Cramped in the Closet Ch. 03

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Hey all, here’s another installment of Cramped in the Closet, and like I’ve said before I if you find yourself wondering what the hell is going on with these people, I suggest starting over with chapter one. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement to keep this thing rolling. Honestly, I wouldn’t keep it up if I didn’t know that at least someone out there appreciates it. I’ve got a few other ideas banging around in my head so, assuming I get some extra time on my hands, I’m sure I’ll have a few more stories to tell. Enjoy! -Ampersand

USUAL DISCLAIMER: all persons depicted in this story are eighteen years of age or older and it contains explicit descriptions of incest, sodomy, hardcore sex and all sorts of other freaky shenanigans, so if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you should probably just stick to coffee.

Cramped in the closet Ch.3:


Morning sun shone through my windows at the exact angle needed to beam directly onto my face as I tried to milk the last few minutes of sleep before facing whatever the world had in store for me. I was reluctant to find out what that was considering what had happened the day before. I knew that at the very least things between me and Rachel would never be the same after fucking in the closet. Or, masturbating in the hall. Or getting sucked off on my bed etc.

Aside from the sun blinding me through closed eyelids I felt a slight rocking motion on my bed, as if someone had shifted slightly next to me. I assumed that Rachel had fallen asleep here the night before, so i didn’t wake up completely. However the rocking increased steadily and it developed a steady cadence. I felt a warm sensation in my belly and assumed I was coming out of a very pleasant dream. The kind that left you hard as a rock and feeling very happy about something you can’t remember. It was my favorite way to wake up. Unfortunately that’s not how I was waking up. This was different. As I began to wake up I noticed tingling in my loins was much stronger than I’d ever felt before. I could feel my cock straining to find some sort of release. But, the rocking. That didn’t come with a dream. When I began to open my eyes I saw Rachel hovering over me, her hips working back and forth causing her breasts to sway over me. Her nipples traced lines on my chest. Something about this was off, though. Things didn’t add up. I Rachel was riding me then why did My cock bounce around freely? It’s hardness slapped against my belly as my whole body rocked to the rhythm. And why did my lower half feel like it was on fire??

“Because I’m fucking you, baby brother. I’m using you like you used me. And I gotta say, Nate, your ass is so–mhh fucking–hngh sweet–unhhh!”

I came to with a start and tried to scramble away from Rachel, but she had pinned me on my back with my knees up in the air for better leverage to pound my ass. Her thrusts became more erratic as she simultaneously fought to keep me in place and plunge deeper inside me. My eyes shot downward to where our hips met, looking for some sort of harness or toy or anything that could explain what was plowing up my ass and could only see Rachel’s naked hips and freshly shaven pubes connected to a long, hard, cock thrusting deep inside my burning rectum.

“Do you like my cock, baby? Cus it sure as fuck likes you”

She began fuck me with a renewed effort, harder and faster till she began to growl like an animal. She swelled up a moment before a fire pulsed deep inside my guts in waves.

“You deserve this, you sick fuck. This is what you get for being a dirty sister-fucker. You get it all.” She was cumming inside me.


I shot up out of bed in a panic and looked down, scared and bewildered, watching my swollen cock make a dancing ghost with my white bedsheet. My dream, as well as my impending orgasm, slipped away as soon as I awoke, but judging from the way I almost tripped over the edge, it had to have been a good one. Only, there was a crushing weight of guilt and unease left behind and I deflated quickly. A psychoanalyst would have a field day with my subconscious, I’m sure. Though my conscious mind had plenty of things to say as well. The brief moment before fully waking left me blissfully unaware of the previous day’s events. I was still a kid fresh out of highschool starting the best summer of his life before the real world buried it’s claws in me. Mom and Dad hadn’t pushed me about finding a job and my older sister Rachel was home from college in between semester after breaking it off with her boyfriend.. It was nice to have her around again and spend time together as a whole family…

A frown dragged across my face as memories of our first attempt at togetherness resulted in the realization that I was essentially responsible for breaking our family. By now I had swung my feet over the side of my bed and I held my head in my hands as the guilt of violating Rachel came back to me. It was bad enough we got ourselves stuck in that awkward görükle escort situation in the first place, but I should have been a better brother. I could have just, I don’t know, tucked my hardon between my legs and dealt with it later. If I had then we wouldn’t have been discovered by everyone. If we weren’t discovered she wouldn’t have acted the way she had. Mom wouldn’t have caught us in my room. It was all my fault–I’m a monster.

