages within the thick walls of the building. She heard the sounds of cats meowing and dogs barking in the distance. She felt sad and wondered if this was a mistake.

“Can I really do this?” she thought to herself.

Approaching the reception desk a voice inquired, “May I help you?” Searching for the voice, she saw a man standing in the doorway; leading to where the animals must reside. He had rough-n’-tumble Bayan Escort good looks; standing roughly at 5’11”. If she had to guess, she’d say he looked like he weighed about 175 pounds.

His three day-old unshaven face paid tribute to his tusseled, thick, wavy dishwater-blond hair. Hazel eyes peered up at her from behind the clipboard he was holding. He wore a white lab coat, blue-jeans and a pair of sneakers.

“Yes. I’m Cricket. I’m here to find out about volunteering.” she answered moving further into the room; closer to the receptionist area where he was standing.

“Oh. Okay, yeah. I’m Ben. Give me a minute and I’ll give you a tour,” his response was short, curt; to the point.

Ben disappeared behind the door; closing it behind him. Cricket was left alone in the waiting area. She walked toward the receptionist desk, eyes skimming the brochures and pamphlets; reference materials for people interested in adopting a pet.

The door opened and he was back. “Sorry about that.” He said walking toward her, clipboard still in hand. “I’m here by myself for a couple of hours and well; sometimes things can get little hectic around here.”

“I understand.” Cricket responded smiling nervously.

“Do you have an idea of what you think you’d like to do with your volunteer time…uhhh… it’s Cricket? Right?” he inquired while looking down at his clipboard, not really paying much attention to her.

“Well, the woman on the phone mentioned dog walking and I think I could be helpful in that area.” Cricket responded.

“Great! The dogs need long walks and lots of attention. It’s good for their psyches.” Ben stated, smiling while looking at her now. Cricket noticed the cleft in his chin when he smiled; his tone and demeanor made her feel comfortable; it felt right being there.

“Let’s go for a quick tour of the facility and start getting you somewhat acquainted.” he said, moving toward the door he had appeared and disappeared through moments ago. Cricket swung her purse over her shoulder and followed him through the door, her apprehension departed.

That night she watched and listened to Ben closely as he described how the animals came to live there and that nothing would make him happier if they all found their way into good and loving homes.

She learned that he was interning at the shelter; studying to be a veterinarian and he loved animals. Cricket’s heart skipped a beat.

Over the next few months, Cricket spent four hours a week walking, playing and spending time with the dogs at the shelter. She had gotten to know Ben a little better too and found herself looking forward to seeing him on her shift; enjoyed talking to him and oh yeah, she really loved seeing his tight ass in jeans.

After promising to get together outside the confines of the shelter, they finally set a date; agreeing to grab a beer one night at the end of their shifts.

Bellying up to the bar at the local pub located just around the corner from the shelter, Ben inquired, “so what cha’ drinking tonight, pretty lady?”

Cricket’s eye’s sparkled as she responded, “hmmm…I have a taste for the seasonal brew on tap.” The bartender approached and Ben ordered two pints.

“So Cricket, what made you decide to volunteer at the shelter?” Ben inquired.

“Simple,” she began explaining, “animal cruelty.”

“Interesting. Continue.” Said Ben, gesticulating with his hands and sipping his beer.

“Well, it all started with a calamari…” Cricket started in; recounting her cathartic experience with calamari. “…. so, once I gave up eating meat, I just felt there was more I could do in the animal cruelty arena, so I chose to volunteer my time at the shelter”.

“I feel really good about giving something back to my community and helping animals. After saying that, it sounds a bit cheesy, but honestly that’s the best way to describe it.” She finished saying while smiling. “And I met you, too,” She thought.

Ben sat next to her; listening, completely engaged and hanging on to her every word. For the first time in a long time, Cricket felt very attracted to a man; to him. She felt she’d met a man that seemed to share some of her same core values; or obsessions.

“What drives you?” Cricket asked.

“Drives me crazy? Or drives me, ambition wise?” He questioned.

