Cousin Tabby Ch. 04

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At Long Last


For the first time in my 21 years, I did not attend Thanksgiving at Uncle John’s. I flew with Elyse to her home in Atlanta and joined her family for the holiday. I really enjoyed myself, and was surprised that Max joined the Andersons for the meal. His mother and father were also there and I met Elyse’s older brother, John. He was really a nice guy and a partner in a thriving medical practice.

I was treated so well by everyone that I knew I would never be apprehensive about joining them on holidays. This was a good sign.

As I went back to school, I was thinking how much I was in love with Elyse. When I got back, Miranda came to visit me and told me everyone missed me at Thanksgiving. I explained to her how great it was with Elyse’s relatives and Miranda was pleased. She gave me a big hug and I walked her home. She told me that when she was home, she started dating a guy she dated in high school, Rich Braver. I remembered him and he had always treated me very friendly. I was really glad for her and I told her so.

It got strange again at the last frat party before Christmas break. I was standing there with Elyse enjoying myself, when she had to go to the restroom. While standing there alone, I was blindsided by April walking up to me and saying, “Ronnie, I’m so sorry that I was so stupid and selfish before. Do you think there is a chance for us to get back together?”

“Oh boy, I got a quit coming to these parties; no, April, not a chance. I’m with someone now that thinks of me, not just herself. Have a nice life.”

She just turned and walked away and I could tell from her movements she was sobbing. Well, she made her decision, and she blew it. About that time, Elyse came back with another beer along with one for me. I stood there, putting my arm around her and holding her close to me.

“Is something wrong sweetie?” she asked.

“No honey, as long as you’re with me, nothing can ever be wrong.”

She just kissed me hard on the cheek and said, “Oh, Ronnie, you say the sweetest things.”

A little later the beer got to her and she went to the bathroom again. Standing there minding my own business I got the shock of my life, when up walks the one person I never expected to see again, Ambrosia Carver. She was obviously drinking heavily evidenced by her staggering gait.

“Ambrosia, what are you doing here? I thought you were above all this stuff after you graduated two years ago.”

“I’m here with a friend, but I’m glad to see you. Ronnie, I’m really sorry that I wasn’t strong enough for you. I miss you and would really like another chance.”

“I’m with someone now that actually is strong enough for me. I’m with her for good. You let me down, Ambrosia, you broke my heart and you missed your chance.”

She began sniffling and turned hurriedly to walk off. This encounter really bothered me because I had had such deep feelings for Ambrosia. It revived old feelings and emotional injuries. I watched her walk away, knowing it would be the last time I would probably ever see her. Elyse came back and saw me and looked at me questioningly.

“Did something happen, what’s wrong?”

“Just don’t leave me again for the rest of the night, please.”

She stayed close to me the rest of the night and I avoided further awkward moments. We went back to her place and made love the entire night. We lay there after making love, sighing and making our Christmas break plans. After making our plans, I asked her to marry me. She was so excited she was jumping up and down on the bed. I had bought a ring that Miranda had helped me pick out. Elyse was so happy that I was going to pop the question. I slid the ring onto Elyse’s finger and it fit perfectly. It was meant to be there and I knew it.

Part 12 Feeling the Burn

Elyse and I decided to share the Christmas holiday between families, her with me for Christmas, and New Year’s with her family. My uncle John set up a party with just family and good friends so they could meet Elise the Saturday before Christmas. We were going to fly to Atlanta the day after Christmas. Tabby was none too happy to see Elyse with me, especially when she saw the ring on Elyse’s finger.

I introduced Elyse as my fiancée to everyone in the family and they treated her like gold, everyone was so happy for me. Even Tabby managed to wrinkle a smile onto her face. I could see right through it, but I wasn’t worried. Uncle John was elated and told Elyse she was getting a hard worker, but it was a shame she really couldn’t pick her men better. She assured him that she had chosen well. He just chuckled and hugged her, welcoming her into the family.

When the festivities died down, Elyse, Miranda, and I walked back over to the house after thanking Uncle John for the party.

While we were talking in the living room, Elyse said, “Everyone was so nice to me at the party, but I could tell Tabby was very angry.”

“What did you expect,” görükle escort bayan said Miranda. “The last time you saw her, you kicked her ass. I don’t think that was going to endear you to her. That and you’re going to marry her man.”