“Hey,” Rachel tested the room with her voice and she knocked lightly before she opened my door. She must have some sort of self-destruction radar, because she always knew when to intervene.

“Hi,” I replied, hundreds of miles away, unable to look at her. She sighed and walked over and flopped herself on the bed beside me.

“Look,It’s okay, Nate. It really is. This isn’t all on you, so don’t take on all of this guilt.” her voice was soft and soothing and if what had happened between us was weighing on her, she wasn’t letting it show. I forced myself to look up and was hit with a mixture of shame and lust. Rachel was wearing a small pair of bright yellow sleep shorts that highlighted the curves of her hips, the legs ending high up on her thighs, it couldn’t stop myself from looking at how they hugged against her mound, hoping to see more of the forbidden parts of her body. One of Dad’s old wife-beaters hung from her torso loosely, letting her breasts rest naturally, the front hung off two hard points, the fabric worn thin enough to see the rose-pink nipples underneath.

“If I hadn’t–“

“Hadn’t what, gotten hard? Nate, you’re an eighteen year old guy, getting hard is 95% of what you do with your time. Don’t forget, I didn’t exactly hold back. In fact, I’m pretty sure I fucked you first, so If anyone is to blame, it’s your slutty sister. And I’m on the pill, so don’t worry about, you know, cumming inside…”

“Oh…right.” A pang of guilt shot through me. I should have thought about that before I let myself go inside her.

“You’re not a slut, though. You just got caught up in what happened, that’s all.”

“Ha, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t caught up in anything when I decided to strut around naked in front of everyone. Or when I accidentally brushed up against Uncle Frank. Or when I put on that show for you all afternoon.” She counted on her fingers as she listed off her indiscretions of the previous day.

“Okay maybe I was a little caught up in things when Dad was lecturing us, and I guess I definitely was when I came into your room, but, shit, I’m new at this new-found sexual liberation thing.”

“Sexual liberation? What are you talking about?

“Kink, Nate, the freedom to do anything and everything naughty. Sure, we fucked in the closet and, believe me it was goddamned amazing, but what made it even better was that it was technically wrong. And that’s it; since we crossed that line, I realized that the fact that it was wrong was really fucking exciting. Seriously, look, I’m all fucking jittery just talking about it.” She held her hand up and it shook as she laid it out flat in front of herself.

I watched her outstretched hand shake and i could tell she meant it, because the more wound up she got the more profane her vocabulary became.

“Don’t get me wrong, your cock felt fucking amazing, but the fact that I was doing something ‘immoral,’ or fucked up just amplified things by like a million. I squirted, Nate, I didn’t even know that was a thing until I looked it up later, but then it happened and it turned me on even more and even more than that, because it was my big-dicked baby brother that made it happen.”

“So, everything that happened, was good?”

“Very much so.”

“Then why do I feel terrible?”

“Because you need to lighten up. Today is the first day of the rest of your perverted life, little brother. It’s about time you to grabbed it by the balls and milked it for all it’s worth. Look up something filthy on the internet, day-dream about sodomizing your sister, you know, embrace life, broaden your horizons.” She giggled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Remember, though, we made a deal last night, no more funny business between us, okay?” She said with a wink while she sprang off the bed and practically bounded out of my room.

“Wait for me to take a shower before going to the kitchen, okay? She called from the hallway. “United front against Mom and Dad. Solidarity.” she walked down the hall and I heard the sound of the bathroom door closing and I was once again alone with my thoughts.

Oh god. Mom and Dad.