“Both, I guess.” She responded.

Ben took a deep breath in, “Well, what drives me is basically where I’ve come from. See, I’m genetically connected to a very long line of staunch Republican, ‘make a quick buck and piss on the rest of you all’ types. I wanted to do something different; something that would make a difference for the collective whole, so I chose veterinary medicine.”

“Your parents must be very proud.” she replied.

“Yeah, I guess so. They like the fact that I’m going to be a doctor. I think they would have preferred I study another branch of medicine, but this is what makes me happy and I feel I can make a difference. Now that’s cheesy, eh?” he said laughing.

“And what makes you crazy?” Cricket asked as if her entire body was smiling from head to toe. “Good God. He makes me crazy. Crazy, dizzy and horny!” Thoughts racing.

“Your perfume makes me crazy.” He said turning to face her in his barstool; looking at her directly. His thoughts: “Your hair, your walk, the curve of your neck…you make me crazy….”

“Are you by any chance a vegan?” Cricket inquired; feeling her panties getting wet. “I wish to hell he’d kiss me!” she thought.

“Yep. I can’t eat meat. It makes me sick.” he responded, touching her face and removing a piece of hair away from her eyes. “I wonder what her breasts look like? God, she’s so beautiful!” Ben’s thoughts raced.

They both sat on their barstools smiling at the other until Ben, driven by the desire to kiss her, leaned forward and softly brushed his lips against Cricket’s.

She closed her eyes; drinking in his kiss; his breath; him. He pulled his lips back, inches from hers; looking at her and smiled. She blushed; slightly embarrassed and looked away for a moment.

“Do you want another beer?” he inquired.

“No. I’m good. Thanks though.” she responded lifting her fingertips to her lips.

“Want to get out of here and go someplace else?” he asked pulling his wallet from the pocket in the back pocket of his jeans.

Cricket watched him “that ass in those jeans.” she thought. “Yes.” she said with anticipation.

Cricket lived minutes away and she glanced up and into her rear-view mirror; checking for his headlights behind her.

He parked near her and joined her on the walkway. Finding her keys in her purse, she opened the front door and they both slipped inside. She locked the door; turned around facing him and he reached for her; pulling her into his arms and kissing her lips firmly with his.

Embracing and kissing, their bodies stumbled into her living room, hands moving over the other’s body; and not paying attention, they tripped over her furniture and her green, wicker chair tipped over to its side.

Cricket could see her couch in her periphery and her thoughts raced “make our way to the couch.” She ran her hands up through Ben’s hair drawing him toward her and the comfort of her overstuffed, worn, milk-chocolate colored couch.

They both spilled onto her couch; Ben on top of Cricket; their lips still pressed together. Cricket grappled for Ben’s ‘100% Animal Cruelty Free’ PETA tee-shirt and pulled it up and over his head.

She pulled her lips from his; gazing and touching his exposed chest; fingers traced across his well-developed pectoral muscles and trailed through the soft hair that ran over his chest and down toward his belly button; lips sucked at his nipples.

Ben pushed his hands under her shirt; caressing her soft skin. He unhooked her bra; unleashing her small breasts. He squeezed her breasts and rubbed her nipples erect against his finger tips.

Cricket pulled her tee-shirt over her head and wriggled out of her bra. Their bare mid-drifts embraced, rubbed and danced against the other. It felt amazing and Cricket’s moan percolated from deep inside. Ben reached for her jeans with one hand and fumbled with the zipper; pushing his hand inside; feeling her silky; satin-like panties. Cricket gasped while her mouth mashed against Ben’s.

Lifting himself off her, he kneeled over her and pulled her jeans down; shifting her hips helping him. She lay on the couch in only her panties looking up at him; he hovered over her; kissing her deeply. She pulled at his jeans, misjudging the buttons on his fly, her hand felt his hard cock; restrained, like a bulldog on a chain; wanting to break free.