I was standing hugging Elyse with my right arm and kissing her cheek. I just said, “She never was a good loser.”

“Just so you know you’re my man; I own you now.”

Miranda kind of looked surprised and a little put out, knowing how talk like that disturbed me.

I said before thinking, “You sound like Tabby.”

SLAP, she slapped me so hard and said “You SON OF A BITCH.”

“That’s it, now the imitation’s perfect.”

She just stomped off crying into the bathroom and locked herself in. Miranda looked at me and said, “I don’t think she liked being compared Tabby.”

“YOU THINK? She slapped me hard enough that my ears are still ringing. You know I can’t stand that owning talk.”

“You’d better go talk to her, Ronnie.”

I went to the bathroom door, knocked and asked her to unlock it. As she unlocked the door and opened it I saw her face street from crying. “God, Ronnie, why did you say that to me? You compared me to that bully. That hurt me so badly.”

“Well they could sure take your fingerprints off of my face, if you want to talk about hurt.”

“I’m sorry about that, I guess I overreacted. You compared me to her.”

“Elyse, I love you and I think we belong together forever. Nobody owns me, that’s what she always said.”

“I didn’t mean it as a sign of possession, Ronnie, just love.”

“I know that, now, Sweetie, just watch how you put it from now on. I’m very sensitive on that subject.”

After talking for a while among the three of us, things settled down and Miranda went to her room as I led Elyse to my bedroom.

We stood for a moment kissing before disrobing and slipping into bed. As I was sliding my tongue into her very wet quim, I heard the door open and Miranda say, “is this private or can I join in?”

We both answered at the same time, me saying, “It’s private;” and Elyse saying, ” Join us, please.”

As I looked at her bewildered, Elyse said, “I owe her this, and she needs this badly.”

Miranda came in and stood by the bed, disrobed, and slid into bed beside Elyse. Elyse looked at me and said, “Go ahead, Ronnie, I want you to make love to her. She’s my best friend and the other love of your life. I want this for you both.”

I rolled over Elyse easily and slid in between Miranda’s legs. She just looked up at me and said, “Do it, Ronnie, I need you inside me so badly.”

Not being one to fuck before I eat, I slid down and began eating Miranda’s delectable pussy. I slid two fingers in and found her G spot while tickling her clit with my tongue. She stiffened and shoved her pelvis hard into my face, cumming what seemed like a bucket load. I savored every bit of her nectar I could catch my mouth.

“Oh God, Ronnie, that was the best ever. See what you’ve got coming to you, Elyse, you’re going to have this forever. Thank you so much for sharing him with me.”

Elyse just replied, “He’s got the best mouth in the West. That’s one of the things I really love about him.”

“Ronnie, you’ve got to do it; no more teasing, fuck me.”

I slid up with my body until I reached her breasts and stopped to pay attention to them for about five minutes. When I had her really worked up, I moved up and kissed her passionately, our tongues wrestling in an absolute fervor. At this time I slid my rock hard cock quickly into her soaking wet pussy. She wrapped her long legs around my ass and began using her heels to spur on the pace of our fucking. We were going along at a really good pace while she was using the muscles in her walls to try to squeeze my cock off. She came once as I felt my dick flooded in her juices. She always had been a copious comer, but, even for her, it was a lot of juice soaking the bed sheets.

As I was continuing my onslaught of Miranda, Elyse slid her middle finger down to get some of Miranda’s juices on it and slid it slowly into my ass. I looked over her and she looked at me with the most sensuous look I’d ever seen on her face.

After Miranda’s second orgasm while we were going at it, I couldn’t stand it any longer, busting my nut and filling her deluged pussy with my spunk. I rolled off her and lay on the bed between her and Elyse.

“God, Ronnie, that was the best ever, maybe because it’s probably going to be my last.”

As I was listening to this Elyse slid down and rolled over to get her mouth on my now wilting cock.

She was laving away, and I knew she could taste Miranda on my cock as well as my own sperm.

When I was hard again, she slid off my cock and slid up to my face with her face and kissed me. I could taste mine and Miranda’s juices on her tongue. She looked up at me demurely with a questioning look on her face.

“Ronnie, would you think badly altıparmak eskort of me if I wanted to taste Miranda’s pussy. I’ve always been curious about having sex with another woman. I figure this may be my last chance to know.”