At least the guilt had been preventing me from thinking about how they were going to act around us. They had both seen me empty my balls up Rachel’s ass, then later Dad must have known she was masturbating right behind him, and Mom got a full view of Rachel deepthroating me on my bed. I’d almost have prefered getting kicked out of the house last night to the anticipation of a lifetime of awkward encounters with my parents. As it was eskort bayan they couldn’t seem to figure out how to treat us like human beings, much less adults, so adding the issue of incest to the mix was sure to be agonizing. Unable to process any more anxiety or guilt for the morning, I stood up and intended to find fresh clothes to put on. Walking to my closet I was stunned by my reflection in the mirror. I was a fucking trainwreck. My t-shirt and gym shorts were stiff and crusty in countless spots of dried cum and I suddenly realized how exhausted I was. A night’s sleep wasn’t enough to recover from nearly half a day of varying states of arousal and four rigorous ejactulations. My back hurt, my balls ached and my abs were sore from going from zero to sixty in terms of sexual experience in less than twelve hours.

Holy shit. I lost my virginity yesterday.

I am too ashamed to admit that I did a little dance upon that realization.

Don’t read into my previous statement.

I peeled off the evidence of the prior day’s events and found a new shirt and shorts to wear until I could get myself into the shower. Though it almost seemed pointless; the heatwave had peaked, but it was far from comfortable. With temperatures still in the high 80s and enough humidity to feel like I was swimming through the air, sweat-stains were the new black.

From my room I could hear the shower turn off and the bathroom door open and shut and I went to my door to meet Rachel in the hall. I guessed that her nudist streak had ended because she walked past me wrapped in a towel. Though it seemed that she went with one that was just a little too small. Stretched tightly over her tits it created ample cleavage that threatened to spill out the top and the bottom only began to cover her finely haired mound and firm cheeks of her ass.

“Two seconds,” she said as she passed, entering her room and casting aside her towel before her door had completely shut behind her, giving me another, albeit brief, view of her fantastic body. I began to suspect that she was trying to tease me. Or it’s because she was always this aloof when it came to modesty and nothing had really changed. I really needed to stop thinking so much.

Rachel returned as promised with her hair still up in a towel only now she was wearing an oversized t-shirt that worked well as a nightgown. A quick glance at her nipples, fully erect and poking at the thin shirt, was a good indication that she was naked underneath. If I needed any other proof she raised her arms up to adjust the towel on her head and the hem of the shirt rose up to reveal the tops of her legs and the very bottom part of her ass. I made to move past her and get into the bathroom for a shower of my own when Rachel let out an exasperated sigh.


“What? You got a shower, now I want one, too.”

“Psh, fine, make it quick.” she scoffed, rolling her eyes and smacking my ass as I went through the door.

“You said no funny business, remember?”

“Nothing funny about it, just getting you to move your ass.” She smiled at me and I believed for the first time that we were going to make it through this. Together, and with our trademarked sense of humor.

When started the shower going I had to keep turning the cold water up higher to make it seem the least bit rejuvenating.Somehow sweating in the water seemed a bit counterproductive. I stepped into the shower and was immediately blasted with a wave of cold that took me by surprise. Maybe it was a little too cold, but damn it felt amazing after sweltering for the past week. I left my head under the cooling spray and let the sound of the water rushing past my ears block everything out. This is where I lived now. Cool, relaxed, not a care in the world. No more worries about my family. Then, of course, I was pulled out of paradise by Rachel’s slender arm reaching in and turning off the water, my refreshing escape was brought to a crashing halt as the muggy air assaulted me.

“That’s long enough, Pruney.” she said and I guess I had been in there long enough for the tips of my fingers to wrinkle up. Time flies when you escape the oppressive heat.

She yanked on my arm until I stumbled out onto the bath mat and she brought a towel to my body and was vigorously drying me off. Her hands ran over my broad(ish) shoulders and down my back before quickly buffing my ass.

“Just a little anxious to get talking to Mom and Dad over with, so forgive my impatience.” She said as she went down each leg and came back up and moved to the front of me to dry off my chest and stomach.

