Crab Soup

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It was an odd place, tucked round the back of a pretty busy road, but it was well dressed up – a restaurant, fancy enough for me to take my girlfriend on a date, but not so fancy that it broke the bank. My brother had recommended it to me, the owner being a close friend of his. The menus were cheaply laminated but the food was apparently excellent and the set out and music disguised its tackiness.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for one-and-a-half years, since a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday. Her name was Jessica. We were great together, with next to no arguments since I first met her, and not only was she unbelievably sexy but was very adventurous in the bedroom. I wasn’t in any way unsatisfied, and even the concept of cheating on her never even crossed my mind.

I took her coat and draped it over a chair, and then pulled out the chair for her. She smiled and sat down, and I sat in front of her. The waiter came over and handed us our menus. He was a short man, with flushed cheeks and stick-thin arms.

“Our special today is a crab soup, if you are interested? And of course, feel free to use our bathrooms at any point.” He gave a smile that threw me off balance – it was almost a knowing smile. What an odd thing to say, I thought. What’s so special about the toilets?

Thinking about it did make me realise that I needed a bathroom. Not because nature called, that wasn’t the reason. I was hoping to get lucky tonight with Jessica, but hadn’t had a chance for a shower all day and was slightly concerned about the hygiene of my dick. I had decided to order the crab soup, and so left her to decide her order while I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom wasn’t that special. There was a sink in every cubicle, rather than shared ones, which was a relief because I wouldn’t have wanted to wash my dick for all to see, but the walls were crumbling and the floor was wet. I picked the cubicle on the end, the one with the most amount of soap left in the dispenser, and locked the door.

Undoing my zipper, I pulled my dick out. It was hanging limp, which made it very awkward to wash, so I began to stroke it. I was quite pleased with my dick. Admittedly, most guys tend to be pleased with their dicks, but mine was a good six and a half inches long when erect and a decent thickness. It didn’t curve like most guys’ dicks, but rather stuck straight out like a hard pole; it meant I had to work harder to get to Jessica’s g-spot but that didn’t bother me.

I suddenly realised I was enjoying myself too much – I needed to wash it now in case Jessica wondered where I was. I squeezed some soap into my hand and rubbed Casibom my now hard dick up and down. My hand slid over my dick smoothly, and a lather soon formed. My dick was twitching with the pleasure, and I even began to moan a little. Remembering that I had the tendency to spend a long time in the toilet at home, I decided I could take as long as I liked in the bathroom and Jessica wouldn’t notice anything was up. I sat down on the toilet seat and began to stroke faster.

And, just like that, I noticed a dick six inches away from my face.

I hadn’t even realised there was a hole between my cubicle and the one next to it, but clearly this man had. My first reaction was to jump away, to be disgusted, but nothing came out. It was just there, next to my face, hard as a rock. What should I do? I had no idea. I had no way of figuring out whether I was disgusted, or scared, or even turned on, because my mind had gone into shock mode. I thought of Jessica, sitting out there. She wasn’t unsatisfying, she treated me well, I could never cheat on her. So why was I still here? I was sat there, holding my soapy dick in one hand and staring at this other one like a deer caught in headlights.

And then, almost as if it couldn’t be bothered to wait for my decision, my hand reached up and closed a fist around the dick.

My mind was now completely numb with shock. The dick twitched in my hand. It was shorter than mine, probably about five and a half inches, but was thicker than any dick I’d ever seen in any porn video. This one did curve, slightly up and slightly to the left. As my mind cleared slightly, I realised how weird I must seem just holding his dick and doing nothing, so I began to slowly stroke backwards and forwards.

What is this? I’m not gay, am I? I’d never thought about guys before, not like that, so my mind was a clamour of questions, none of which I had an answer to. But then amongst the confusion a tiny little voice muttered, What does it matter? You’re having fun, aren’t you?

The guy on the other side of the wall moaned, and that snapped me back to my senses. It was true, I was having fun – my dick was twitching in my right hand almost as much as his was in my left. I wasn’t sure if it was the dick, or the fact that it was through a hole, or that it was dirty, or that Jessica was in the next room, or all at once, but something was turning me on like crazy. I began to stroke harder, and faster, and I felt the guy push his pelvis into the wall to get as much of his dick in my hand.

My mental cacophony had silenced now – this was all about the dick. I twisted my wrist with each pump, trying to cover all Casibom Giriş his areas of sensitivity. He gave a small thrust in time with each of my pumps, moaning with each one. A drop of pre-cum began to form on the tip of his dick, so I stuck out my tongue and licked it off.