“Elyse, I love you, you have my permission to try anything you want. I love the taste of Miranda’s pussy; I enjoy eating it as much as I like eating yours. It will be okay, as long as you never do it behind my back.”

She tentatively slid her head between Miranda’s legs, tentatively touching her labia with her tongue. She then covered her pussy with her whole mouth, obviously sliding her tongue deeply into her vagina. Miranda started responding, quickly pushing her pussy into Elyse’s face.

“That’s the way, Elyse, lick me there just like that, use your finger on my love button just like you like it done to you.”

Instead of doing what Miranda told her, she moved her mouth up to use her tongue on her clit while inserting two fingers into her sopping cunny. With this treatment going on, it didn’t take long for Miranda to cum again. She was deafening, screaming her praises to Elyse’s tongue.

“I didn’t know anybody could cum that much, but you were right, Ronnie. She does taste good. Your juices together were exquisite.”

After watching their show, I was more than ready to go again and Elyse looked at Miranda and said, “Now?”

Miranda just looked back at her and nodded yes. I was bewildered and wondered what I was in for. Miranda got up and left the room, but returned shortly with a tube of lube.

“Ronnie, Miranda told me about you having sex with her and using her ass. I was curious about this and wondered if I could watch while you do it.”

“You know I’ll do anything for my ladies.”

Miranda got up on all fours after handing me the lube. I took two fingers, squeezed some KY onto them and slowly inserted them into Miranda’s browneye. She was as tight as ever, but I worked her open. I then rubbed some on my cock, which was almost bursting at the time. I lined it up with her wrinkle spot. I began sliding it slowly into Miranda’s asshole. She was moaning loudly and asking me to take it slow. I continued slowly until I was balls deep in her butt. Miranda just said, “So full, so fucking good. Elyse you can’t believe how good this feels once you get used to it. Fuck my ass good, Ronnie.”

“Miranda you are so fucking tight; I love your beautiful ass.”

I began a nicely paced rhythm, with Miranda pushing her ass back into me to meet my thrusts. We were working in perfect harmony and both of us feeling fantastic. Elyse reached up and began fingering Miranda’s clit. Miranda screamed out her orgasms twice and came all over Elyse’s hand and wrist, her thick clear fluid running down Elyse’s arm. She held it up in front of my face and I licked it off. What I didn’t say, she did, licking some, too, praising Miranda’s taste.

When I saw all that, I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot a huge load into Miranda’s bowels. As I pulled out I got the shock of my life when Elyse dipped down and began sucking my cum from Miranda’s asshole. I went into my bathroom and washed off my semi-hard cock, and came back to continue my voyeurism of the beautiful sight before me. When Elyse had completed her task, she rolled back over and looked at me desperately.

“Ronnie, I need you, I’m so fucking hot.”

I looked down between her legs and could see juices literally flowing from her pussy. Her lips were so engorged and pushed out in arousal that they look like a hot pink rose. I slid between her legs and entered her with one quick push. Her nipples were so hard they felt like needles stabbing against my chest. I slid my mouth down and began giving her some tongue action while sucking with my lips. By then, she was begging me to fuck her, so I began really giving it to her. In all of our lovemaking before, I had never fucked her this hard. She was screaming my name and begging me not to stop. I had never seen her like this before. It was a side of her I really liked.


During the night while we all three slept in bed, I was awakened by Elyse’s mouth on my cock trying to wake me up. She succeeded in doing that in more ways than one.

“Ronnie I really want to try you in my ass. Will you do that for me?”

“If that’s what you want, Sweetie, I’ll do it. This is for you, not for me, so if it hurts you stop me. There’s going to be a little bit of pain with it at first, but if you can relax your sphincter, you’ll begin to enjoy it like Miranda does. Remember, anal sex is not for everyone.”

I got the tube of KY off the nightstand and began inserting my lubricated middle finger into her tight rectum. Lying on her back, she was squirming with arousal and said she had never felt like that before. A few minutes of doing this and I inserted a second finger. I had her where she was beginning to relax her muscles and it was turning her on. She began pushing nilüfer escort against my fingers, while rotating her beautiful butt.

“I think I’m ready now, Ronnie, just be gentle.”