He lifted himself up again; standing next to the couch and pulled his jeans off; his maroon-colored boxer shorts had fishing lures on them; his cock was erect; standing at attention; saluting Cricket.

Ben kneeled on the floor in front of the couch; Cricket’s body lay on the couch; both legs outstretched in front of her; head sat tilted against a pillow. Ben moved his hungry mouth up her legs; dipping his tongue behind her knees; nibbling at the inside of her thighs until his hot breath was at the front of her panties.

He spread her legs and slid his fingers inside her panties; felt the softness of her pubic hair; she was slick-wet. Cricket arched her back at his touch and he pulled her panties down, over her hips, pushing them down to her knees until they reached her ankles and she kicked them off with her feet.

She spread her legs wider for Ben as he buried his face in between her legs. “Cricket, you’re so beautiful and very wet.” he whispered to her as he gently moved his mouth over her pubis-mons; his breath was hot as he gently sucked her nether lips; teasing her. Cricket moaned loudly.

Ben could see her clit; enlarged and peeking out from behind its protective hood, like a perfect, pink and budding rose; waiting to be plucked. He glided his mouth over her clit; still sucking; he flicked his tongue back and forth and around and around; felt her pulsate in time with his heart-beat.

Cricket moved her head from side to side; panting and moaning. “Oh Ben, that feels so good!” Ben flattened his tongue and licked her clit harder; Cricket bucked her hips greedily toward his mouth. Ben pushed two of his fingers inside her swollen, wet pussy and moved them in and out; still sucking and licking her clit. “Ben. I want to feel you inside me.” she said in between moans.

He stood up from his kneeling position; standing next to the couch. Cricket sat up; her hands reached for the cheeks of his ass; pulling the slit of his boxer shorts closer to her mouth; where the mushroom head of his cock was playing peek-a-boo.

Pulling and guiding him closer, she let her tongue gently skim over the head of his cock. She opened her mouth; enveloping his head and bobbed up and down; inching down his shaft; her tongue rolled, dipped and darted against his cock.

This time it was Ben that was moaning and thrusted his hips toward her mouth; plunging deeper. She drank him in; swallowing his hard cock; she felt her cheeks brush up against the cotton facing of his boxer shorts; fought back the tears as the head of his cock tickled the back of her throat. In. Out. In. Out. His hard cock pulsated against the tiny taste bud ridges of her eager and probing tongue.

Ben pulled his throbbing cock away from her pleasing mouth; pulling off his shorts. Cricket wanted him; wanted him inside her. She stood up; turned around; her feet were on the floor and she spread her legs; her hands held onto the back of the couch; lifting her hips up and toward Ben’s stiffened cock right behind her.

Ben moved closer; rubbing the head of his cock back and forth across her wet pussy until thrusting himself inside her pussy; gliding into the warm, wet, tight folds.

“Oooooh, Ben!” she yelled into the back of the couch. He dug his hands into her hips and pushed himself in deeper; pulling out and then thrusting again. Still holding onto the back of the couch, she moved one of her hands down and in between her legs; massaging her clit with two of her fingers; masturbating in rhythm to Ben’s thrusts inside her pussy.

He grunted and his thrusts became harder, stronger, and faster. She massaged her fingers more fervently across her clit until she could feel her orgasm verging; teetering on the edge, “I’m going to cum!” she yelled.

He thrust his cock as her body shook in release of the orgasm; sending waves over her. Ben felt her pulsating against his thrumming cock and he reached orgasm; cumming violently inside her. He moaned and panted hard.

He bent forward and kissed her neck; her knees collapsed and she folded onto to the couch; his cock fell out of her. She pulled her knees up to her stomach; stretched her arm over the back of the couch; resting her head. Ben sat next to her; both feet on the ground; his hands reached for her.

“Are you hungry?” she finally asked him, grinning.

“Yeah. I could eat.” He responded.

“Hmmm…I think I have some tofu and noodles. I could make Phad Thai,” she said, getting up and putting on her clothes and looking at him knowing that may have been their first time, but it wouldn’t be their last.

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