My mind exploded with excitement. I was licking cock! The pre-cum tasted salty, and was a lot warmer than I’d expected. It wasn’t the nicest taste, but at the same time it wasn’t bad and to my unbelievably horny tongue it was sweet nectar. I realised I was still licking even though the pre-cum had long gone, and so tilted my head and ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft. I moved my mouth back to the tip and gave the head of the dick a wet kiss, feeling my tongue along the slit.

I gave another kiss, my lips around the tip of the head, but this time I pushed my head forwards. The head slowly slid into my mouth, pushing at my tongue – I pushed back, covering the head with drool. The guy on the other side of the wall was moaning and shaking with the pleasure, which just made me want to do more. I pushed further, letting more of his thick dick into my mouth and continuing to push firmly with my tongue. It tasted of salty sweat, but also of cologne and deodorant.

The dick was about two-thirds of the way into my mouth when I stopped pushing forwards and began to pull out, running my wet lips and tongue along his shaft. I got almost all the way out, before pushing forwards again, still slowly. I continued to slowly pump back and forth, using my tongue as much as I could. I began to quicken my pace, twisting my head so that I could use my tongue at different angles. I pumped faster and faster, until my neck started to ache. I could hear the man’s moans turn into weird squeals of excitement.

I pushed forwards again, but this time I didn’t pull out again. I stopped, before slowly pushing deeper, feeling his dick tickle the back of my mouth. A gagging sensation began to rise up but I was famous in my friend group for being able to down a pint without properly swallowing, and so wasn’t gonna let this stop me. I forced it down, and opened my throat, tightening around the dick. It hit the back wall of my throat and I stopped there, his whole dick filling me up. He was gasping with the sensation, and gasped all the more when I tightened my throat around the head and pushed it back out into my mouth. I curled my tongue around it, and pulled my mouth off his dick.

I was amazed that he hadn’t cum yet. My jaw was aching and I drool was all down my top but he was still going. It was too late to back out now, I decided. I might as well go all the Casibom Güncel Giriş way. Pulling my trousers down, took my soapy hand off my dick and stroked his with it, adding an extra layer of lube to the already soaking cock. Once I was sure it was well-lubed, I knelt on the seat of the toilet and bent over, pulling apart my ass cheeks. I moved slowly backwards so that his dick was poking my asshole, and then began to slowly push.

His dick slid in faster than I thought, and it hurt considerably less that I had imagined, especially since his dick was so wide. With all the soap and saliva, I quickly got him half-way inside me. I clenched my ass and he moaned, loudly. I pulled out again, and felt a small twitch of pain, but I ignored it and pushed back. The feeling of his thick cock inside me was weird, and it felt very different to anything I had ever felt before, but at the same time it was amazing. My mind was racing just as much as my heart beat, and my dick was harder than it had ever been before.

This time when I went in, I managed to go a tiny bit deeper. I repeated this pattern, with each pump getting deeper. After a couple of minutes, my ass was hitting the wall and he was fully inside of me. Now my moans added to his – it was an incredible feeling. I began to get into it more and more, building up speed. I pushed against him harder and faster, and he joined in with the rhythm. He was now easily sliding into me, despite how tight my ass was. A part of me even wished he was longer, so that he could go deeper.

After another few minutes of us both pumping and moaning and shaking I felt his start to build up – his moans got more urgent, and his dick began to violently twitch with each pump, which of course felt so good for me. I went faster, clenching as tightly as I could. I felt him build up inside me, and could have sworn that I felt his dick actually swell with cum. He stopped pumping, trying to hold his cum in as long as possible, but I wouldn’t stop. He cried out with pleasure, and I felt my tight ass fill up with hot cum. He shot a huge burst into me, and then another, and then another – it was thirty seconds before he’d finally finished. He held his dick in me for a minute, panting. Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the dick was withdrawn and I heard him leave the bathroom.

I sat there, panting, cum dripping out of my ass. My dick felt like it was about to explode. I got tissue paper and scooped the hot beads of cum from out of me. I looked through the hole in the wall, not sure what I was looking for. I was glad he had gone without a word – the anonymity was part of the excitement. What I did see was a line of holes, going through almost every cubicle. This was clearly not the only meeting of it’s kind.

I pulled up my pants, returned to my meal with Jessica, and made a mental note to ask my brother why exactly he liked the place so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32