I was both annoyed that I was being rushed out of my glorious shower and slightly, well, aroused at the attention she paid to my body. I felt my cock stiffen and she seemed she was deliberately avoiding that part of me considering our no funny business agreement. She worked the towel over every inch of me and when the tops of my feet were dry enough to her satisfaction she looked altıparmak escort up at me from her knees, anxiously. We both refused to acknowledge the swelling member bobbing inches away from her face. She took a deep breath and brought the towel up my legs to my hips and over my lower torso, hanging it over my cock which had now turned into a rather useful towel rack. Her hands ran over me quickly, making sure I was dry before bringing one of them over my hidden shaft, rubbing it slightly. She worked the towel up and down my length, drying it of course, then a few more times, gripping it firmly as she worked her hand over it thoroughly . She looked up at me with that same look she had the day before and when I groaned at the uncomfortable friction from the towel (and the beginnings of a hand-job) we both snapped out of our shared trance.

“I think I can finish the rest,” I said, flustered and looking anywhere but Rachel.

“Oh, uh, yeah, of course,” She replied, offering the towel to me as she went to leave the bathroom. “And just to clarify,” she said as she backed through the door, “that was in no way any sort of funny business, okay”

“Yeah, sure, Rach,” I called to her through the open door as I put on my shirt and shorts. And just like that, I was already sweating again.

When I came out of the bathroom we stood together in the hall a moment, enjoying just being together the way we always were, before whatever was about to happen, happened. Neither of could tell where our parents were at with all of this, and a creeping feeling that this was the last time we would be the same brother and sister we always were hung in the air. If this was it; no more inside jokes, no more playful teasing, hell, no more seeing each other at all, then I wanted it to last as long as possible.

“You ready?” she asked, placing a hand on my shoulder before coming in close at my side. I wrapped my arms around her and gently kissed the top of her head.

“Not a chance.” I replied, taking in the moment, letting the feel of her body comfort me..

“Well, we can’t hide back here forever. Besides, I want breakfast. S’go! S’go!” She pushed my back and followed behind me bracing herself and shoving with both hands as if I was some enormous weight she had to roll up a steep hill. Just call me Sisyphus’ big ass rock.

When we entered the living room we were met with the smell of pancakes and bacon and a strong sense of confusion. The closet door had been (mostly) put back into its proper place aside from a severe tilt and a few missing slats. There was no sign of all the boxes that spilled out during our show and I guessed they had been put back inside in a neat and orderly fashion. There was no other sign of the party, or our fuckfest, had even taken place. I looked at Rachel and shrugged before walking through the room and into the kitchen.

Mom was busy at the stove cooking a large breakfast and humming to herself happily while Dad was at the table enjoying his workday ritual of black coffee and the newspaper. I had always tried to tell him that he was a 1950’s stereotype, but despite my best efforts he remained as the sole supporter of the local newspaper. I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and it was just past seven in the morning. In the space of less than twelve hours we had gone from broken family to a Norman Rockwell painting. There were no awkward looks or forced conversations. Everything was just as it would have been if nothing had ever happened. I guess Dad was serious about putting it all behind us. I shrugged again and set myself down at the table and dug into the impressive stack of pancakes.

“Morning, Dad, morning, Mom,” I said, testing the mood of the room.”

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Mom replied “There’s bacon and eggs on the way so don’t fill up on pancakes. Good morning Rachel, how’d you sleep last night?”

“Just fine, Mom,” Rachel turned to me and gave me a ‘whatthefuckisevengoingonhererightnow’ look and I could only shake my head in response.

“Morning, you two,” Dad said through the business section, before turning the page. “Any big summer plans yet?”

“Uh, no sir, I’m just going to play it by ear and see where things take me.” I hadn’t really given much thought to keeping myself busy for the summer. Most of my friends were off on vacations or jumping head first into the workforce. Then again the last twenty-four hours felt busy enough for a lifetime. “Maybe I’ll see what John and Steve are up to” I said, suddenly terrified of being bored and took it out on a large stack of pancakes.

“How about you, Rachel, found a job for the summer, yet?

“Eh, I’m sure something will fall in my lap soon, Dad” it surprised me that Dad hadn’t really pushed either of us to get to work. Rachel had her junior year starting in the fall, so she didn’t see the sense in only keeping a job for a few months and he didn’t push it. But, I, on the other hand, had taken the year-off-before-college-slacker route towards adulthood, so I had all the time in the world to be productive. Still, Dad didn’t seem to care about carrying the financial burden of two adult children. I didn’t know what he actually did as a Senior Data Analyst, but I certainly appreciated that his salary kept us fairly well off.

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