“I’ll be as gentle as I can be, Sweetie; my job is to cause you pleasure not pain. I love you with all my heart.”

She got up on her hands and knees and I moved behind her. I used my two lubricated fingers to slip back into her and began making undulating moves to dilate her a little bit.

“When it starts hurting, Elyse, just start relaxing as much as you can.”

I lined up with her back door and began pushing with my lubricated head. As I felt my corona pop through her sphincter I stopped. “Are you doing okay, Sweetie?”

“Fine, Ronnie, just give me a few seconds to get used to it.”

I just knelt there resting my hands softly on her luscious ass. After waiting about 30 seconds, I began pushing in a little bit increasing my length inside her. I kept asking her if that was all right and she kept saying, yes. Finally after a few short minutes of patience, I was in her enough that she was complaining of my pubic hair scratching her ass cheeks.

“Oh my God Ronnie, I’ve never felt so full in my life. I can’t believe how good it feels.” All of a sudden, Miranda stirred from her coma-like slumber, and looked up saying hi to both of us.

“I knew you’d never make it through the night without knowing, Elyse.”

“I couldn’t sleep; I just had to know what it felt like. You enjoyed it so much.”

“That was the one virginity I could give him, Elyse.”

When I heard that my head snapped back. That first time anally with my sister and Tabby was her first time? “I can’t believe that,” I said.

“Believe it, my loving brother, you took my anal cherry. I was so glad it was you and not someone else. That was why Tabby had you do that to me. I had talked about it with her and said I’d probably never do that with anyone I dated. She used that to get to me for making out with that guy that night. She didn’t realize she did me a huge favor.”

Elyse said, “Keep going, Ronnie, just go slowly. I can’t believe your cousin is that sick.”

I started going a little faster and she was pushing back to meet my thrusts. We were going at it for about three or four minutes, and she really started getting into it. She was just about squeezing my dick off my body with her muscles.

“I’m going to cum, Ronnie, fuck me hard, don’t stop.”

“I can’t believe how tight you are, Elyse.”

I just kept fucking her until she spasmed, pushed back into me hard and went still. She told me to keep going till I got my nut. As I eased out of her, my cum started leaking out and running down onto her soaked pussy. She collapsed onto the bed and pulled me down, squeezing me tight and kissing me all over my face. “Ronnie, I love you more than life itself. If I died now, I would have no regrets, other than not being able to be with you.”

“Please don’t die, Elyse, I need you in my life with me.”

“I didn’t mean I wanted to die, I just meant I want to be with you forever.”

Miranda just said, “Phtt, it’s getting too mushy in here.”

“Sorry, Sis, I don’t mean to leave you out, you know I love you dearly, as well.”

“I love you too Ronnie, more than anyone. I’m probably going to marry Rich Braver and you’re going to marry Elyse, but no one is ever going to replace the special place in my heart that’s yours.”

Elyse started crying and said through her sobbing, “Oh, you two, I just witnessed one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. Ronnie, I can only hope you have that much love for me.”

“That much and more, Sweetie, forever and ever.”

At that moment, all three of us hugged and began kissing each other fiercely, which turned into passionately. Miranda retrieved a warm wet washcloth from my bathroom and washed my dick off. She then had me fuck her doggy style while she ate Elyse’s pussy. After we were done we fell asleep to a restful night.


The next morning I awoke between Miranda and Elyse and had the feeling I was waking up from the most wonderful dream I ever had. I worked my way out from between my two lovely ladies, making them stir just slightly. I decided to let them sleep, and I went to the bathroom and then went downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee. I went back in to the bedroom and just looked at my two naked ladies lying there. They looked so much alike that it was strange. Both their asses were to die for. I looked at the two of them, thinking I was the luckiest man on earth; here I was with two women who both love me and I spent the night with in a sexual free-for-all. I actually prayed, thanking God for my gifts. This must be what pure bliss feels like.

I went downstairs, put the coffee on and sat there counting my blessings. I grabbed the paper off of the porch and began reading intently. I heard someone come down the stairs and watched as Miranda walked through the door in her robe. She had a glow about her that I couldn’t quite decipher. She came over leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

“Good morning my wonderful brother.”

“Good morning Your Wetness.”

She smacked me lightly on the shoulder and said, “Very funny, Mr. Comedian.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32